Pontiac Grand Am Starting/Stalling Problems



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    My cold starting issues are resolved!! Fuse 37 did the trick. This is the first day that I've started my car without ether in about 3 weeks. Now I just need to keep an eye on it for a while to make it doesn't blow again and that I have a bad ground somewhere.
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    I understand your frustration since I had the same problem with my 2002 grand am. Besides the no start in the morning I also had an issue with the a/c not cooling. But after some research on the internet I finally got my car to start in the morning without any starting fluid and also got my a/c cooling again. Although the answer to the problem may not seem related at all it sure worked for me. I replaced fuse # 37 which has to do with the a/c located in the fuse box in the engine compartment and also switched out the a/c pressure sensor which goes in the a/c hose. This got rid of my car problems. Hope this helps.
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    i have a 88 chevy 1 ton new body style with a 454 tbi motor and 400 turbo trans. i am wanting to put a 350 carb motor in it for a short period while i rebuild the 454. the 454 appears to be just a carb style with an adapter to a tbi. ( not positive tho ) has anyone ever done this or have any suggestions
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    i myself have had this problem with my 02 grand am gt and the problem was the ignition switch. The coded key and ignition are not reading properly and the car starts to think it is being stolen and will eventually go into security mode. If this does happen and the security light starts flashing and the car wont start all you have to do is turn the key to the on position for ten minutes and the security light will go off, Then turn key to off position and car should start back up. I replaced mine with gm parts and also had a new key cut and it runs about 275.00
    I know of many people that have these issues and spend a ton of money on parts they dont need. Everyones first thought is fuel pump and have there car towed, But usually its a quick ten minute bandage until you can get a new switch.
    The reason for the new fuel pump fixing it for awhile is that it reset itself when the pump was unplugged.
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    While driving my 2004 Pontiac Grand AM GT it died as if it was out of gas. Initially it acted like it had slipped into neutral not moving forward but running so I downshifted it started moving again and then just died. I replaced the ignition lock cylinder as mine was worn and had to be jiggled to work. It was also affecting my auto radio shutoff, buzzers and inside lights. After replacing the ignition I reset the passlock security and still nothing it cranks but will not start. The security light was not on when the car died on me. I am thinking fuel filter or pump but if anyone has had this same problem and found it to be something else I would love to hear your input. :sick:
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    i have 2002 grand am, when i turn the ignition, it makes the "starting/ignition turning sound " but doesnt actually start. but then i turn the key off, and do it again, and it starts right up, this happens all the time, first try wont start but makes the sounds, second try it does. Why wont it just start first time around?
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    i am the owner of a 97 grand am gt, ever since i bought the damn thing ive been having some major problem with the anti theft system. I go to start the car and nothing. i was able once to reset with the whole leave the key in for 10 minutes thing but this time its not working.this time when i tried it while having the key in the ignition all the dashboard lights were flickering and the interior lights wouldnt come on. but when i went to jump it (thinking it was the battery) i think the theft system kicked in because it wouldnt start, but all the light were on. the lights on my meters havnt worked since i bought the car and there are a couple other lighting problems. could this be linked to a bad fuse? should i replace the ignition?
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    The Car was running when my wife stopped to deliver something as she came back too the car it was no longer running.
    As I had to tow home because wouldnt start.
    I have replaced starter new battery new alternater still wont start,and also starting really hard the motor has only 90,000 not bad for the year,Ive checked to make sure getting furel pump is working fine,checked spark on all plugs and each has spark. Do you folks have any suggestions where to go from here and what else I can test out?
    Thank you troubled Pontiac owner
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    i have a 1995 grand am, 2 door, and i am having the same problems everyone else on here is having!!!!!! ive changed the computer twice,,,oil pressure switch, fuel pump is working great, no dash lights are on, but the damn car wont start, whether its cold or hot...doesnt matter,,weve had so much work done to it its crazy...the owners manual eveen has a part in it about starting it cold....but damn it this is crazy....it only has 80,000 miles on it!!!!!!! its been taken excellent of .....no oil change, tune up, spark plugs, computers , sensors, fuel filter , fuel pumps or flippen switches have changed the starting problems....ANYONE PLS HELP!!!!!!!! THANK YOU....
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    i did all that fuel filter and pump first thing you need to do is get a fuel pressure gauge hook it up turn key to on postion and if you have 40 psi and 3 psi running your good and dont tneed to do all that
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    its in your ignition switch and its intermitent some times it stats then some times noting but all lights and accessories are on? i had to jump to ground to get started until it was replaced
  • karl69karl69 Member Posts: 3
    I have to crank and turn key off 4 to 8 times befor car starts and runs rough a few seconds then runs fine? it like that if i let it sit for a short time new cat new fuel system? any one help me?
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    Have an 01 grand am. This morning out of no where it decides it doesnt want to start. all fuses good, all lights good, power up, lights do not dim when key is turned to start position. No clicking or noise opf any kind when key turned to start position. Help!!
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    About a month and a half ago, I smelled fuel a couple of times while trying to crank car. Rough start but would catch and run fine. Subsequent starts have been fine. Twice on rough starts ( there were 3) ERROR would show up on cd radio but no error code number. Radio would not work. 3 years ago , I too experienced the lovely Pass Lock Security light blinking issue and it would do it every so often but didnt do it for the following 2 years at all. Car has never given me one minutes trouble other than needing the oil replaced. A month ago, drove the car to Tn from Alabama, drove fine. Parked car back in Alabama. Drove car twice in a week and a half then didnt drive it for a week. Went to crank the car and it turns over and over but wont "catch" and start. Security light is not flashing. Have tried the Pass Lock stuff quite a few times to no avail. No present fuel smell. Fuel Pump hums when key is turned on. Battery has drained down twice while trying to start it many times. Charge battery and it holds charge for days and days. Car wont jump start with cables, fuel pump relay fuse under hood seems fine. Tried starting car in neutral, no luck. Sometimes when doing the pass lock bypass /reset, when I try to start it, it turns over and over but it will sound for a second like its going to crank but doesn't.
    Like everyone else, I need new suggestions/hints/tips/tricks on what to do before sinking a ton of money into something that could very well be only needing that blasted security wire behind the dash cut ( we are trying that in two days when bf can come over). I've read article after article on this, and like I said, the security light is not flashing this time.
    Thanks for any and all help.
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    i put the key in the ignition switch, every thing turns on the head lights, radio, windows work, but the a/c doesn't turn on and when i try to turn it on i hear like a clicking sound as if wants to turn on but it doesn't. does anybody have any suggestions on what i should do or check?
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    What's the battery voltage? Sounds like a low/bad battery to me.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    your post is confusing. Are you saying the engine won't crank, or that the engine starts but your AC won't engage?
  • vito0702vito0702 Member Posts: 2
    i just bought a 98 grand am and when i start it, it stalls, therefore i give it a little bit of gas to keep it started. when i turn the key i hear the fuel pump kicking so what else could it be???hmmm???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Does this happen hot or cold, or only cold?
  • vito0702vito0702 Member Posts: 2
    well i cant really call that because i bought it monday which was a very nice day about like mmm.. 50 sumn degrees dry weather and its done it everyday and today its like 30 sumn degrees and raining...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    No I mean does it stall when you first start in the morning, or will it always stall even when you stop for 1/2 hour at the supermarket.
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    I have a 95 pontiac grand am was going down the raod and it basically bogged out and died on me. no mil lights and gauges were fine. wont turn back over. bad crank sensor?
  • blackcobrablackcobra Member Posts: 1
    have you tried taking it out of park then puting it back in park because i know some times they dont go all the way in park in that can keep your car from starting
  • tnmillertnmiller Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 grand am SE 4 door, It has 100,000 miles on it. A few months ago my car wouldn't start for no reason at all, And so we gave it a jump, after jumping it it kind of grinded a little and then when we went to turn it off it wouldn't turn off, i'd turn the key off but it was still going. Then it was completely dead meaning nothing would work, the lights the windows nothing at all....So we replaced the cylinder switches on it then we got our car back it ran great, no problems then one morning we got up, and it did it again......now the car is completely dead again, when we jump it it starts but grinds and then dies completely, any ideas on what this could be?
  • paleobearpaleobear Member Posts: 1
    Did you find a fix for this problem? I am having the same issue.
  • lwoods32lwoods32 Member Posts: 2
    For more than a year my car would start only after several tries. I have had the fuel pump replaced and now my service engine soon light is on. The code was for an egr valve and solenoid. I have had the valve replaced but have learned that 2004 does not use solenoid. Now the car may cut out when I'm driving or all off the displays (rpms, speedometer) will fall to zero then register correctly, sometimes it will hesitate while driving and the door will click continuously (it also no longer works). I am at a loss, any advice?
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  • jpennington1jpennington1 Member Posts: 2
    Ok I drove my car 2 pick up my son an when we got home the next day it wudn't crank.. My hubby poured gas n the carb. an it wud start so we went and spent $300 on a fuel pump!! Now thats replaced it still will not start!! I have no clue as to wut is wrong please ne help??? thank you
  • magee4magee4 Member Posts: 2
  • magee4magee4 Member Posts: 2
    Whenever I shut the car off after driving it 4 10 minutes or more it will not restart 4 10 minutes or so. There are no problems when I drive it. I can get it started with starter fluid and then let the rough idle go 4 a bit till it finally clears up and` runs fine till shut down again.
  • dudeman_esqdudeman_esq Member Posts: 1
    Help !
    I have a 93 / almost 94, OBD 2 wond hook up, anyway, ran great, started dieing by loss of spark, i replaced coil pack, again ran great, a road trip proved that, about 240 mi, died in intersection, ( SUX ) had shipped home, bought a new crank shaft posision sensor, not yet replaced, it will now start and run for a short period of time, then die again and wont restart for some time.
    What are the chances it is in fact the crank sensor ??
    Thanx in advance
  • warpcountywarpcounty Member Posts: 1
    Try changing the map sensor, or even the Mass air flow sensor.
  • adamswjadamswj Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I am currently thinking about buying a non working Pontiac grand am for 400 bucks. I really like the look of the car and wouldn't mind working on it, possibly for re-sale. I haven't seen the vehicle yet be the owner is telling me that the car will start, rough idle, then die when given gas. I'm thinking that it is probably the fuel filter or fuel pump. I am new to fixing and selling cars and am wondering if anyone has any other ideas as to what might be the problem? I am trying to gauge the price of the fix. Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Well not a room to make a profit in a car like that. It can't be worth much more that $2000 if it's decent looking, so you'd have to count on the problem being relatively easy to diagnose and repair.

    Also you may have to smog it (depends on your state) or you can't sell it. Obviously it's not going to pass as is.

    Someone should do a computer scan. I expect that the seller has tried to fix it, so he may know more than he's saying.

    It's not too risky at $400. You could probably junk it for close to that or pawn it off on someone else.
  • adamswjadamswj Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the response. I am going down there today with my obd2 to scan for any codes and check out the condition of the car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Well good luck...could be as simple as a fuel filter or maybe just cleaning up the MAF would do it.
  • mugwampmugwamp Member Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 pontiac grand am 2.4 engine it will only start with starter fluid it runs great untiol yoy turn it off i have cheched the fuiel pump opressure and changed the fuwel filter and the fuel pressure regulator still no luck
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Have you ever tried to start it with a jumper battery in addition to your own? I'm wondering if it's cranking fast enough.
  • ponyfinderponyfinder Member Posts: 3
    Car driving normally and suddenly stumbles and stops. Towed home and found fuel pump relay is not actiivating. #18 fuse is good and relay tests fine. Tried jumping out relay but fuel pump still does not run. and relay coil is not getting power. Is this the security system problem I have read about? What else can keep relay from getting activated? Will try the 10 sec reset idea in the morning but would this happen while the car is driving? Help.
  • ponyfinderponyfinder Member Posts: 3
    Update 9/22, theft light NOT flashing. Voltmeter reads 12v at power pin on relay but voltage disappears as soon as relay coil is connected. In other words, 12v reading is a no-load reading only. Any ideas?
  • ponyfinderponyfinder Member Posts: 3
    Further update. Finally fixed it! Since jumping out the FPR did not make the pump run I crawled under the car, unplugged the fuel pump and put 12v directly to the pump. It groaned but did not run. Replaced the pump with a low mileage junkyard part and everything worked perfectly.

    Apparently, the computer recognizes a defective fuel pump and prevents the FPR from pulling it to energize it. Probably a safety feature so a bad pump does not overheat or spark while immersed in gasolene.
  • kimberann24kimberann24 Member Posts: 2
    my 01 grand am wont start it was running fine today but when i parked for 20 minutes then went back out to start the car it wouldnt start it acted like it was going to ive been told to buy a coil pack but unsure how many it needs could this really be the problem i dont really wanna buy something and it not fix it

    thanks kimber
  • burdawgburdawg Member Posts: 1,524
    Don't start throwing parts at it. Find out what is wrong and fix it once. Was the "security" light on the dash flashing?
  • tzokotzoko Member Posts: 3
    Having an issue with my Grand Am. It will start with starter fluid, but will taper out until its dead. Have changed the spark plugs and in-line fuel filter. Would i be safe to assume that the fuel pump needs to be changed? I hear it kick on before i try to start it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    edited November 2011
    Or your injectors might not be opening. You can test the pressure in the fuel rail with a gauge, and you can test the injectors with a NOID light (cheap to buy).


    Also you could have a fuel pressure regulator problem:

    The fuel pressure regulator is a diaphragm-operated relief valve with fuel pump pressure on one side and manifold pressure on the other. The function of the fuel pressure regulator is to maintain the fuel pressure available to the fuel injectors at 3 times barometric pressure, adjusted for engine load. The fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the fuel rail and may be serviced separately.
    If the fuel pressure is too low, poor performance and DTC P0171 could result. If the pressure is too high, excessive odor and/or DTC P0172 may result.
    Refer to Fuel System Pressure Test.
  • tzokotzoko Member Posts: 3
    Would it help you any if i told you before the car died, the code P0440 was pulled from my car? It said evaporative emission control system malfunction. that code has been pulled a couple times from the vehicle, and the first time it was pulled I replaced the gas cap, and nothing changed.
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