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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • I have a 2003 CTS the damn thing just died out on me last week, just shut off like there was no gas, tried to crank it and it tried to start but just died, let it sit for 5-10min and it started again then died....whats going on???

    Its a love hate relationship with this car, Im so used to Honda's and Toyotas...aye, crap!
  • I so understand what you mean. I miss my toyota camry myself. The shop did call me 2 days ago, now they ordered a brand new engine for my car. It would of been cheaper for them to just give me a new car. It's crazy.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    You are kidding, right? You don't really think a new engine costs $30,000.
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    I am experience at normal speeds and higher a gradual but noticeable hesitation, pulling or stalling when driving. Is this coming from the engine or transmission?
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    What year? What engine? What transmission? Maybe you should just check with your service department.
  • geediddygeediddy Posts: 1
    I am having similar problems with my 2004 cts, today i went to start it and it felt like the engine was knocking, then still in park the rpm starting rising until about 1500 rpm then just drop to about 500..... also the check engine and coolant light kept comming on despite me just filling the coolant at a tune up a couple weeks prior... what is going on, so far nothing but problems with this car
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    2006. 3.6L. Auto with shift control.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    The car is under warranty. Take it to the dealer and have him run a printout.
  • i recently got a 2003 cts the previous owner didnt take real good care of her. he used synthetic my problem is, i changed the oil today and put in the recomenened 5 quarts and when all was dont i started it and its BLOWING SMOKE alot-alot, when i put it in gear it does not want to drive away. i have asked a few friends and they are all stumped..another $3,000 for a motor????please say no...i hope i just added the wrong oil weight other than that im stumpedddd.
  • my cts did the same thing just shut off and wouldnt crank for a while then it would crank and do the same thing a young college student and me nor my parents have alot of money im really scared its gonna be expensive.did u ever find out anything?
  • I found out it was the timing belt, it jumped time. Needless to say nobody would touch it except the dealership and it cost me over $600 to fix. Better than $5,000 for a new motor though.
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    I have been taking it to the dealer since March and they still can't "duplicate" my concerns. I have even had them in the car the service advisor noticed the problem; however, the service manager couldn't "duplicate" my issue. It is with GM Headquarters as well as the Better Business Bureau.
  • mrvr2umrvr2u Posts: 8
    Tell me something, if my 2006 cts has platinum plugs and they do not need to be changed until 120,000 miles and I am doing my oil changes on a regualar basis, what is the 30,000 miles maintenance check for?

    Can anybody answer that one?
  • ctsguy2ctsguy2 Posts: 19
    I have an 09 CTS with the 3.6 direct injection engine and 1900 miles. At idle the engine has a flutter regardless if in park or in gear, that actually rocks the car. Is this common? Anyone else have this same issue or heard of it before?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    owners manual should state exactly what is checked during this check
  • bwestz71bwestz71 Posts: 2
    My wife bought a 2005 CTS last year with only 28K on it and found out that it uses a quart of oil in 1000 -1200 miles and we where told that's normal usage. I've never owned a newish vehicle in which any usage was normal let alone noticable. We found this out when the low oil sensor wouldn't allow us to start it up once, it was down too low and we had the car towed. I was also under the belief that with synthetic oil we could go 5000 miles between oil changes , now if I'm wrong I'd like to know, but everyone I've talked to outside the dealership I bought the car from says between 5000 and 7000 miles using the recommended Mobil 10W30, we have the major extended service plan on this car for another 45K miles and the dealer will not even entertain seeing what could be done to stop it from useing the oil up so fast . Another ASME certified master mechanic friend of mine said there's been problems with these engine forever and it needs to be replaced.
    What do you think
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    unfortunately the early model 3.6 engines in the 04-06 MY CTS have the oil consumption issue as a common problem....not to all of them..but you obviously got one of them...

    your assumption for synthetic oil change intervals is also good.....all my cars run it and use that include my 09 CTS.....however if you are using oil you will unfortunately have to replace it....

    try another dealer as well.....its a documented issue but I dont know if there is a might want to do more research on other cadillac forums
  • jentonjenton Posts: 2
    Anyone have an 08 cts with electrical problems, fans, seats, mirror not working. also car shutting down while driving :lemon: :
  • We purchased a new 2009 CTS less than three weeks ago and and are at around 800 miles. Twice while driving on the highway the car completely shut down/off. This happened while driving on a busy highway. I was able to pull over and restart the car. Has anyone ever heard of this and have any idea why? The dealer did put us in a loaner until tommorow when the service dept reopens.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    is yours a DI or non-DI engine, AWD or RWD?.....there has been one or two other instances of this mentioned on another cadillac forum....not sure what the solution was as I will have to look it up
  • I have a very similiar problem. I have a 2006 CTS 2.8L with 44k KM's on it. The car was last in for an oil change in Aug of 08, since then I put on 6000 KM's. The middle of February as I was driving the car to work I started to hear a faint clicking noise coming from the engine, at first I thought maybe the air dam had fallen down again. After work I was driving home and about 3 blocks from the house (this is only a 33km trip each way) the clicking got louder and the car stalled so I took it to the dealership right around the corner from the house. No warning lights on the dash lit up, no engine light, nothing. I got a call from the service tech saying that the engine had no oil and that GM hadn't ruled out warranty coverage but they weren't going to cover it out of hand, and that I would have to pay a diagnostic charge to find out what was wrong with the engine, so I agreed, they tore the engine apart and my service tech told me that there was a defect and the engine had significant oil blow by, but GM refused to cover it. Meanwhile No oil low light came on, no engine light came on, and that was the first day that the engine had made any noise. They refused to cover it saying that the car should have been in distress for days prior to me bringing it, and that I obviously wasn't checking the oil each and every fill up. I started dealing with their customer care centre and now the story is changing again, they aren't covering it because there is apparently no defect, and that the engine was out of oil and it was my responsiblity to check it each time I filled up the tank. My service tech also told me they had another 2006 CTS in a couple months earlier with the same problem but GM covered that one. I don't know where to go from here, they want $15,000 to replace the engine. The car isn't even worth that! I'll never own another GM again, maybe they need to go into bankruptcy to come out a better company.
  • phil83phil83 Posts: 1
    I have an 09 CTS direct injection AWD that flutters everytime the engine is stated after sitting for a few hours. It is most apparent in gear and goes away about the time the engine comes off high idle, or within 10-15 seconds. The dealer has witnessed the problem and added a can of injection cleaner which has had no affect so far. That was about 400 miles ago.
  • I have a 2007 CTS with 31,000 miles, and, I did not see oil usage until my 4th oil change, my sensor light never came on and my car felt like transmission problems. I had to make a appointment with the dealer and the mechanic called me and was upset with me like I am a dumb girl, I grew up with mechanics. Told me I had no oil in the car, exp I had an oil change and was not due for another, also asked why the oil sensor did not come on, he stated there was not one. I told him if this new car uses oil like this why would the company not put an oil sensor on the vehicle. He acted like this was an isolated incident. Of course, I had to have my spouse call, I can't deal with Mechanics that think all women are dumb when it comes to cars, especially when he stated oil changes are to be done every 3000 miles and I told him that is not what the manual states. He did an oil change and now I am within a 1000 miles due for another oil change and my oil is low again. He wants me to come in once a month for a consumption oil test, I told them they are nuts some of us work real jobs and everyone who owns a Cadillac is not always available during their work schedule, My dealers hours our 8-5 M-F. This is my first Cadillac and american car, I ask myself many times when I have have a problem with this car why did I get one now!
  • UNHAPPYCANUCK- I had the SAME THING HAPPEN TO ME!!! With my 2006 CTS about a month ago. I even had a receipt showing my last oil change...LESS then 3k miles on it! They still are denying me. Did you ever get this issue resolved?? PLEASE contact me! Thanks!
  • mymymymymymy Posts: 7
    Has anyone had problem with '06 cts over heating--coolant was in the car? Without warning the car over heated, causing problem to the radiator and the transmission. Dealer estimated will costs over $6,000 to replace both.
  • Same thing happened to me today. Exactly. Can you tell me what the diagnosis and repair was?
  • mymymymymymy Posts: 7
    wilsoncts: Turns out the over heating caused major damage to the radiator, which caused a crack to the "wall" (my word) between the transmission and radiator. Thus coolant fluids got into the tranmission fluid which caused the car to almost literally stop moving.

    Part of the repair was to replace the radiator and drain the tranmission of the contaminated fluids, which looked like thin mud). A solvant was used in the transmission to help clean out contaminated fluids. Fluids were put in the transmission and the new radiator.

    The recommended mechanic didn't find exactly what caused the car to overheat,
  • Just recently bought an 05 CTS. After a month of owning the car I had to take it to the dealership for engine issues, it was the timing chain. After a month, fixed, I continued on my routine. 2 months later same problem, timing chain. Brought it back even more upset, fixed in a month and now I have it back again. Issues are arising in it again. My guess is an issue with cam shaft or the main berring. The only way this would have been an issue is if the car was flooded prior to me buying, which dealer provided me with clean carfax.....can anyone help me out on this?

  • I, too, am having major problems with oil consuption on my 2005 CTS 3.6L engine. So far my dealership is getting GM to pay for it. Initially, a year ago when I bought the car it was throwing codes for cam followers, which they replaced several times. Then they found that there was no oil (3 weeks after I bought the car). My service manager has been working with GM, who says that the piston rings and valve stems need replaced. My extended warranty won't cover it because it doesn't cover oil consuption issues. GM recommended that the engine be decarboned first. It went back in today because it is 3 qts. low in 1200 miles and GM is recommending another decarboning. Has anyone had the problem corrected and if so, what was the fix.
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