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Ford F-Series 4x4 Problems



  • I know you are right, but I haven't gotten over being mad at Ford yet. It just seems like a hell of a way to treat a customer.
  • I have had the exact same thing happen, I fought it for a year, the only thing thats wrong is you have leaky front hub seals.
  • Was it the axle seals? I have the same problem.
  • hobo5hobo5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 (50K) with the same problem. I find if I do the following the 4 wheel drive engages:
    key off
    turn 4 wheel slector to 4 wheel high
    start truck
    the 4 wheel engages (light on)
    Wish I knew what the problem is. I would like to fix it.
  • With my 1999 F350 the light came when I switched to 4/Wheel Drive, but the HUBS did not lock. When I manually locked the hubs the 4/Wheel drive worked if this is how yours reacts then follow the info below. The auto hubs lock up by vacuum, with my F350 all vacuum lines did not have any leak but the HUB Seals did. You should check all vacuum lines and the pump first them if no leaks are found check the hubs.
  • i have had this same problem in my 2000 f 350, i had my mechaninc take the hubs apart and free them up and lube them as at first the manual turning of the hubs was very hard, this made manual locking easy but did not fix the auto problem. I have checked out the vacum including installing a new vacum solenoid on the passenger fende rand all is well with that. Now i have been told that all i can do is buy new hubs which are expensive. Could you please relate to me what exactly i need to look for or do to my hubs to fix a vacum leak in them?
  • kkrashkkrash Posts: 1
    2001 350 diesel 7.3 liter HELP! ford dealer says my 4x4 locked up and the calipers burnt the hubs. A bit technical for me. I think they are scamming me out of $1100.00 I know i can get it done cheaper but how do i really know that is the only 80k miles Thanks
  • frog12frog12 Posts: 3
    Hey Guys...My son has an '03, F-250 & I have an '05 F-350 both have similar problems as the topic. My 4X4 wouldn't slip in with the interior switch. The shop replaced my vac pump (rt fender) without checking anything...that did nothing. They said that the pump goes out frequently. Then they started checking and told me that it is the gem module. Now I'm hearing hubs... My son didn't have any problems until they worked on the heads. Now he has had the vacuum pump replaced. Revolving cash register. Neither of our problems have been fixed, BUT, I'm thinking that if fORD's better idea engineers continue with these kind of issues... I'm looking for a '55 2 wheel drive. Call me a FROG!!!
  • pcmedicpcmedic Posts: 5
    I had a simular problems on my 2004 f250 diesel and all it was that the vacuum line that control the hubs had a hole in it. The dealer also tried to repair the pump but I said no and found the hole. The vacuum lines run under the engine to each hub.
  • spoomspoom Posts: 85
    '03 5.4 F150 4x4 At about 30k miles lost the front part of the 4 wheel drive. Inside the front pumpkin there is an unbelieveably cheap potmetal-appearing yoke for sliding the splined gear that engages the front half shafts. Just over $400 at a trusted independant transmission shop. I was stunned how cheaply made this little part was-I can see the bean-counters cheaping up on a door handle or something easy to get at, but not something like that! :(
  • ssbn599ssbn599 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 F-150 lariet 4WD. The shift on the fly switch won't budge. What should I try to troubleshoot? Thanks.
  • When traveling the front hubs seem to try to lock makes a noise like going over rubble stop it I turn the switch to 4 wheel drive and it stops...or I manualy lock the hubs in and it stops the I need to replace the hubs ???
  • jdrlejdrle Posts: 3
    I just bought this truck for a great price, but when you shift into 4x4 with the a/c on blowing out the front vents, it looses vacuum and then blows out of the defrost vents. I was told it is probably the vacuum lines at the hubs. It does seem to engage into 4x4 and light comes on. If you turn the switch to 4x4 and 2wd back and forth a couple times it looses vacuum. As long as it is in 2wd the vents blow fine. It does recover after switching back to 2wd, takes a few minutes. Just want a second opinion.
  • Has anyone changed-out the auto-locking hubs for manual locking hubs on an electric shift on the fly truck. Any problems? Better MPG?
  • I have had this truck for, this is the second winter season. Because the lock out hubs are not marked, I cannot remember which way to turn the lock out for , in 4-wheel drive and out of 4 wheel drive. These are also very stiff when I try to turn them. How do I keep them from becoming so tuff to turn ?
  • J.D, I have pasted about five different vacuum devices on my '05 4X4. I still haven't found the right combination that will allow my auto-4X4 to lock in from the interior switch. They are all apparently linked into some logic chip/chips that require a computer programmer. It has cost me a LOT and I'm wondering what FORD's bright idea was on the whole set-up. Good luck...
  • hi, recently bought a 1998 ford f250 lariat, and i live in northern canada. i i went to use the 4x4 high the other day and the light comes on but the wheels don't turn. if i put in 4x4 low in neutral the light comes on and i can hear the 4x4 engage but still nothing. i've been told i have to lock the hubs manually but my front tires have a hub cap there isn't any dials there. am i missing something or is there a problem with it? any info would be awesome, i need this 4x4 to work, the truck is useless in the snow please someone help me lol

    thanks, frustrated ford guy
  • I have a '99 F250 that has the vaccum lock hubs. It did the same thing yours is doing. There is a yellow O-ring on the back side of the wheel bearing assembly on each front wheel. I cleaned them real good and replaced the O-rings. That fixed it for a while. They quit working again so I just lock my hubs in manually now. It was a pretty tough job for me to fix. I don't want to do it again. I don't think it takes much dirt or dust to interrupt the vacuum.
  • I have a 1980 f250 4x4 that I use for snow plowing,and I would like to change the front axle to a dana 44 straight axle. Has anyone done this? What year front axle did you use, pitman arm, and or steering box? any help would be greatly appreciated
  • not sure if you found the answer to your problem but i will post anyhow. make sure you don't have to pop the covers off the front hub caps. on my f250 there was hub caps on it and the centers of the hub caps popped off to gain access to the manual lock outs. GL . Ben
  • rummelrummel Posts: 2
    I have no power at my 4x4 switch. I can manually put it in four wheel by taking the
    electric motor off the transfer case and turning the knob on the transfer case and locking in the front axle actuerator. All my fuses are good, where do I go from here? I got a feeling its this thing called a generic electronic module where is it.
  • I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?
  • No as of yet I have not but i did learn there are some sort of shift plates in the electric motor that tells the computer what position the motor is in so then the computer will know how to shift, if the computer can't read it it will not respond. I put a new motor on mine and nothing happened so i took the motor back now i find out you have to reset the computer so it will respond i read you can just unhook the battery to reset it i have to wait to get some money before i try again. Let me know what happens if you get to it before i do.
  • hey my 150 has the same problem what it is after find it out of course the fork in the shaft that connects ur axle's to the gear is probably worn down to the point wheres its not making contact have it checked thats all my problem was.... kinda pissed the dealership didnt tell me about it but appearently its a big problem with fords
  • monosamonosa Posts: 2
    does anyone know if you can manually disconnect the 4 wheel drive, mine is stuck and will not disengage and I can only drive 35 miles an hour. I do not need the 4 wheel drive it has been nothing but problems.thanks
  • monosamonosa Posts: 2
    thanks for the info, is there a price range that you know of for this, my budget is very low and if i can do this I would prefer.
  • stugatsstugats Posts: 3
    Would you happen to also have an owners manual for an 88 F150 320 automatic? ;)
  • dbweaverdbweaver Posts: 88
    Remove the front driveshaft
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