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Lincoln Navigator Electrical Problems

johnv8rjohnv8r Posts: 2
edited February 2015 in Lincoln
I have a '99 Lincoln Navigator. I'm in Northern CA. When it rains, my Navigator begins to have some strange electrical problems that last for anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

The symptoms are as follows:

1. When I shut the engine off, the ignition doesn't seem to want to completely shut off. The engine will shut down, but the ignition appears to still have some power. For example, I'll shut the door after getting out and the radio will turn back on or the lights on the dash will come on and begin flickering.

2. When I'm driving, I'll hear clicking sounds like a relay is going off. Today, the "Low Wiper Fluid" light would come on and go off several times a minute and the stereo would shut down...and yes, there is plenty of wiper fluid.

3. The battery will be dead after several hours of this electrical activity. I have to disconnect the battery to prevent it from draining overnight until water the problem is dries itself out. Then everything is back to normal with no lasting side effects.

The bottom line is there seems to be some type of water intrusion that is causing the ignition to remain on somehow.

Does anyone have any experience with this problem?




  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I would have bet on your ignition switch being the culprit, but the water throws me a curve. I'd look for any leaks under the hood, or at the windshield seal at the firewall.... something is getting wet in there...
  • I am very familar with your problem. I live in Chicago & have a 2000 Navigator, 3 years ago I went out to my Nav & the battery was dead?? Called the dealer because it was only about 2 weeks after I bought the truck & they replaced the batter without any questions asked. Now again about a month later it happened, so now my investigating skills went into action..... I got in the car & the radio was working & the dummy lights on the dash were blinking on & off spuratically... I got a hold of my friend whos a certified mechanic at the local Ford dealer (different than where I purchased the truck). I described him the exact problems you described & he said its the Gemm Module & another electrical brain box... I paid to have them both replaced & the problem was solved for a couple of months..... now the problem stated again... now I figured out that after it rains is when the truck acts up, they did a pressure test in the washer & found out that there was a leak comming from the sunroof, so I replaced the entire sunroof with a brand new one.... now 6 months later it happens again... IM FURIOUS... they now took apart the entire front part of the car, dash-console-headliner & all.... there was a leak comming from a crack in the firewall, we sent it to the body shop to have it re-welded & i have not had a problem for about a year now........ Good Luck, your going to have to tell them what to look for, because when they call their 800 tech line the tech line is going to tell them exactly to follow the same steps they followed with my problem.
  • My heated seats on both sides stopped heating . i push the button on the seats and nothing happens there a fuse? This happened before on the passenger sideand the dealer fixed it in no time. i have looked for a fuse but didn't find one.
  • ljsgatorljsgator Posts: 5
    I have had my '04 ultimate for 2 months. I'm on my 3rd session with the dealer, and my second new battery. I read previous posts and I will say that 1 time it wouldn't start
    was after a car wash, and another was after a heavy rain.
    When I first got it I hauled a bunch of kids, and one claimed water came out of the rear dvd player. I have yet to see that. I contacted the former owner, and they claimed they were trouble free for 58k miles. I see no signs of water leaks inside the Gator. Where exactly should I look for water intrusion into the electrical system. What is a method of testing for a short.
  • rshakrshak Posts: 3
    ok here is my situation...I have a 2001 lincoln navigator w/some 24 inch as i was pulling out in reverse (wheels turned mind you) my truck just shut that. well it was still in gear so i tried to crank it up no luck, put in park tried to crank it up no luck the gears were locked...everything works but the truck wont crank. it is like it starts to crank but will not catch to crank up...PLEASE HELP!! lady in distress.... my freaking truck is at the dealership now and they are draining my pockets b/c they cant figure out what is wrong with my truck. they tried a new key but that did not work either.
  • I have a 2001 Lincoln Nav. My moon roof is stuck in the open position. Any ideas on how to close manually if possible. Any help is appreicated
  • Every now and then I am hearing what sounds like a police siren, in a short 2 second tone. It is coming from the rear of the vehicle inside the cab somewhere and I have no clue what it could be. Anyone heard of this?

  • problems started with mysterious bell sound dinging in my dash. problems followed....lights on running boards stopped coming on, vehicle would not shift out of park, radio started turning on and off non stop, cruise control will not engage, interior lights stopped working, power windows stopped working(all 4), and wipers wont work either. it sounds like theres a relay or a soelinoid clicking under the dash. problems occured over a 2 day period and i'm stumped. someone please help!!!!!
  • I had a similar problem with my '04 right after I bought it. The dealership replaced the battery and all that stuff stopped. The new battery went dead, and they put in another one which also went dead. The dead battery issue was finally traced to the rear DVD player. I suspected they jump started the gator and zapped the player. They took it out and all went well. 3 weeks later I put it back in just to see what would happen.
    No problem. I think something in the player had to reboot. Every once in a while it does get confused and sticks out those running boards for no particular reason, or messes up the seat position. I just restart the gator and it straightens out. Nice Ride.
  • tried replacing the battery and no luck. still same problems , all of them !!!! i was told to replace the fuse box and the GEM module. supposedly around these years theyve had problems with leaky windshields resulting in electrical problems. someone let me know if theyve heard of such things and /or have a solution for me....
  • I have no experience with a GEMM module. I guess you can start pulling fuses one at a time until you find the culprit. My dealership checked for water leaks and found it all dry. I went through 3 different trips to the dealership and 3 batteries and it turned out to be one circuit causing the battery drain.
  • Hi all i have a 03 Lincoln Navigator in the uk and the climate contol ha sstoped working checked the fuses and relay but have no lights to the control unit in the center console any ideas please what to try next the rear fan does not work aswell but iam sure its goes through the contol panel please help a uk owner of a great American car. thanks Ian
  • wilfrwilfr Posts: 4
    Our 03 gator is giving us a lot of e-problems. Running boards, Liftgate, Battery,Dash lights,Air ride, Horn and now, coming back from xmas shopping at night and in the rain, the Tail lights and 4-way flasher failed!!!!!!! I'm sick and tired of this overpriced piece of junk. I'm more than disappointed in the Lincoln Navi !!!!
    Can somebody clue me in on some of my problems,please cheers,Wilfr
  • My '04 had similar issues that came up whenever water was around. My battery was replaced twice by the dealership, but the problem kept up until the DVD player was removed. It's like the player needed to be rebooted because I put it back in after 3 weeks and it works fine now. I would suggest you take it to the dealer and see if it needs a new battery.
    My problems started right after I bought it a year ago. I've been trouble free since then.
    No junk...nice ride.
  • wilfrwilfr Posts: 4
    Thanks for your info. "Junk" was in anger and disappointment. agree it is a nice ride, no doubt. Battery has just been replaced, no change!!!!! Now got the electrical schematics for everything and hope to shed some light on the problems. Our dealer wanted to change the motors for the liftgate and the runningboards, can't believe the price for these puppies, $ 750.00 for the runningboards before labour !!!!
    Anybody got some solid advise ???? Cheers,wilfr
  • Try pulling fuses one at a time. You may find the area that is the culprit. Something may need to be rebooted. I'd start with that rear DVD.
  • hey buddy i found my problem in the fuse box. check all fuses that have to do with the GEM module. i believe mine was a 5 amp fuse but i cant remember. dont let those dealerships stroke you more than they may have all ready. i believe my problem stemmed from a leaky windshield seal that got the fuse box wet. good luck!!
  • anyone out there can help me i have a 2000 navigator, the battery went dead last night, replaced it and it started just fine also the odometer light is on with the key off, just weird stuff happens now it wot start, lights come on automatically any help would be appreciated, thanks ron
  • I am about to change the alternator on my 2000 Navigator.

    Is there a sequence that must be followed in this process?

    Also there is a switch clicking (machine gun like) when I now open the door will this disappear once I change the alternator? Is there a reset sequence. The battery is currently drained, but should be fine once I change the alternator as it was replaced 2 months ago.

    Any advice, Thanks

  • I had a whistle like noise in the 3rd row area while driving and it turned out to be:
    A/C check value.
    replaced TXV per TSB (I am coping the tech. notes)
    part # FMC 6LIZ 19849 B
    valve asy- evaporat

    good luck
  • Could someone please help me!!!!! I have my 2003 gator about 3 years now and as i was going to get it serviced..... my advancetrac light, ABS, brake lights and charging system started blinking and bells were sounding.... Make it to the dealership as all this was going on and the dealership stated that i needed a battery... purchased battery and that night ... same problem as before.
  • After my 2003 gator charging system, ABS, brake light and advancetrac light was blinking and bells were ringing... The dealership stated that it was a battery problem.... Well that same day the battery was replaced , the problem continued... Come to find out that it was the alternator.. but this did now show up at the dealership. Dealership did not find the problem, my personal mechanic found the problem.. Navi is now a nice ride.
  • cfbtxcfbtx Posts: 3
    My drivers seat doesn't move on my 03 navi and I checked the fusees and replaced the one that was bad but it keeps burning the same fuse after I adjust my seat.
    Also every time I unlock my navi with the remote my mirrors go down as if I was going to reverse.
    Has anybody had any similar problems with there navigator?
  • I have a 2004 Navigator that now when I go over a bump, the navigation panel flickers and turns a soft pink color. I can bang the top of the dash or the navigation panel itself and it works fine for awhile. What can be loose? Is it simple to pull apart the dash to check?
  • vcjvcj Posts: 1
    Hi, here's my issue. Left an interior light on and the battery died. Had to jump the car off, then replaced the battery. After jumping the car off the stereo system will not come on. Have checked all fuses and replaced #4, #7 and #22, just in case. Still no radio. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
  • Our battery died and we replaced it--then the car started, but almost all the electrical features in the car would not work--no dashboard, radio, navigatiion, windows, hatch, seats. The only things we found that worked were the headlights, windshield wipers and air conditioning. Since we had the car we had random problems with the driver seat not working and the running boards not going in and out properly. The dealer says there was a leak in the car (?) and all the wiring harnesses are wet and corroded. The car never had a visible leak, and there is no musty smell or damp mats. Dealer said it will be $12,000 to $15,000 to fix and the car only has 38,000 miles and we are out of warantee. At first they sounded like they would help us with Lincoln to get it fixed, but now they say it is not due to the design of the car and Lincoln has no responsibility. My insurance said the car was never in a flood, so it is not eligibe for a comprehensive claim--so I am out one car, that cost $60,000 five years ago. Any suggestions?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Find another dealer. Doesn't sound right to me. If there was a leak it had to come from somewhere - what did the dealer say?
  • hi i have a 01 lincoln navigator and my service engine light will not turn off i just had the transmission rebuilt. i hooked up the machine to it and it gave me a code that said p0171 and p0174 could you tell me me what these codes mean.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,040
    Do a google search for OBDII codes.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Li'l Queenie here :P I did search for OBD II codes. Thanks for that kick, akirby. I didnt realize they were industry standard and that, eg P0171 and P0174 mean the same things on all vehicles and that is both the left bank (71) and the right bank (74) are running too lean. The P means Powertrain and the 0 means standard codes - if the first digit were a 1 instead, then the rest of the code would by manufacturer specific, eg if a Ford then P1169 could mean Honeywell turbo implosion imminent. ;) something like that.

    In any case, thanks I learned somethin today. Now I wish I could figure out why BOTH of my 1995 Ford econolines have intermittent CELs and never a code?
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