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Ford Edge Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    Rob - yes you can use it. I did. Mine was 3 yr 45,000 mile lease I also used the X-plan. No lease origination fee in my deal. Sticker $34,935. Paid $3000 total out of pocket which included the first month payment. Payments are $389 after the rebates, taxes and fees. Just as a matter of fact. When I got the car, It was a Saturday, the mail just arrived with another $500 off in addition to all other deals, etc. My dealer was not familiar with this coupon and it looked original but it had no offer plan number on it. Nonetheless, I am still waiting for my $500.
  • syrahsyrah Posts: 9
    Here is what my local Tampa, FL car dealer is offering me on a '08 Edge Limited, vista roof, navigation system,pwr liftgate,20" wheels, sat radio. How does it sound?
    3yr lease, 15k per year

    Sale Price=31,508
    Lease Rate=2.00
    Residual = 49%
    Aquisition Fee= 595
    Payment incl fees & Tax = 35 payments of $515.45

    thanks in advance......
  • nununnunun Posts: 1
    Here's a quote I got from a dealership in NY.

    A 2008 Edge Limited, AWD without any options would be $29957.00 beforeTax and other doc fees.

    I think the price is bit high considering some people got a loaded model (Navi+Vista roof) for around $31000. Im gonna offer $28000 for this model. is this number reseanable or am I off too much?
  • katyhykatyhy Posts: 13
    I've seen postings in the forum about the $750 coupon on the Edge if you request a brochure and I'm happy to say that I just received mine in the mail over the weekend. I just requested the brochure less than 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any guess about what the June incentives/rebates are going to be like? The May one's run out on 5/21.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter from a national newspaper is looking to speak to consumers who just purchased a new Ford Edge within the past six months and whether it had anything to do with gas prices. If you’re interested in speaking to the reporter, please contact Chintan Talati at [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than June 23, 2008.
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    My local dealer is advertising base Edges(SE FWD) without any options for $20,400. This seems to me alot of car for that price. Ford has a $3500 rebate on the "08's and $1000 conquest cash. With everyone buying small cars it may make more economic sense to me to go with something a little bigger that is not selling as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with a base Edge and is there anything options that you wish you had got ?
  • shuedshued Posts: 107
    Hi, Guys:
    In south Bay Area (95050), The Edge SE FWD (MSRP about $25600) will be ads for sale price $18955 before doc and tax.
  • tom2004tom2004 Posts: 2
    If you can get that for under $17K, that is a great price!

    My '07 is an AWD and had the Sirrus sat radio, but that was about it. I added factory fog lamps. I love it, however it is not the best for gas milage. I talked to 2 of my cousins that have the FWD version, and it isn't much better on gas. That 3.5L has great power and torque, so I guess milage is the price for all the power.

    My '08 Escape has the 3.0L, and it gets much better milage (about 4 mpg more), and is ok on performance, but nothing like the Edge. :)
  • gussguss Posts: 1,181
    Thanks Tom.

    I have a fwd '03 Escape and average about 21, I think the EPA combined is 19, the same as the Edge. If I can get at least 21 I would be happy.

    I would buy another Escape again but I need a little change of scenery. Plus the Edge is much prettier.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,792
    i drove an awd edge for a tank of gas and got 20 mpg. how does that compare against your mileage?
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • vangvang Posts: 12
    We're are going to start shopping for an 08 Edge AWD Limited (Black/Camel) with vista roof, hitch prep, A/W mats, cargo management, and power liftgate.

    Toronto based and hope to find the right deal in NY (Albany) and bring it home. Will travel further if the deal warrants it.

    Any feedback on cash price we should start at and then expect to pay is appreciated.

    Van G
  • Just bought a Ford Edge Limited FWD Black with 10 spoke 20's.
    MSRP = 33,444
    Rims = 2500
    Total = 35,944
    Asked to beat another dealer = 29400
    Rebate = (3,000)
    Non Ford = (1,000)
    Discounted = 2,544
    Selling Price = 29,400
    Total Discount = 6,544

    Finance = 250
    APR = 5.44375

    Dealers are offering 7k for AWD in central Ohio.
  • what is on it exactly?
  • I am negotiating for a 2008 Ford Edge Limited AWD with Navigation. The MSRP is $38,750.00. It is Demo with 4,600 miles.

    Currently, Ford is offering $7,000 off the MSRP.

    What should I expect for a Demo Discount?
  • what exactly is on this vehicle\/
  • can anyone help me out with the 750 coupon?
  • 2008 Ford Edge SEL AWD
    MSRP............................................ $32,890
    Current Factory Rebate ......................... $3,750
    Your Net Internet Dept. Price after Rebate $28,253

    This is just what I recieved from a dealer in Oregon, hope the number help out, has anyone had quotes on 36 months lease??
  • I have no idea how to price this since it's a NEW 07 . . . and all I can find to price is are used or new 08s.

    The sticker on the car is $31,xxx- it's a SEL with Leather, Heated seats, etc.

    The dealer is saying that they really need to get rid of it and will try to match the SE pricing for 08s. At this point, he's offering $24,250 - I asked him to knock it down another $2k. Even if he does this, would it be a good price? I don't know how much to deduct for the fact that it's a first year model and a year older. I'm looking at deals that others have gotten, and it's obviously good, but it's year later and only a couple thousand better than the best deals people have gotten.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ltadltad Posts: 5
    Hi Everyone,

    I hope this helps someone out in their negotiations. I just bought a black 2008 Edge LTD, FWD. It's loaded with everything including Vista roof, nav, 20" wheels, etc. MSRP was just over $36,500. I got it from a dealer in So. Cal. that was closing (my deal was their last one!) I paid $800 below invoice and then got $4750 in incentives, dropping the price to $27,656 + tax & lic. I think that was a great deal. :D

    On another note, I didn't get a $1,000 "Competitive Owner Loyalty" rebate that is shown on this site (I also own a Toyota). The dealer couldn't find it in their system. Can anyone tell me how or if I can still apply for it through Ford? :confuse:
  • Itad,

    What dealer in SoCal? Or, if you don't want to say, what city specifically? I'm currently negotiating for the same specs but the best offer I've received is $29013 + TTL.
  • ltadltad Posts: 5
    The dealer was New Century Ford in San Gabriel. Unfortunately, like I said, they're now closed...out of business...gone! My deal was $800 below invoice (which was about $33,200) and then the incentives from Ford. The dealer was returning all of their stock to Ford, who was paying them $1000 below invoice. By selling me the car, they made $200. I got a total of $4750 in incentives from Ford: $3000 Retail Customer Cash, $1000 Ford Credit Bonus Customer Cash, and $750 for a coupon that I was eligible for (the dealer actually found it on their system for me). also shows another rebate of $1000 for Competitive Owner Loyalty, but the dealer couldn't find that one in their system. If you find out how to apply for that one, please let me know! I know I got a killer "right place at the right time" deal! Good luck!
  • Hi Everyone~
    I had a disappointing experience trying to buy a new Edge this week. My husband is eligible for X plan pricing (employer participation), and the discount was just $2K off MSRP. Wouldn't anyone off the street expect at least that? There was the other factory rebates, but all I hear on the radio and news is how great a time it is to buy a 2008 car, the deals are great.... Oh well, I guess it still may be too early in the year to get any "great" deals. The inventory is certainly available, most dealers I searched in my area had 15-20 in stock. I wonder what incentives Ford will give after 9/30/08????
  • Just checking to see what people are paying for the Edge in the past couple months???
  • panymdpanymd Posts: 1

    Thanks in advance.
  • nyrsimonnyrsimon Posts: 1
    Would also very much like to hear what people are paying...

    Looking to get some quotes for a White Limited (no extras)...
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    I was contacting a dealer with NEW 08 ford edge. msrp at 31xxx, the dealer offer 24xxx(include 4500$ rebate). I do not know how to pricing it since if I put 20 miles in KBB for 2008 ford edge, the retailer price is 25xxx, but with 4500 rebate, I think 20k is a fair value. how do you guys think. I know it is strange to judge NEW and USED here
  • emjay1emjay1 Posts: 22
    We've found a 2009 Edge locally that's the EXACT color and package we want, just over 24K miles and just under $19K. Pinch me - am I dreaming? Is this something I should JUMP on, or is there a reason this message list has been quiet for a year? Are these cars all they are cracked up to be, or was it a lot of bark for little bite?
  • ltadltad Posts: 5
    We bought a 2008 Limited in September of 2008 (see earlier posts) and are very happy with it. We've had no problems, except that the A/C could be more powerful. Other than that, it's been great. Very comfortable ride, quiet, and we get a lot of positive feedback on its looks (black with optional 20" chrome wheels). We have everything on it, except AWD. For about 2/3 the price of a Lexus RX350, yeah, we'd buy it again!
  • Just signed the papers on a 2010 Edge Limited, White Plat. Tricoat with Cargo Package (power liftgate) and roof rails for 29,007 OTD. MSRP was 34,640 plus 343 for doc. fees and theft protection packate which is 34,983.

    I got invoice 30,416 plus Wht Plt Tricoat 421, cargo pkg 472, roof rails 81, dest fee 775, gas fuel charge 13, FDAF/LMDA assessment 503, and doc fee/theft protection 343 which puts it at 33,024.

    Minus 3,000 rebates and 1,017 in dealer holdback for 29007. It hasnt even hit the lot yet. There must be some nice hidden incentives from ford unless im missing somehting???? Anyone think i can do better cuz i havent taken possession of the vehicle yet so its not to late, i think.
  • Anyone bought an edge se recently? How much did you pay?
  • I purchased a 2008 Edge SEL AWD in very good condition at Riverside Ford on Aug 15th in Sumner, WA. So far, I'm very happy with it. The price listed on the car was $23,995., however, they had it posted on the internet for $19,995. which is what I paid. The dealership was fair on my trade in, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
  • Just bought loaded SEL before the Cash for Clunkers ended for my Mom for $500 under invoice less $2,500 incentive plus $299 Admin Fee from Classic Ford in Columbia, SC. Made the deal in 10 minutes after telling them I could get that deal from USAA Car Buying Service - it was the only Edge with Navigation in SC.
  • I test drove a 2010 Edge SE, liked it, was very interested in it. The salesman would NOT give me a price, even a ballpark figure, if I was not going to buy that minute. He said he would not have me shop the price around for the best deal.
    My immediate thoughts are: 1) the dealer expects his offer to be beat and 2) he does not want the opportunity to earn my business.

    I have owned Fords in the past and have had the same issues when buying. Is this the way they are trained to do business?

    On the flip side, Honda bent over backwards when I purchased my Odyssey 7 years ago. I found it to be the easist car purchase I've ever made. Unfortunately, the CR-V is a 4 cylinder......
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    sounds like you got an inexperience saleman or that he thinks he's good at playing mind games. anyway, it's his loss.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    If a salesman refuses to give you a price, ask to speak with the sales manager directly. If the sales manager says the price is "only good today", ask to speak with the general manager. If the GM won't give you the respect every legitimate customer deserves, thank him for his time and tell him that you now fully understand why the American car industry is going down the tubes. Then go buy the CR-V which will cost less than the Edge, cost less to maintain, and return more on your investment when you sell it. You might also want to think about using an online buying service where you won't even have to deal with the wolves until you pick up the car (then just say "No" to everything but would you like me to show you how the memory seats work?")

    Just as an aside, the CR-V is getting 18 more horsepower next year,
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    Ordered 09 SEL from Ford today, just realized that the price list from dealer is 31993.85+tax, but it is before 3000 rebate , I think it should be 28933.85+tax. Am I right?
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    just find out in NYS, you pay tax before rebate. When I was in PA, it is different. NYS sucks !!
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    here in CA, tax before rebate. :sick:
  • epecepec Posts: 16
    I have been waiting for 3 weeks, the VIN number has not been issued yet. :mad:
  • On the Nav/Dvd issue, ford sells the unit with dvd installed. The Dvd disk never has to be removed. Its a touch screen,nav system. Why would u remove the dvd disk. All of my customer love theirs. :surprise:
  • Just purchased 2010 Ford Edge in St Louis last week:

    Msrp 37035
    Sale price 31852

    Had a trade of 2003 Dodge Stratus 78k miles Gave 5000 for it on paper.

    I think they overallowed about $1000 for it.

    Interest rate 4.69%

    Easy deal at Dave Sinclair Ford in South County. Great Car.
  • gselcukgselcuk Posts: 1
    I am looking into purchasing a 2010 Edge Sel. I was wondering if it's logical to think that the price will be more negotiable once the 2011 comes out this summer. I am trying to stay under 24K. What do you think?
  • crsweeneycrsweeney Posts: 1
    2008 FW Ford Edge SEL purchased for 20,100$
    29K miles

    Panoramic Vista Roof
    Premium Leather
    6 Speed Auto Transmission
    Power Liftgate
    SYNC / Bluetooth
    Audiophile Sound System
    3.5L V6

    Lexus dealer had it listed at 21950$ on, we offered 19, negotiated to 20,100$. Vehicle was trade in from an employee of dealership, one owner, pristine condition, kept in garage, new tires/brakes. Factory warranty to 35K miles B2B, 5 yr drive train, 5 yr roadside assistance.

    Discussed same vehicle with 35K miles at local Ford dealership, offered them 21,000$, they came back at 24,000$.

    Our only complaint is the lack of navigation system, but the Bose stereo is terrific.
  • dshuppdshupp Posts: 8
    I'm looking for the best dealer price on a new Edge in New Jersey, or Delaware Valley area
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Hi, guys: I've been doing some research on the Ford Edge and the Nissan Murano. I like them both from what I've seen so far. I haven't test drove either one yet, as I have time before my current lease is up. I haven't had a Ford in about 20 years. I've had a couple Nissans which turned out to be good cars. If there is anyone out there who has an opinion on both SUV's I would really appreciate it. I probably would end up buying a three year old one. Any info anyone can provide would be great!! Thanks for your help.

    Steve (NJ)
  • moulas1moulas1 Posts: 1
    I'm in Nebraska, and was offered $12,000 off a 2010 Edge Limited and I was still trying to get more $$ off.
  • lgradlgrad Posts: 3
    What is it with the newspaper advertisements in the greater Detroit area. All the big three ads are geared to "Employees". There are so many disclaimers, that it appears that no one could ever buy one of these new advertised vehicles at the prices shown.
    I am not an employee, but a customer that can make an all cash purchase.
    I'll be back to this forum later this year when I plan to make an actual purchase, and would be willing to travel to any state where I can find a serious dealer that wants to sell his product.
  • stan75stan75 Posts: 1
    Whats the name of that dealership in Nebraska??
  • tpm419tpm419 Posts: 4
    First time on this forum :)
    I have a 2007 Edge which is up come October 23rd, My buyout is 16,300. My car only has 20,000 miles but I am torn between buying it out or leasing a new 2011 providing I can afford it. Looking to lease a 2011 Limited with the 301A package. I have no more than 4000.00 out the door to put down and want a payment of no more than 420.00 per month. 36-39 months
    Is this doable??
  • Anyone purchase one of the new 2011's yet? Really looking at these - pretty nice! Love to hear other experiences.
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