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Ford Edge Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just purchased 2010 Ford Edge in St Louis last week:

    Msrp 37035
    Sale price 31852

    Had a trade of 2003 Dodge Stratus 78k miles Gave 5000 for it on paper.

    I think they overallowed about $1000 for it.

    Interest rate 4.69%

    Easy deal at Dave Sinclair Ford in South County. Great Car.
  • gselcukgselcuk Posts: 1
    I am looking into purchasing a 2010 Edge Sel. I was wondering if it's logical to think that the price will be more negotiable once the 2011 comes out this summer. I am trying to stay under 24K. What do you think?
  • crsweeneycrsweeney Posts: 1
    2008 FW Ford Edge SEL purchased for 20,100$
    29K miles

    Panoramic Vista Roof
    Premium Leather
    6 Speed Auto Transmission
    Power Liftgate
    SYNC / Bluetooth
    Audiophile Sound System
    3.5L V6

    Lexus dealer had it listed at 21950$ on, we offered 19, negotiated to 20,100$. Vehicle was trade in from an employee of dealership, one owner, pristine condition, kept in garage, new tires/brakes. Factory warranty to 35K miles B2B, 5 yr drive train, 5 yr roadside assistance.

    Discussed same vehicle with 35K miles at local Ford dealership, offered them 21,000$, they came back at 24,000$.

    Our only complaint is the lack of navigation system, but the Bose stereo is terrific.
  • dshuppdshupp Posts: 8
    I'm looking for the best dealer price on a new Edge in New Jersey, or Delaware Valley area
  • jeep53jeep53 Posts: 49
    Hi, guys: I've been doing some research on the Ford Edge and the Nissan Murano. I like them both from what I've seen so far. I haven't test drove either one yet, as I have time before my current lease is up. I haven't had a Ford in about 20 years. I've had a couple Nissans which turned out to be good cars. If there is anyone out there who has an opinion on both SUV's I would really appreciate it. I probably would end up buying a three year old one. Any info anyone can provide would be great!! Thanks for your help.

    Steve (NJ)
  • moulas1moulas1 Posts: 1
    I'm in Nebraska, and was offered $12,000 off a 2010 Edge Limited and I was still trying to get more $$ off.
  • lgradlgrad Posts: 3
    What is it with the newspaper advertisements in the greater Detroit area. All the big three ads are geared to "Employees". There are so many disclaimers, that it appears that no one could ever buy one of these new advertised vehicles at the prices shown.
    I am not an employee, but a customer that can make an all cash purchase.
    I'll be back to this forum later this year when I plan to make an actual purchase, and would be willing to travel to any state where I can find a serious dealer that wants to sell his product.
  • stan75stan75 Posts: 1
    Whats the name of that dealership in Nebraska??
  • tpm419tpm419 Posts: 4
    First time on this forum :)
    I have a 2007 Edge which is up come October 23rd, My buyout is 16,300. My car only has 20,000 miles but I am torn between buying it out or leasing a new 2011 providing I can afford it. Looking to lease a 2011 Limited with the 301A package. I have no more than 4000.00 out the door to put down and want a payment of no more than 420.00 per month. 36-39 months
    Is this doable??
  • Anyone purchase one of the new 2011's yet? Really looking at these - pretty nice! Love to hear other experiences.
  • tpm419tpm419 Posts: 4
    I leased my 2011 Edge last Monday. I see quite a difference in fit and finish compared to my 2007 I had. I am loving this car, the technology is amazing. You won't be sorry if you buy one
  • Can you provide the details of your lease deal? I am very interested in a 2011.
  • The 2011 Ford Edge rebate just went from $1k to $1,500. We are thinking of ordering one (interested in a limited, without the sunroof and this is never a dealer-ordered configurations I guess).

    One thing the dealer warns about is the risk of their being no rebates available (or less of a rebate) by the time comes in from the factory (and estimated 8-week window). It would be really lame to order a Limited with only the specific optiosn we want (rather than splurge on a top-equipped '11 Edge) in an effort to save money, if today's rebates are gone and not replaced in 8 wks (near the holidays).

    I guess I'd ask, has anyone has had dealer rebates actually "go away", before taking delivery of the vehicle.

  • There are some Limited without sunroof in Michigan. I was told that if you order from a smaller dealership that they can give you the rebate that was going on when you ordered your vehicle or if the rebate has increased when your vehicle comes in you can take that rebate. What color are you getting?
  • Well it's done - we did it!

    The rebates just changed on the '11 Edge, for the worst. The rebate had been $1,000; then, just last week, a second rebate of $500 went into effect making $1,500 in rebates available total...

    I was quoted a sale price of $37,761 for an '11 Edge Limited, with option package 302A & rubber floor mats last week. The MSRP on the car is $41,920. The sale price included the $1,500 in rebates. I was given the price last week, and when I went in to negotiate the price would not budge - they contended the sale price given was the invoice price minus the rebates. We left, because the car is more than we planned to spend and had to think about it... plus getting one price with no further negotiation is odd to us so we weren't ready to pull the trigger right away.

    Fast-forward to this week - the $1,000 rebate has suddenly gone away from the Ford website and now there's just the $500 rebate. I was really shocked. I now knew that the sale price I was given the week before really was the best price I could get at this point, even if I started fresh at another dealer. Ordering an Edge was definitely out because this abrupt change in rebate amounts showed how you can't count on rebates to be there when the ordered vehicle comes in.
    , the dealer honored th

    Fortunately, even though the $1k rebate from Ford went away, the dealer honored the sale price given to me the week before (by their internet sales person). I thought that was really good of them to do that (maybe they'll back-date the paperwork or something so they can still get the rebate...or maybe they'll eat the $1k, who knows). I know some dealers are scummy and will offer "1 day only" prices and stuff like that. These guys said they'd honor the price given to me until the car sold.

    For those buying right now, I would ask the dealer if they would honor the recent full $1,500 rebate. If not, then I would wait until the rebates improve... One thing this dealer said is that Ford is cutting back on '11 Edge production, and that they weren't getting any more until the end of the year. But she said this before I pulled the final trigger (maybe a slight sales ploy).
  • Here's what a dealer quoted me for leasing a '11 Edge with 302A package:

    12k mi/year: 1500 down, $579/mo.
    15k mi/year: 1500 down, $599/mo.

    Both leases offers were for 39 months. I ended up buying from a different dealer. Both dealers are in MA.
  • tpm419tpm419 Posts: 4
    edited October 2010
    On Sept. 27th I leased my 2011 Edge Limited with 301A package plus rubber mats for 2636.00 out of pocket (including first month payment, minus DMV fees) and a 420.00 month payment for 36 months. I was pretty happy with that deal and loving the car

    This is for a 10,500 miles per year
  • qthqth Posts: 25
    Acura MDX lease $599/month for 36 month, $0 down and $0 deposit.
    469 ------------------------------, $2999 total down & deposit.
  • njsknjsk Posts: 2
    Got quoted price of $250.00 over invoice for 2011 Edge with 202a, chrome rims, roof rails, and sunroof. Is that a good price for these trucks? Not decided on lease or buy yet. Also, when did 2011 models go on sale? Thanks in advance.
  • I am in NY (long island) and these are the 2 lease quotes i got.

    2011 Edge Limited AWD(fully loaded)
    MSRP: $43,235

    1st quote:
    $2,100 down
    39 months
    10,500 miles
    $480 month including taxes

    2nd Quote:
    $2,000 down
    39 months
    10,500 miles
    $399 month NOT including taxes
  • rogersmjrogersmj Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    We just signed for a 2011 Edge SEL FWD w/ 202A (leather, MyFord, etc) and roof rails in Candy Red Metallic. The MSRP on this vehicle is $34,085; invoice is $32,251; the dealer offered it to us for $100 under invoice ($32,151) and then we took the $1500 incentive from Ford PLUS another $500 because my wife graduated from grad school within the past two years. So our final price was $30,151, plus tax and doc fee.

    We're pretty happy with that deal, putting us almost $4k below MSRP and $2,100 under invoice after the incentives.

    Going to pick it up this week!

    EDIT: Sorry, this was in the Indianapolis, IN area, Don Hinds Ford.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    It would really be helpful if you would tell us what dealer/city you bought it from. Prices can vary by region and that is what this thread is all about.
  • Ok I am in northeast NJ and looking to lease a 2011 Ford Edge Sport, Cargo Accessory, Vision & Drivers Entry Package along with Nav. MSRP is $43,090. 27 or 36 month lease is the same @ $488/month with 10,500 miles/yr. Putting down 1st moths payment of $488 along with $499 for dealer fees. What do you think?
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    There is a whole thread under Ford Edge that deals with lease questions. You might get more info there.
  • I live in Rock Springs, Wyoming and close to Salt Lake City, Utah, so my dealers are in those locations. I am looking at a 2011 Edge and was just offered employee pricing at one of the dealers. Has anyone had experience with employee pricing and information about what kind of discount it might be?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    The employee pricing plan is a fixed amount under invoice and all incentives are available as well.

    Go into any dealer with your PIN number and they'll show you the price as it's printed on the invoice. Further, the dealer is not allowed to add any other charges to the price.
  • Many of our friends have SUVs, RX350, X5, CX9, Murano, etc. We are interest in RX350 as it is comfortable. But want to go back to buying Ford. I like the way new Edge looks and the SYNC.

    How much will I be able to save by buying Ford Edge with comparable features vs RX350?

    RX350 comes with lot of standard features like the keyless push button start, leather interior, power lift gate.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    A FWD Edge Limited decked out very similar to a base FWD RX would be about $3-$4k cheaper. Not a lot when you consider the extra year of warranty and the prestige and dealer experience of the Lexus. The Edge does get substantially better MPG on regular gas then the RX however but the RX is going to have lot more luxury feel to it and better material quality.

    If you're leaning towards the luxury brands and want a Ford you should look at the '11 Lincoln MKX. Substantially upgraded from the Edge in interior feel and quality and has the SYNC tech. it also has the longer warranty like the RX and (I would hope) a little more pleasant dealer experience then you would probably get at a Ford dealer. It gets better mpg than the RX as well on regular gas while having more HP.

    Good luck.
  • m6user, very helpful. Thank you.

    What you say makes sense.

    I have never been to a Lincoln dealer. I recall being in a Lincoln Towncar limo rides being the most comfortable ride ever.
    Anyway, I will check that out. I if price is comparable, I may look for pre-owned Lexus.
    I like the Volvo XC90 and new coming soon Tourag. Only thing I am afraid is reliability of Volvo and VWs break down in a middle of nowhere (it happened to my brother in his 05 Tourag).
    Thanks again.
  • The real difference would not be STICKER price but rather SELLING PRICE. I can get a 2011 Limited Edge FWD for $30,500 all day long. You'd be lucky to get a base RX FWD for $38,000. Not exactly the $3-$4K you are talking about.
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