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  • OK, pulled the trigger and ordered the following:

    2008 AWD Limited (30,134)
    Panoramic Roof (1186)
    White Sand Tri-Coat Paint (421)
    Trailer Tow Package (336)
    Rubber Mats (47)
    Cargo Management System (55)
    Sirius Satellite Radio (166)
    5 Gals gas (yeah, they charge you!) (15.50)
    FDAF Assessment Fee (458)
    Dest and Del (705)

    + $150 over invoice

    GRAND TOTAL $33,673.50 not including tax and license, doc fee

    MINUS any applicable rebates or incentives at the time of delivery

    The gas and FDAF fee kinda makes the warm and fuzzy part of this transaction disappear.

    The salesman (as well as the sales manager) did say two things that I would like some feedback on from those of you in the know:

    1. We cannot guarantee the final price of your order until the car is delivered because Ford may raise the price of an option or something and we will have to pass that on to you??????? Of course, I am immediately suspicious of this since I signed a contract for the above pricing. I figure if they pull that at time of delivery, then the gloves will come off then. Have any of you heard of a dealer doing this?

    2. I wanted them to apply the current rebates/incentives but they again said I would get whatever was being offered by Ford at the time of delivery.

    Why is it I can buy an unbuilt house for several hundred's of thousands of dollars, settle on the price with the builder, take possession 6 months later and not have to worry about the price of lumber going up?

    Geez, this stuff is exactly why I hate buying a car. What an amazing alien world the whole purchasing of a motor vehicle has become. And they wonder why car dealers have a bad rep with the general public!

    Overall, we are looking forward to our new Edge in 6-10 weeks. Hopefully, nothing will come up to queer the deal.

    Thanks again, in advance, for shedding any helpful light on this.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    You are getting a very fair deal. The company does charge your dealer for the gas it puts in the car at the factory. Your dealer will likely deliver your car with a full tank, so don't sweat the $15.50. The ad fees are also paid by the dealer, and can be higher than yours depending on geographical location. You are getting exactly what you bargained for, with you paying $150 over invoice. Since the gas and ad fees are part of the invoice, that is the deal. You are getting a far better deal than the majority of buyers.

    On the price changes, very rarely does a company raise prices on existing orders. It can happen, but given the economy and other factors, I would seriously doubt that the price of your order will go up. I would imagine the price is locked in once that car is scheduled to build.

    The incentives are a mind numbing thing. Incentives usually change every month and are already different depending on geography. That is the company and not the dealer. Right now, there may be 3-4 different levels of incentives on the same car depending on where in the US you live. They can also get better or worse from month to month (or week to week on some GM products) and vary on whether you are leasing or buying. Also, some potential buyers get $750 coupons in the mail out of the blue while some of us never hear from the company at all. It is incredibly frustrating that the incentives are not the same everywhere and that if they are going to send out coupons that everyone who expresses interest on the Ford web site does not get those. From my conversations with my dealer, they are even more frustrated than I am because they can't keep up with what the ever changing incentives are. I certainly agree with your frustration on the incentives but that frustration should be with the company and not the dealer. When your car does arrive, ask the dealer to see the "Vincent" report for that car. It is a printout that will show all available incentives for that exact VIN that are available at that time. Yes, even the company has to have a computer program so IT can keep track of the various incentives on the same model car!!!!

    Bottom line, you have done well and your dealer is treating you right. Enjoy the new car.
  • Hardhawk,

    I appreciate the quick response and the info about the "Vincent" report. I will definitely ask for that when we close the deal.

    About the $750 coupons. This is the second time I heard of these. Another person stated they had one in their name in the computer and the dealer surprised them with it. I wonder if there is a way of checking. I bought a brand new 98 F150 back then. I wonder if there is something connected to that or not.

    Oh well, I can just ask the dealer to look. But I imagine it would have surfaced by now.

    Thanks again for the info and the opinion on my deal. Starting to feel a little better about it.

    Gonna have to figure out how to change my username from HighlanderBob to EdgeyBob. :)
  • joel0622joel0622 Posts: 3,302
    I wonder if there is a way of checking. I bought a brand new 98 F150 back then. I wonder if there is something connected to that or not.

    Email your last name and zip code to the email in my profile and I can check for you.

    Also go to the Ford web site and request a brochure on the Edge and there is an good chance you will get a $750 offer in the mail. It is a private offer. We call them hand raisers.

    They are no good for Plan buyers
  • Hi Folks, Why is a Ford Edge priced so High compared to the competition? It is not clear to me and I just want to understand. Is it really worth $10K more than its competition? Also, do you think it will last more than 100K miles? ">Thanks. :confuse:
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Who says the Edge is over priced? What competition are you referring to? Please list exact models & features/options on the Edge and the other vehicles you are comparing it to. I would dispute your assertion that an Edge is $10,000 more than a similarly equipped competition vehicle. If you are comparing apples to apples, model and equipment wise, I think you are mistaken. I am always willing to be educated so will welcome whatever evidence you have to convince me I am the one who is mistaken!
  • Your comments are helpful. I got a quote today on the Limited w/ Nav, Vista, White Tricoat, Plower liftgate, towing, sat. radio, cargo management (can't figur out what that is), all weather floor mats. Dealer quoted (Costco) including des. charge for 36,696. I can get 1500 off or get 1.9 interest. Oh, i told him I don't want 20" wheels for almost 900.

    What do you think? After reading everyone's costs this price is TOO high.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Go to the pricing page for the Edge on and then figure up the invoice and MSRP for the exact car you want. Each region has additional advertising charges that will add approx. $500 to the invoice and these vary by region. Take the invoice number from Edmunds, add an estimated number for the advertising charges (or just ask the dealer to show you an invoice for an in stock Edge to see what they actually are) and then offer an amount above that for a sales price. Insist on you getting all the applicable incentives as well. The one you got the estimate on has to be AWD to be that high. The cargo management system is a plastic compartmentalized insert below the rear cargo floor that lets you store small items below the load floor around the outside of the spare tire. You should be able to order one for no more than $500 over the invoice & ad fee total. If not, go to the Ford website and get area dealer information and start e-mailing quote requests for the exact Edge you want and then see what the responses are. The first step is to get the invoice cost from Good luck!
  • tbbtbb Posts: 5
    Started looking around at ford edges this week. I started by visiting a couple of dealerships and emailing them as well. One dealer sent a response that said 20% off every vehicle on the lot, 07 and 08. That's almost 5800.00 off (SEL) w/o negotiating.
    Since the dealer stated the 20% off all vehicles, I'm going to assume he is not including the factory cash back (1500). This is limited to the stock on hand.

    What a great place to start for negotiations. Sounds too good to be true.

    This is at Grand Prairie Ford which is 10 miles west of Dallas.
  • tbbtbb Posts: 5
    We purchased our Edge on Fri, here's the deal: 08 SEL, Sirius, roof rack, premium 18" wheels. MSRP 28,895.00, purchase price 23,116.00. I think I could have gone a few hundred dollars lower but was happy with the deal.
  • Wow! that is a great price. Invoice pricing with the 1500 rebate only takes about 3000 - 3500 off. How did you get the other 1500 - 2000? What was your secret?
  • Here's a deal I got online from a dealership by me....

    A 2008 Edge SEL with Premium Package, Vista Roof, Reverse Sensing, 18" wheels, all weather mats and an Audiophile System would be $29957.00, after rebates. A Limited with the same options would be $30274.00.

    I'd probably add the power liftgate. I also get a discount from my work on Ford vehicles. Originally, i was considering the Highlander, but all the extras and the price are pulling me towards the pun intended. I'm a little hesitant though, as it's an American car and all my family has driven are toyota's and honda's. This would be my first car and don't want to hear the, I told you so from my folks.
  • The Ford dealer didn't know I was interested in AWD, I guess they didn't examine the Build My Edge quote I submitted to them. Anyway, that adds 1600 to the price plus 490 for the powerlift gate. My discount from work is about 500 so that pays for the liftgate. Price for a fully loaded Limited Edge would be 31374 before taxes and all the other stuff. Taking it for a test drive on Saturday....
  • The Mercury Grand Marquis has an lmda assessment of $700. Is this fee based on the MSRP?
  • tom2004tom2004 Posts: 2
    I had the X-Plan from my work, purchased a 2007 on Christmas 2007. I had a low budget to work on, and got an extra $2K rebate for the 2007 as compared to the 2008, and I plan to keep it 10+ years, so 1 model year really won't make much of a difference in resale in 2020.

    This is an AWD SE, the only thing I really wanted that I didn't get were the 18" wheels. Has the Sat stereo system, no nav system, but they are so cheep as an external device (I actually have one on my Windows Mobile 6 HTC pocket PC phone). But with the X-Plan pricing, all of the instant dealer rebates, AND a $750 mail in rebate I got from Ford a few months before, I ended up in the $21K range.

    I just got done adding the factory fog lamps myself (about $300 in parts from Ford + a little extra for the wiring). The SEL emblem was under $10! So now it looks like a $10K more vehicle than what I actually paid!

    I love the awsome torque & horse power from the 3.5L (more than the crown vic 4.6L V8) and the AWD traction of course. This replaced an Aerostar XLT 4.0L AWD Extended mini-van (the largest and most powerfull mini-van ever made, even more so when I changed it to a 5.0L!).

    I have no regrets at this time, wasn't paying attention on the highway onec and had it running 105MPH, and seemed like 70. I have owned Fords all my life, some family used to work there as an engineer. Also own a few older Mustangs, an expensive hobby.

    I hope you enjoy your Edge as much as I do!!!

    Tom :)
  • :blush: The '08 EDGE I am looking at has a sticker of $38755 I would like to lease it for 39 OR 24months at 12k/year. What (with 3000 OOP) should I expect to pay per month after negotiating a price? Also, after a price is negotiated how (based on Ford's current lease rates) do you determine the exact lease price?

    Thank you! I'm planning on leasing one this week.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Posts: 113
    AND a $750 mail in rebate I got from Ford a few months before,

    I tried to get one of the 750 rebates but have been unsuccessful. I went to the Ford site a month ago to request a brochure since that is how others have received theirs. Not receiving one I called their marketing and promotion center to ask if they still have the extra rebate for my area. No success.

    I will probably get one a month after I buy the Edge.
  • Why would you be expecting a rebate in the mail? The $6,500 rebate I got for my Mercury Grand Marquis was deducted from the price.
  • rockfish1rockfish1 Posts: 113
    The certificate for a $750 rebate is apparently an extra rebate Ford has sent to some potential customers who contacted Ford asking for a brochure. I did not obtain one :confuse: when I signed up for a brochure a month ago. The $750 rebate certificate according to the people who received them and purchased a Ford used them immediately to lower the price of the Ford.
  • rob110rob110 Posts: 1
    I have x-plan pricing and am looking to use it on an Edge lease. I also got one of those $750 teaser mailers, but it says in fine print that it can only be combined with public offers and not private or A/Z/D pricing. It doesn't say A/Z/X/D--do you think they can be combined?

    Also, do I still have to pay the $595 lease origination fee with x-plan, or just the <$75 documentation fee?

    thanks in advance
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Rob - yes you can use it. I did. Mine was 3 yr 45,000 mile lease I also used the X-plan. No lease origination fee in my deal. Sticker $34,935. Paid $3000 total out of pocket which included the first month payment. Payments are $389 after the rebates, taxes and fees. Just as a matter of fact. When I got the car, It was a Saturday, the mail just arrived with another $500 off in addition to all other deals, etc. My dealer was not familiar with this coupon and it looked original but it had no offer plan number on it. Nonetheless, I am still waiting for my $500.
  • syrahsyrah Posts: 9
    Here is what my local Tampa, FL car dealer is offering me on a '08 Edge Limited, vista roof, navigation system,pwr liftgate,20" wheels, sat radio. How does it sound?
    3yr lease, 15k per year

    Sale Price=31,508
    Lease Rate=2.00
    Residual = 49%
    Aquisition Fee= 595
    Payment incl fees & Tax = 35 payments of $515.45

    thanks in advance......
  • nununnunun Posts: 1
    Here's a quote I got from a dealership in NY.

    A 2008 Edge Limited, AWD without any options would be $29957.00 beforeTax and other doc fees.

    I think the price is bit high considering some people got a loaded model (Navi+Vista roof) for around $31000. Im gonna offer $28000 for this model. is this number reseanable or am I off too much?
  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    I've seen postings in the forum about the $750 coupon on the Edge if you request a brochure and I'm happy to say that I just received mine in the mail over the weekend. I just requested the brochure less than 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any guess about what the June incentives/rebates are going to be like? The May one's run out on 5/21.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,093
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Ford Edge within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you&#146;re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    My local dealer is advertising base Edges(SE FWD) without any options for $20,400. This seems to me alot of car for that price. Ford has a $3500 rebate on the "08's and $1000 conquest cash. With everyone buying small cars it may make more economic sense to me to go with something a little bigger that is not selling as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with a base Edge and is there anything options that you wish you had got ?
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    Hi, Guys:
    In south Bay Area (95050), The Edge SE FWD (MSRP about $25600) will be ads for sale price $18955 before doc and tax.
  • tom2004tom2004 Posts: 2
    If you can get that for under $17K, that is a great price!

    My '07 is an AWD and had the Sirrus sat radio, but that was about it. I added factory fog lamps. I love it, however it is not the best for gas milage. I talked to 2 of my cousins that have the FWD version, and it isn't much better on gas. That 3.5L has great power and torque, so I guess milage is the price for all the power.

    My '08 Escape has the 3.0L, and it gets much better milage (about 4 mpg more), and is ok on performance, but nothing like the Edge. :)
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Thanks Tom.

    I have a fwd '03 Escape and average about 21, I think the EPA combined is 19, the same as the Edge. If I can get at least 21 I would be happy.

    I would buy another Escape again but I need a little change of scenery. Plus the Edge is much prettier.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,493
    i drove an awd edge for a tank of gas and got 20 mpg. how does that compare against your mileage?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
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