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Mazda 626 Starting Issues

lexie4lexie4 Posts: 3
hope someone can help me, i have a mazda 626 1992 model never had a prob with it, this morning i went to start it and nothing, i know 100 percent it isnt the battery, can anyone help me? the dash lights up lights work ty ty ty


  • bs24bs24 Posts: 2
    I have a Mazda 626 4 cyl. 1995. It was run off in a ditch and then drove home. After it was shut off it would not start back, the lights inside or outside wont do anything. There is no fire from the fuse box. Anybody know if there is a reset switch or anything that could need pushed?
  • for starters my car overheated. i then replaced the thermostat, and the radiator. i have purchased a new water pump but haven't had it put on yet. i've tried to start my car and it wouldn't. i bought a new battery and still nothing. only the headlights come on. nothing else electrical works. what could possibly be the problem. :sick:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi - welcome. You might want to check our No Start Problems discussion as well. Hope we can help.
  • lexie4lexie4 Posts: 3
    i had all the same probs are you, i was going nuts turned out my petrol pump had to be replaced my fuel was going through
  • mazda alternator belt fell offi have mazda 1991 626 regular ,manual
    Iwas driving and alternator belt fell off and i replaced it and car doesnt start. Battery is new and alternator just replaced,what could be?.power is ok (sparks are fine , gas is ok)Any ideas Thanks in advance
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome! Hope someone can help you here. If you don't hear from anyone shortly, try the link I posted in msg 4.
  • just got the car ran great.turned it off for work 8 hours later wouldnt fire up.cleaned the cap n rotor still nothing.tryed repetedly and finnally fired up any advice? :sick:
  • 9961699616 Posts: 1
    I've a 99 Mazda 626, 4 cyl. I've taken it to dealorship 3 consecutive times for same problem, 1st time new battery, 2nd time new alternator, 3rd time base line idle was too low, they also checked spark plugs & air intake for leaks. What next, Starter Motor? This morning it started fine, drove 60 miles, stopped for 15 mins and it wouldn't start again! Thanks for your help.
  • working on a 95 4cyl auto mazda 626. Car was given to me and found it was a no start. Used starting fluid and it would started. Performed test and could not hear the fuel pump in the tank. Removed the fuel pump unit and found the pump had seized up and the gas in the tank was really bad ( very bad smell and a red/brown color ) Changed the pump and removed the bad gas from the tank and cleaned out the tank. replaced the fuel filter. Still the car would not start. Could not hear the pump in the tank run til the motor was cranking, but not when the key is first turned on. Checked the fuel pump relay circuit and found no " low side power" to the relay to activate the high side power to the fuel pump. Cant find a wiring diagram to the car, so be having trouble tracking down the problem!! Was hoping someone can give me some ideals on this.... Thanks....Jay
  • tszabadostszabados Posts: 3
    Have a 91 626 gt that stalled on my daughter and hasn't started since. I have checked for spark, there was none. So I CHANGED THE COIL AND IGNITER BOX
    checked for spark there is none.checked all the wiring connections , looked for a fuel cut off switch couldn't find one, checked to see if the distributer reading ok and it seems to be. what else should i be doing?
  • mdatemdate Posts: 1
    I have 1999 Mazda 626, i4, 2L engine. It is stick shift. When I try to start the car, engine makes cranking sound on turning key but does not fire up. After doing the same thing, cranking for 8-10 times it fires up and then car rolls just normal. After the engine is fired up it do not have any problem. But it gives problems in fireing up. What could be the problem with the car?
  • Car will turn-over but won't start, will push start every time on the 1st try. I replaced the plugs, wires, distributor and rotor. The guy that had it before me said it overheated and would turn over after that (I found the water pump is bad and am replacing it). I also checked the following with good results; spark and compression form all 4 cylinders. Changed oil and didn't see any coolant/water present so am confident the block is OK. The card has been sitting in this guys garage for about a year until I bought it last weekend and started working on it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  • I just fixed my 96 mazda 626. It was the Crank Positioning Sensor Wires. They were loose and almost broken. I found the broken wires, went to the junk yard and got a $2.00 part and now it starts fine. (when those wires are loose/broken the computer doesn't know where the crank shft is) This part sits on top of the harmonic balance. Good luck :)
  • The Crank Positioning Sensor wires were loose/broken. The computor didn't know where the crank shaft was. It sits on the harmonic balance. I fixed my mazda for $2.00 instead of $400. Yeah :)
  • Mazdas have a problem with the check valve which is part of the electric gasoline pump. The trick to solve is simple: A:change the pump $600.00 or B: simply be patient. Turn the switch on, count to 10 then start. the pump will have filled the line that emptied because of the failure of the check valve. This usually needed only in cases when the car has been off for 8 or more hours.
  • It is the check valve inside the fuel pump. Just turn on and do not crank it for a few (6-8) seconds, then crank it, by that time the pump will have filled the line and it will start like magic!
  • Justfixit, you may want totry what pscantlin did in response no. 14. I'm having the same problem with my 2001 626. Sometimes it will start and sometimes not. When it won't start after 3 or 4 trys, I use starting fluid and it starts; just like you're doing. After it starts, it runs fine. I will probably replace my sensor also before I buy a distributer. I've heard that has been the cause of the same problem on other Mazdas but I guess they are pricy. Good both of us.
  • I have a 1999mazda 626 I cant find the fuel pump relay.I checked the one next to the fan relays but the wire color does not match the ones on the fuel pump
  • My daughter has as 626 V6 that has been running great until a month ago when out of nowhere it would not start some times. No matter how much cranking it wouldn't start and then all of a sudden it would start. This would go away for a while and then come back with the same problem.
    Anyone have any ideas?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    How old is the battery? Does the starting problem have any relationship to temperature, e.g. colder outside, more problems starting?
  • The battery is about 2 years old, but is not the problem. It cranks the car fine for about 10 minutes before wearing down. It charges fine.
    Yes, it has started this issue since it was cold here in MN. I put the car in the my heated garage last night and charged the battery. It fired right up this morning. I'm now wondering if it is due to gas line freeze? I put some Isopropyl achohol into the tank to hopefully take care of that.
  • Have you checked the fuel filter? Dump a can of SEAFOAM in the tank too.
  • Thanks,
    Were is the fuel filter for this car? I know there is one on the fuel pump in the tank, but is there one under the hood?
  • sdlee24sdlee24 Posts: 1
    I pulled into Walmart and parked my car. Car sat there idle for approx. 1 minute and the A/C and radio started to go out. I hit the gas and it all came back on. Soon as I let off the gas the problem continued. I put the vehicle in reverse and drove off. Decided to drive it around for awhile to give it power, but even when I got stuck at the red light, I had to put it in Neutral and hold the brake while giving it gas the whole time. When I finally did park the vehicle and turned it off, it never came back on. We tried to jump start it but nothing would happen. At first the fan would still come on and the windows would still roll down, BUT, when one guy tried to jump start it some smoke came from his cables. Then, when the next person tried to jump it, it did nothing. Wouldn't even click! The keys were still in and all the sudden it beeped like it does if your door is open and your keys are just sitting there. But, it was a fast rapid beep unlike normal and then nothing. My car never would start again. Replaced the battery, nothing. It doesn't click, window is stuck down, fan wont come on, and gauges do not move at all. Someone please help me understand the problem!!! I'm a single mom of 2 and can't afford to take it to a dealership, I have to do it myself. Please, please, PLEASE help me!!!!
  • 1990 mazda 626 2liter 4cylender 180000 miles automatic trany. car will not starte has spark and fuel fuel injecter positive and negative are both hot at the same time with injectors installed in head ground wires do not lite test light up with all injectors out of head and ground wires do not pulse on and off while turning over engine could this be the computer? what year computers are compatible?
  • Have a 97 Mazda, there was no sign of trouble. Ran into the store for 10 minutes then it would not start. Tried a jump and nothing. Get a click from the solenoid and thats it. Been told to try hitting the starter with a hammer and thats my next effort. Any ideas?: Hope someone can help!
  • Hi guys I am also new here and hopefully I can get sum good answeres on my car problems. So it is a 93 mazda 626 4cyl 5spd with 113,000. So a little history on my car. Last year I was having problems with it with the idle air control valve code which ended up being a ghost code, as there was nothing wrong with it. But anyways I bought a used one from ebay and didnt fix the problem, bought a new one from autozone and still didnt work. Bought a good working computer from a junk go. Then I finally replaced the distributor after much reading and found that the ign system was interanl. Then the car ran great till 2 weeks ago.
    So now to the new problem as this didnt happen when I had ign system problems. I was headed home one day and I noticed my wipers were going slow in the rain then I noticed my tach drop to 0 then back to normal, them my speedometer kept dropping to 0 them back up. Then I noticed all my gauges were dropping and I was loosing power. then the car died and I got to the side of the road. About 20 min later it started back up again and drove 25 miles back home. But while I was sitting there I had no power what so ever as if the alt took a crap and drained my battery. But like I said 20 min later I had all my power again as if nothing was wrong. I am getting a code 34 again for the idle air control valve. I ended up putting in my old computer and drove it 5 miles away and it all happened again lost all power as if my battery went dead. Car wouldnt turn over and no lights or anything again. I just went back out there to try to start it and it acts like my battery is low. So could this just be a simple alt problem, funny tho that waiting 20 min it started back up and had full power when it first happened. I would have thought that it like my other vehicals when the battery is drained from the alt going bad that your not going anywhere. So hopefuly I didnt make this to lengthy or complicated.
  • bt100bt100 Posts: 3
    I Own a 1998 Mazda 626 lx V6 automatic, I just purchased it 3 months ago in what I thought was great shape.. It has now began to have many different issues. First the check engine light stays on, then the RPM starts to go higher than before going up to 2500-3000 before switching. It felt like it was just delayed a few seconds more then normal. I then took it to mazda ( which of course they would say get a new tranny, but I had to know) and they said the diagnostic was "PO400, EGR system flow malfuntion which may be plugged or open " ..was causing the engine light to stay on and then they only did a drive test and said that I need a new transmission to fix the gear switching issue. Now the brake light has started to come on when I stop, but the brakes are fine. Then I went to start it today and it felt like the starter was toast, (wasn't doing anything).........I tried it a few more times then it worked.....clearly alot of issues....can they all be related to the EGR valve? I really can't think about getting a transmission right now and was wondering if maybe just the filter is clogged or something simple. I am needing some help with winter coming!!! Anyone ????
  • Well I installed a new alternator and that fixed the problem. It was just weird that the battery wasnt completly drained and I was able to start it after 20 min with no problems. But I drove it a few more times after this and broke down of coarse. And well the battery did eventually get drained at the end before I fixed it. Yup I know I sound dumb, just never had a battery hold juice after an alternator failure like this thing did.
  • I am having the exact same problem with my Mazda. Sometimes it starts, others it doesn't. It fires up, the starter, battery and belts have all checked out ok. Once, a mechanic sparyed starter fluid into the intake valve and it fired right up, only to not start again 2 days later. Once it is running, it runs perfectly. Did you resolve you issue. Help. I can't go to work without my car and I am broke.
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