Tundra vs the Big 3 Continued IV



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    the reason my rear window appears to be glued on instead of the usual method manufacturers have used for years
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    ryan...nope. you don't have the only good one. mine don't squeak or rattle either. 'course, i only got 15k on it. never know. LOL!!!

    you guys been busy the last 24 hours!

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    Yep! You'll notice about a half inch thick silocone bead holding the window on. It was a good temporary fix, but chevy hasn't resolved the problem for over a year. Guess GM figures there's no need to spend money fixing the problem if the chevy diehards don't care about quality fit and finish.
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    It took Chevy two years to fix a cold knock problem. How did they do it? They tightened up the clearances on the crankshaft! Now they are using it a sales feature on the '01s that they have correctly machined crankshafts! That's Chevy quality (or lack thereof) for you.

    Makes me see why they are ranked with the Hyundais on quality. The '99s are already ranked by Consumer Reports as a used vehicle to avoid.
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    I know that I am wasting time with this post because you seem incapable of following the most elementary logic.

    1) I stated that I had no brake problems with my Tundra. I made no other contention.

    YOU are the one who made up the part about no other Tundras having problems. YES - YOU MADE IT UP. I have stated many times that Tundras are not perfect - you seem incapable of grasping this simple fact.

    You claimed that this was my only statement on the topic - that was a lie. I quoted a magazine as another source. I stated that their truck had no problems - nothing else. YOU MADE UP the part about me contending that no Tundras have problems.

    I only stated that TWO Tundras had no problems. I left it up to the readers to reach any conclusion they wished. Some readers probably concluded that a sample of two meant nothing. You concluded something else. Don't blame me for your erroneous conclusion.

    2) You stated that Tundras required brake work every week. I don't care what you want to call it(sarcasm, misstatement, lie, etc.) - your statement was not based in fact - YOU MADE IT UP.

    It seems funny that the originator of the terms "Tundra Dicks", "Tundrats" etc. now has his feelings hurt. I call it hypocrisy.
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    Ouch!!! That'll leave a mark!
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    Thats one word to describe this topic

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    I'm being forced to fly to Hawaii. See ya in a week!!!
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    Any folks ever press ya a thumb on them limited ones now? Dont be pressin too hard, lessin ya be leavin a dent in them ones quick! Why is them forien ones always waifer thin now? This be why ya aint never seein em on that road after a few years now, they all be rusted out quick for sure. Where be all them hi-lux ones? Rusted up for sure! I be thinkin maybe them head-gaskets be made up of some of that thin metal too now, this be why them forien ones always bustin them out. What say too this one? Ponder this one now. Good luck on this one now!
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Waitin on some folks too be givin a tell on that waifer thin metal bein a "feature" from that factory, like some was tellin on them hard startin ones now. Maybe it be a feature too help em rust quick, so them yuppies can chase that next fad now. That thin tin aint goin hold no shine too long for sure! Good luck on this one now!
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    who owns an '86 Hi lux. still running strong but damn to fix the rust holes, pretty much welded enough sheetmetal to make a new truck. He has a lot of work left and a couple of 5 gallon buckets of bondo. Truck still runs tho....
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    For purposes of efficiency....

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