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Ford F-Series 4x4 Problems



  • conertconert Posts: 1
    05 F-250 super duty 6L diesel. When I have the AC on and then switch to 4X4 the air flow leaves the AC vent and goes to the Defrost vent. The only way to make it go back to the AC vent is shift back to 2 wheel drive turn the engine off and restart the engine
  • dbweaverdbweaver Posts: 88
    I had the same problem with my '99 F250 with automatic locking hubs. Are you sure the hubs are locking? Mine stopped working on auto, I haven't had any more trouble with the A/C but I have to lock my hubs manually when I want 4 wheel drive.
    There is a big yellow O-ring on the bearing assembly that makes the seal for the vacuum. You can take the bearing assembly off clean it real good, replace the O-ring and that will fix it for a while. If you use your truck off road alot it won't last long. I suppose it don't take much dust or dirt to break the seal of the vacuum.
    I personally would rather get out and lock my hubs as to change those O-rings again! Good luck
  • i have the 98 module 4x4 f-150 and i am having the same problem well mine is a little worse my power windows, interior lights windsheild wipers door ajar alarm and stuff like thats not working so i took it to the shop and they told me it was the general electric module it is located to the left of your steering wheel above your fuse box you have to remove a few things to get to it but the dealership told me that sometimes you can tap on it and it will start working again but if not you have to just replace the part the taping on it thing didnt work for me so i ordered one and it will run you about 285 dollars plus tax ill keep posting to let you know if it works out like it supposed to
  • carrvixcarrvix Posts: 1
    My 04 250 wants to switch into 4wd when going down the road as the other poster wrote it looses ac presure and starts to jurk because it is trying to switch into 4wd How or what do i do to keep it from doing this or what is it that needs to be replaced??
  • aubreynaubreyn Posts: 1
    Mine does it sometime and sometimes not. Did today after I could not get the Driver side hub to movve from free to locked. Bang on and never budges. But it does the A/C to defrost all the time in 4wd. Is the O-Ring cheap? Was glad to hear someone else has had this weird issue.
  • my 1998 ford f150 4wd wont engage any info or advise would be helpful
  • i have a 1997 f-150 4x4 and everything engages but my front wheels will not turn any thoughts?
  • check all ur fuses in the panel box
  • my 99 f-150 4x4 4.6 auto stalls when u stop. scannd it an had no trans codes so i replaced the tcc soleniod an torque converer.still have the same i have 3 trans codes. 1.pressure soleniod short circut. 2.shift soleniod b 3.tcc soleniod should i change them?
  • My front won't lock in. I have manual hubs. Front drive shaft turns but wheels won't engage. Which wheel should I look at?
  • rwlayrwlay Posts: 3
    1999 F-250 won't shift into low range, hi range works fine
  • rwlayrwlay Posts: 3
    Apply brake while in neutral!!!
  • i have a 2006 ford that will not go into 4x4. i check all fuses and they all look good. there is a indicator light on the dash that stated thats its in. i can hear it engage but the front tires wont spin. i hear a clicking noise when the rear tires spin.
  • I have F-350 Dually, 7.3 Diesel 4X4

    I am in Buffalo, NY. I used my 4X4 High to maneuver through snow yesterday. The temp was 18 degrees with lake affect snow and blowing wind. After getting home, I tried to turn off the 4X4 shift on the fly, nothing happened. So I read the book and followed it and nothing. So, I then placed it into 4X4 Low Range, it locked in, dash light is on. I believe my transfer case is locked in Low Range. Because I stated sliding while trying to get the 4X4 to unlock. So I got out and locked my front hubs and I had tracking to the front. What is going on? I am afraid to drive it to the dealer as I am in 4X4 Low Range and can't get the transfer case to disengage. :mad:
  • mstrm3mstrm3 Posts: 2
    i had the same problem with my 250 sd... in the middle of the 4x4 low and hi points on your stick theres a neutral. put your truck in drive and just drift. put pressure on your 4x4 stick until you slip into neutral. stop your truck, put it in park, and turn it off. from there you should be able to put in 4x4 hi or 2x4
  • mstrm3mstrm3 Posts: 2
    or just put your automatic shifter in neutral and you should be able to shift your 4x4 shifter
  • i have a 2004 f150 with 5.4l there is no engine light on but it acts like a carburated flat spot.i have no idea what could be causing this
  • My 96 Ford 150 charges just fine until I turn the heator or lights on then it discharges the battery., but if I shut them off the battery charges rigth back up now the strange thing is when I shut it off and if I leave the battery connected it drains theg battery dead but if I disconnect the battery cable and hook it back when I am ready to go it will fire right up.. I am confussed by that part of it
  • Sounds like you have short or bare wire some where in your electrical system.I use to have a 97 that the dome light was always on that drained the battery ,it something to do with the third door.
  • can any one help me \. I have a 2004 f350 4x4 can,t get my 4x4 to engage not getting power to anything. heard something about a part called the GEM.
  • wondering if you solved your problem. cuz i have the same thing happening to me on my 04/f350
  • I have a similar problem with my 06. with 17K miles, they replaced the 4x4 "electronic motor selector" to make it work. I used it about a month ago before a snow to ensure it worked. I tried it yesterday and it doesn't make any noise and will not change out of 2H. I checked my local dealship. Motor system is $150.00, Another $150.00 to repair. If you find out any different, let me know please.
  • frog12frog12 Posts: 3
    Well Folks, This issue has been present on my F-350 '03, '05 shtbed & '05 longbed. An engineering flaw that is keeping dealers in business with the recent economic dump. It seems to me that somewhere along the line Ford would have researched the problem. I had a similar problem with my 2000...that was built and having problems long before the others were made. I have been a Ford man for 60 years...that may change SOON!!
  • I can't engage my 4wd on my truck, anybody having the same problem?
  • hey i have a 95 f150 and my 4x4 will not work. the hubs lock and the indicator lights go on when u push the button in the truck but there is still no power to the front tires. i am looking for any help or info on the problem cause im stumped.
  • roadhog1roadhog1 Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have this 2001, 7.3 deisel 4x4 8ft bed 1 ton F350 king cab this 2010 febuary I tried to use it and it sounded like it engaged but really did not , now this was after 10 yrs. & the 4x4 quit working , I engaged it once or twice every month religously . I know they say that if you dont use it you lose it . So what can the problem be . Is it broke or does it need a new electronic shifter computer board / module / :confuse: chip or what ever its called
  • I think it was about $5.00 that was several years ago though.
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