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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Since your vehicle is under warranty and assuming the transmission is the problem, GM will repair or replace transmission, whichever they choose. I would think the chance of getting another faulty transmission is very small.
  • I had to seperate 07 transmissions with the same problem Dealer repaired both transmissions and I have had no problems since..
  • jilltjillt Posts: 2
    :sick: Talk about disappointed! Try this on for size:
    Bought a new 2004 Tahoe with 7 miles on it:
    3 months after purchase, transmission had to be rebuilt
    7 months later the rear end leaked in the garage - rebuilt again
    10 months later AC goes out
    1 year 3 months old and the rear end has to be rebuilt for popping and slipping problem. Stop at a light and count to two and you get a slam feeling like someone just rear-ended you.
    1 year 9 months old the rear end still having problems, locking up and grinding
    2 years old the popping continues and when you turn on the left blinker the rear windshield wiper turns on.
    Dealer says, trade it in on the new tahoe, my husband is suckered in. Rolled over debt onto new one.

    2007 Tahoe purchased and computer has to be replaced 8 weeks later (doors won't lock, hatch won't open, auto start not working) was in the shop a total of 2 weeks combined as they replaced the remotes over and over.
    leaks water like crazy
    By the 8th water leak event the dealer still can't find the leak and tells me there is "nothing they can do"
    Heater has to be on 90 or it doesn't heat - 89 degrees is still AC
    14th leak event, transmission running at 182 degrees, still AC at 89 degrees inside the truck, starting to get the rear-ended slam when stopping or taking off. Display says tires are flat (when they are not), service traction control and stability track. Back up sensors beep like something is behind you, put it in drive and they beep until you reach your destination. Auto-start starts the vehicle then kills it right away.
    Just picked it up from the dealership again this morning. They said "we noted your problems but couldn't duplicate them" I contacted Chevy and they said they do not do buy-backs on vehicles over 20K miles, which would have been great if I hadn't started having problems that they couldn't resolve at 180 miles!!!
  • One person noted that they had their transmission replaced by the dealer 11 times, The reported that the dealer told them that it was because they had big rims on the car. Then what about all of the other cars that dont have big tires that are having the same problem. This is ridiculous. It is clear that the problems lies with the transmission. We need to file a class action suit. My car is much older (2000) and I purchased it pre owned. Until now this is the only real problem that I have had. Based on the record of others with this problem, I will not buy another. It is a shame because I love all the features, size, build of this truck. It meets the needs of my family well. However, I cannot afford to continually have to replace transmission. Further, Im sure the timing will not always be right. When will it happen next when I am traveling cross country of something? I know Family Vacation? Just too unpredictable. No road trips for me. :lemon: :cry: :mad:
  • Have a 2007 Tahoe and have a knocking sound at acceleration from a stop also. Took to dealer and they said the it was a loose bolt on the rear (also have had power window problems and remote problems),Take it home and it is still doing the same thing.
    I too had a bad experience in the mid 80's with a buick and switched to ford's but wife wanted a Tahoe this time and i gave in, never again.
  • tah04tah04 Posts: 8
    These trannys are out of control my tahoe is going in for it's third trans I only was able to put less then 10k miles on the last one. We all need to put complaints in with(NHTSA.GOV). I did however get GM to extend my trans coverage to 2011 or 100k miles by calling there customer assistance center @ 1800-222-1020. That is all good if you feel like breaking down on the side of the road every 10k miles. I am now looking to put a JASPER unit in the truck . I am going after GM to see if they will cover it. I will keep everyone posted. CJ
  • The EXACT same thing just happened to my tahoe this weekend. You decribed it to a T!!! I'm so upset. I don't want a replacement transmission which is what they arer offering I want a new truck!
  • I just had the same issue today. Drove around the corner from my house, going about 25-30 mph and there was a lurching/dropping sensation in the vehicle and I lost the ability to drive - the engine kept revving, but going nowhere. Reverse worked, and then nothing else. I was facing the real possibility of reversing the whole way home on a very busy road, but luckily after a few tries I could get the car to work in 1st, 2nd and reverse. I drove to the dealership in 2nd gear. Called them this afternoon and the most they could tell me is that something is broken internally in the transmission but they won't be able to open it up to take a look for a few days from now. Looking at about a week until I get the vehicle back. It's an '07 also, with only 18K. We had a problem early last winter with the car getting stuck in 2wd with cold weather. And also some sort of sensor going out in the gas tank that caused the car to overheat and stall repeatedly. I'm thinking the vehicle wasn't such a great deal after all.
  • Wow! I was really worried I had done something wrong to my car until I read AnnaSplit's post. THE EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT. Pulled out of my driveway, went to accelerate and it was almost as if I hit something. It made a loud popping noise and wouldn't go, only revved when I gave it gas. I was about a mile away from home and had to drive home in 1st gear (the only gear that worked) with my hazards on. Quite scary. I really have no complaints about this car, it's beautiful. Things happen, I understand and with EVERY vehicle make comes a different problem. Glad to know I am not alone.
  • I just replaced the transmission and it won't shift into gear. It was acting up before the transmission went it out. I think it is the sensor on the brake pedal. Any ideas? Is this hard to replace?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    if you replaced the trans on your own a couple of things to check before you do anything major mlps (manual lever position sensor) does it read right on the dashif not readjust it or the shift interlock solenoid may not function.check fuses for blown fuse may also cause shift interlock solenoid not to work...hope this helps
  • tahoonotahoono Posts: 2
    I've reviewed the posts and have several questions. The truck has just over 80k miles.

    My 03 Tahoe has started to make metallic clicking and clunking noises when putting it in to gear, reverse or drive after it has sat for a while and has cooled off. On occasion it seems like it clunks in to gear when getting started.

    I've also noted last fall that the 4wd makes a loud clunking noise when putting it into gear.

    I live in WI and like to use the 4wd but kept from doing that this winter as a result of the noise.

    I am the 2nd owner of the truck. Would there still be any type of drive train warranty remaining on this truck?

    Who would be best to service the truck? Chevy dealer or large private company?

    From the description of the noises do you believe this would be a transmission problem or other drive train issue?

    Any assistance that could be provided would be greatly appreciated.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    this one is pretty wide open really u-joints differential pinion slop t-case all suspect I would suggest starting with checking the basics jack and support rear end (SAFETY FIRST) check rear drive shaft ujoints and pinion for slop. then repeat for front diff and drive line chances are you may find your clunking noise. if not located by this inspection suspect slop in t-case. please note that your vehicle is auto 4wd all 4 tires MUST be the same size or t-case failure/problems will become present
  • tahoonotahoono Posts: 2
    Thanks. I am hoping it is one of your first thoughts as opposed the the transfer case. Tires and wheels are the same size.

    Am I assuming correctly that I should block the front tires when the rear is jacked and vice versa? Do I check for the noise in neutral with truck turned off and turning one wheel as opposed to the other? Or otherwise?
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    Would there still be any type of drive train warranty remaining on this truck?
    Who would be best to service the truck?
    No more factory warranty on your '03. You would probably be better off taking your Tahoe to a GM dealer.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    the whole trick is to be safe while you check your car/truck block the wheels, support the truck on jackstands.once you have the wheels off the ground you will be able to check the drive shafts and pinions for slop i have seen many vehicles that have 1/4 to 1/3 turn of slop on the differential which can account for some delayed engagements and also banging engagements its a matter of finding the noise. eliminate the most obvious and go from there. differentials, u-joints, t-case, body bushings, and so on
  • rachaelwrachaelw Posts: 4
    I have a 07 Tahoe LT with 18,000 miles. About six months ago, I was sitting at a traffic light and started to accelerate. When the truck went to go in second, it missed and redlined. I pulled over in the middle of the road, shut the truck off and restarted. It seemed fine, so I go to where I was going and called the dealer. They had me bring it in. NOTHING was wrong!! I was very angry since I had an infant in the car and did not want to leave without having an answer. They had me bring the truck back in to replace some valve in the tranny. Ok, it has been fine, until tonight! I was on my way home at a redlight, accelerated and lost it shifting into second. This time I am stuck in the middle of the road, no gears except reverse, but cars were behind me!! I was less then a half mile from home. I shut it off and on, and played around with the gears. I got 1, 2, and D or 3. I made it home and used Onstar to run diagnostics and they said nothing was showing up!! I went out an hour after I got home to see if it miraculously fixed itself like the last time, but no luck. It grinds like crazy in first, so I am going to have it towed in the AM.

    I am sooooo disappointed. I grew up with Chevy's and love the new design of the Tahoe, but I am kicking myself for not getting the Sequoia or Armada...I hate to admit that, but we have an 06 4 runner and it has twice as many miles and never any problems. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    accelerated and lost it shifting into second

    I doubt this is the case but is it even remotely possible that you had not pushed the stick all the way into second? I once had a car in which you had to push extra hard to get it into first gear. Otherwise, it exhibited behavior as you described even though it felt like I had pushed the stick all the way..

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rachaelwrachaelw Posts: 4
    Yes, I was at a stop, hit the gas to go and as it went to shift to second, it missed and redlined! I am not an idiot, this has happened twice. I just got my Tahoe back today. They replaced the sprag clutch. The truck is amazing and I love it, but just worry about it happening again. I would not even trust a new tranny since it is common in these trucks.

    What makes it so impossible (or doubtful) that that was the case? A transmission cannot break while shifting?? Educate me...
  • jochampjochamp Posts: 3
    Last year they replaced the sprag on my 07 Tahoe and I have not had a tranny problem since. You should feel confident that the issue is resolved.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    What makes it so impossible (or doubtful) that that was the case?

    I was suggesting no such thing. I merely conveyed that I had a somewhat similar experience.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • rachaelwrachaelw Posts: 4
    Thanks, we have a house at the beach and I was concerned about the reliability of my Tahoe this summer. I am glad to hear that replacing the sprag is a solution!
  • rachaelwrachaelw Posts: 4
    Sorry, I must have misunderstood your reply, I was very frustrated at that time! It is tough when you buy a brand new vehicle and have problems with it!
  • musgrllvrmusgrllvr Posts: 2
    i have a 2000 chevy tahoe limited and i have a hard time putting it in gear. (taking it out of park) On my other chevy trucks i step on the brake and shift but this truck is tough. I have to barely step on the brake to get it out. If i step on it a little too mush it wont come out of park. Also, my brake lights are delayed, they dont turn on right away when i step on the brake. Its almost as if they turn on whenever they want. NEED ADVICE
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    sounds like your brake switch is failing. which is also the shift interlock i would suggest replacing the brake switch on the pedal and see if it doesnt resolve your problem
  • musgrllvrmusgrllvr Posts: 2
    is that something i can do on my own or do i need to take it to a shop?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    oh you should be able to do it yourself its right on the brake pedal under the dash...but do yourself a favor and spend a couple extra bucks and specify oem replacement if you cant get it at autoparts store go to the dealership for it.shouldn't take more than about 15-20 minutes
  • My tahoe seems to be stalling every time it shifts down out of overdrive, then I coast to the side of the road restart it and it runs like normal until it tries to shift down out of overdrive. Three codes came up on my cofe reader, they were p0300 multiple engine misfires and p0151 and p0131 bank 1 and 2 O2 senser low voltage. Does anyone have any insight on why this might only be happening immediately after shifting out of overdrive?
  • walt2364walt2364 Posts: 1
    Just took my 07 Tahoe into the dealer to have the transmission rebuilt for the second time. First transmission died at 29K. Latest transmission died at 45K. Service dept told me that it would be seven days before they could begin repairs and that no loaner would be available until they started the work. After a call to the service manager, they found a Cobalt for me to drive. It feels great to be driving a $12K compact car while making payments on a $45K SUV. This is easily my last American car.
  • candykcandyk Posts: 2
    I am new at posting too. My LTZ had less then 400 miles on it about 1 week after purchasing my tahoe the trans went out, We called the dealer they had it towed and put a new trans in. Then two weeks ago with 22000 miles the trans went out again this time they fixed it but did not give us a new one. I think we should try to file for the lemon law, it looks like that is what we have :lemon: The first trans was put in by a dealer in Ontario Ca. The second Victorville Ca. :sick:
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