Pontiac Grand Am Starting/Stalling Problems



  • scoot08scoot08 Member Posts: 8
    I got my tranny fixed last week and got it back on a tuesday... that thursday it just stopped working.... i call auto zone and they told me to check the neutral safety switch and it worked.... now it wants to crank but wont start... i have had the starter tested and its fine... the battery replaced, the camshaft postioning sensor replaced, the fuel filter replaced and new sprak plugs put in it.... believe it of not that didnt help much... it wants to crank but not start... i really need help beacuse i have no clue whats going on
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Is it getting fuel? Spark? Since this is a 96 does it have passlock (don't remember if passlock was out in 96)? Is there a light that says security in the cluster? If so does it come on and blink when you try to start it? Sounds like your just throwing money at it.
  • scoot08scoot08 Member Posts: 8
    well the security light came on and i did the 10 min thing but it wont go off... and the fuel system is on i checked the pump and im getting good pressure.... how do you check to see if it has spark cause its not like most other distributers??? i kninda am throwing money hoping it works but what i replaced so far was going to have be replaced sooner or later so might as well while im at it...
  • 93grandam193grandam1 Member Posts: 2
    Well I just replaced the trans in this car and i bought it with 200000 miles on it. When i got the car it ran fine until winter hit, then about to the end of winter my car always stalled out and i really didn't care it had miles and was minor. Then i blew the trans on it and replaced it in my shop a few days before i put it on the lift i went to start it and it turned over like a champ everything worked on it, After i got it all done i went to take it off and the same thing happened, wouldn't start. So i went out and bought a brand new Ignition module and Coils. Put them on and still no start so i went looking for the starter fuse 20amp and it was fine. Idk if their is something screwed up on the Module or what. So can someone please help me with this.....
  • devo79medevo79me Member Posts: 1
    I have the same exact problem. I replace the ignition module, the fuel filter, and then took it to the dealer. The dealer said it was the cam sensor. Well I still have the problem. Have you had any luck at this point? I am considering that it is either the pressure regulator, or the fuel pump going bad.
  • 93grandam193grandam1 Member Posts: 2
    Ummm....I just found out the problem and it was the Crank Position Sensor and now it runs like a champ.
  • egryeyesegryeyes Member Posts: 6
    My 96 Grand am SE was acting up really bad to start also. I had my hood open (thank goodness) and my dipstick literally flew out of my car, landing at least 100 feet away, no joke. My husband managed to get it started the next day, I heard everything from oil change to blown motor. Tirned out to be my spark plugs and 2 cylenders were shot. Replaced the spark plugs and it starts fine now, but likes to front fire sometimes when I try to go from a red light.
  • egryeyesegryeyes Member Posts: 6
    I also have a 96 grand am, if it's not ur altenator, have ur spark plugs looked at, and ur cylinders.
  • egryeyesegryeyes Member Posts: 6
    . :blush: Where to start? My car drives fine for me, but absolutely hates my husband. Going down the highway, between 80-100kms/h it will jump. I have replaced the heater core, control arm (front passenger), bearings both front, spark plugs and now 2 of my 4 cylinders are shot. My ETS light wont go off, mind u it doesn't work. My ABS light comes on when it feels like it, my engine light goes on and off (no probs found), my tranny leaks, even though it was fixed, good tranny tho. My car threw it's dipstick, literally. Yet it loves me. But if I talk to my husband about buying a second vehicle (my car is my baby and I am not getting rid of it), it will die on the spot, (hence the possession), or it will act up in odd ways ; shake, rattle under the hood, lights will flicker etc. My dash lights went out and no one can find the prob (checked bulbs, fuses,nothing found). My fog lights never worked, and were stolen by a mechanic (I thanked him for taking them out, then laughed in his face told him to enjoy them). Anyone else have any of these problems? :confuse:
  • kdtice01kdtice01 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Grand Am GT V6. I have been having problems with the engine trying to stall while driving 70 mph. It feels as if it is not getting fuel. It appears to start this if the gas tank gets under 1/2 full and seems to stop when I fill it up. I recently had the fuel filter changed. I dirve approx 60 miles one way to work every day and this is getting scary as I don't want to become stranded on the interstate. None of of the warning lights come on. All fluids are full and I don't seem to have any problems with it starting. I just feels like it wants to stall while driving. Any suggestions?
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    I think I would have a competent shop test the fuel pressure and flow rate. Sounds to me like your fuel pump is getting weak.
  • hammerhead912hammerhead912 Member Posts: 3
    I had been having problems where my 2003 Grand Am SE was not always starting. It always turned over but wouldn't start sometimes. I had a fuel pump replaced because basic tests by mechanics showed there wasn't any fuel pressure and the pump's motor wouldn't always come on when you turned the car on. Well 2 1/2mo. later w/a new fuel pump and the Pontiac dealership trying to figure it out for 4 days I think it's finally fixed.
  • fernmariefernmarie Member Posts: 3
    :) Just a reminder of why I came here originally...After having the fuel pump replaced,car would start,not start,almost at whim.Get gas,try to start,nothing.Long story short,the battery(cables) had not been tightened in when placed back in car.I think it was here,not any of our mechanics,that found the problem!It wasn't rocket science,just evasive.Thik it's a good one to remember.Still grateful!
    Grandmom FernMarie
  • ivpar1ivpar1 Member Posts: 1
    Sometimes the engine starts with sort of a bang. At times it's more predominate than others and it's usually first start of the day. I have noticed a higher fuel consumption over the past several months as well. Not sure if I have 2 concerns here or not. Car seems to be driving fine, idles ok, shuts off without any other issues such as back firing. The bang I speak of is nothing like a gunshot but as I said is louder at times than others. Any suggestions as to what to look for and check before I spend a ton of money at a garage????
  • dlpt2adlpt2a Member Posts: 2
    I don't know, that is what a mechanic friend of mine told me yesterday on the phone. But the computer looks fine, the DOBII reader won't give any error when scaning the PCM and the Check engine light goes on when turninig the key as ussual.

    Also only starts for a second when I turn the key on and off a few times before I try to crank it, the fuel pressure regulator was leaking last year but one day it ust stop leaking so I didn't changed it. I'm thinking maybe is something very wrong with the regulator and it only starts for a second when the fuel punp build enough pressure in the fuel rail, as soon as the inyectors start taking gas the pressure drops and the car quit. I need a fuel pressure gauge before messing with the computer those things are expensive.
    Any one knows if a fuel pressure regulator failure gives any DTC codes?

  • dlpt2adlpt2a Member Posts: 2
    Already changed and still doing the same
  • rottengoodadvirottengoodadvi Member Posts: 1
    Disconnect the ignition wire from your starter not the thick one from your battery but the smaller one and connect a test light to the wire and have someone crank the engine turning your ignition switch. If the test light does not come on when the switch is turned to crank position then you have a shorted ignition wire. If it does turn on then your starter is your problem. Take it off and have bench tested before buying a new one.
  • cwl13cwl13 Member Posts: 3
    My daughter has a 98 Pontiac Grand AM....2.4 lt engine....about 83,000 miles on it.

    It is having a problem with intermittent stalling.

    I replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the idle air control motor. It didn't stall for a week..then started stalling again.

    I replaced the idle air control motor. It didn't stall for a week.

    I replaced a defective vacuum line from the throttle body to the map sensor and replaced the fuel filter. It didn't stall for about two weeks....thought I had found the problem.

    It is back to stalling....several times a week. 75% of the time it stalls when it has been driven a short distance....perhaps a few miles....so the engine is warmed up...shut off....come back 10 minutes later....like after running into a store...when she restarts it, puts it in gear, steps on the gas to go....it stalls. Usually, it restarts no problem.

    25 % of the time it stalls after a cold start....brief warm up...put it in gear to back up....and stalls.

    Any suggestions?
  • darkadarka Member Posts: 1
    my litle brother call me and asked what would make his can just die while driveing down the raod and not start again ive checked everything i could think of but cant fig it out what could it be? :confuse: :sick:
  • timkellygpitimkellygpi Member Posts: 10
    My 2002 Grand AM SE started to be really hard to get the key to turn in the ignition and so today I replaced the ignition switch ( the tumbler $115). After doing that it would not start and I started seaching here for answers. I really did not read anything that sounded like would work, So I tried the "leave key on for 10 minutes thing". That did not work either. So before I got out of the car I hit the auto lock button 3 times to unlock all doors, then I hit it 3 times the other way to lock all doors. I got out of the car closed the door and unlocked it with the key, got in the car and it started......UNBELIEVEABLE....but I swear that is the exact steps I took...I am on the road again!!!!
  • timkellygpitimkellygpi Member Posts: 10
    I got the car running with the old ignition switch which is hard to turn, but when I put the new one in it will not start. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • wcbabswcbabs Member Posts: 1
    I may having problems with my car. When ever I come to a stop or a slow turn, the RPMs will jump and the car will stall. All I need to do is put the car in park and start it up again. It has been happening more and more lately. Any suggestions on fixing this problem?
  • msexton2006msexton2006 Member Posts: 2
  • msexton2006msexton2006 Member Posts: 2
    got a strange one. The car is a 1997 4 cyl. It has about 150,000 and runs great. However, it occassionally just dies, at low speed, stop sign, backing out of driveway and other slow manuvers. It starts right back up and runs fine. It is doing it more and more. The GM good wrench people can not find any problem and say there are no error codes on the computer. I had a fuel pump replaced several years ago and a new fuel filter recently, did not cure the problem. If I had to make any commonalilty to the dying spells I would say it is probably pointed down hill and had less than a half tank of gas. Has anybody heard of a vandal putting something in a gas tank that could periodically stop the fuel flow and then float away from the pickup tube when the engine dies (suction stops) on the gas line. Just one of my thoughts.
  • tam78tam78 Member Posts: 2
    My son left the overhead light on overnight. I bought a Black & Decker portable Jump Kit. I gave the car a boost and it started. Two days later, it would not start again. I tried giving it another boost and this time, it would not start. All it does is make a clicking noise when I turn the key. All of the lights, the a/c, the radio, etc will turn on and work. Is it the battery, alternator, starter, or what??
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    It needs to be tested. It could be a bad battery or charging system. My guess it that it's probably the battery based on your description and the age of the car. The battery can be low enough for it not to start but the other things you mentioned can still work.
  • tam78tam78 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the advice.....turns out it was just a bad battery issue!
  • preciousgoldpreciousgold Member Posts: 1
    :cry: Car will not start. Notice yestersday morning that my securuty light was on. It eventually went off. This morning the car would not start. It will not even turn over. All lights, dash, horn, locks work. I read somewhere about a passlock....what is this about...please advise.
  • brkr12002brkr12002 Member Posts: 4
    I had that happen. Your car thinks it's being stolen. I've heard that you can reset your passlock by leaving the key turned to the ON position for about 10 minutes to reset it. Check you owners manual. That should hopefully do it. The only other option is expensive. You have to take it to the dealership and they will charge in the neighborhood of 400-500 to fix that. Got rid of my grand am because of stupid problems like these. Check to see if there was a recall about this issue from GM. Turns out mine did. I tried getting a refund from GM and they gave me the run around. Yes they would reimburse me at first, then they called up and said they wouldn't send out the forms. Good luck. Be careful as well. When this happened to me, the car would start sometimes. BE CAREFUL. The car eventually out and on busy roads. Good luck. I'm never buying American cars again
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    When you say it won't turn over, do you mean that the starter engages and spins the engine but it doesn't start, or that it doesn't do anything at all? Did the security light come on while it was running or when you tried to start it?
  • dinagdinag Member Posts: 1
    I've changed the spark plugs & wires, then added fuel cleaner to my car, and the "service engine soon" light came on after I drove it. In the Owner's Manual it says if the light is steady, it could be a fuel problem and once you fill it with good fuel it should turn off in a few days. But I'm starting to get worried, it hasn't shut off. I'm going to change the fuel filter as soon as I find it. Also, when I'm at a stop light, the engine makes "quiet" but differentiating noises like it wants to quit, it never has, and the noise is quite. Should I be concerned with these problems? And if so, what are some suggestions as to how to fix them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank-you!
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Have you checked the fuel cap to make sure it's tight, not on crooked, or the seal isn't cracked or broken? A leak in the evap control system is the #1 cause of a check engine light and it's usually due to the fuel cap leaking.
  • tabijotabijo Member Posts: 1
    My 2000 has recently started to do the exact same thing. So, I asked a mechanic about it, and he says that it is the ignition. So, you might want to look into as a possible cause of your problem.
  • kemond1kemond1 Member Posts: 6
    Recently when I go to start my car, it stars like it should, but sometimes the guages and dash lights don't spring to life until I put the car in gear. One time I drove about 1/2 a mile before they came on. I took the car in today to the dealer and the told me my BCM was corroded and needed to be replaced. Apparently this is why the security light would flicker every once in a while. Also, they said the ignition was bad and that is why the gauges would not move. I guess I don't see how the ignition would effect the gauges. Could the computer be wrong when it spits out all of these codes? It runs fine other than what I mentioned. I don't feel like spending $750 on these repairs, which included $100 for cleaning the connectors on the BCM. What the hell are they cleaning it with and how long does it really take.
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Their not referring to the ignition, but the ignition switch. If the contacts are getting worn then it can cause electrical problems.
  • renegade88renegade88 Member Posts: 1
    Hey, I'm new here, so I need help. I have a 2005 Grand Am. Tonight, I parked the car and about an hour later got in it to go home. As soon as I started it, it died and I was able to restart it immediately. The battery light came on, went off right away and the car started sputtering like it wasn't getting fuel. This happened 3 or 4 times before I got out of the parking lot. The A/C was on, but I turned it off and noticed that it seemed to do it more with it on. Finally it started driving right. On the highway, it was running smooth, with no spitting or sputtering, then all of a sudden the tachometer went haywire--went up to 6000 rpm and started bouncing around; then the car started cutting out and sputtering again. It would straighten up and run smooth again and just a matter of a mile it would start again with the crazy tachometer and sputtering and trying to die. At one point it completely died on the highway, but again, I was able to restart it with no problem. When I got off the highway, at slow speeds, it would do the same thing also. The service light never did come on at any time during all of this. This is the first trouble I've had with the car. It's been driving fine up to now....any ideas where to start?
  • ericrxrayericrxray Member Posts: 1
    theives drained all gas from 2001 grand am. put in 5 galloons, then battery died from trying to start, replaced battery still no go help
  • lynsey00lynsey00 Member Posts: 2
  • lynsey00lynsey00 Member Posts: 2
    i can drive my car to a store be in there for less than 10 minutes come out and try and start it and it wont start
  • kmitch1365kmitch1365 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 01 grand am that starts right up and sounds like it would run good but it shuts down in about a second or 2 every time just like you cut the switch off. I have changed the complete ignition switch tried a couple different passlock sensors nothing changes. The security light does not flash it comes on and goes out and then comes back on when it dies. The radio won't work when the switch is on but comes on when it starts for the few seconds and then goes off when it dies. left the switch on for 10 min. to 1 hr. multiple times. Driving me crazy.
  • bluenotesbluenotes Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 Grand Am V6 with 98k miles. Recently, while the A/C is on, my door locks will unlock until I turn off the A/C. I can let it sit for awhile, and then it works for a few minutes, but then the locks act up again. It only does it when the A/C is on. Yesterday it started blowing the fuse and won't start until I replace a fuse. There obviously is a short somewhere. Any suggestions on where to start??
  • matymaty Member Posts: 1
    My Grand Am will stall or have alot of diffiulty starting at the gas station after fueling. Most times I have to leave the car run, or will not get it started without pumping on the gas pedal, and then it will run rough for a many minutes after. Any other time the car has no dificulty starting
    If the car is running and the gas cap is removed, you immediately notice the engine running rough. We have replaced the gas cap, and one time we could not get it restarted, towed to garage and they could find nothing wrong with the fuel system, changed the spark plugs. Once we had to crank it so many times we killed the battery, bought a new battery, Already has a new fuel filter, Any ideas?
  • fadedruinsfadedruins Member Posts: 2
  • fadedruinsfadedruins Member Posts: 2
    Any help would be appreciated. I drove to work just fine when I went to leave the car wouldn't start. Not even a click or attempt to turn over. I changed the starter which didn't help and I tried jumping the car after that to make sure it had enough charge to turn over. Still no luck. A friend said it might be the computer. Any one here have any ideas?
  • mkm6776mkm6776 Member Posts: 1
    Hello. I have a 2001 Grand Am GT. The other night the car was running fine. Yesterday morning we went to start it and it would crank but not start. After a few times of trying the battery went completely dead. 5 people tried boosting it at different times of the day but it didnt work. Without the boost the car has absolutely no charge at all. I really dont want to take it to the dealer to have it fixed. Any suggestions...battery maybe? Thanks in advance if I can get some help on this one :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    If you drained the battery then boosting it won't recharge it. Your root problem, even though you could have a weak battery, sounds like it's something else. You need to see if your getting spark to the plugs, fuel to the injectors, etc.
  • vimnjickivimnjicki Member Posts: 1
    so what did you figure out we have the same problem this evening, it worked great today, then tonight car cranks but will not turn over, sounds like it is flooded we let it sit and it does the same.
  • 00pontiacGT00pontiacGT Member Posts: 2
    I would start in your dash first.Where your stereo and all the other wires come together thats probably where your problem is and check the back of the fuse block.
  • 00pontiacGT00pontiacGT Member Posts: 2
    Ok i replaced head gaskets about a month ago and replaced the pushrods. Then when i went to start the car after it was all put back together it wouldnt run i took it to a shop to get a code on it and they just told me i need a new motor but i dont think that is the case now since i figured out that when i installed the new pushrods i was told by the pontiac dealership they were all short on the front and thats not the case thanks to this forum i got the rod sizes in the correct order but something is still wrong. My car still wont run the only way i can keep it started is to keep giving it gas soon as i let off the gas the car dies. The motors shakes but not as bad as it did before i got the rods in correct order i have a exaust leak on the front manifold so its popping out of there but it should still run ive always had a small leak on the exaust.It seems like the car chokes its self out or the timing is off. I have changed the timing position sensor, and nothing . I have checked all my vacume lines i got new plugs and wires, coil packs still old, I have no idea what is wrong someone please help!!!! Could it be bad throttle position sensor or idle air control valve????? ANYONE ANY IDEAS PLEASE HELP
  • fuhrtfuhrt Member Posts: 2
    I have a fuel smell inside my 2005 grand am. What could be causeing it?
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