Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



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    The speed sensor will make a tranny act plum stupid if your speed ometor not working or acts funny i would try that first it fist one of mine.
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    My xmsn went bad a year and a half ago at 74K miles and I had to pay for a new one to be put in at the Chevy dealer. Now at 81K miles it's starting to do what the old one did when we first got the truck (and I believe that it contributed to the xmsn failure). The torque converter lockup is not unlocking properly. Going up a hill the engine labors until you really get on the gas pedal. My MPG has gone down to 12 mpg around town. The dealer replaced the valve body under warranty (3 year warranty) but that didn't fix it. Does anyone know if the TCM can be reprogrammed to change the unlock point? It just doesn't unlock soon enough and that will kill a transmission early. If I lightly touch the break to unlock the torque converter it runs exactly like new. Any ideas?
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    Good morning farleywalter,

    We're sorry to hear that all three of you are having transmission concerns. If you would like for us to check into this further with you, please email us at [email protected] (include your name and the last 8 digits of your VIN, as well as a description of your concern).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Needless to say, I have a very unhappy family right now. We turned onto one of the busiest roads in town and it felt like the tranny was in Neutral, yet the shifter clearly was in D. Tried 3rd and no dice. Flashers on in the middle turn lane going 25 in second with cars flying by in both directions was frightening.

    We went directly to the dealer to find out even though we are under 100,000 miles at 94,000; our 5 years had expired on our 2007 Tahoe LT. $61,000 for a loaded SUV and the tranny goes out under a hundred? Really?

    This is my second Tahoe. My 2001 ran like a top for 170,000 miles. So I bought this one. I've had 4 Explorers and one Expedition - none of them had major problems. Now I am sitting here 200 miles from home in a hotel late at night while the family is sleeping, trying to find a solution
    on the net. I hope GM Customer Assistance comes through and restores my faith in GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    If you haven't already, swoit, please email us more information at [email protected] (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation so far). We'd be happy to look into this further, although cannot promise the end result up front.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Good luck with Sarah from Gm. My 2001 tahoe transmission went out at 16000 miles and again at 32000 miles. GM told me it would be covered if it went out again due to it being faulty from the get go...well transmission out again at 88000 miles...and they will not stand behind it...but they would give me 2500 discount if I bought a new GM....GM lost me as a customer...but Nisssan got a new one....Love my new Nissan!
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    OMG! The same thing just happened to me. I have always owned Chevy's. My dream was to own a Chevy Tahoe. Well my dream came true when I bought a used 2006 Tahoe Z71. I always thought I would have my Tahoe forever, but just recently I was backing up and heard a big clunk! Now I barely have reverse, I can only go about 10' till it completely won't go ( like I have the brakes on) and it will also go forward in neutral! I thought to myself, no big deal Chevy has a 100,000 warranty. They don't! My tranny was only good for 36k! Really!? My truck only has 84,000 on it. Now what? I have 2 kids I have to take to school and sports and I'm 6 months pregnant.... I don't need this! I have no extra $$! This is the only transportation I have. I called the dealership and the guy in service told me I missed it by 1 year to get the 100,000 power train warranty. I missed it! Sorry you got screwed! Is this legal? I don't understand when you pay so much for a vehicle, they will only cover you for 36k miles. Anybody know what I can do? My friend said the tranny has to be replaced.....$3600! ;( Chevy?! Why!?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Hello soccormom1,
    Unfortunately, it is true that the 5 year/100,000 mile powertrain was not introduced on all models until 2007. However, the warranty expires on whichever occurs first, mileage or time; even if the warranty was included on your 2006 it would be expired by a hear and half to two years.

    We can look into this further, but I cannot promise anything up front. Please email us at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a summary of the situation) if you're interested.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • slindslslindsl Member Posts: 2
    We bought our Tahoe used 3 years ago. Transmission went out around a year and a half ago. Warranty just expired. Chevy split the cost since it was close. Went out again 4 months ago. They fixed (now its under warranty again) Went out again two days ago. They are fixing again. What is going on. We are worried about when this warranty runs out. (in another year or so) They don't seem to think this is strange. Am I the crazy one here or is this not right. From the beginning our engine light and traction control and stabilitrack service lights have been on. They did tones of warranty work and never was able to get those lights to turn off. Now of coarse that warranty is over. Any thoughts??

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Are you already working with Customer Assistance on this? We're sorry that you are experiencing continued troubles with your Tahoe's transmission and want to make sure that the repairs go well. If you should need anything, email us at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and a brief recap of the situation for the agent answering the email).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    We are on our third transmission . We just sunk another thousand into stabilitrak repairs . We need a new car . Why would we buy another tahoe ? Especially after the dealer socked us before for more than $3000 to replace the rotted brakelines on our Silverado --an independent charged us one fourth of that to do the same on our Tahoe's rotted brake lines .
    We did get some help from corporate gm on our third transmission , so keep at them . BUT the system they use is to pay mechanics by the job , not time . So it incentives the mechanics to change a lot of parts , whether it fixes your problem or not
  • slindslslindsl Member Posts: 2
    We will be looking for a different vehicle as well and for sure not another Tahoe. You mentioned stabilitrak repairs. What was your problems with that. Our service stabilitrak comes on and off almost everytime that we are slowing down. As we take off it jerks and then goes off. Until next time of coarse.
  • gmlikesjapangmlikesjapan Member Posts: 21
    We had the stabilitak system activating --or was it the abs brakes , they are integrated - every time we 'd start from a stop and it would override the accelerator . Thus , if you were merging into traffic , suddenly all power would disappear . Pretty dangerous . Now , after a new ABS pump is installed , the stabilitak system activates from a start on dry clear pavement- like at every stop light . The grunting & grinding noises freak out my wife & daughter when they are driving & I'm sure it will wear out the system & the brakes . But at least we don't loose power .So now they will change out another part . We are using an independent mechanic because I felt that the service manager at Whiteman Chevrolet , several years ago , so took advantage of us on a brake job on our Silverado . But that just brings up the issue of brake lines on Tahoe & Silverados rotting out after 3 or 4 years because of inferior materials used by GM . I've liked both vehicles , but feel that GM has not stepped up honorably on the rotting brake lines --these boards are full of similar complaints -- or the Stabilitrak mess . I'm just glad that I don't have an '07 tahoe . They seem the worst . But , why has GM not dome a recall on either issue ? If they were responsible & honorable about it , I'd buy Chevy again . But to do so given their attitude , seems like being a sucker .
  • pengphilpengphil Member Posts: 2
    Is anyone having problems with their transmission not responding in a 2012 Tahoe LT?? Mine is very erractic and can't seem to find the gear it wants under certain circumstances. I have had it in to the dealer, but get the ol' "that's just the way it is" response.
  • marka09marka09 Member Posts: 20
    Welcome to the world of Chevrolet transmissions... Mine went out at 71K miles and the replacement is now giving me fits because the Torque Converter is not unlocking properly. The dealer says "no problem found" which is basically the "that's the way it is" answer you are getting. Good Luck!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    When you visited the dealership, did they have you sit in a similar vehicle to demonstrate that it's consistent across the 2012 Tahoe? Let us know if we can check into this further for you by contacting us via email at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your involved dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    We're sorry to hear that your replacement transmission is giving you some troubles. If you would like for us to check into this further with the dealership, please email us at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation so far).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    Your issue with the traction control/stabilitrak light is a common issue. For some reason GM will not admit or can't figure out what the problem is. It is almost certainly the Mass Air Flow Sensor, commonly know as the MAF sensor. Take it to a NON-dealer (because the dealer rates for this simple replacement are OUTRAGEOUS) and have the sensor replaced. The part should be about 100.00 dollars and it is about a ten minute job. The sensor is the black barrel with a wire harness attached to it at the end of you air cleaner box. I went round and round with GM dealers on this with them keeping my vehicle for a total of over two weeks and then did the research and replaced the part myself. That was ore than two years ago without a repeat of the previously three year recurring issue.
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    I have a 2013 LT Tahoe. I'm experiencing similar problems with my SUV. I get the same response. I have 2700 miles on my truck. Sometimes I experience a erratic surge in low gears. Also the truck seems sluggish when it decelerates and I attempt to accelerate with light pressure on the gas pedal. Especially going uphill.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    It sounds as though you've been in to the dealership for diagnosis and have been told that the vehicle is operating normally. If you would like for us to document that you are having these concerns, we would be happy to do this. Please contact us via email at [email protected] (include your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
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    It sounds like this no no it sounds like this or this or maybe. GM SUCKS. My tahoe 2004 on my 4th transmission 103K miles I see the same thing over and over from there customer service go to socialmedia and tell us about your problem. Six times I email them back in 08 never heard from them THEY SUCK. just bought another Toyota love it. Looked at a chevy equinox before that 4.9% financing and they would'nt buge on price. Toyota 1.9% and they came down $ 2800. plus went up $1500 on my trade in. GM does not give a [email protected]#t about anything but profits. They don't care if your on the side of the road with your young children with your 4th break down we are so sorry this has happend to you. Only reason I am ranting is I just heard the us gov just sold the last of the gm stock for a loss we the people will never see our money returned. Unless GM is going to give me a new Tahoe or even if they were to help me buy one with better pricing and financing I will be repl;acing my Tahoe with a Toyota or even a can you belive it a FORD.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I'm sorry that your emails from 2008 went unanswered ("Six times I email them back in 08"). Have you tried more recently? Were all of these transmission replacements done with your GM dealership? We can be reached at [email protected] if you would like for us to check into this further.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • pengphilpengphil Member Posts: 2
    I got an explanation from my service guy. He says it is the new 6 speed transmission GM put in the Tahoes. Nothing they can do about it, but he is hearing other complaints. The other "thing" I was feeling is the engine dropping into the 4 cylinder mode. I'm okay with that since I at least know what is happening. Guess we are going to have to live with the new trannies, but I will sure consider something else next time. Hey GM, my son graduates from college this year, and we thought about buying him a new vehicle since he has been driving the same one since 10th grade. Guess what, it won't be a Tahoe!
  • tah04tah04 Member Posts: 8
    Ok contacted you again lets see what happens now?
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    I have 117k miles on my Tahoe And have never had any problems with my truck. I love it actually and keep it well maintained. Today the transmission blew, was really hoping to drive this truck to at least 200k miles! It's going to cost over 3.3k bucks plus another 400 to replace front and rear differentials....wondering if its worth it? Will I continue to have issues? After reading this blog I do feel lucky to have made it to 117k miles at least.
  • dantheman3dantheman3 Member Posts: 14
    Hey all - I drove my 03 Tahoe up to 78k (we towed a trailer often) and read about all these transmission issues and decided after feeling a couple hesitations out of 1st gear several times to "beef up" my tranny. That was March 2012 and this the new "heavy duty" tranny is awesome. Same casing just all new "innards". What a difference. It does cost a bit ($2300) but I now have a reliable tranny with a lifetime warranty (transferable) and a peace of mind on the road. Research a good transmission shop and go talk to them. They know how to rebuild these lousy OEM trannys. I'm in Olympia WA and used Thurston County Transmission after several recommendations.
  • countryboy2307countryboy2307 Member Posts: 1
    Hey hilegirl ,

    @ warranty was expired by 3 months ! So I had a shop look at it and its goin to be 2800 to fix it
    :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    After installing the third transmission in our '04 Tahoe ,plus rotted brake lines ,deranged abs/stabilitrak , etc . , etc., we decided enough was enough , considering that it was rusting at door seams and more (only 130,000 miles ) we gave up on it and traded in for a Subaru .
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    Hi everyone! I have an issue that I hope someone can help me with. I have been reading here for 2 days now and cannot find anything about this problem.

    I have a 1998 Tahoe 5.7L, from what I can tell it has a 4l60e tranny, and the autotrac transfer case. I bought the Tahoe with milk in the oil pan due to a blown intake gasket. I also bought a 1996 Chevy 4x4 5.7L that had frame issues, but an engine with 24,000 on a complete rebuild (top to bottom). I transplanted the engine into the Tahoe, and left everything else as it was. The engine I removed from the Tahoe ran excellent, even though it was full of water, and the tranny shifted great. I thought this was going to be a straight forward engine swap (boy was I wrong). After many issues getting the engine running properly, it now purrs like a kitten. I pulled it out of my garage a few days ago, set up some ramps and drove it onto the ramps to have more room to install the bar on the passengers side that goes from the engine mount to the tranny bell housing. After all was done, I went to pull the Tahoe off of the ramps, and I couldn't find a gear anywhere. It acts like it is in neutral. RPM's do not change at all when selecting any gear. I thought at first that maybe the transfer case was stuck in neutral. I read a forum here about this issue, but mostly being stuck in a 4WD gear. My first suspect was the selector switch on the dash, as the lights were not properly working on it. I pulled it out, and with slight pressure on the back of the switch, the lights would work. Although, even with the lights not working, you can hear the mechanical switch on the transfer case, and the front diff change gears. So I figured all was ok with the selector except the lights not working. I have checked the fuses and all of them are good. I have removed the motor from the side of the transfer case, and have tried manually selecting the gears to see if I could find 2HI in there somewhere. I was able to change the selector (although it was pretty hard to turn). I have another transfer case laying on the floor of the garage from the truck I took the motor out of, so I tried turning them on that transfer case, and it felt the same, so I assume it should turn a little hard, as this transfer case was working well when pulled also. Tranny fluid is good, all electrical connections are good (tranny was never pulled from the Tahoe). Vacation is coming up in 12 days, and I desperately need this Tahoe to pull my camper with, or I am going to have a very disappointed family on my hands. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have been told that it could be that the tranny pump just went out. Something about the alignment when I matched the tranny to the engine not being right, and shearing some "ears" off of the pump?? I have swapped probably 10 or 12 motors in my time, and have never ruined a tranny doing it. Anything??
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    I am new so I do not know where to post or if I'm in the right place. I bought a used 2002 chevrolet tahoe in February. When I put it in reverse it makes this loud noise and when I put it in drive, the highest it will go is 7 mph. I really need to get this truck up and running since I have 5 kids of my own. I know when I went to get an oil change, they said my 2 front shocks were leaking and it needed to be change. Could this cause my truck not to work? It is also leaking. Please help thank you
  • markus5670markus5670 Member Posts: 3
    Couldn't be more disappointed. I have 115,000 km on my truck and have had nothing but problems. Since purchasing the truck in 05, with 26k on it I have:
    replaced 2 transmissions
    front wheel bearings
    instrument cluster
    windshield wiper motor
    3rd brake light
    passenger side mirror
    front running lights don't last more than a month
    And now:
    blown engine- lower end rod?
    rear drivers side window motor
    rear windshield wiper motor
    drivers side speaker has a short
    no a/c in rear
    This truck has been babied since I've owned it. Never towed, never thrashed, never been off road. I've heard of lemons but I think this is more of a general quality issue. Seems excessive for a truck with 115,000km. I have a Ford with 150 k, and no issues. I make sure I bring this up with the 100 or so people I encounter each week in my sales territory. Hey GM, is this what you are still selling? GM is the worst scam out there. Talk about BUYER BEWARE!
  • rudy2412rudy2412 Member Posts: 1
    corgio, i am having the same issues with my 2012 tahoe. its scheduled to go in tomorrow. what was the outcome for your 13? thanks.
  • gmlikesjapangmlikesjapan Member Posts: 21
    I went through three transmissions, brake lines that rotted out and failed and almost killed my family --which the dealer then replaced for two or three times as much money as what a private garage would have charged , and Stabilitrak malfunction lights that would not go away unless the dealer got hundreds of dollars , only to return repeatedly for more and more money , plus failed manifold gaskets that cost over $1200 to replace because the bolts GM uses rust out and can't be unscrewed but instead have to be drilled out . Solution ? Take the wreck to a really good detail place and have it shined up inside and out and trade it in to someone , anyone , but a Chevy dealer . GET RID OF IT ! IT AIN't GONNA GET BETTER .!!!!!
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  • blaksamblaksam Member Posts: 1

    I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe LT and everything come to a complete stop and go, the back end feels as though I'm being rear-ended by another vehicle. I took my SUV too a local dealer on to be informed that my Rear-End was going out and it would cost roughly 2500 to fix! I read several comments on here with people who have had the same issue that I'm currently have. Trying to see what fixed or what can fix this ongoing issue?

  • jbalcerjbalcer Member Posts: 1

    I have an 05 tahoe that I bought about a year ago. Recently it has started to hesitate between 1st and 2nd gear. Once I had stopped at a stop light and when I went to leave, it slammed into first gear but hasn't done it since. Looking at a new transmission??

  • tah04tah04 Member Posts: 8
    Holy smokes just put another trans in my 04 tahoe that makes five (5) at now 126k. bought this one my self and installed it myself. Ok now I need to go to dealer to have adaptive memories erased from computer so I go to the WORST DEALER IN NY MARCHESE CHEVY they charge me $97 for 20min to erase computer memory. My question is why has there not been a recall on the 4l60e? now my front axle carrier bearing is wining. So does anyone know where in the Beacon NY area that will bench rebuild my front axle? Tks. P.S. GM you SUCK
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    07’ Tahoe LTZ, 140K miles, original owner, well maintained, no-off road or towing. Last Friday morning, 6FEB15, my wife hears a bang as she accelerates from a stop light, no drive, only 1st gear and reverse, infamous sprag gear, $3000 SERTA replacement tranny. This coupled with having to replace the struts 3 times has caused me to lose faith in GM products. I own an 05’ Honda Pilot that has been more reliable than this $50K money pit. I only have 60K miles on my 05' Silverado 2500HD Duramax and the gauges no longer work.$100K worth of GM vehicles. I see a Honda in our future unless GM can make this right.
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    07' Suburban LTZ, 92k miles and the forward sprag blew apart on 8MAR15. $3,100 (best Medved Chevrolet, Castle Rock, Colorado could do to help me.) I am working with GM to get further assistance, but highly doubt it will go anywhere given what I have read above. Likely the last GM purchase I will ever make unless they make this right. Really disappointed that this is clearly a known issue and I wasn't notified about it. Could have saved a lot by replacing the sprag before it wasted the transmission.
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    I have a 2004 chevy tahoe.... Transmission trouble started out of nowhere. It started by not going into third....1st and 2nd where fine.... Then I noticed it would not go into gear at all. Drive or reverse. Sometimes, like today, I crank it up and try to put it in gear. Today it went into reverse drive. I pushed the brake and reved up the rpm while it was in reverse, drive, 3, 2, and 1, it felt fine like it had its power. I let it sit in park and run for a few minutes and try again, nothing. It free rolls. I don't know enough about trans to diagnose this problem.... Could it be sensors or trans fluid pump? Please help. I love my tahoe its my baby

  • lynnedellalynnedella Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Tahoe LT Beautiful truck. I'm the 2nd owner. I purchased it from a fellow who impeccably maintained the vehicle with the dealer. It had 160000 miles on it 3 years ago when I purchased today it has 173000. It's a daily driver just around town. Today while leaving the grocery store it clunked and rattled and would not move it 1st gear. 2nd gear 3rd gear and reverse are fine. Is this going to be a $4100 repair? The vehicle is barely worth that. I guess I will have to break it down for parts and sell on eBay because there's no way I'm paying $4100 to fix it. I drive it like it's a diamond. I can't believe this has happened to so many people. There should be a class action suit brought against GM. Ridiculous
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    Well it looks like I'm joining this club now.... I have an 2009 tahoe LTZ 4wd with the 5.3 and just the other day we noticed a clunking noise upon takeoff from a stop. Later it followed up with a slipping in first gear on takeoff but when you let off of the throttle the rpm would drop and then would go back in gear. It drives perfectly fine going down the highway for up until today and now it makes a funny noise from the tyranny area..... if anyone has some insight on this kind of problem could you help me out??? Oh it has 170k and this is the first problem we've ever had with the tranny.
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    I have a 2004 Tahoe. I replaced the factory transmission at 192,000 miles. I replaced it with a rebuilt transmission from Maddog transmissions. I've put 13,000 miles on it and it's been strong. Two nights ago I pulled away from a stop sign and 25' later I lost all power to the transmission. I coasted to the side of the road and had it trailered home from there. In diagnoses I have checked the fluid. It is transparent red and unburnt. I have checked the level on the dipstick cold and not running then starting it and putting in gear. The level drops on the stick considerably so I'm assuming the pump is working. The torque converter is spinning with the flywheel. The shift cable is turning the linkage when I shift. I have no codes coming up and no blown fuses. The electrical connections are tight and clean. Still no movement. I'm stumped, taking it to the shop now. 
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