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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    Hey, gnnr, on the sides of the GTS that bodykit sticks out a tad wider than the door sides, doesn't it? Or do we have no door ding protection on the sides? It is too close to squint down the side of the door to see if that piece of bodykit along the side sticks out far enough to ward off grocery carts and other menaces? Anybody else who's bought a Lancer GTS for 2008 know what I'm talkin' about? shado4? gnnr?

    I think the side skirts are way too low to provide any protection against runaway grocery carts or careless morons who fling open their door against your car. I still park as far away and by myself as I can when I go grocery shopping. At work, I've found an end space that is slightly wider than the others and allows me to get close to the curb leaving much more than a door's width of space between my car and the person who parks next to me. The Lancer has no door ding protection standard, but I think it is an accessory.

    Yes, I know it sounds like overkill. However, I will not be one of those people who takes up 2 parking spaces with one car. If you do that you might as well key your car yourself and save the aggravation. :sick:
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    yeah, I just wanted someone else's view of the lower bodykit skirting's ability to bonk off rolling shopping carts. I didn't really think so just wanted to check with someone else. Thing is, this is one of those cars that would really look dorky with a moulding glued on the side, I'm not going there.

    Yeah, me too, I have found a spot at work where on one side there's a curb so no one can park there and I park so close to that curb that a moron swinging a door couldn't really reach my car. I also park in the cheap seats at grocery and other stores and just get some extra exercise walking from there.

    This practice will need to continue, too, because I really doubt I will do what I did with my last two rigs, Kia's both of them. I bought door moulding at the store and some more online and ran tape alongside the rigs as a guide and stuck moulding on to the sides. Gotta say that it looked good and it did save us from those annoying dings.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Posts: 62
    does the 2008 Lancer have a timing chain or a belt?
    Are there other maintenance intervall informations available?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    else handle the last one: the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer's have timing chains. There is no changing needed of this but according to another poster just because you have a timing chain that doesn't mean it'll last forever.

    Translate his message to mean that you'll not have to spend $300-$500 bucks every 60,000-odd miles repalcing your timing belt on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    Mitsubishi dealer in Sierra Vista, AZ, today for it's L-O-F. The car had 3,311 miles at 1st L-O-F time. The L-O-F went fine and the car passed the 27 point Ideal Mitsubishi of Sierra Vista, AZ, inspection just fine.

    But after the guy took my wife and I to the nearby mall to shop and then back to Ideal Mitsubishi again, we learned the Lancer GTS was not done. It seemed like enough time to do the L-O-F, so I was kind of curious what was going on.

    What was going on was that Mitsubishi has a recall going on for the rear doors. This is one of those recalls meant "to increase customer safety in the event of a side impact crash." Apparently the recall parts ensure that, in the event of "certain side impact crashes", the rear door latch will remain latched.

    So, Mitsubishi is installing a newly-designed quarter window sash for Lancer owners free of charge. It is recall #C0703U and you will be getting notice in the mail of the recall. I was fortunate to have scheduled a L-O-F and they did their homework and looked up any applicable TSB's and/or recalls and found this one recall and started doing the work while my wife and I were at the mall.

    For any '08 Lancer owners still needing to get this recall done it takes about an hour per side. It took the Ideal service people about 35-40 minutes per side. Figure about an hour and a half to do the recall.

    Anyhoo, we were all fixed up today around 2:15PM with plenty of the day left to shop, eat and get back to Willcox.

    I got the opportunity to look up a salesman there at Ideal whom I had e-mailed many times, going back to the days that I was drooling over the 2007 Suzuki SX4. Ideal also sells Suzuki's. He said to feel free to bring my Lancer GTS there for all of my service and from today's initial experience at Ideal Mitsubishi you can pretty much figure that I've got an "ideal" situation at Ideal and I will go there from now on. The salespeople are gushing over the new Lancer's and Outlander's.

    The salesman gave me a short stack of his business cards with the heads-up that if I get another person to go there I'll get $100(or double what his business card says)if they buy a rig from him. Salespeople will be salespeople, won't they?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Hi ilovmysephia how are you? I purchased an 08 Lancer GTS with Nav also about a month ago. I have around 1600 miles now. I absolutely LOVE the car and everything about it. I was also notified by mail of this recall. As you have had the work done already, I am interested if there are any cosmetic differences in the "window sash" after they did the "repair?" Does it look wierd or different in any way??? Thanks!
    P.S. I should also change my username to ilovemylancer haha.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    Yep, got my notice in the mail 2 days ago. I'm scheduled for my first L-O-F service in mid-July (3 months after purchase) and will probably wait until then to get the window sash upgrade.

    My guess is the Lancer was crash-tested and this issue with the rear door latches came up. Kudos to Mitsubishi for researching the problem, finding a solution to the fault, and providing owners a way to upgrade their Lancer free of charge.

    2000 miles in my Lancer GTS and lovin' every minute of it! I had the Rockford Fosgate audio system cranked up this morning with the windows and sunroof open. :)
  • gnnrgnnr Posts: 21
    either that or the insurance saftey institute folks wouldn't pass side impact unless it was corrected. Either way that's fine, but it doesn't instill full confidence either. But lots of cars have early TSBs for this kind of thing too I suppose.
  • pmpkin123pmpkin123 Posts: 14
    Hi, am in the process of buying a new Lancer prob the ES cvt but perhaps the GTS cvt.

    Has anyone had trouble deciding whether to add the Nav unit? its for my son, who hates open windows or sunroofs, we are in Dallas, so its really hot i summer. But the nav stuff looks cool, and perhaps safer for a new driver? Let him concentrate on driving instead of "finding" perhaps?


  • Only if you get him to promise not to play the dvds and such on it while driving, seemed a lil distracting to me ;)
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    hey, watcha been up to? I remember you from many months gone past here on Edmunds.

    No, there is no discernible difference to my Lancer's rear window setup in any way after the sash recall.

    We're at 3,390 miles and diggin' this car to the full. :D

    ru06, refresh my memory, from which Edmunds forum did you post at in the past? Can't remember.

    shado4, are you a Northerner? Must be, or a left or east coaster. Down here in Arizona, we wait until night to open our sunroof, as it's too blasted hot in the day to have it down! You must be up north. Is not this RF stereo a nice asset for our Lancer GTS'?

    Who's gonna re-up on their Sirius after the initial 6-month free period passes? We do go there-split between our own CD's, FM stereo and occasional AM. If they had the Art Bell/George Noory connection on Sirius I'd consider paying/joining fulltime. BTW-off topic, but apparently Area 51 has moved to Colorado/Utah boonies. Too much nuclear fallout was being had there at SW Nevada/original Area 51 site.


    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Iluvmysephia... thanks for the reply.. i was a little worried it would look weird or different with the change of "shash." Im at 2180 miles now after one month and 5 days :D which is more than I would have liked to have at this point but I was stuck making a couple long trips accross the state since my buddies Civic was in a fender bender and he couldnt make his part in the carpool haha oh well. I haven't made any other posts besides here in the Mitsu Lancer pages. Maybe one in the Civic's pages but I dont think so. But anyway yea I am loving every mile of this car as well, it has exceeded all of my expectations. As far as the DVD player being dangerous... the video blacks out once you start driving. The audio stays, but no video so I guess you are OK as far as a safety issue. As far as the Navigation goes.. I love it and it is dead accurate. Couldnt imagine the car w/o it and the music server and FAST Key entry it comes with! Yea the Navi has also saved me lots of money on gas as well since I no longer get lost and have to ask for directions and backtrack myself haha.. yea it used to happen to me a lot! Anyways sorry if i have rambled.. go GTS with Nav and bluetooth!!! Can't go wrong here!
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    shado4, are you a Northerner? Must be, or a left or east coaster. Down here in Arizona, we wait until night to open our sunroof, as it's too blasted hot in the day to have it down! You must be up north. Is not this RF stereo a nice asset for our Lancer GTS'?

    I live in Pennsylvania. Temps during my morning commute to work have been hitting anywhere from the low 50's to the mid 60's...nice and cool enough to open the windows and sunroof while cranking out the tunes. By mid afternoon we have been getting into the upper 80's, which I consider rather hot...but that's probably a cold day for you in Arizona!

    More cool things about the Lancer...when it's raining and I have the intermittent wipers on their fastest setting, they go to a constant low speed sweep when the car is moving, then back to intermittent sweeps when the car is stopped. At slower intermittent speeds, the delay between sweeps gets shorter when the car is moving, then back to normal when stopped. I doesn't take much to impress me. :P

    I miss the rear window wiper I had on my Elantra GT, though.
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Hey how is everybody doing with their new Lancer?? It is awfully quiet in this forum!!!!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    my '08 Lancer GTS is doing great at 3,900 miles. Still no squeaks, rattles or humms and she's running great. The A/C is working great, too, thankfully as Arizona heats up for the summer!

    The Rally Red racer does need a bath, that is the only thing she needs right now.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Hey I just recently purchased my '08 Lancer ES trim. I'm really happy with the way it's performing, but I had a question. I have only been driving standard for about 6 months and I'm still adjusting to the Lancer, but sometimes when I'm in the process of shifting gears the rpms rev up on their own. I have the clutch fully disengaged and my foot completely off of the accelerator, but the rpms shoot up. Does anyone know what this is occuring? Thanks!
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    It's normal, dont worry. If the revs are TOO high, then you might want to down shift to a lower gear. Try not to rev above around 6500 rpm's, as this is somewhere around its red-line. I actually like how it revs like this bc you can just tap the accelerator and the whole car will "pop" and take off like a jet! It's pretty cool! ;)
  • Does anybody know of any modification performance parts out for the '08 Lancer? I've been thinking about modding my suspension and exhaust, but I can't seem to find anything for the car. Has anybody tweaked their Lancer yet? Please help. Thanks!
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Do you have the GTS?
  • gnnrgnnr Posts: 21
    RRM has a pretty good line out already for so early in the game, and Works has some stuff coming or due out about now. Katzkin (sp?) and Injen too. CF hood, lowering springs and camber bolts, SRI, suspension, bolt on exhaust. ECU changes are due shortly from RRM too I believe.
  • stevecebustevecebu Posts: 493
    Hi I'm curious about the above mentioned potential problems.
    I haven't bought a Mitsu in a long time. How long? Well it was before the Magnusson-Moss warranty act came out. I had bought a Minivan, i forget which model. The dealer was awful, the van was nice tho. I had 3 young kids back then and they wanted about $200 and change for what amounted to an oil change. I had to trade in the car because they refused to work on it under warranty and told me my warranty would be invalidated if I didn't use them exclusively, even for oil changes etc...
    Another dealer much further away was also the Jeep dealer and I wanted a Mitsu at that time as well but after 4+ hours of BS at the dealership and no firm price for a cash purchase and no value on my trade in I walked.
    They came running and promised me no problem we will have it all for you in 10 minutes. almost an hour later I walked when I saw the sales guy dealing with other customers. When he ran out to drag me back in I had some real choice words for him and then the sales manager came out and it was nearly a fight in the parking lot as they wouldn't give me the keys to my car so i could leave.
    I told them ok and started walking and they said no it's ok and I said yes it is, I'm going to call the police!
    My keys arrived in 2 minutes or less. I never went back.
    supposedly that place was sold and just sells Jeep now.
    Mitsu has their own showroom a few miles down the street.
    Fast forward to about 2001 '02 or so the WRX gets released I want to compare it to the EVO and was told sorry no test drives and big $$$$$$ over MSRP. Attitude was utter crap at 2 dealerships that I called and visited. Good on the phone and total BS in person.
    They were very insulting and rude, worse than the VW dealer where I used to live and they were the worst for any kind of service.
    I was dressed ok and I don't wear a suit and I pay cash for everything I buy. I've bought a lot of cars new and used.
    So to make a long story short it's going to have been 5-6 years when I get back to the US and I'm wondering if the quality of the Mitsu lancer has improved over past models which seemed to break a lot and has Mitsu actually done anything to improve customer service or to punish rude dealership or ones that try and weasel out of warranty work?
    Too many bad experiences with Mitsu and it seems some brands are that way but my wife and I really like the new look of the Lancer especially the EVO. It's a lot of $$$$
    last thing I had heard was years back maybe 4-5 years ago that Mitsu was going to auto-x events and taking pics of cars with the license plates and refusing to honor the warranty on those cars.
    I bought the WRX instead and really liked it but the new design for the 2008 WRX leaves me cold.
    I never had a single problem with Subaru, I test drove the car made an offer based on Edmunds, got it for $800 over invoice instead of $500 over but they treated me very well and no hassle at all took about an hour for all the paperwork and everything and I picked it up a day or two later with a check in hand.
    Honestly has Mitsubishi changed enough, what with losing a fortune on a daily basis to get their dealers in order or is it the same hell as before?
    I'd like to get some real ideas about this and I can't get to a dealer being almost 12,000 miles away.
    Maybe it's just New England dealers, maybe they all charge over MSRP, I really don't know but pulling every trick in the book to not honor a warranty is pretty bad.
    so an update on the dealerships would be great not individual ones but in general. I have to take the car in to be serviced by them and get warranty done by them.
    VW is still in the dark customer service wise and reliability is even less than before.
    So what's the scoop has Mitsu improved or is it still a crap shoot?
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I come form sporty larger 6cyl cars and want to do a down grade to save in payment and gas. I drov eth 08 GTS and find that the 4 cyl is rather anemic. Now I'm not comparing it to my 6 cyl cars that would not be fair, but compared to a 07 Altima 2.5 or a Civic the Lancer seems slow off the line. I drive the 07 Altima and it almost feels like a 6 cyl, and the Civic feels some where in the middle. Also I tried the RF 650W system, but when I cranked it up the car rear interior was buzzing and rattling unbelievabely. And one last thing, I look at Katskin's site and don't see a leather option for the 08 Lancer, does anyone know of a leather option for the 08 Lancer? I love the Lancer styling, it looks like a Lexus IS from the rear and even nicer from the front. What they need is a 2.4ish 4cyl with say 175-200HP
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Hey Keith. Yes, you may be right about the bigger engine but if you use the paddle shifters to shift from first to second to third, etc, I think you will be amazed at how much quicker response and better acceleration you will get. I heard that next year (2009) Mitsubishi will release at 2.4L engine. Not 100% sure though. Anyhow I am happy with a 2.0 rather than a 2.4 bc I don't like to support foreign oil countries hehe. And as for the trunk rattling, all you have to do to fix it is turn down the base in the audio settings. Good luck and enjoy the Lancer it is really a great car and Im loving it. I definately recommend it! :D
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    on the new '08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. I am really happy my wife and I went for the Sun and Sound package because we both love music and this Rockford Fosgate stereo rocks our rolling house quite nicely.

    I agree with ru06, just adjust down the bass and check the fader to see that it's not all the way to the back or something. It really is a nice stereo and adjusting it is easy and the fixes's not a frustrating exercise at all.

    As for off-the-line performance, this is a 2.0L 152-hp 4 cylinder and the Lancer is kind of heavy. I find that the magnesium paddle-shifters do help for quicker starts. I'm not bothered by the acceleration at all, it's fine for my style of driving and it will accelerate and pick up once you learn the car's drivetrain better and use the paddle-shifting method as you need or want.

    The body design of this car always looks's a joy to peer out my front window and stare at it in the driveway. Proud to have it and proud of Mitsu for doing such an awesome job with it.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • wpathwpath Posts: 4
    Just picked up my ES model with the Sun & Sound last night. Actually found a great dealer here in Central Florida, who would work deals off of MSRP. The cars are in such short supply here now, that most dealers don't want to talk anything but MSRP.
    It is a great car, and the stereo is incredible. I got rid of a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a Hemi, and I am really looking forward to (much) better gas mileage, especially with my 60 mile daily roundtrip to work!
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    I sold my 06 civic ex and bought the fully loaded GTS, The navi is amazing, ny civic had better Gas mileage but this car is heavy on the road like my BMW........amazing just amazing ;) ;) :mad:
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    Hey bought mine at sport mitsi and got 4K off sticker great people there in Orlando :)
  • mirde98mirde98 Posts: 95
    Sport Mitsubishi is the best dealer in Orlando FL. I bought my 06 Lancer SE there and my roommate bought a 08 Lancer GTS.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,876
    to the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer thread here on Edmunds and enjoy your Lancer's! I was once very enamored with Kia and like them still but the racing heritage instilled in our Lancer's is too good to pass up.

    Last night driving on I-10 through downtown Phoenix the road took a large and wide turn to the right. It was slightly uneven on the tilt-turn and in my little Sportage 4X4 SUV from Kia I would have had to slow down(driving physics at play, yep, not a knock on my Sportsman at all)but in my Lancer GTS I could actually accelerate in to the turn. Love the Lancer GTS' multi-spoke wheel design. They are my favorite factory OEM wheel I have seen produced and installed yet.

    Another very cool item on my Lancer GTS is that awesome leather-wrapped steering wheel!

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    They really were awesome and oil changes for life :), I live in Ocala and loving it :)
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