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Lincoln Navigator Electrical Problems



  • m_cabm_cab Posts: 1
    I don't know what type of problem I'm having hut I'm assuming Its an electrical problem. When I start the car all the lights in the car go on and remain on until I hit several bumps and they eventually go off. That has been going on for about a month or two Now and just the other day all the lights In the car went on as usual, but they sort of faded out and then the radio went out and my drivers side window is unable to roll down. So then I tried to turn on the light switch in the car to make the lights go on and then the radio went back on and the window could now roll down. But the only way I can listen tithe radio or play the DVD player is if I drive the car with the light switch on the whole time, if not I'll be riding in a silent car.

    Can anyone help me or has anyone hadthe same problem?
  • doe7doe7 Posts: 1
    i have a 2003 nav just recently change the alternator. when the car is idle the alternator charges at 14v when the motor is reved the alternator stop charging so the volt meter reads at 12 and the battery will eventually die any suggestions
  • I am getting this on my 06 Navigator. Did you ever get a resolution?
  • swtich 203 needs to be replaced. You can swap it out with 201 or 202. This just happened on mine.
  • When it's cold, the running boards don't come out in my Navigator unless I reset the battery. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  • i have a 2002 navigator. the new battery i bought went dead. i can't get into my car ,the doors are locked. any ideas?
  • Your key should open the door. Make sure the interior lights go out when the doors are shut. The back glass hatch should also be checked. Sometimes mine is not making good contact with the switch to turn the interior lights off.
  • the key i have just turns side to side in the drivers door and it won't turn atall in the back gate
  • I have a '99 Navigator that has failed to start twice in two weeks (a little over a week in between instances). Both times the radio also did not have power to it and would not come on. In both instances the battery meter read okay and all other power accessories (windows, locks, navigation, cig lighter, a/c, dash) worked fine. Each time tried turning the key multiple times and nothing (besides aforementioned electrical accessories coming on).

    In both cases, opened the hood to make sure the battery cables were tight. They were and closed the hood. Attempted start... nothing. Tried moving the steering wheel different directions nothing. Tried putting in and out of partk and restarting... again nothing.

    In both cases, finally gave up and made a call to AAA to have it towed back home. Each time 30-45 minute wait. In each case simply tried to start the car again and started up instantly along with the radio.

    Does anybody know what the common link would be between the starter and the radio? Is there a common fuse or harness that I can check. Appreciate the help!
  • i had the same problem till it didnt start at all bought a new battery and seemed to solve the problem, sometimes they have enough juice to satisfy a battery meter but when it comes to starting a car its a different story, if your alternator has never been replaced it might not be charging the battery either so you might want to check that out, hope this was a help...good luck
  • I needed to change out the battery in my 03 Navigator. Now my seats don't heat, back door does not open, and side mirrors have a mind of their own.
  • I have a similiar problem. My wife left her GPS unit hooked up and the vehicle set for three days, battery went dead. Put charger on battery. Everything works but the heated seats. Checked all fuses, checked battery connections. What is there to do from here.
  • Hi, I am from The Netherlands and have a Navigator all options since a year. Because there are only a few navigators in the netherlands there is hardly any knowledge about the car. Since I have the car, the display ( where you see the logo or the map or the audio) is running sometimes. When I drive over a bump or sometimes just like that. When it is running it isnot working because you cannot see where to push. I already spend a lot of money at the garage but they cannot find it. Does anybody recognize this or know how to fix it? The garage says it arenot the wires, it seems that they can measure that. But the big question is : what is it, and they donot know.
  • got up on christmas morning went out to suv around 6 and the blower motor was running but the engine was off and the door was locked no key in the ignition, started the suv and the blower went off how it was in the off postion, so i turned of the suv and once off the blower kicked back on.......iam lost and dont know what it is does any one know if soo please help!!!!!!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Is there any possibility that someone else in your household had been driving your Navigator before you got to it? Just a thought.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • iam the only one, the engine was cold, it hadnt been running at all, could it be the jumpper harness that runs from the fuse box under the hood to the blower motor??or the oem moduel? Iam lost and on it.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    We'll have to wait for the Nav experts to chime in. My first guess would be a defective switch and/or bad thermostat.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • ok guys my 03 navigator has been nothing but a pain in the but. I did a lot research and found out that when it rains these trucks leak water thru the windshield and short out the fuses and relays, eventually it burns out the fuse box or as it is called central junction box. i replaced the fuse box(cjb) and it fixed my problems. my truck would burn relays and it would not crank over and burn other fuses. eventually when we were at a gas station filling up it just didn't want to start. Usually fuses go out when stuff stops working. i looked around and found afuse box at ajunk yard and it cost me 45 dollrs and i was able to install it my self. and i do agree this is an over priced piece of junk . just for ur information I removed the air ride system and installed regular struts from an expedition.
  • to mka e long story short i had the same problem . i replaced the fuse box because it shorted out fixed all my problems i had. and trust me i had alot of them
  • i had the same problems i replaced the fuse box and it fixed all my problems this is something commom on these vehicles. my navi would not start then it would and i would replace relays and thenit would fixed my problems.
  • replace the fuse box get a used one from a junk yard . My 03 navi had the problem it wouldnt start then it would then it would. alot of electricalstuff stopped working then it just stopped starting just crank over. it cost 45 dollars for the box and i replaced it my self. I know for a fact this truck are having that windshield leakage problem and causing damamge to the fuse box.
  • I have a 2000 Navigator, and when it rains sometimes the horn will just start honking and nothing will stop it except for unhooking the battery. Does anyone know why it is doing this? I got the truck from my dad, and it didn't do it when we were stationed in Georgia, where it rained often, and now we live in washington, and it started going crazy. sometimes the air will come on full blast, the truck will not be running at the time, the radio will quit working... I'm trying to get this truck squared away before my husband comes back from Iraq. Any help????
  • hello i'm have a battery drainage problem starts fine after charge but after parking car in the evening then in the morning will not start battery either drained completely or really low that car will no start replaced with 2 battery just to make sure that wasn't the issue alternator checks fine ,no obvious other issues .I also replaced a couple of relays checked relay readings with meter were different from other same relays so i replaced no difference 1999 Lincoln navigator .any help appreciated thank you
  • There are many other threads in the Navigator forum concerning dead batteries & numerous electrical problems. I ran across this textbook that describes using a dc ammeter aroud the positive or negative cable to determine amp draw while the engine and keyswitch are off. Any more than 20-30mA or .02A-.03A is excessive. Then you can pull fuses or relays until the excess is found. Checking the glove box light, underhood light, and aftermarket amps should not be forgotten. I had to change out my driver's side door switch. I also had to adjust the striker plate on the rear hatch glass. Now, after a new battery it won't start. I feel your pain dude. In case you want the book; ISBN 0-13-113327-6
  • we recently bought a 03 navigator. The mechanic was messing with the mirror switch
    then all the sudden the mirrors, driver seat and adjustable pedals all no longer work. Help!!! Any one else have this problem?
  • ben68ben68 Posts: 3
    I thought mine was possesed until I read this forum. The thing dances all by itself when it rains or snows.Toyota is taking a load of crap on thier problem. Why isn't Ford taking heat for this issue?
  • I have an 06 navigator and recently when the car has been driven for a while and it is parked it will not start up again until I let it sit for about 10 minutes. I had replaced the battery about five months ago so I really don't think it's a battery problem. It seems to need to cool down before it starts up. When it does start up it starts up like a fully charged battery.
  • In older cars I would say it is the starter. When it won't start try to tap the starter to see if it starts. If so, then you have found the problem. I suppose you could go to an auto parts store and see if a fault code shows. Maybe a code will show when it does not start. Autozone does it for free.
  • melindacmelindac Posts: 1
    bought a 98 navi and the blinkers blow the fuse, hazzards work even with blown fuse. help please. dont know if related but back vents wont work and back wiper wont work but back wiper spray does
  • ben68ben68 Posts: 3
    Hi Just sold 01 Navigator. Ford won't admit it but they have big electronics problems witht these autos. They cannot fix thier own products, I know I tried several agencies, One asked me to get the truck off the lot cuase they could not find the problem. That being said, I boiled it down to a leaking wndsheild, popped the old and put a new one in. On mine the GEM mod had gotten wet so that had to be replaced. This was the cuase of all my electrical problems, and there were plenty.
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