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Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems



  • gsimilagsimila Posts: 1
    My 2007 Tahoe (12K miles) just went out yesterday as I entered the freeway. As I accelerated, the rpms went up and a loud clunk happened. Then only grinding as I pulled over to the side.
    What should I demand at the service center on Monday?
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    What should I demand at the service center on Monday?
    You can demand anything you want...but since the vehicle is still under warranty the dealer will do what GM tells them to do...and that is they will try to repair it first if that can be done. Second option is they will put in a new tranny. Just be glad it failed under warranty.
  • I have a 2007 Chevy LT Tahoe and have never had a problem with my transmission and I have 41,000 miles on it. I am however having proiblems with the fans that are supposed to cool the truck running super loud. The dealer states they all do that. I told them bull I have driven 41,000 miles and it hasn't done it now all of a suddden it dies. I called gm corp, they weren't very helpful, but I have my ticket escalated. Told them we have owned 9 of chevy's vehichles and have never had a problem. Told them I want resolution or they will hear from my attorney next
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Oh that'll get them shaking in their boots.

    What died, the fans? Those are easy to replace.
  • I really don' think they care. The fans did not die, they are just very loud. The service rep tried to tell me that is normal. I told her to get pumped. Been driving my truck for 41000 miles and it has never sounded like this, so is normal at a certain mileage the fans get loud and you say thats normal?

    It is in right now because it ataerted over heating even thoguh it is normal for the fans to be loud...then the service person told me I needed a flush on my ac that will cost 149.00. I said wow why do I need that, she said your suppose to have it done every 30000 miles read my manual. I told her to be a better sales rep and she is suppose to be my advisor and should have advised me 3 weeks ago this should hyave been done along with a transmission flush..

    ARGH I am irate
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The fans would not get loud with age.

    Hard to say without hearing them, you could have a number of different problems.
    - you could have a bearing on a fan going bad, making the noise
    - you could have a fan blade broke, causing an imbalance/vibration/or noise.
    - you could have a bearing going bad, fan slowing down and not cooling, causing you to overheat
    - you could be overheating (leaked out fluid, bad water pump, etc), which is causing the fans to come on more than normal, and you are just hearing the fans running when they would not normally be on.

    I never heard of a maintenance flush on AC....guess I need to read my manual! You'd have to flush an AC if you had a compressor go bad and had the possibility of metal filings in the line. It's freon and a little bit of oil in the AC, not sure why they would be flushing it.

    Are you sure they didn't say they were going to flush your radiator and coolant, instead of the AC? That would make more sense, particularly with an overheating situation.
  • tahbowtahbow Posts: 1
    Hello lilsuthern I was wondering if you have the Part #'s or link for the parts you needed to do the rebuild and replace the sensor..I thought I found a tsb about reprogramming that needed to be done--

    Thanks for your time
  • I have an 05 Z71 with 60 K on the clock.. driving up to syracuse new york on the highway... let off the gas to slow down to 65 .. then i hit the gas to speed up and it slips rpms go away and then left off the gas.. does it a couple of times and then finally it does nothing at all.. goes to trans shop and they say its a Trasfer Case decoder/actuator .... any help?
  • dtroitdtroit Posts: 5
    the trans popped and I lost reverse and 2nd gear. it had been making clunking noises for awhile, but mechanic said it was common slop in transfer case for this vehicle especially with high milaege. Was he wrong? it's obviously a trans problem also so I think I may want to tackle this problem myself, has anyone here rebuilt these units. If its going to cost 2000 bucks i would rather buy the special tools and manuals and do the job myself. any help much appreciated.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Had a 97 Sub, which experienced same problem...2nd and reverse. I saw the broken piece(s), but would need a parts breakout to remember the name of the piece that failed. It's some sort of drumlike part, which housed as I recall a number of the clutch plates. It broke at it's spindle connection hub. I had called around to get estimates which all tended to be broad ranges, except the AAmco guy....based on my symptoms indicated what it was most likely, and he was right on.

    As soon as my failed (noticed that it didn't shift into 2nd), I was within a couple miles of home and parked it. When he later opened it up and showed me the parts, he indicated he could tell I didn't drive around on it much because there wasn't much other damage. All told as I remember, there were three parts that had damage that needed replacing....the original failed piece, and then two others when a broken off piece got sucked in between two other gears. When the metal chunks break up, if they get in any of the other gears they will ruin those gears.

    I don't have the receipts anymore as I've since upgraded to a newer model year, but as I recall it your estimate is in the correct price range.

    I have always done all of the work on our vehicles over the years, including a couple engine jobs and a number of manual transmission clutches, but this is not a job that I had the desire or reasonable comfort factor that I could do. Plus, it's the vehicle we use for long distance family trips, and I didn't want to get stuck somewhere if I didn't do it right. I had the factory service manuals, and it just appeared way too complicated for my liking. I didn't want to take the risk that I did the job, and put it all together and then found out something wasn't right and I'd have to take it apart again to redo something.

    I was told to stay away from Transmission chains, but my local guy was a real knowledgeable professional, who knew exactly what he was doing. Compared to a couple independent shops, he just sounded more knowledgeable. He obviously had training and experience, which was worth it to pay for. It obviously is a big repair bill to swallow, but given how worthless the car is without a transmission, I don't think you have much choice but to fix it.

    When it came to warranties, IIRC there is a 90 day warranty, but I could buy an optional extended warranty. I don't remember the cost, but the guy said listen....I don't know your tolerance for futher pain and ability to absorb another repair bill if it happens. But I've checked everything over and your transmission is in great shape now, and I don't see the need for you to buy an extended warranty. I didn't, and he was right. I don't know that you'll find that kind of trustworthy professional elsewhere, "your mileage may vary".

    All the shops offered to tow the vehicle in "no charge", which you should also do to avoid further damage.

    Good luck, in whatever you decide to do.
  • jonayjonay Posts: 5
    I have a 96 tahoe 2 door 5.7 4x4. Driving down the road today and stopped being in
    gear, reset the code, disconected the battery to rest also, checked the drive line, checked to see if the tourq converter was connected. I have no R, no D, 1, ,2, 3.

    Time for a new transmission or is there something I don't know?
  • 1999 Chevy Tahoe 5.7 4x4.Same thing happend to me today. transmission was not making noise, not slipping and has been shifting flawlessly. Was stopped at stop sign. Stepped on the gas to move forward, rpm went up but no D321 or R. After sitting for a few minutes it would engage again but only for a short time. Fluid is full, no visible leaks, no slippage or audible noise. Had it towed to a transmission shop for inspection. No answer yet.Don't want to get ripped off!! Anybody have any insight on this?
  • jonayjonay Posts: 5
    I'm getting a new trans soon $1400.00. shipped. I'd like to hear what they say is wrong with it though. If you need to get a new trans, I know a good place.
    I wish these guys would reply!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    can you post a URL to the place you get a transmission for 1400?

    Is it pulled out of another vehicle, a rebuild, or new? What kind of warranty?
  • jonayjonay Posts: 5
    its rebuilt. 1 year or 12,000 miles.

    call justin 800.409.1540

    where do you live?

    do you have a friend that has a shop?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Don't currently have a transmission problem, had a 97 burb in the past with one, and had the local transmission shop fix mine.

    Just keeping track of what the different fix alternatives are, and what they cost.

    So in your case, you are going to have someone swap out the whole transmission, and it appears you have a friend who has a lift and labor who can help you do that. And then justin will take your old transmission back, rebuild it, and make it available for the next guy.
  • Transmission shop said trans needs to be rebuilt. Still dont know why it just quit without any malfunction or noise. $1895. for rebuild, new torque converter and the tow.
  • thanks for the reply to my questions.

    So after contacting several shops and getting prices it became clear to me that this has to be a pretty common problem with my trans since all off the trans shops knew exactly what failed when i described it to them. It has a broken sun sprocket which tends to wear and break after excessive abuse or a lot of miles which I have.

    The differences in prices were varied from over 2000.00 to around 1200.00 with just about every shop adding (give or take a couple hundred bucks). I kept my searches to local shops that took the time to talk to me about it on the phone and avoided the chain store type of operations altogether.

    So with a bit of knowledge about what it costs for parts for this repair and the care that is needed to do the job correctly I was able to get a reasonable price and a 2 year warranty. I don't have the final price yet since it is currently in the shop but I was told it will definitely not exceed 1400.00 dollars. and that is with a heavier gauge sun sprocket (after market part) and replacement of the planetary gears included in the rebuild. also the transfer case seal will be replaced since these tend to dry up and become brittle which allows trans fluid to leak into the transfer case. This I am told is a VERY common problem and can result in the loss of 2 quarts of trans fluid into the transfer case. And within only a couple years of age of the vehicle.

    And as for the clunking sound from the drivetrain , apparently GM considers this normal!!!??? This is what I was told by several trans shops and the fix that they use to try and alleviate some of the binding and noise is to improve the finish of the surface on the input shaft going into the transfer case and lubricate it well so as to improve its ability to adjust within the moment of its engagement. sounds a little sloppy from the get go, but hopefully that will help. It is a major annoyance and takes away my confidence in the soundness of the drivetrain. Unacceptable standard of quality if you ask me. I will be listening carefully if I venture into a showroom for a new vehicle.

    keeping my fingers crossed and my expectations high.

    I will post again with my impressions of the repair when I get the vehicle back.
  • jonayjonay Posts: 5
    Thank you for your reply. I found a comany that rebuilds transmissions in Oregon that will sell me a trans for $1135.00 including shipping with 12,000 1 year warentee.
    If you know anyone that needs one call Justen 800. 409.1540.
    e-mail if i can help anyone.

  • When excelerating it won't go into the next gear, idoling real high wont go faster than 30 mph WHAT IS THIS?
  • My 2004 Tahoe with 71,000 miles has developed a new trick where it shifts really hard from first to second. It's really asserted itself now that it has cooled off here (the 50's). It shifts fine into 3d and 4th.

    Anyone have any insight as to what part might be wearing out. I'd like to be armed with some information prior to contacting dealers (who are looking to maximize revenue in a tough market).
  • arriearrie Posts: 312

    I have a '04 Tahoe too with 98 000 miles but have no problems like you describe but there is one thing I would do before taking it to anywhere to have it looked at any deeper - Change the transmission fluid. I had it done at 75 000 miles and I did feel some jerking a couple of times before fluid change.

    You might not be at the mileage what service manual calls for fluid change interval but harsh change between gears can be caused by break down of the transmission fluid.

    I know it is about $100 but well spend compared to changing transmission or having some other big job done to it when it really just needs new fluid. Make sure they fill it with correct fluid if someone else than the dealer shop does it.

    And you are correct, almost any shop, including dealer shops, try to maximize their profit telling people, who do not know better, that they need to service items that they really do not. This is why I would not tell the dealer or other shop about the problem you have when taking it for fluid change. I would just take it in and say you want fluid change because you feel your truck is used under heavier than normal load conditions.

  • I just saw this topic and had to post...
    I bought a used 2000 Tahoe in August and have not had trouble until the past month or so.

    I had to even have it towed last night!

    I seem to have the tranny slip like other have mentioned.
    I also have the problem when I'm in a gear, it may not be what gear it reads. For example I was in Drive but it went in Reverse. I put it back in park and went to Drive again. This time it did move forward but very badly and then I too heard a loud bang, similar to a truck that would have a fully locked locker in the rear, only this truck does not have that, just the GM Gov lock or what ever.
    Then it would move fine forward.

    Other times I put it in Reverse but it acts like I'm in neutral.

    Last night I put it in Drive and it would hardly move. The RPMs were way high. So again I put it in Park and tried again. Still the same. It seemed like it was trying to pull out in maybe 3 gear.

    I have issues too when I'm just driving it feels as though the tranny might be slipping but it will go on to the next gear.

    I have not taken it to a dealer...they seem to stuck on their "tech tool". They couldn't figure out the steering box whine on my husbands truck. I could tell them the steering box was bad and that a tech tool was not going to read that.

    Any ideas? So far some one mentioned to me a shift module or some thing there?

  • jmaesjmaes Posts: 3
    I have a 99 tahoe, the button to select either 2H 4L 4H or auto 4WD is suppose to have one of the selections lit up when selcted and stay lit until changed. When I selct 2H it lights for a while then the light go's out and stays out. Is this normal or is there something wrong.
  • Mine does the same thing, I had my trans rebuilt recently and had the transfer case checked out and the mechanic said everything was good, but didn't mention anything about the lighted switch. so far no problems except for the lighted switch not being a good indicator of what drive mode I am in. So I just left it and I am careful to be aware of whether or not I am in 4wd. If you check it out let me know what you find out please. If it's a cheap switch I think I may change it.
  • I have a 2005 Tahoe. THe gear shift lever will move through the gears but it remains in park. There is something electronic that is preventing it from actually shifting and I cannot figure out what it is. I have checked the fuses and they all appear to be OK. Any ideas appreciated.
  • jmaesjmaes Posts: 3
    Have checked to make sure the linkage isn't loose or disconnected at the transmission ?
  • jmaesjmaes Posts: 3
    According to what I've read in another Tahoe forum is that the switch has a bad solder joint and is prone to this on and off stuff. So I am going to try to either replace the switch or resolder the bad joint on my switch and see what happens. I'll let you know if that works or not.
  • i just bought a 2000 chevy tahoe, it was running just fine and now the tranny will not go into park. if i crawl under it and push the linkage slightly then it will go into park. any ideas on what the problem may be? is it the cable? is it the tranny? HELP!
  • I have not crawled under mine and ever tried this, I get hurt enought, but so far mine has not ever NOT gone in to park.
    It just doesn't go in the right gear when I put the shifter to that spot. Drive just might really be neutral, 3rd or worse reverse.
    I for the heck of it tried to just drive with it in the 3rd gear or what ever it's in and I get a huge bang and then its in the right gear. Seems to me it's not fully shifting in to the gear I choose.
    Now the truck will shift on it's own fine when I do get it in just Drive.

    Nothing shows on a Tech Tool either.
    Seems to only do this when it's very cold out. I have not had it do it all summer and we have had a few days inthe 50s now and it won't do it.

    Any one think this is electrical and weather affecting it?
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