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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • Howdy yall,

    I have been reading and watching this thread for a while now. I planned on getting a 2008 Lancer, but had financial issues come up so I will have to hold off until next spring/summer (grrr :mad: ). Anywho, in talking with the local Mitsubishi dealer here in Houston, TX, he was able to contact Mitsubishi North America/USA and relay some info to me about the 2009 Lancer.

    1) The 2009 Lancer model will be upgrading all base engines from the 2.0L 4 cylinder to 2.4L 4 cylinder. Both will/are aluminum blocks. Finally, estimated HP will go from the current 152 HP to around 175 to 180 HP with minimal weight gain due to minor changes in the engine to make it 2.4L to support the higher HP people have been asking for over the 2008 Lancer.

    2) As most are aware, the 2009 Lancer Evo X will have the Final retail version displayed at the upcoming Tokyo International Auto Show this Fall and soon there after begin selling in Japan. The official release date for the USA as well as final HP, features, detailed specs, etc. is planned to be announced at the Tokyo Auto Show as well.

    3) Finally, and probably most exciting, is the fact that Mitsubishi, although not officially stating so, relayed through the my dealer contact that if the 2008 lancer sells show a good turn around, which I believe someone already posted the numbers and they showed crazy growth, they plan to release another model trim with the 2009 model. In Japan, this model would be known possibly as some kind of GST or GSX model, but here in the USA it would most likely be called the Ralliart model. The plans for this model include using a slightly detuned turbo (not a rumored 6 cylinder) as well as a less active AWD system. Essentially a smaller brother to the Evo X. It doesn't take a genius to understand that this is Mitsu's way to compete across the board with Subaru.

    Personally, I am kinda happy my finances didn't work out. It's God's way of saying be patient for there is better things to come next year. I can't wait! :)

    Wild Bill
  • Also, I wanted to know if anyone had heard of 2 key aftermarket items. First, I like the spoiler that the GTS comes with, but as many have noticed it badly obstructs the view. I wanted to know if anyone had heard of a slightly smaller one available somewhere as an aftermarket replacement. Second, I wanted to know if anyone has ever heard of an aftermarket complete rear windshield wiper assembly before. It would be nice if someone sold a kit with the motor, mounting brakets, switch, etc. to install a windshield wiper on that big back window. My thoughts are I could always salvage one from an older model Eclipse, but would prefer some thing new, pre-designed first. Any help is appreciated! ;)

    Wild Bill
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    iluvmysephia I hope you downshifted into the turn and punched the pedal! hehe Yes I am loving my GTS w Nav as well. It gets so much attention and the sound system is incredible! ;)
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    They have smaller ones on Ebay.....
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    coming from a new civic 06 Ex with navi the lancer is really a amazing car and for people who are debating the Navi, it is awesome :) gas MPG is lower on the lancer but the heavyness feels great on the road almost like my BMW
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    After owning the 2006 Civic EX with navi and now the 2008 Lancer GTS I will try to compare them :

    Civic: It always was a fun drive however on highways it did tend to float a bit, I always kept both hands on the wheel this was from the first day i bought it and had the alignment checked and it was perfect, really never pushed it into turns,Gas mileage was always pretty good, 32-39 MPG,and it was a bit noisy on the road.but nothing too loud.
    Lancer: Very heavy like my BMW, corners amazing, love exits and off ramps, no floating at all, holds the road very well, MPG is about 29 MPG but only on the second tank so far.Really loving the feel on the road.Like the 15.3 Tank.Very smooth.Love the CVT.

    Civic: Love the speedo on the civic nothing compares to those lights, well lit and large number in bright blue, Navi love the speak button and the ease of the navi,and the Card slot is also nice XM Rocks!
    Lancer: wow, where do I start 4 info screens on dash everything from MPG to tire pressure to all warning lights, the navi has a DVD player, 30G Hard drive for music,more info screens then i could ever use for lighting,all functions of the car(cut off of cig 12V after 30 min) lap-times, and so many more,auto head lights,bluetooth,FAST key you never need a key to get in or start the car,to lock the car a touch of the door handle,The navi is pretty amazing, and love having fogs standard. The red gauges are nice and has ambient lighting .also auto climate control is awesome.Paddle shifters are very smooth and flawless.

    Civic: the seats seem to wear easy and had my armrest replaced last year, seatbelt sometimes snaps back and leaves marks on the plastic, and it scratches the sliding cover for the my old steering wheels.
    Lancer:like the placement of the seat belt no marks so far, lint seems to like the seats but easy to clean off.Love the back seat middle armrest and cupholder.Since i dont smoke the ashtray is useless for me.The Lancer seems to feel much bigger then my civic,when i am at the wheel, the room seems endless.....Steering wheel has bright red lights to light up all functions :)

    Civic: they were nice but nothing great!
    Lancer: Really like the rims and 18" tires.....

    Civic: they gave me a free 5/60 warranty with my civic at no charge.
    Lancer: 5/60K and 100K power-train.Also free oil changes for life of car.

    All being said I still will buy the 2008 Civic, I just hope the put more features in it, I paid close to 2.5K LESS for the Lancer GTS, I would tell anyone looking for a good small car to check out both the civic and lancer.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    you better believe it I punched it around that turn! The Rally Red Metallic Lancer GTS just hugged into the turn and wanted me to add more ghastly!

    This is one incredible car. The sound system is awesome and the car's driving dynamics are such that the car simply invites you to drive it some more.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Just wanna vent a lil and let ya'll know what I just found out.

    I've been having problems with my the sound fading in and out (no its not the SVC whatever thingy). So I took it in twice so far to the dealership I bought it in and they didn't hear anything/couldn't figure out the problem. Well I figure hey I'll try another service place. I just found out a handful of cars are having problems with the radio, and Mitsu doesn't have a fix yet. What irritates me is this dealership knew about it and Mitsu hasn't sent any letters out letting customers know about the problem. Here I was thinking maybe I was just going crazy or something. I mean I did pay a few $k extra just for this sun and sound package and I can't enjoy the sound that much (if you have the problem you'll understand what I mean, some songs just weird out so much at times it gives me a headache). Anyways gotta go pick up my car now and wait out Mitsu to fix this issue. Just thought I'd let everyone know.

    Also, does anyone know who I would complain to? I mean I'm bothered Mitsu didn't send out any warnings and my original dealership for not telling me of the problem either time I brought it in (course I can't say if they had known, but how did the other one know right away when I explained the prob).
  • did anyone put into their 08 lancer the mp3/ipod cable? if so can someone please tell me how to use it. i don't know what i'm doing.

  • Did you buy the cable already? If not go to Radioshack and get the shortest RCA or whatever cable they got, should have one side that has a white and red (two plugs) and a single plug on the other. is like 5 or 10 bucks I think. Then match the color plugs underneath the radio, behind where the charge plug is at and plug the ipod in. Hold the CD button in until it says AUX and then just use the Ipod as normal.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    Honestly Car MFG is not going to send letters out to customers and they will notifiy the dealers, it just takes time. One thing I struggle with is YEAR ONE cars. I have owned a few and most have more than average # of issues as the MFG is now working the kinks out using the customers. Consumer Reports did a report on the avg # of issues and showed that for most MFG the first year is highest, it drops a bunch year 2 and by year 3 of a given model it is pretty much stable. I can easily agree with that, I have owned a 04 TL and it was full of rattles creaks and issues, my 06 TL (third model year) was rock solid, not a probelm at all. I owned an 07 Camry (YEAR ONE) and agains tons of fit and finish issues, rattles etc. Also had a 98 Chrysler (YEAR ONE) and went through power window motors, and rotors, etc, again probably year one issues.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    Lancer take the car through a twisty route, if you haven't yet. Yesterday, on the way home from Grants and Albuquerque, NM, we took an offshoot highway from I-25 and headed towards Silver City, NM. I never thought we'd be heading through a large and tall mountain range in order to get to Silver City. We did.

    Great opportunity to put my '08 Lancer GTS through some paces and push it a bit. The road was one of those windy, twisty uphill routes that would occasionally straighten out and head downhill for a bit. But mostly it was uphill twisties. I would gun the Lancer GTS with it's newly-integrated horizontal support brace up front in to the turns and then attempt to twist through the turns without braking. It just went on and on like this for miles and miles and miles.

    I am happy to report that this new Lancer GTS relished the twisties and handled them wonderfully. I was getting 29.0mpg avg., too!

    This car was a comfortable highway cruiser I should report that did not wear us out traveling in it. And that RF 650-watt stereo remains an awesome addition to the car, as well as the sunroof.

    Air conditioning works thoroughly well. I feel that I made the right choice by buying this 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. Handsome looks are the best part for me but this car is built very well to go along with good looks.

    Mpg average for yesterday's 450 mile trip home from Albuquerque with a city and highway miles mix was 30.0 mpg. Plenty good enough for me.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • krynskykrynsky Posts: 8
    Hi folks,

    My wife's been pushing me to sell my 2001 kia spectra GSX and get a new car because:

    a) She doesn't like the car
    b) She can't drive a manual

    So, I sold the car last week and we went around and test drove a few cars. We'd seen the 2008 lancer commercial and just the look of the car made us want to test drive it.

    We test drove both a GTS and ES model and here's how it broke down for us:

    Looks - GTS looked great, loved the huge 18" wheels and slightly racier look. Also thought the build in nav system and huge screen looked cool. ES was good to but not QUITE as nice. Of course you can add to the ES with a body kit and spoiler. The "off the shelf" winner - GTS

    The Drive - To my great surprise both my wife and I liked the ES much better. To be honest we didn't like the Fabric/seats on the GTS, it seemed like they almost an aftermarket covering. I spent some time in the back seat and clearly saw zippers around the seats adding to my feeling that these were an afterthought from mitsu. Also the fabric seemed to move a bit when I moved around in the seat like it kept gripping me. It just didn't feel comfortable. Secondly the road noise was really loud on the GTS. The dealer said that was due to the sport tires and I guess he's right because when we switched to the ES it was MUCH quieter in the cabin. The winner here - ES

    VS Hundai Elantra - I thought I was driving to a Nissan dealer but it turns out the dealer had closed and a Hundai dealer was there instead. So we test drove the Elantra. It drove well and has great ratings but was boring compared to the Lancer. The 1 big plus it had going for it was an upgraded v6 engine that was really fun to drive! But at the end of the day even the v6 wasn't enough to sell the car. Winner - Lancer

    VS Mazda 6 - The mazda had a slighly peppier engine then the Lancer (I don't know if that will chance after a lancer CVT "learns" your driving or if the dealer was blowing smoke up my a...) but the inside felt a bit more cheap then the lancer and I'm told the body style will be re-designed in 2009 so anything I pick up now will look old next year. Winner - Lancer

    So what happend at the end of the day? Well the exact model we wanted was not available anywhere so we plunked down $500 and made a custom order from the factory. The car should be ready in 6-8 weeks. Here's what we ordered.

    Lancer ES - CVT Trans
    Electric Blue Pearl
    Sun and Sound package
    Accessory Appearance Package
    Hands free Phone Kit (Bluetooth)
    Rear Wing Spoiler
    Tinted Windows (dealer option)

    We skipped the nav package because we already have a garmin and $2,000 extra seemed like a lot, plus we thought seeing a huge LCD on the dash might encourage people to break into the car.

    I'll post again when I get the car. There were a few things I was undecided on. If anyone would like to comment on whether I should get these please feel free.

    - Fog lights
    - Front and side moldings (to look more like the GTS)
    - Leather wrapped steering wheel and shift (a dealer option)

    That's it for now, I'm exited to get the car, I haven't seen one outside the dealership in my area and I expect to turn a few heads!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    the leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shift are very nice. I would get them if an available option for your model.

    The fog lights are a nice special effects addition and look great. I am not one that needs the extra low lighting out in front of my Lancer GTS but that look is very nice with foglights.

    The front and side moldings are completely necessary IMO. I looked at lesser-equipped Lancer's and didn't feel good about the look without the bodykit. By the time everything I saw on the GTS was added to a GS I may as well just buy the GTS model! I even love the spoiler on this car and I'm not a spoiler man.

    But on this Lancer the spoiler is very attractive. You may be fine just adding certain items and like the GS more because of less road noise. I don't mind the noise from the performance tires and the 10 spoke wheels are part of what attracted me to this car. I love the wheels! They're awesome and I would not have been happy not having the wheel package, and they go hand in hand with those Dunlop performance tires.

    The car handles so well with this tire and wheel package to go with the strong new suspension design together with the extra front anchoring and bolstering underneath the motor. For me it all added up to the GTS Lancer but do your estimating and shopping and keep asking people in these threads and you'll make the best decision for you guys. Exceptional car from Mitsubishi, this new Lancer! There is really no other car I would be interested in for sale anywhere. They hit it spot on with this car! When I first saw it on the net I knew within minutes that I would need to have one. :)

    Isn't that how it should be? I mean, when I first became interested in cars in the glory days of the 1960's that's how it worked. Some of those 60's designs were so beautiful that I could see the potential right away of the ones I liked. Good designs should do that sort of a thing for you, huh?

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Congrats on your pending new car!

    But what I want to know is... where did that V6 Elantra come from??? :confuse:
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    I also thought about both, for all the exras including navi i bought for a little over 19K for all packages, the road noise yo me was not bad at all and you can alway get other tires.....keep looking :)
  • eric49ereric49er Posts: 3
    i got an electric blue GTS minus without the sun and sound package (i hate sunroofs!) but had the NAV installed....why not go for NAV? I understand about the Garmin thing, but if you like music and have CDs, IMHO the music server that comes with the NAV is AWESOME!! plus it allows for much more customization of other car features, and it is much easier to see than the non-nav radio 'readout'...just my two cents!
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Who doesn't like sunroofs!?!? Nothin better than driving on the open road at night with a view of the stars!
  • krynskykrynsky Posts: 8
    Thanks for all the comments guys.

    Sounds like everyone has their opinion of what's perfect for them. :)

    For the NAV system, I agree it looks nice, but every single car I've owned has been broken into (admitedly I moved to a better neighborhood a couple years ago) but having a 7 inch LCD seems like an invite for someone to try and get it out of there.

    In terms of the GTS I love the outside look, and I think i'm going to go ahead and add the fog lights and body kit to keep it looking GTS like. But for me I enjoyed the ride better from the ES. I know, i know... I'm probably in the minority here but that's the beauty of being able to customize a new car to you :D
  • ghostx2kghostx2k Posts: 2
    After about 4 weeks of finding the damn car...I finally got my Lancer last night.

    Electric Blue GTS , S&S, Navi, M/T

    Love driving the car already. For under 22k by far the best purchase ive made. Ive had a Lexus and Navigator but this is alot more fun to drive.

    Only issue, woke up this morning with low tire pressure...blah!
  • Personally, I would run it back by the dealership and make them check to see if the tire had a puncture and, if it does, give you a new one since you just gave them 22K for that new car LOL. ;)

  • ghostx2kghostx2k Posts: 2
    took it to a local place, no issues. I definitely will if it comes back.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    congrats on getting your new Lancer! Electric Blue was one of my two favorite Lancer colors when I was looking. You're gonna love your Lancer. It's build quality, value and those stunning good looks will prove theirselves to you again and again as you settle in to Lancer GTS ownership.

    krynsky, don't worry about not getting a GTS Lancer, man, just enjoy your '08 Lancer ES. Looks like you're customize-optioning it to your exact liking and that's what it's all about. I think Mitsubishi combined their option packages in a fairly convenient manner, really.

    I mean, I was going in wanting a 5-speed Lancer GTS in Rally Red. What was sparkling in their showroom was a Rally Red GTS with the CVT automatic w/magnesium paddle shifters. The car looked so beautiful and the paddle shifters were easy to use and fun. The car had the exact options my wife and I wanted and they gave a good trade-in amount for our '01 Kia Sportage 4X4 so we bought it. The car is just a joy to own and a joy to drive. This car is my pick of all new vehicles that are available to buy right now. I don't see anything coming down the pike that I'd rather own, either. This is the one, dudes.

    Right now it needs a bath, though! ;)

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lvhatchbklvhatchbk Posts: 12
    Having purchased a Aqua Metallic 08 Lancer GTS with the CVT in June, just wanted to share some comments. First off, it has the best A/C system I have experienced. I had a Mazda 3 before, and living in Las Vegas, you really need a powerful system. The Mazda's was very weak. I did have two minor problems which my dealer took care of. First, the steering wheel was slightly off center and I was hearing a number of clicks when starting the vehicle. The dealer said the noise was normal, something to do with the injectors. I am not totally satisfied with that answer and was wondering if anyone else was hearing the same thing. Does anyone think the radio display is too dim? Any fix on that? All in all, I do love the car.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 6,929
    I haven't noticed the clicking noise upon starting my Lancer GTS.

    Also make sure your Lancer has received it's recall work. It's called the rear window sash recall and it's designed to keep the rear doors shut if your Lancer is struck from certain angles. If you just got your Lancer the fix may have already been done at the factory for you. Check with your dealer if you're unsure about it.

    As for the radio display it works fine for me. I have heard that complaint before, though, so you might ask your dealer about that, too. I have not heard of a fix for that, and I can read mine fine, even in direct Arizona sunlight.

    My wife and I find that our Lancer's dark tinting really keeps the strong Arizona sun away from burning on us in the cabin. Our tinting is really dark, I can't believe its even allowable under Arizona law but it either came from the factory with it like that or our dealer did it, I'd have to check. My point is that it helps even with making the radio display easier to read. Check it out and have it done if you want, I think that it's helping us out a lot with brightness and hot sun issues.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    funny my wheel (steering) is a bit to the left. they told me it was ok, a little pain to drive like that....taking it to another dealer........
  • ru06ru06 Posts: 23
    Yea my Grey GTS makes that clicking sound as well. It only lasts about 2 seconds and isn't really that loud. I don't think it's an issue. I don't really notice it.. it very well could be normal. I don't have a problem with my display being too dim, but if you hit the SET button (this is with the Navigation package which I assume you have?) then you can go to contrast and maybe make it brighter. As for everything else, I really love the car and it's excellent build quality and attention to detail. Great overall value, IMHO. :)
  • lvhatchbklvhatchbk Posts: 12
    Interesting. My wheel was off center to the left as well. Take it to another dealer. It should not be that way. It's an alignment issue. Too bad your dealer could not, or would not fix it.
  • lvhatchbklvhatchbk Posts: 12
    When I first heard the noise, I was thinking it could have something to do with the starter. Like yours, it only lasts a few seconds until the engine starts. Don't have the nav system, so I am not sure if my display can be adjusted. Not a big deal, but the display is so dim in the daylight, it's practically impossible to see.
  • I have pretty much decided that the new Lancer will be my next car, as soon as I have the enough down payment to go along with my trade-in. My question is to both current Lancer drivers as well as any driver in general.

    I am 20 years old, so I have only had one car. My first car was a 2001 VW Jetta GLS 2.0L inline 4. It is an automatic trans. I want to learn how to drive a stick, but I live in Houston, TX, which is a busy big city. I am conflicted in whether I should get a CVT for the better mileage and the ability to go full auto when in traffic and wait to get another car down the road with a manual, or should I get the manual in the Lancer, learn, and just deal with the hassle of a stick in traffic when I run into it?

    Can anyone give me some advice in this regard? Thanks in advance.
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