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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • OK, I had the head gasket replaced but the dealer somehow managed to not mention a recall. It is an '02 with around 116,000 miles on it. Would that not be covered for some reason?
  • k00l4idk00l4id Posts: 10
    Definetly Should be, Im looking for the Service Bulletin on it
  • gmz1gmz1 Posts: 6
    Oh please give me more info on this possible head gasket recall for the 2002 venture, you will make my Easter the best ever. All day long I have been draining air out of the system but I'm not sure that I'm getting anywhere!
  • If it was a TSB it probably wasn't covered on a recall. Those are just a heads up to the dealers service department so they don't spend all day trying to figure out what the problem is.
  • Just a note to let you know I had the same problem. Had the head gasket replaced and a new water pump and now it runs perfectly...about $1200 total
  • Thanks but no problem there it was my oil pump and screen went bad .Hard to change but fixed the problem
  • gmz1gmz1 Posts: 6
    After 3 days of repairs I finally broke down and took it to the dealer for repairs. Yes I said dealer, call me crazy! But low and behold they found the problem, not easily either! It was the rad! Even with the pressure test it took many mechanics to spot the leak. So the head gaskets are ok for now, but I now know what to look for. Thanks for all the advice. I now have I brand new cooling system minus $1,000.
  • ladypladyp Posts: 2
    I have the same problem I will be driving slow in traffic and it will go toward the red as if it is overheating I turn on the AC to HEAT to allow it to come threw the vent's the air but it solves it for about a minute and it restarts heating up again.

    Anyone got any ideas? :mad:
  • gmz1gmz1 Posts: 6
    Well , it's probably air in the coolant system. The trick is to find out where it's coming from. As I previously reported a few days ago that the dealer had found my problem , bad radiator, it only lasted one night. The next day I had It towed back and then they told me it was the themostat, since I just replaced it myself two days earlier. Well now they have confirmed everyones original thought, head gaskets. So now the bill will total @ $3,500. I am fighting them since I told them it was the head gasket to begin with. No wonder GM is going under, this web site has more info on there vechicles than their Gm speacialists know! I should have listened to chevybob and just taken it to someone to get the head fixed. Thanks again! And I'm not done fighting the bill yet.
  • Does anyone know if the rad cooling fans have a variable temperature switch?
    Mine does not come on until the gauge is just outside of the red zone.
    Can it be over ridden?
  • poconosms1poconosms1 Posts: 9
    I have a high idle problem with my 2000 venture extend van; Here is some history:
    Van has had the problem with the bucking transmission. Shut the vehicle off, and then it acts fine. I know I need to have the transmission modules replaced. However, this problem has stopped for some time.
    Now the vehicle idle increases to 3k or higher. I noticed that most of the time it will idle normal when I start it, but will increase in idle when I shift into gear.
    I’ve shot W2 along the hoses to find a vacuum leak, but found nothing.
    Repair History: I did the lower intake manifold gasket myself last year and replace plugs & wires, water pump, injector o-rings, and a few other things. I’ve had the dealer replace the IAC two times.
    Because the high idle occurs when I shift it into gear, could it be the modules on the transmission?
    Any other thoughts?
  • damon88damon88 Posts: 1
    Admittedly, I did not browse the thousands of posts associated with the Venture but I seen enough to start second guessing my decision to buy my Venture.

    I have Cerebral Palsy and have never been able to really work on cars, so my practical knowledge of the inner-workings of a motor is limited. My wife and I had been without a car for about 6 months and with 2 small kids, this is no easy feat. We finally got in a position to buy a car and pay for it outright so after looking for about two weeks we found a 2002 Chevy Venture with 99,500 miles on it. Needless to say we spent ALL the money we had saved up to buy a car.

    So yesterday a family member drove me to look at the car and test drive it. Everything was fine and the car ran perfect, no problems. We exchange money, paperwork, etc. and I start driving home. After 35 minutes on the freeway going around 65 mph, I noticed the temp gauge starting to elevate slightly...not too bad, about 6 or 7 tenths of the way toward HOT. It wasn't until I got it off the interstate that it started going almost...almost in the red and then back down about 5/8 of the way on the gauge towards HOT. I didn't mention it to my wife because she was so excited that we FINALLY had a decent car again and could take our two small kids to the park for picnics and all.

    I noticed yesterday after the wife and kids went inside that there was "dirt" or something in the coolant reservoir. I say dirt but it looked more like fragments of a film or something and it was floating on the surface. Obviously dirt wouldn't float... it's pinkish / orange, the coolant I mean. I'm not sure if it's the infamous Dexcool everyone is talking about or not.

    Anyway, I plan on checking to see if there is any fluid in the radiator in a few hours when it is sunny enough to see. I only got about 5 hours sleep and then I have been up researching the possible heating problems on this thing. I hope, at the most, it just needs flushing and possibly the intake gaskets replaced... and not any head gasket work...uugghh.

    Before I take it to a mechanic, is there possibly anything I could do...or maybe ask a friend to do?
    FIRST of all get the HAYNES REPAIR MANUAL for this vehicle num. 38036,it will cost around $15.00 ,on this book it explain step by step the procedure when flushing and adding new coolant ( dont use the DEXCOOL ), I own a 2001 venture and went thru the same problem, OK, the gauge should be at the middle at all times , it will go up about 1/4 then it will return back to the middle, when it goes up and NOT using the A/C the fans will turn on to cool the system back to normal temp. FLUSHING: flush the system as described in the book , put in the best coolant possible , not DEXCOOL ,Ive been told by experienced mechanics at GM about the problems that causes using this. theres a procedure when filling up coolant to the system to avoid any AIR in the system , this is what causes the gauge needle to go up almost to the red zone. OPTIONS: also I suggest that replace the UPPER gasket manifold ( PLENUM) and lower exhaust manifold , theres a kit that comes both of the gaskets. If you follow the repair manual procedure , you can do it , its not that difficult if youre good with tools. let me know if you need me to send the procedure of coolant system filling. thanks hope it helps AJ
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Check engine light on?

    I don't think its transmission sensor related in my opinion.

    Sure sounds like it could be an air leak somewhere. I had a Check engine light that baffled me and my mechanic and after doing a little research I found that the wrong PCV valve had been installed and was the cause of the problem. A $ 5.00 part was the source of 2 weeks worth of headaches.
  • poconosms1poconosms1 Posts: 9
    No check light - that's the confusing part, but for $5, I think I'll stop by a dealer. I did replace it when I did the IMG job.
  • melissa18melissa18 Posts: 1
    I am hoping someone can help me. For some time my 2000 chevy venture was leaking water and oil and at an idle the vehicle would run extremely hot. About a month ago I brough it in and per the invoice the below was replaced :

    Intake Gasket Set
    Valve Cover Gasket Set
    Thermostat and Gasket
    Oil Filter w/ 4.5 qts oil
    Oil pump shaft o rings
    oil ring for heater hose

    Below the invoice it also states : Radiator needs to be flushed ( why the mechanic didn't do this not sure ).

    A couple weeks after getting it back the idle starting running really high ( sounded like the engine would come out from under the hood ). The service engine soon light also came on and lasted a couple of days. We were going to bring it to autozone for the code but then the light went off and has not come on since about 3 weeks now. Every once in a while I will begin to idle extremely high again. Problem is I will never know when it will do this and even while it does it the service engine light has not come back on. I just paid $700 for all the above. Does anyone have any idea why it would be doing this and what I can do to fix a problem that now seems to come and go ?

    Thanks so much !
  • What did you look for with leak in the radiator? Was there telltale steam or something. Need help desperately,got to go out of town, car won't go around the block! :cry: Quirky situation,heater won't blow any heat. If you can, help is appreciated.
  • k00l4idk00l4id Posts: 10
    When the Engine is running Idle in the drive way, let it get to temperature(if it can), watch the temp guage. Once it reaches temp, use a rag or put a glove on and squeeze the upper rad hose. See if theres pressure. If there is pressure there, then it might be that your Thermostat is stuck in the closed position. In which case the throttle body assembly must be dissasembled and thermostat changed. Pretty straight forward to remove it and replace it. Make sure to get an OEM or ThirdParty Gasket for the throttle body as well. 2nd Place to look is the Heater Core. Sometimes they get obstructed and cause you to have no heat whatsoever. The heater core is on the Passenger Side firewall. Hope this points you in the right direction

    Belleville Ontario
    in my situation , the leak was coming from around the OIL FILTER , theres 2 short
    rubber hose that with time it goes soft and breaks, its not that difficult to replace,
    just went to PEP BOYS and purchase about 12 " of rubber hose size 3/8, remember that theres a procedure when adding COOLANT to your vehicle , not just pour in and put the cap on
  • pepsi1310pepsi1310 Posts: 1
    I had the same problems
    had the troddle sensor replaced in it last year
    and it has done it a few times once again
  • laurahalauraha Posts: 1
    hello? i'm looking for some help out there. i just bought a car ...three days ago, after inspection, insurance and a quick trip to pick up a friend, my 2001 chevy venture is shot. First at a stoplight on my way to the insurance company it died, started right up and proceeded on, about two hours later of back and forth driving , on my way up a hill it statred to make a weird rattle sound(knocking) my friend assured me it was the motorcycle up the road yet i knew better. i finishe dgetting up this steep hill and yeap ther was a really loud knocking. my friends man came piucked us up and said it sounded like a rod or a lifter. the perrson i bought it from said ther was a new engine put in it. with warranty. is taht transferrable? who does the work, etc etc. and if not what in world is it? please help anyone? :mad: :lemon: ?
  • rattlesrattles Posts: 4
    I'm from england,so unfortunately I am unable to comment on your rights regarding purchase, warranty etc. However I can tell you what happened to my chevvy. the inlet manifold gaskets are a known issue with these engines. mine blew so badly it leaked coolant into one of the cylinders whilst it was running and bent the connecting rod. This made the knocking noise that sounded like your description. I could not tell if it was a lifter or a rod till i took it apart. I removed the heads and turned over the engine by hand and noticed one of the pistons was not rising to the top of the cylinder. I had to remove the engine and replace said rod. Parts cost around $1000 canadian. I presume it is a private purchase, you might be able to appeal to their better nature and get some form of return if you ask, you never know.
    If not you need a good mechanic, my engine has been fine ever since rebuild, i personally suggest repair rather than secondhand unit - better the devil you know. And it seems to be such a common fault you are likely to be purchasing more trouble. Good luck, hope this is somewhat helpful. I am tracking this thread, if I can be of further help or if you have more info dont hesitate to post
  • I had the same problem. It's probably a vacumm leak. By process of elminiation, I started replacing the vacumm lines. In the end, the hard line from the intake boot that runs to the rear intake valve cover was the problem. It was actually loose, but I couldn't tell until I rotated the motor.

    Car's been fine ever since.
  • jtk33jtk33 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 chevy venture and it taps once in awhile. I was told the oil pump is causing this . can anyone tell me how to replace this?
  • gezzymangezzyman Posts: 4
    i recently started to get antifreeze in one of my ventures cylinders, the van never overheated, found antifreeze in the oil filter (a friend of mine told me the dexcool seperates from the oil so it doesnt get that chocolate milk appearance in the oil pan) Im not sure wether to repair the head gasket or just replace the motor....i hate to replace the gasket only to have the motor blow down the road due to antifreeze in the has 125k miles on it and was well taken care of... Is there any way to flush the residual anifreeze out of the motor? any input or advice will GREATLY be appreciated :cry: thanks mike
  • jodyrjodyr Posts: 9
    I'm sorry to hear your bad luck :cry: and unfortunately I do not have an answer for you about the head gasket. But what I would recommend is to get rid of the van altogether!! I am very disappointed with mine, I only have 77k miles on mine venture and I need a new driveline. Not to mention the problems I had with my dexcooling. What we did to "help" with the overheating was mix water with it and it seemed to help, but it still gets warm. I initially took the van to the dealer for a clunking noise that you heard when you put the vehicle into or out of park and also my AWD disabled light come on. They told me it is my transmission and I told them to go to _ _ _ _!! I took it to a mechanic and he pulled up a technical service bulletin from the Mitchell Repair Information Co., LLC, which says in service, dealers are discouraged from attempting to repair driveline clunk conditions. Any how sorry to carry on, but as you can see I am very upset about my van. Good Luck
  • gezzymangezzyman Posts: 4
    :mad: recently started to get antifreeze in one of my ventures cylinders, the van never overheated, found antifreeze in the oil filter (a friend of mine told me the dexcool seperates from the oil so it doesnt get that chocolate milk appearance in the oil pan) Im not sure wether to repair the head gasket or just replace the motor....i hate to replace the gasket only to have the motor blow down the road due to antifreeze in the has 125k miles on it and was well taken care of... Is there any way to flush the residual anifreeze out of the motor? any input or advice will GREATLY be appreciated thanks mike
  • fmatafmata Posts: 1
    Hi. I had this problem a couple of years ago with my 1996 Monte Carlo. Turned out to be the fuel pump of all things!
  • Hello. I live in the phillipines. I own a 2002 venture witha a 3.0 v-6 a/t f.w.d. i'm having a problem buying spare parts from the u.s.a, seems like it's a 3.4 liter v-6 motor over there, my question is did they ever produce the 3.0 v-6 over there and what vehicle did they use the motor on? and what automatic transmission and torque converter,do i have in my venture. on the bright side most other parts are compatible with the U.S version. will be overhauling the motor asap. thank you
  • I read a thread online about someone who pulled a 3.4 out of a Venture through the top. I measured it without the exhaust manifolds and there's about an inch on each side. I can lift the engine this close to the edges, but I wonder which approach is best - fastest - safest. Has anyone done a swap this way? Any tips? Thanks
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