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Ford F-Series 4x4 Problems

welbornwelborn Posts: 1
93 ford f150 4x4 is stuck in 4 wheel drive cant get it out the 4x4 light is not on.but it is in 4wheel drive help please


  • Pushbutton 4x4 is activated by vaccum lines going to the hubs. Check the condition of vaccumm hoses. They may be cracked or brittle.
  • I just bought a 92 Ford F-150 XLT and when I push the 4X4 buttons, nothing happens, no lights light up, I don't feel any noticable difference in the driving, am I supposed to do something other than push the buttons? I don't have a manual and have never owned a 4X4. Help!! Does anyone know where I can buy an owner's manual?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I had a 93 F150 with the push-button 4x4 system, same truck essentially as yours. You should hear a light clunk when you push the button and feel a very slight increase in vibration from the front driveline when it's engaged. Since you have none of that, you need to have the switch checked - more than likely, the previous owner let id die and didn't say anything.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    Here's a link to an owner's manual for your truck:

    1992 Ford Owner's Manual
  • Thanks, I will get one. I narrowed my 4X4 problem to the switch, I found one on Ebay for $25, the dealers here don't carry it anymore and Bronco Graveyard wants $180 so I took a chance for $25, if it doesn't work, it's only $25, Thanks again, Billyzack
  • jimccojimcco Posts: 1
    My 05 F250 Fx4 V10 shifts itself into 4wd high without moving the control knob. The 4x4 dash lite comes on & can hear the shift taking place. Hubs are set to auto. If stopped and key off then back on it always returns to 2wd; but moving the knob to 4wd then back to 2wd while key on will not reset to 2wd. This is very intermitant; some days it does it some days not.
    Local Ford service manager can't find problem or info on Ford net.
  • fordtuf1fordtuf1 Posts: 5
    The vaccum activates the hubs to engage, the same vacuum that operates the heat/ac vents. Weird sounding but its the same vacuum supply. Are the vents working right?

    I don't really know more but the guys at ford-trucks know a bit more, and there's a guy that posted a TON of detailed service guidelines on his own. He took the time to detail it with pictures and everything, I say he did better than any manuals I've ever read. He goes by the name of guzzle, check him out.
  • rwhite8rwhite8 Posts: 1
    When I'm in 4 wheel drive and turning slightly I get a popping noise in the front left hub. Has anyone else experienced this before? if so what are the possible causes and cures. I have not yet had time to pull it apart to check. Any information would be helpful.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    4x4 cannot be used on dry pavement. The axles are locked together in 4x4. So, when you are in a turn, the front wheels follow a different path than the rear wheels. Accordinly they spin at different speeds. When you are not on pavement, the froont wheels can slip and you don't hear this popping.

  • jhurleyjhurley Posts: 2
    ha Im working on a f250 2006 this veh is shifting in to 4x4
    on it own when the switch is in 4x2 sounds like your f250
    did you find a fix for yours iv been working on this veh for
    about a week I work for ford in tulsa ok as a tech iv installed a new shift motor after driving veh now veh is stuck in 4x4 only way to get veh out of 4x4 is to install a
    new shift motor im installing a new 4x4 module & new 4x4 relays see if will work let me know if you found a fix for this . thanks jeff 918 812-8541
  • grrrmangrrrman Posts: 2
    I've had 2 torque converters replaced in the past 2 years for transmission "shudder". The 1st time it took care of the problem, but this last time it didn't. It acts like its slipping when I'm on the highway, in overdrive, going about 65 to 70 and above. But it also does it to a lesser extent when I'm accelerating from a stop. I've read in another forum that it could also be a "miss" caused by either faulty plugs, plug wires, an O2 sensor, clogged fuel injector, or bad fuel filter. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced this, and what did it take to fix it? I don't want to replace everything if I can narrow it down. Thanks. :confuse:
  • I just bought and picked up my newly purchased 2003 Ford F-250 Superduty XLT Sport Package. It has 120k on it. And I got it as a as is deal from NH. And the 4/wd wont work. It has the dial for a 4/wd shift. When I go to shift it into 4/wd it will not engage. And the 4/wd light does not show up on the dash. If you can help me on what this can be. If you know how to electrical test the switch can you let me know also. I will like ot be able to use the 4/wd since it came with a plow.

    all the fuses are good. the front shaft is locked in. the switch has power. but it is not switchin power to the front.

    well i put a jump it and jumper wires to the transfer case motor. and the transfer case moved and made noise. but i dont hear the sound when it is on the truck. when its in the truck i get NO POWER to the motor. If someone could tell me where the relays are for the motor and how i can test them.
    well the relays are good. and saturday at about 5pm est time. i had to go to town. and i had the wires and stuff all hooked to the motor. and i stopped to do something. and i heard a big boom. the transfer case tried to go into gear by itself. and then the motor was turning like it was trying to go in. then i went about 50ft. then it locked into 4/wd. then the motor started to make the noise again so i pulled the fuse and it stopped. and at this point it was locked into 4 hi so i put the fuse in to put it back into 2/wd. and it did but the front hubs were locked. then i went to turn around and it tried to engage while i had it in gear and i hear the gear grinding in the transfer happend about 4 times. then the front hubs unlocked by itself. so i slowly at 5mph drove it a mile. and i parked it. so this morning i pulled the 2 wires off the transfer case motor. and it is fine now. this all started and the switch wasnt even in 4hi or 4lo. it was in 2/wd. I am starting to feel this truck is a hazard on the road. PLEASE HELP!
  • jimmie2jimmie2 Posts: 3
    I have a 1993 Econoline van E150 with the straight six engine. I am not getting any fuel through the injector because they are not opening. I am getting the hot or positive side but I am not getting ground. Ground is supposed to come from the PCM or computer but I'm not getting it. Is there any sensor that the could cause the computer to not give me a ground?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    You somehow found your way into the Ford F-Series 4x4 Problems discussion. You should probably head over to the Full Sized Vans discussion for assistance to your problem.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • jhurleyjhurley Posts: 2
    the problem to fix was the 4x4 going in to 4x4 on its own
    orange wire going from 4x4 module to relays was short to ground also burted up 4x4 module had to do a lay over
    on wire & replace 4x4 module .
  • grrrmangrrrman Posts: 2
    UPDATE: My transmission shudder turned out to be a cracked spark plug and a bad plug wire. I had cleaned the injectors good, and added Lucas Transmission fix to the tranny, but neither helped. I finally took it to another trans. shop for a 2nd opinion and they were the ones who found the bad plug and wire. Good thing they were honest.. unlike the original shop. They told me the 2 plugs closest to the firewall were very hard to get to, and that the garage I took it to last time for a tuneup had probably changed all but those plugs since the six others were in much better condition. So if anyone else out there experiences what feels like your transmission slipping at high rpm's, change the plugs and wires first, then go from there. It will save you lots of money. :blush:
  • I have a 2003 f 250 super duty diesel and when I shift into 4+4 the 4+4 light comes on but the front wheels don't drive I also tried it in low range and the transfer case shifted into low but still know front wheel drive .I am new to this truck any ideas. (The 4 wheel drive did work a month ago )
  • I have a 2000 F350 Diesel p/u, I am having issues with the transfer case cycling in and out of low 4wd when I am trying to engage it. I do know that the vacuum lines to the hubs are not working so I manually turn the hubs myself. When I turn the switch to 4wd it comes like its supposed to, but when I put the transmission into neutral and turn the switch to 4lo, it will cycle in and then out and do that back in forth until I either turn the switch back to 4hi or try to time putting transmission into to drive when the light is on for 4lo. l I have a 35 fifth wheel and sometimes I will use low range to maneuver the trailer around so I don't have to use some much throttle to get moving. I will also do this w/o turning hubs and just utilizing low range for its gearing. Anyone have comments on why it cycles in and out?
  • Does anyone know why my 4 wheel drive doesnt work? i used it about 3 months ago then recently i went to put it into 4 high i heard it engage but i am not getting any power to the front wheels. i have a 1997 ford f150. if anyone can help me determine the problem it would be greatly aprreciated.
  • mdalymdaly Posts: 2
    I have an '03 Ford F - 150, 5.4 L and I can't get the 4x4 to engage. I've replaced the center axle disconnect solenoids and there's power flow but it just won't engage. What else could be the problem?
  • Did you check to see if you've got a vaccuum leak? If you've got a leak, the hubs won't pull in.
  • mdalymdaly Posts: 2
    Where would I check for a vaccuum leak? Do I check at the new solenoids or on the 4x4 case itself?
  • I have recently puchased a used F350 Super Duty Power Stroke Turbo Diesel and I just love it. I recently tried to use the four wheel drive with the shift on the fly switch on the dash. The light comes on but nothing. The hubs are on auto and nothing happens. I have followed all the proceedures to the letter. If I get out and turn the the hubs to lock, the on the fly feature on the dash works fine on, and off, on command. I thought it might be the shift motor on the transfer case but it's not becasue it does shift on and off. The problem is with the hubs not locking in and out automatically. I heard some rumors from different sources that ford has had some problems with this year and model. I went to the dealer and asked them what they thought, and they acted like it wasn't common, and that they haven't heard about this. I have an appointment to take it in, but I am not confident they are being truthful, and just want to keep the mechanics working for that day.They claim they will have to take the hubs apart and investigate. Yikes! They say 4to 5 hundred bux. I would like to know if anyone knows anything about this, and can share their experiance with me. Thanks guys.
  • I also have a 1999 Ford Escort purchased for my sons in Vancouver. My oldest son has mentioned to me few times it would be nice to have a keyless entry to his car installed. I thought being close to xmas I should look into this and if it doesn't cost a arm and a leg, Santa could bring him one. Does anyone know if this is possible to install it or the approximate costs to do so? Thanks.
  • After reading all the transmission problems I couldn't find any one that really had m exact problem. I own a 2001 Supercrew and few months ago it started to shutter a little when I turn, some time its worse than others but I haven't noticed anything that makes it worse or better. The shutter is only when I turn, it almost feels like Im trying to turn while Im in four wheel drive, but my 4x4 light isn't on and when I turn and switch it switch's to 4x4 and I can feel the difference, especially if I try to turn the shutter is much worse. Also once I switch into 4x4 it is hard to switch out, it has never gotten stuck in 4x4 yet usually I can get it out by stopping and switching it back and fourth.
    I just $500 on front end work at the tire shop on new control arms. The mechanic at the tire shop thinks it might have something to do with my differential but he wasn't sure. Any ideas?
  • Hi I just bought my super duty with 120000 miles and the 4 wheel drive is not working. The drivers side bangs in and out with the occasional grinding when you accelerate. I have switched the hubs on the front and it still does it only on the drivers side. I have had two mechanics look at it and both told me it was the hubs but didnt fix the problem. I think it is in the axle. It is also very difficult to get out of 4 wheel drive wich usually consists of driving backwards and forwards to coherce it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • You also have to have the auto-transmission in neutral to engage the 4x4 low.
  • i bought this truck with 45,000 on it. everything worked fine. the 4x4 got a tricky when engageing. sometimes it would and other times not. now it doesnt do anything. no 4x4 or lights. suggestions'?
  • The 4wd on my1999 F250 quit working about two months ago. The problem is the GEM (Generic Electronic Module) but these are back ordered until 2011 and there is no substitute. Has anyone else out there had problems with these and, more importantly, did you come up with any solutions? I love the truck, but will need 4wd before 2011.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    2011? Ouch. I'd strongly consider trading for another truck. Doesn't have to be a new one, just one that works.

    kcram - Pickups Host
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