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Cadillac CTS Engine Problems



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I dont know if I agree with you statement that the car will not last to 235K KMs, that is approximately 200,000 miles if my conversion is correct. With proper maintenance, which only you can define, any car should last subject to part or manufacturing defect....I follow OEM for the first 100k, then do all fluid changes every 50K....the car should last.....I too have an 09CTS non-di currently with 31K..but also have a 04 Chevy Malibu with 172K on it....and no major issues with it...following the guidelines above...its still gets well over 30MPG on the highway and will turn 7 years old Feb 11, so based on my singlar experience, there is no reason not to expect a car to last as long as you perform proper maintenance.

    you statement about spending a lot of $$ on maintenance is a generality, so were you referring to routine maintenance..brakes, fluids, tires, filters, tuneup etc...or is you expectation the car will require major component repair, transmission, engine, suspension etc....
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I hope you are correct. I have not driven one that long, therefore I really don't know from experience. It was just a gut feeling. I was not talking about routine maintenance. I am emphatic about maintaining my automobiles, as you are. I was talking about repair work. I would be curious for someone to respond who has driven a cadillac that long.
  • K9WillK9Will Posts: 26
    k9 Will here, i have 2 04 cts my gut tells me they will not go that long one is already consuming some oil but if i keep it checked it should not be a problem, but i hope i don't forget to check it often
  • The same thing happened to me but it didn't stop. The problem was the oil coolant line gave out inside the radiator. My car completely shut down and I had it towed to the dealer. They said it shouldn't have happened if I replace the radiator fluid regularly, per specs ... I had but didn't matter as far as fault. I noticed your message was from May. Hopefully you found out before it completely shut down somewhere on the road.
  • K9WillK9Will Posts: 26
    k9will here you said oil in coolant, i think you meant trans fluid in coolant because the trans lines go into radiator for cooling but i really don't know why changing the coolant would would have to do with the trans fluid getting into coolant fluid because radiator is made of alum. and plastic will not rust.
  • sdasda Indian Land, SCPosts: 2,927
    edited November 2010
    It is certainly concerning that the 3.6 seems to be self destructing so soon and with so few miles. Since GM is using this engine in so many applications, that really stinks. I hope GM makes the appropriate changes to prevent these failures. If not GM's reputation will quickly erode (again) as customers avoid buying their products in fear of this type of mechanical and financial disaster. I have driven several vehicles with the 3.6. It is a smooth and strong performer that gets good mpg. Hate to think people will avoid if it becomes common knowledge that this engine doesn't go the distance. Didn't the Northstar V8 and the Olds 'Shortstar' V-6 earn similar reputations?

    2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus w/tech, 2013 Honda Accord EX, 2006 Acura TL w/nav

  • nagarnagar Posts: 6
    I now have 2600 kms. on the 3.6 since the rebuild and it has used two litres of oil, very close to the same as before the rebuild, I will be going back to Murray GM Chev Olds Cadillac in Medicine Hat Alberta and asking them if GM is going to do anything about it, since the warranty has now expired, I will keep everyone informed as to what their answer is. The engine rebuild was done just at the end of my extended warranty approx. two months ago.
  • had almost the same problem had the motor replaced at 31500 miles it was low on oil. got the car back losing more oil now then ever. @45500 just took it in today to to find out the motor is blown again. even thou it had oil in it, and still 12% oil life . i had the oil changed once in it since the new motor. i have not changed the the second time because that i'm putting a quart a week in it. that" only 14000 after the first motor was replaced. then they call me
  • Finally, I am getting my car back! The engine went down on August 27th, and it took this long to figure out who would pay. GM finally came through, so I am very glad. They are putting in a new engine, with a new warranty. It has been a very slow process, and I would never have been able to wait this long except that my husband has his Buick, and I was able to catch rides to work from co-workers. My local Cadillac dealer made arrangements for a rental car so that we could drive back to Lincoln tomorrow, and pick up the car on Monday morning. While we had to pay for our motel, gasoline, rental cars already, at least GM has agreed to fix the car and pay for the rental car to pick it up. I have really enjoyed my CTS until this happened. I will take it into my dealer after we get back to get it checked out again. To be continued -
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,631
    To be continued -

    Please do.

    And, good luck!
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Congratulations on your good news. What was the final diagnosis of what went wrong with the engine?
  • That's a good question! I spoke with a few mechanics that had not seen my car, but they all said that a timing chain failure would cause that kind of damage. I know that the GM rep. spoke with my local dealer a number of times to get my records on my car - maintenance records. I believe that it was probably the timing chain, but I am not a mechanic. After having lived through this ordeal, I think that some engines may have problems, but I can see that it's complicated, and not so easy to really figure it out.

    I will be glad to get the car and get back home to Illinois. There's snow on the ground in western Iowa now. My rear wheel drive doesn't do well in the snow. . .
  • What's up everybody! I just purchased a 09 cts di w 40k miles and had some questions for the more experienced cts owners.
    I got a pretty good deal on my car because it used to b a rental. At first I was iffy about buying a previous rental car (we all know people beat the [non-permissible content removed] out of rentals) but with the 50 bumper2bumper + 100 powertrain, I thought I'd b alrite.
    My concern with my cts is that when I start my car it makes a clicking noise from under the Hood. Lookd it up online and found somewhere that the cts di's seem to do this. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I b worried?
  • Hello! I don't know what to tell you except the clicking means something. There are good contributors to this forum that know a lot about the Cadillac CTS. I am sure that they have suggestions.

    My car needed a new engine with 56,000 miles on it. It was my timing chain that went and caused the entire engine to go down. GM did step up and cover the repair so I am thankful for that. I really enjoy my CTS, and hope that the new engine will run great for many years. Check your dip stick!!! The mechanics kept telling me that my oil was 2 quarts low. I have learned to always keep an eye on my oil levels. Not the Onstar oil life - the actual oil in the engine.

    Have a great holiday!
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    It means something. I have a 2009 CTS non di. I only have 19000 miles on it so I can't relate mine to your mileage. My Cadillac dealership told me to go by the oil monitor on my 2005. I did that to a point, but I was never comfortable going that many miles between changes. The same dealership has told me, on the 2009, that they recommended that owners go 6000 miles now. My service advisor said that they had found that, when owners went by the oil monitor (which is really excessive), there were problems with the actuators in the engine at 50000 miles. My question would be whether the rental car company would have gone by the monitor.
  • I would think that you could get the service information on the car. That at least would tell you something.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the clicking is common and normal with the direct injection engine....I have an 09 non-di engine....if you have any questions...go over to the cadillac a google for it...lots of good techincal info there......the DI engine is new beginning in the 08 model year........the non di engine currently standard in the CTS was the optional engine upgrade prior to the 08 model year.....

    need to compare the same engines before comparing have or are currently experiencing...
  • nagarnagar Posts: 6
    I have been informed today that GM is putting a new short block assembly in our 04 cts 3.6 even though extended warranty is over., Murray Chev Cadillac in Medicine Hat Alberta as well as General Motors have been very professional during these proceedings, so good to hear that they are trying this hard, I have definitely more faith in American made and will keep everybody updated. As a sidenote the oil consumption has gone through the roof ,1 litre in 400 kms. To anyone with this oil consumption issue make sure you look at that dipstick.
  • Glad to hear that you are getting help from GM on your engine. I too feel better that GM has stepped up on standing behind their product. I do enjoy the CTS.
  • I just experienced very similar problems on my '08 CTS. I had just completed my drive from MI to FL in Dec when my "engine" light came on. Dealer said engine was 4 quarts low. Last oil change in Oct'10 about 6000 miles ago. Never had this happen in the 3 years I owned the car since new.
    ODO is 45000 mi. Here is the big problem that many people don't know...The oil life sensor has nothing to do with the quantity of oil in your engine. It even doesn't sense the quality of the oil. My service advisor stated that if you were to put molasis in, it wouldn't detect the foreign substance. It goes by engine RPMS and other elctronic engine performance data and then makes an assumption that the oil has deteriorated and has x% life left. Even with just 2 qts of oil left, no "low oil" light came on. A week later, the time chain had to be replaced and after 1350 miles of highway driving my engine consumed 1-2 qts. Today started a "Oil consumption test" with my local dealer. This is my first and last Cadillac.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,631
    does it not? Even with an oil-level sensor (which the Cadillac lacks), it's helpful to cross-check with a physical measurement, like a dipstick.

    Without an oil level sensor, it's crucial. Also, oil use tends to go exponentially. It may take 2500 miles to go through the 1st quart, but only 1000 for the 2nd and a few hundred for the 3rd.
  • Yes, it does have a dip stick. I think that the problem is that some of us get lulled into a false sense of security that the Onstar diagnostics reports will let us know when we need an oil change. I recently filled out a survey from Onstar regarding their reports, and suggested that they change the information that explains the Onstar oil life system. If you read the information, they do make it sound like it's as easy as 1-2-3; no worries - just let Onstar take care of you! Further down the page, they recommend that you check your oil levels. If it's a critical action that the owner should take, it should be stated that way. They should include checking your oil levels right along with the oil system information. Although we did check our oil levels, my engine failed without any warning. I needed a new engine. I understand the Onstar diagnostics report much better now, but it was a hard lesson to learn. It shouldn't be that difficult.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,631
    edited January 2011
    who grew up a long time ago with cars learned to check the oil regularly. Doing so did two things: 1) told you when you needed to add oil (duh) & 2) gave you a clue as to the oil consumption rate.

    These are important things, particularly the second one. With a lot of today's cars, oil consumption is nearly zero intitally and not much more past 50K miles. With others, particularly performance-oriented cars/engines, relatively higher oil consumption is normal & nothing to worry about, so long as it's monitored and the oil level isn't allowed to drop more than a quart/litre.

    So many of today's engines use so little oil that monitoring oil consumption has fallen from favor, and here we are. I think there's something wrong with these Cadillac engines, but it's being exacerbated by sloppy oil level monitoring.

    It's extremely important to monitor your oil level yourself. It's called taking care of your car. Start with every fillup, and drop to once every two or three if there's no consumption. If you've never pulled your dipstick, you're a potential mark for this engine.

    Good luck, folks, and continue to keep us posted.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    edited January 2011
    On Star had nothing to do with the GMOL (GM Oil Life Monitor) is simply reporting what the GMOL is sending out...The GMOL has been around for a while....I have it in my 04 Chevy.....the previous poster is DOES NOT determine the quality or even level of your simply through a series of algorithms calculate when the oil should be change based on lots of engineering cant determine what type, grade, or brand of oil you are isnt a sensor, or qualitative measurement of anything.

    once you understand the GMOL % left is nothing more than a mathematical calculation, you still should do routine/preventive maintenance of the vehicle...Im not faulting anyone here..just simply pointing out what the GMOL system is and a google search for GM Oil Life Monitor and you will find many more articles on the subject
  • vp2eohvp2eoh Posts: 1
    My wife's 2005 CTS ran out of oil TWICE!! On both occasions, On-Star was
    not able to see anything wrong on its diagnostics!! The Dealer decided to
    do an "Oil Consumption Test". We would go down a quart every 500 miles
    or so. After several times of this happening and being verified by different
    GM Dealers during our travels, our local Dealer decided to rebuild the engine
    and gave us a free loaner. We had 75,000 miles, but had purchased the GM
    Extended Warranty (Thank God!)
    The Master Mechanic told us the rings lose their springy-ness sometimes
    and the oil gets past and blows out slowly without any indication such as
    smoke or odor. They took about a week and a half to do the rebuild and
    found a cracked radiator during the process, which they also replaced. Due
    to having the GM Extended Warranty the cost was ZERO!! They even found
    a couple running lights that were burned out & replaced them for free.
    When she picked up the CTS, the Check Engine Light came on when she
    got to the end of the street. She went back to the Dealer and they found
    a bad sensor & replaced it.
    Now, a week later, the engine started shaking and missfiring and the
    Check Engine Light was flashing!! This time, On-Star saw some Codes and
    arranged a free tow to the Dealer. Again, a free loaner was provided. They
    found a broken Actuator in the Engine and replaced it - free.
    We're hoping this is the end of the problems for a while! The Dealer has
    been absolutely SUPER throughout this ordeal. My wife expects to drive her
    CTS for another couple years now with the rebuilt engine and new radiator.
    She loves the car.
    When we complained to On-Star about them failing to find the problems
    each time the oil went down to almost nothing, they gave us 6 months free
    My recommendation is, if you have a CTS, to check the oil OFTEN!! It seems
    that nothing tells you it is low until it's almost too late! With us, it decided
    to happen when we were hundreds of miles from home.
  • I was thinking that I would keep my CTS since I have a new engine with a new warranty, but when I read your message, I wonder if I should move on to something else. It was quite an ordeal to live through having my car being stuck in Nebraska for 2-1/2 months waiting to be fixed. I don't want to find that I am in for more troubles. I really like the car, but I am leary about keeping it.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    again...if you rely on OnStar to give you an oil level are asking for a disaster to happen....OnStar only monitors the onboard the case of anything related to only reports out the percentage reading on the GMOL....

    Im curious if you noticed any change in the oil pressure...assuming you have an oil pressure gauge on the 09 does have one..and I monitor it well as weekly oil level checks on all my cars.....
  • jlebjleb Posts: 1
    To Mariah from Cadillac
    We are owners of a 2006 Cadillac CTS. We have experienced many of the same difficulties posted in this forum. Several months ago we had a leak from our car but our local mechanic could find nothing. Having no further leaks, we continued to drive it. Over Thanksgiving the car started to hesitate slightly while driving it. This hesitation is now accompanied by a loud knocking sound. We took the car to our mechanic and heard the same bad news that so many people on these forums have heard, that we need a several thousand dollar repair to our car to fix it. After reading all the comments, it doesn't seem repairs have even helped. We were very excited to own a Cadillac but not anymore. We had previous trouble with a GM Bonneville so now we are thinking GM cars are not the way to go. We have always stuck to American made vehicles and have had better luck with Dodge and Ford.

    I am most interested in knowing what Cadillac is doing about these engine problems. It seems these problems have been around for awhile. Guess we should have done our homework and checked with consumers about reliability of this car instead of counting on the integrity of the company to build a good product.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    One of the most logical well written posts on the subject of oil usage, checking the dipstick and informed maintenance. The prior post that oil usage increases exponentially with age/miles is also right on point.
    Relying on OnStar or the oil monitor system rather than checking the dipstick is asking for trouble as you point out clearly. $30-$40,000 for a car and the owner can't check the dipstick level- guess that's why they come out with dumb down systems that are over-relied upon.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    According to Consumer Reports, the CTS V6 engine has had better than average to much better than average reliability going back to 2004, as far as major problems are concerned. This is what CR subscribers have been reporting. So, these problems may be relatively uncommon.

    The 2006 engine has been reported to have average reliability as far as minor problems are concerned (i.e. oil leaks).
  • According to your thought process people smart enough to afford this car should be smart enough to check their dipsticks is comparing apples to eggs . That you would totally dismiss the actuality of this problem that has been happening to unconnected people from across the United States should tell you that there is some merit to the problem that repeatedly happens to each of these individuals . There are more people that would be complaining except for the fact that GM service advisors were able to manipulate their warranties to fix the engines that were rendered useless by no fault of their own .
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited February 2011
    BIGjohn: sorry to offend. Point was you should be able to check your dipstick regardless of the technical aids to driving. Knowing the oil level helps with avoiding a problem AND helps with diagnosis IF you do have a mechanical problem requiring professional help. Also did not mean to dismiss people's car problems since there are real issues at times. Please check post #186 on Consumer's Reports unbiased reviews of CTS V-6 engines customer reported reliability. Enjoy your car.
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    I agree with crankee. Certainly our sympathy is to folks who have defective vehicles.

    However, in the case of low engine oil levels (whether due to a common or rare defect), part of the conversation should be about the need for all of us to regularly check oil levels. That is the best way to protect ourselves from the disaster of a ruined engine.
  • sadkittysadkitty Posts: 1
    I have read many of the messages posted here and I must say, I have had similar issues as well with my 2003 Cadillac CTS which I purchased brand new in October of 2002. I had a few issues while under warranty that I was not too concerned with as I was not responsible for the cost of the service. However, as soon as the warranty was over, the first issue was with the crank sensor. My car would die on me in traffic and would start after just a few minutes of the engine cooling down. I had it towed to the dealership where I learned what this issue was. The crank sensor was replaced at my expense. I drove the car home, (approximately 5 miles) and attempted to back it into the garage and smoke came rolling through the vents. I quickly put it in park and popped the hood and then ran. My husband came over to inspect the car and as he raised the hood, fire shot out from under the hood. Not wanting our car and house to burn to the ground, he scooped up some snow and dowsed it on the fire. I called the dealership to tell them what happened. They came to tow the car and called me later to say that the crank sensor they put it was a dud and they would fix it free of charge. Six months later the engine was leaking oil and I had all of the valve cover gaskets replaced. (At a different dealer). 13 months later it was leaking again. Now I have not heat on the drivers side. You would think that with the cost of the cadillacs, they would be built a little better. We have always changed the oil at least every 5,000 miles, since it reached 50,000 miles. Only when indicated prior to that. I am positive that my next purchase will not be a Cadillac. Any suggestions?
  • I purchased this car a year ago and wish I had seen this post prior to. My engine started making a rattling sound last week so I asked my husband (who is a mechanic) take a look at it. He drove it 2 miles from our home, the noise got louder and louder right before the engine blew/seized. I'm now being told I need an entirely new engine replacement which will cost over $5k in parts & labor. Apparently Cadillac does not warranty anything prior to 2007. Just my luck. I've tried contacting them via their website with no response. I called their 800# this morning and had a heated conversation with an incompetent rep who advised that I have the car towed to the dealer for a "diagnosis". This would be at my expense, of course. I've escalated my case to a supervisor who supposedly will be in contact with me tomorrow. I am not holding my breath for any assistance from Cadillac but they at least need to be made aware of these problems. I'm not the only one obviously so I'm wondering if anyone with an 05 -06 has had any luck with recourse or repair assistance. I am extremely heart broken that my "dream car" is now a heap of non functioning metal in my driveway. I should have just stuck with my reliable old 1997 BMW which never gave me any of these problems. Any advise or insight would be greatly appreciated!
  • Your only hope is if you have any kind of warranty that the dealership will manipulate to cover your problem. Service advisors will contact everyone with minor problems but don't hold you're breath waiting for them to admit that there is a defect in this engine . Stay in touch with me please.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867

    so as I read your message..the car was 5 years old when you bought it correct, thus there would have been no warranty on the car..unless you purchased a dealer offered one or a third party warranty...GMs drive train warranty is 5 years or 100K which ever comes first which they began to offer on all GM models in 07...and their bumper to bumper on Cadillac is 4/50K if memory serves me correct how many miles where on this car when you purchased iteither way you were out of the manufacturer warranty for the noise that was heard, rattle or otherwise....did you or your husband check the oil level before you drove the car further?..just curious as to why the engine seized in the first place....did it have oil in it???

    I currently own on 09 CTS with no problems on it through 37K
  • Thanks for your reply. The car had about 70k when I bought it, so I assume this was already out of warranty when I purchased it. Yes it had oil in it. I recently had an oil change as well and there were no "change/check oil warnings" before this incident. So far, dealing with Cadillac has been a waste of time. I never got a response to my online inquiry/letter and I have yet to receive a call back from a "supervisor" which I requested last week when I called the 800#. At this point I feel I am SOL as far as receiving any assistance from Cadillac. I am extremely disappointed that I paid cash outright for a car 5 years old and now have to invest another 5-6k into it so it is not a complete loss.
  • So far no luck with much of anything from Cadillac. It's like pulling teeth just to get a call or email response. I suppose they are not too concerned about issues with an 05 and more focused on selling selling selling. This whole experience has lasft a bad taste in my mouth about GM as a whole.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,631
    an oil level sensor, and the "change oil" message is driven by time, mileage and other parameters, none of which have anything to do with oil level.

    The ONLY way to know if your engine has enough oil in it is to use the dipstick and find out. . .regularly. At least these cars have dipsticks. Some don't these days, and the oil level sensors that are used instead are sometimes unreliable.

    By the time you've lost oil pressure and the aptly-named idiot light comes on, it's too late, although it sounds like this engine grenades prior to even the LOP (low oil pressure) light.
  • tammysadtammysad Posts: 2
    I know how you feel, I purchased a 2003 and in Oct 2009 had minor issues and then 5 months later the problem started.....I have spent $5,000 plus on this car since I have had it......Cadillac says because the previous owner did not use a authorized dealer to have the car served....there is no record of servicing and they could not help me!!!!! I did not purchase a warranty....the first chance I get I will be trading the car in for a Honda!!!!!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    a general comment here....Im sorry to hear that some folks are having trouble with their cars ..but the general statement of faulting GM or the brand name..when you purchased a 5-6 year old car..with 70K plus miles on it...with an unknown maintenance history, out of warranty and then turning around and complaining that either a dealership or a company will not help you out with costs or repairs is faulty logic....

    I would assume that both cars purchased above had the infamous, no warranty sold as is stickers in the windows when the purchase was made..I have to agree with the poster that stated once the check oil light comes on its too stated you had oil in it...did you physically check the dip stick?....I know basic questions....what has been discovered in some cases is the oil is somehow pooling through the exhaust in the catalytic converter..those no evidence of leakage....

    Im not trying to defend any position here, and I realize its difficult and frustrating in dealing with car issues, repairs, etc.....lesson learned here..never buy a used car without a documented maintenance history and I personally would never purchased one that wasnt certified by a dealership more than two years old and less than 40K on it.....Having owned over 27 different cars in 40 plus years..I can say I have only bought two used ones....and they were secondary transportation and not my primary (Fiat) went on for 12 years and close to 200K over one more owner past me (gave it up in 1979), and the second a Opel, purchased in Germany, ran great for two years for I donated it when I left the country in 1983...

    At this point I would shop around for a good crate engine and an independent shop to install it.....
  • Then do me a BIG favor and don't comment at all . To make the stetements you make belittles the actual damages that these people have mentally and financially endured . This engine has a DEFECT and the fact that it is happening to so many people in so many places tells us this . According to you these people got what they paid for and then what they deserved which is so far from the truth you could never understand it . Don't apologise for making an unnecessary coment and then make one . If you really want to help fund the engine rebuilds that everyone of these people need and then you will reap the benefits of your insensitivity.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I think I made myself perfectly clear in the first paragraph of my comments...Im didnt belittle anyone nor do I not have empathy for the frustration and resources this costs folks.....the point I was making is its an uphill battle to expect any corporation to accept responsibility for anything out of its warranty period....

    perhaps there is a defect in the engine...forums like this always bring out the problems and seldom the praise....but until someone can show the produced, total failures, documented causes, and whether OEM recommended maintenance was followed across each model year, it cant be statistically determined if it is actually faulty or not..even then what is considered a defect....1% or 5% or higher??

    I would challenge you to identify the total number of occurrences instead of making the broad statement so many individuals in so many places...there have been what..perhaps a dozen or so on the board...thats just my guess..

    It is always a risk to purchase a used car...carfax and the other "reporting" companies are never entirely accurate...unless the car is always serviced at the dealer, there is no way of accurately knowing the full maintenance history of the car...thus you as the consumer must take a calculated risk on a major purchase such as this....again..I dont see this as belittling anyone, its simply a fact.
  • C'mon really... isn't this car supposed to be near new? with only 27k
    Is the engine's rough idle normal?
    Why are the wheel bearings shot already? Why are the rear struts/shock or whatever is supposed to ride some what decent feels like a flinstone mobile.
    My neighbor had all new wheel bearings installed at 27k also,
    is this just a kwinky dink? Is it a greaseless bearing thing? GMs invention?
    What... what ... this freeggin car was $44k in 06 I paid 18.4 just 3 months ago
    So far its already been in the shop 3 times for a total of $3900 bumper to bumper
    funny cash
    Oh did I mention it took two different times at one Crest(Crust)Caddy dealer (Milwaukee, Wi) to tell me all is fine when actually a loose caliper was making all that noise that they couldn't hear and said all is fine. yea right
    Well finally at Metropoitan Cad. same city was totally pro and went head to toe on this car and fixed it all. What did I get myself into? And what is next?
    It does look very nice though. Thank you for listening and thank you for this great site. I hope to learn more about this GM Caddy thing.
    Is it time to dump it?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Can you update me on your progress with Customer Assistance?
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi Christina,

    I never got a call back from the supervisor, as I was promised. Very disappointing but right on track with the service/quality received thus far.

    Are you able to assist?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    My name is Caron and I am assisting Christina. When calling Customer Assistance did the rep set up a case? If so, do you have the case number? If a case was not set up could you email us with your full name, address, best number of contact, VIN and current mileage?

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I'm not sure if the rep set up a case. I did provide all my information so I would hope he did. I also never got a response to my online inquiry via your website. Can you please provide me with your direct email address so I can send you the requested information? Thank you for your help!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    If you click on the gmcustsvc link, you will be able to find the email address.

    Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

    Caron, GM Customer Service
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