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Chevy Venture Engine Problems



  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Posts: 64
    For all of you who have had problems with DEX COOL (including me) in Montana engines (and the other 2 GM sister mini-vans, and several other GM cars and trucks), there is a proposed CLASS ACTION SETTLEMENT. GM does not admit any problems, but it looks like they will have to reimburse effected owners.
    See this web-site:

    Jack Colorado
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    Okay, all those bottles of Fuel Injector Treatment helped to diminish the severity of the problem but its clear that the engine is running hot and it is still misfiring and the ServiceEngineSoon light still flashes at me constantly.

    WHAT NOW???

    Can fuel injectors be manually cleaned rather than chemically cleaned?
    Can fuel injectors be replaced or repaired?
    What sort of a task is it? How much would it tend to be?

    I just don't see that "umpteenth" bottle of Fuel Injector Treatment as being likely to work. I've tried half a dozen or more bottles of the stuff already. Wiling to try more ofcourse but at some point it just has to be acknowledged that hi-test gasoline and fuel injector cleaner additives are NOT going to cure the problem.

    What now???
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    After the 1st couple of bottles you basically can rule out that it will fix the issue, but its at least somewhere to start...

    Can fuel injectors be manually cleaned rather than chemically cleaned?
    Typically, if you're going through the trouble of pulling them out, its more cost effective to just change them...

    Can fuel injectors be replaced or repaired?
    Replaced, Yes...repaired, unlikely.

    What sort of a task is it? How much would it tend to be?
    I'm not sure of price as I've never had to mess with have to remove the fuel rails to take the injectors out, I don't remember what else you have to remove to get to them.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds like an internal leak...lower intake manifold gaskets or head gasket possibly...unfortunately a common failure...

    I bet the hot metal smell is the cat converter as its getting really hot due to the misfire issue...
  • rockbazzrockbazz Posts: 7
    I'mmm baaackkkk :)
    I just got back from a 2 week travelling trip.
    Prior to the trip, the dealer installed a monitoring capture device that I could enable if I had the problem and get some info to take back.. unfortunately, I didn't have the problem.. I decided to pull the trigger and have the crankshaft sensor changed... I had to do something to see if it would resolve the problem.. All was looking good until my LAST stop for gas on the highway coming home.. it did it again ....arrggg...... :confuse:
    I'll have to let them know that we can eliminate that component as the issue.. really is just like I don't get fuel to start the thing up.. strange.. I'll keep you posted of any news..
    thanks to fleastiff for the URL on that claim. I understand a similar case has occurred in the Province of Ontario so I'll be looking to see how that progresses..
  • Are you aware there is a class action law suite on many vehicles, the venture included? Can only get like $400.00 or a little more if you can prove over 2k in bills but what the heck better than nothing I guess.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    For replacing fuel injectors on 3 cylinders, one guy just gave me a rough estimate of 3 hours of labor, head gasket and fuel injectors. He said he has never had to replace fuel injectors on a 3.8 litre engine. I told him I was getting spark but in fact I don't really know that for sure. Is 3 hours and parts a reasonable estimate?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Sounds reasonable to me - about $450-550 ?...there's a bunch of stuff that has to come off to replace them...I've never had to replace a fuel injector but it does happen. I'm not sure why he quoted you a head gasket though as you don't have to pull the head to replace the injectors...maybe he meant intake manifold gasket since the upper intake manifold has to come off?

    How did he determine that you had a bad injector(s)?
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    >How did he determine that you had a bad injector(s)?
    This was telephonic. I told him they were bad simply because all those bottles of cleaner have not worked. And I understand that the "next step" is to replace the fuel injectors.
  • rockbazzrockbazz Posts: 7
    Good day..
    A previous person posted that there was activity in one of the States.
    I'm in Ontario, Canada and I just recently heard about litigation that is up and coming.. Thanks!
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    I was not driving the vehicle at the time but it was described as 'making loud noises' and 'bucking'. For a cold, rainy morning and a short drive the temperature guage was very high. And it seemed to make a loud noise and generate a great quantity of smoke and/or steam. It may have been its death throws, I don't know.

    I did determine that ALL the coolant was gone so there must be some sort of leak and the oil was about a quart low. After these fluid deficiencies are corrected, I intend to attempt a restart and see what happens. Maybe I will be able to resurrect the vehicle. Maybe not.
  • mojolocomojoloco Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm a woman so of course I'm gonna try to explain with noises. It kind of jumps? or vibrates at a stop light, it stalls sometimes when starting up a hill but if I mash the gas it turns out ok and doesnt stop. sometimes it makes a wuwuwuwuwuw noise but fast like tires? also, advanced told me i needed a new battery so we put one in today, and it still acts the same. The suggestions I've gotten are : fuel pump, alternator wire and alternator..............from different people. Advanced said the alternator is fine. The battery still reads low voltage. Return Code : VCMMM - Starter test = normal, Charging system test = no problems , Any help please? :(
  • Well, my venture is a 98 model and wasn't making the sound you describe, it was shaking and stalling, losing coolant and idling roughly. If your engine has EVER overheated, I'd suggest having the compression tested to see if one of the head gaskets is blown. Mine blew a head gasket, I had it repaired (about $800 at my local mechanic, probably a $1400 job elsewhere) and now it runs perfectly.
  • fleastifffleastiff Posts: 52
    >4. Bad head gasket...
    >but you already said your oil looks good with no coolant in it so I doubt this one
    Well, I think it WAS good, but now the head gasket is indeed blown and all the coolant is inside the engine. Mechanic is saying 900 for "new" engine and 900 for labor. 90 day warranty.

    >leads me towards the fuel injector or the ignition coil for cylinder # 1.
    You were probably right, but all those Fuel Injector cleaning bottled only helped a bit and I guess I delayed too much in getting it to a mechanic to figure out the next step of actually replacing fuel injectors and testing coils and cams.

    Once it lost all the coolant and got hot enough to send smoke/steam out the tailpipe and engine compartment, I figured something real serious had happened.

    I do want to thank everyone for their assistance though.
  • chevygurlchevygurl Posts: 1
    When i drive my van i can smell antifreeze and my thermostat goes over the halfway mark not to the red only a ways past half but will go down when i turn on the heat. just wondering if anyone can give me some help
  • vito5vito5 Posts: 1
    Does any one out there know how to reach the rear spark plugs on a 1999. I heard the engine had to be dropped down an gotten from the rear.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    If its the same as the 2000:

    Remove top front motor mounts (2)
    Remove throttle & cruise control cables from throttle
    Remove air intake plumbing
    Put trans in neutral
    Use ratcheting strap attached to engine lift lug and rotate engine forward about 20-40 degrees & hold
    Remove ignition coils
    Remove rear plugs
  • rkarchrkarch Posts: 3
    Need help determining were the hoses are located for heater core on 2000 venture
    no heat but stll over heating. Changed stat and radiator cap already water pump seems OK

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Did you bleed the air out of the system when you refilled?
  • rkarchrkarch Posts: 3
    Thanks for your help, I did not bleed the air at first but then I did. It did not solve the problem. Anymore suggestions
  • chaseschases Posts: 41
    Just a bit of information for those in the 100,000 mile area. Start checking the alignment of the belt.

    The pulley is made in two parts with a rubber piece separating the two. This gets old and the pulley starts to come apart. The first sign of a failure will be wear on the belt.

    This is an easy fix through the passenger side wheel well with common sockets and a puller. Cost FROM DEALER ONLY is around $125.00.

    If you look at the pulley face the two pieces of the pulley that are metal should be even with each other.
  • this is a 2000 venture i am thinking of buying the owners have said the last time they drove it it over heated.does anybody know why when taking off the oil fill cap the engine stutters and dies
  • Ok here is my situation

    1998 Chev Venture 160,000 km

    The other night we had a big snowfall (not sure if that matters) I drove home in this and parked the car out front of my house. No problems.

    The next morning I go to start the van, startss running real rough, the check engine light flashes and the oil PRESSURE light comes on. I drive it back to my house (about 200 feet) and the bus idles real bad for about 30 seconds then dies. Oil level is good.

    I started the van this morning and drove it around back and into my garage, ran like HELL and lights still on. I know it wasn't the best to drive it but I need it in my garage not on the street.

    It sounds like an oil pump but man there was no warning, do pumps just GO or do they usually give a warning?

    How can I test the pump?
    Is there anything electrical that it can be? I was thinking something got disconnected or wet or something during the drive in the snow?? Sounds unlikely but one never knows

    What about the timing belt? I have never changed that, if it jumped timimg would it cause these symptoms?

    Thanks I will run a scan on it tonight and let you know the results.

  • Ok I scanned the van

    I got P0172 and P0300 codes. I then erased the codes and started the van for about 30 seconds and kept it running (gave gas)

    The only code that came back was the P0300

    What can be causing this?
  • russ23russ23 Posts: 25
    1. Overheating on this is usually blown cylinder head gasket or the intake manifold. Many of us believe it is the Dexcool anti-freeze. It turns to brown mud (check the radiator cap and inside the opening it will usually be brown mud. The mud is acid that eats the gaskets. Google Dexcool problems and see for yourself, it resulted in class action lawsuit in California.

    2. Cost to fix on a 2000 probably exceeds value of vehicle. If you go for the repair, you need to add in new radiator since the Dexcool clogs that up as well.

    3. My advice to you is RUN, do not buy unless you have capability to repair yourself. I had same problem and landed up changing engines myself. If you decide to go that direction let me know, I have written a how to guide to assist.

    4. As far as having problems related to the oil filler cap, that is one on me. Something else transpired like knocking the PCV valve out of the rocker cover.

    Good Luck Lloyd Ballard Sequim, WA
  • Ok I have changed all the plugs (the back ones are a pain in the butt)
    Changed EGR Valve
    Changed fuel filter

    Still same symptoms it starts and runs real rough then dies

    What is next step?
  • I have a 1997 venture that is heating up on the gauge and sometimes breaks loose and i will get some heat coming out of the heat vents but most times just cold air. I had the thermostat replaced along with heat sensor and radiator flushed. No sign of water in oil and no white smike from exhaust.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    PO172 is engine running too rich

    PO300 is random misfires detected.

    Sounds like a bad ignition control module to me or fuel system issue (injector or system pressure)

    I would start by checking those 2 areas in that order

    Good Luck...
  • russ23russ23 Posts: 25
    Troubleshooting the Venture engine is not simple a matter of changing a few components. The factory service manual is several hundred pages long and tough to read. I would first suspect a blown intake manifold gasket or cylinder head gasket(s). If you have oil pressure problems, loss of coolant, and/or overheating that is where I would go before the computer system. I landed up changing out my engine with a junkyard engine. Runs fine now. If you need more email me direct:
  • rkarchrkarch Posts: 3
    Had the same problem. Ended up being a head gasket. Lots of money to fix. I used STEEL SEAL cost me $80.00 and it is still working 2 months later. I average about 400 miles per week on my 2000 Venture. I had no signs of water in coolent or blowing smoke just constant high pressure in cooling system. Hope this helps.
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