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    Well, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane vehicles are so few as to not even register on the sales meter and our infrastructure is capable of fueling these vehicles. We are pretty shortsighted about energy efficiency and energy diversity and there is a love affair with gasoline and electricity as power sources.
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    Gary, I know you were a big opponent of granting HOV access to the high-mileage hybrids, but looks like in terms of traffic flow, it WAS a great idea:

    http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/transportation/study-finds-that-banning-hybrids-- from-hov-lanes-increases-traffic/1069?tag=nl.e660

    Transportation researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have come up with some surprising results on HOV lanes and hybrids: allowing hybrids to drive in HOV reduces traffic congestion for everyone.

    Until last July hybrid car owners in California could ride in the HOV even if they were driving alone. However, the California Department of Motor Vehicles ended that scheme this past summer sending around 85, 000 cars back to regular freeway lanes.

    A new study that examined six months of data from roadway sensors that measured speed and congestion on San Francisco Bay Area carpool lanes, however found that the decision may have been a bad idea. Freeway traffic had since slowed down across the board - including the carpool lane (which were 15 percent slower).

    While that seems counter-intuitive, the authors speculate that car pool drivers were likely to slow down if traffic in the adjoining lanes was significantly slower, out of safety concerns.

    “As vehicles move out of the carpool lane and into a regular lane, they have to slow down to match the speed of the congested lane,” said Kitae Jang, one of the researchers. “Likewise, as cars from a slow-moving regular lane try to slip into a carpool lane, they can take time to pick up speed, which also slows down the carpool lane vehicles.”

    Cassidy also added that drivers were likely to be nervous going 70 mph around slow moving traffic, out of fear that a regular-lane driver may suddenly enter their lane.

    The study was done with data from 6 months, so more time may be necessary to see the full effect of the move.
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    ....and what "drove" the carmakers to start building more gas engine vehicles which got 35+ MPG?

    The popularity of hybrids.

    Everyone knew hybrids were a "stopgap" until something better comes along. At least everyone who had followed the market and the news.

    Don't count the hybrid "dead" yet though......the new Prius line will put some of the zoom back into sales.
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    1.this guy who has been claiming $10000 for battery replacement...?

    toyota original battery cost with labor$3500....after market $1700...

    if u buy prius or any hybrid now....cost will down half or more since u have 8 yr or 100k warranty...

    2.also this guys said...civic 32 mpg...good luck in town....it's impossible....i had corrolla ,civic in past.....highway miles 32 possible...

    with hybrid....i have prius brand new,,,,,with regular rough driving....easy to get 45-48 in 35-40 degree weather....

    so please donot listern to this report......there is enough success for hybrid....gas price will go up.....close to $4/gallon....we will see this summer....hybrid will be selling above msrp when gas goes up.,....

    3.average people pay 20% more for hybrid car....(not electric)...electric not worth money.....but hybrid one vehicle in house hold....u can easily pay off....20% cost......i used to have 2009 crv.....city mpg 22...2011 prius mpg...48 around......go figure........

    thanks for my input
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    Hybrids are just a means to an end, higher fuel efficiency which seems to escape so many people. We have two hybrids because in 2005 and 2009, there was nothing even close. At least now there are more choices allowing buyers to have some tradeoff in price and performance.

    Do the new gas-only cars really compete with hybrids in MPG? Not really but they do put the "clean" diesels to shame.

    As for this article, auto writers still parrot just highway mileage and myopia about interior volume. This was certainly the case with the February, Consumer Reports, that awarded small cars their best, off-the-scale rating by ignoring the payload. It is the total package against the buyer's requirements that determines who wins the buyer.

    Bob Wilson
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    Do the new gas-only cars really compete with hybrids in MPG? Not really but they do put the "clean" diesels to shame.

    Article for the link I posted did not even mention diesels.

    Consumers disagree with your statement as they are increasingly choosing diesel and manufacturers are offering more diesel models.

    U.S. Clean Diesel Auto Sales Soar To 27 Percent Increase In 2011
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    This is a cool little tool:

    Hybrid Compare Tool

    Hybrids Can Save You Money

    Based on MSRP and fuel costs alone, hybrid vehicles can save you money versus a comparably equipped conventional vehicle. Select a hybrid model below and adjust the sliders to see the fuel cost savings and payback period based on your fuel prices, annual miles, and percent city/highway driving mix.
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    A reporter is looking for Midwestern/Southern US residents between the ages of 17 and 30 who do not plan to purchase a vehicle and who frequently use public transportation. If you fit this description, and you are willing to share your story, please send your daytime contact information to [email protected] no later than 10 a.m. Pacific on Friday, July 20, 2012.


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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    My wife drives a 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with an automatic transmission and a 1.3L engine. Does this car have a timing belt that has to be changed at around 100,000 miles, or a timing chain that's good for the life of the car? I wouldn't ask, except for the fact that she's coming up on 100,000 soon.
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