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Pontiac Grand Am Service Engine Soon / ABS / Trac Off



  • Have your EGR valve checked for the service engine light and have your tires and or rotators checked for the wobble. I am having the same problems that you are having with my car. Margaret
  • :mad: Ok, I just bought a 2000 grand am this morning. I drove it around today and this evening got on the interstate got about 10 or 15 miles down and was going about 75mph. The car just lost power, starting slowing down, got off on the shoulder and the whole engine started jerking and it died. I waited about 15 minutes and started it again. I got about 2 miles and it did it again. So I waited again, did it all over again and this continued until I got home. When I got into town and was driving slower, it didn't happen again. Does ANYONE know what this could be? I will be calling the man I bought it from in the morning, but I would really like to know what it is. It also has the Trac off light on and I don't know what that means. Thanks!!
  • What plugs did you change, and did you have to have the system reset to get the lights off or did they go off on thier own? Also I changed my hubs, and I wish they only cost me 40 dollars.
  • I think I've got a similar problem with my 00 2.4L SE Grand Am,101k miles.My service engine light came on several weeks ago and when I took it to autozone the reader said Cylinder 1 misfire.Took it to a repair shop & they said it needed a tune-up,new plugs,wires,the works.Well, $200 later,the car had the same problem.They said it needed a new 'computer'.Took it to another shop and they charged me $70 to tell me the same thing.My question is how easy is it to replace the Ignition Control Module and where can I get it cheaply?
  • Last night i was driving home and the service engine soon light came on then the trac off light came on and then the car died on the side of the road and wouldnt start back, my dad thought it might be the oil so we put oil in it nothing, it turns over and acts like it wants to start but wont go all the way. Also when i try to start it the trunk is now popping open on its own.............? any suggestions?
  • I have a 2000 Grand Am GT and my trac off light keeps comeing on! I don't even know what that means! Can someone tell me what it means and how I can fix it! Thanks so much! :cry:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It means that the traction control in the transaxle is being disabled. It could mean a transmission problem or a problem in the control systems for it. The only way to know for sure is to have it diagnosed.
  • hook2hook2 Posts: 6
    I have a 2002 grand am, and the abs light, traction light
    and service vehicle soon, lights come on when i put the car in reverse. when i put the car in park, turn it off and restart it , they go off. but come back on again when i go in reverse. any one know what causes this?
    thanks , Hook
  • We just bought a 2000 pontiac grand am, 93000. miles. My son went to move the car and there was no power, you could put it in gear, but it would not do anything, When you press on the gas there is nothing. Can anyone help?
  • If the engine revs up, but the car does not want to move, then check the transmission fluid level. If the engine seems tired, the fuel pump would be the first thing to check.
  • I had the same lights flashing on my 2003 Grand Am. It all started in wet weather but did not completely go away when it got dry. I have read a lot of posts here and other places, but tried the simple route first - check fuses and connections. I checked the fuses by completely pulling them out - one at a time. While I had them out I coated the blades with a light coating of dielectric grease. After all were checked and greased, all the flashing ABS and other lights went away. No guarantees, but a pretty cheap fix that may help with your electrical problems..
    Good luck,
  • are you ready for the novel?? lol ok first my car started not starting every time you went to start it. it would take a couple times to actually start then it went to taking 30 or 40 times to start it. so they told me to replace the battery i did. it continued to do this and then it started to turn off while driving and the battery light would come on so they told me to replace my alternator so i did. it continued to do the same thing so i took it and paid 65 dollars to get it put on the computer and the computer printed out all the codes on the car saying everything on the car was bad the man said that meant my computer was bad so i called around to the dealer i bought it from to see if they could reprogram a new computer they told me to let them see it they put it on the GM computer and nothing came back wrong with it so they called me to come get it i did the next day and it wouldn't start they looked at it and said it was the starter they replaced that well still the lights came on (check engine and trac off) so then they said it was the ignition switch which we replaced and ran good for a month and a half and then when the trac off was on the transmission switched gears so hard it would nearly jerk you out of your seat so we would stop and put transmission fluid in it and it would stop we did this for months and come to find out that i put too much in it because it didn't need it. i took it back they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it cause it always ran good when it was there. still the lights would come on and took it back and they replaced the throttle control sensor??? or pedal position sensor (they are the same thing i think) the light still came on once or twice a week and when you are going over 50 mph the car will sometimes jerk like the RPM's will go up and down and the speed-o-meter will do the same. then one night the ignition got stuck while the car was on... i couldn't turn it off so i took it and they replaced the ignition... and worked ok for a month now the trac off light comes on twice a week or so and the service engine light too and when i comes on autozone scans it and says its the pedal position sensor (which i already replaced) also sometimes while the trac off light is on the windows will not roll up or down and then a few hours later they will work fine and also my trunk pops on its own. if the lights are on and you turn the car off for a while the lights will go off but the transmission will only switch from first to second gear if you let off the gas (and that is always except when the ignition was stuck on the car drove perfect i mean perfect you just couldn't turn it off lol ) ok so i think that raps it up. every mechanic says it is just a short somewhere that is making all these things go bad and no one can find the short what do i do? i really hope someone has had this problem please help
  • I have a 97 grand am,2.4 with 193,430 miles.I recently had to replace my radiator.My coolant level is full,so that is not the problem.Also Ive had to replace the wire and plug that plugs into the coolant temp sensor since my fan would not come on at all and still dont by the way!Ive replaced the relays for the fan,fuses,temp sensor and Ive even had to wire the fan direct.Why is it my antifreeze is not getting as hot as its supposed to?ive also had to replace the transmission line going from the radiator to the trans and now my transmission shifts hard.But anyway,I guess since my car is not getting very hot that is making the fan not come on or is it due to that low coolant light that wont shut off?Guys at autozone and advance auto dont have clue as to whats wrong with it can someone help me with all this?thanks :mad:
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The low coolant light is operated by a switch and float in the resevoir tank. If the coolant is up to the full mark and the light is on then probably the switch or float is bad, or just like my old 95 GA was, it just gets stuck. Anytime I had to drain the cooling system I always had to shake the resevoir tank to get it unstuck.
    As far as the coolant temp, since it's winter and you have a new radiator then maybe it's just normal? The low coolant light itself won't have anything to do with the operation of the fan.
    193K is a lot of miles for a Grand AM!
  • ok thank you for your info.I did notice that there is a plug in of some type connected to the bottom of the resivior you know what that is?Also shouldnt I be worried about the fan not coming on at all? You seem surprised that my car is still running with all the miles I have on it(ha ha)Yes that is a lot of miles but when you dont have the money for another car you make due with what you have right?thanks again for the info and I will try that with the tank and see what happens! :(
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    The connector is the wiring for the low coolant level switch. I wouldn't worry about the fan unless it's running hot. Not knowing where your from I don't have any idea of the ambient air temperature. If your in Minnesota, for example, it may be so cold it won't warm up, if your in the Southwest or southern Florida I would feel different. If it never seems to warm up at all you may need a new thermostat.
  • jt1987jt1987 Posts: 5
    the same thing happened to me in my '03 GA, but the trac off light didnt come on, i took it to a dealership, and the diagnosed the problem as a bad bearing in the fuel pump, thus causing the car to shut off while on the freeway. the dealership quoted the repair/parts and labor to be a grand total of about $734. That fixed the fuel pump, but the car is still stalling in the middle of the road, thats why i will be selling it to a dealership soon. :lemon:
  • These lights all came on at the same time and I took it to VIP and they said it was a computer issue and needed to take it to the dealer.

    Also, a couple times when coming to a stop there is a grinding sound (abs??) and the car slides a few feet before stopping. It has only done this twice since the lights came on almost a week ago. I have an appt with the dealer in a few days.

    HELP ME! what could be wrong and how much could it cost!

  • My fuse coating did not work for long. I am still looking for a solution on-line and may try another dealership but will try to get a guaranteed repair. I still like my Grand Am and wild buy another, but I am troubled about all the problems I read on-line. I realize two things, there are a lot of Grand Ams on the road and the dealerships must all be worthless.
  • daikendaiken Posts: 1
    My son has a 02 grand am his trac,abs service vehicle lights are on he started to get a loud noise from the front end he had a bad wheel bearing on LF i replaced that i have been working on cars for 25 years i have never heard this type of noise before but after i replaced the wheel bearing we took it for a test drive and the same noise was there when you start out the noise is slight but the faster you go the louder it gets like when a jet starts up i tried putting it in nuetral to see if it was a engine noise it wasent even in nuetral going down a hill with rpms at7-800 the faster i went the sound got louder and faster as i slowed down so did the sound so i put it up on jack stand and had my son put it in gear and let the wheels spin with no weight on them i got under the car and the noise seem to be coming from the back part of the tranny where the right side shaft goes in between there and engine but its not comming from engine it sounds louder at this point than directly under the tranny ANY SUGGESTIONS ON WHAT THIS NOISE IS FROM and no the lights did not go out
  • nrbacarlnrbacarl Posts: 1
    I had a similar problem with my 98 Grand Am. From time to time, it also would not start. It didn't act like a dead battery, but after a battery charger indicated that it might be a bad cell int he battery, I decide to replace it. When I went to remove the terminals, I notice that the positive one was corroded on the inside and was difficult to remove. Just for kicks, I removed the bolt and cleaned it up and put it back together.

    Not only did it start right up, the lights on the instrument panel quit coming on intermittently, the radio display stayed on all the time and the volume control started working correctly.

    All of the electronic gizmos on cars these days are great when they are working, but they sure don't seem to tolerate voltage and current variation well!

    Now I have to find out why the fan won't kick in all of the time, causing it to overheat... (I'm at 214K miles, by the way...)
  • jdbonilljdbonill Posts: 1
    I am not a car guy by ANY stretch of the imagination. I have recently had a lot of trouble with my RPM's being way high in idle. Took it to the mechanic, and after a bunch of repairs, he still said that I need a new computer (PCM). He wanted to charge me about 600 for just the part. I have found the part new at a much cheaper price, and was told it was easy to repair. The problem is, I cant seem to find the computer under the hood. Any advice? I have a 2001 pontiac grand am, 2.4L
  • The PCM (engine computer) is under the dash above the driver's left foot. Wait 4 Me Performance has PCM for about $150
    If you do replace the PCM, you will need to take it somewhere to do a crank sensor relearn routine - on the 2003 3.4L engine anyway. By the way, my PCM does the same thing and the driver circuit for the idle motor seems to be the culprit - I'll know in a few days - as the PCM is getting replaced.
  • scoot08scoot08 Posts: 8
    i have a 1996 grand am with the 2.4 in it. the car has 239000 miles on it. personally im shocked that its still on the road. well i got my tranny replaced about 1500 miles ago and it shifts kinda hard but no biggy. now my check engine light is on and flashing. i haev no idea why. i took it to autozone and they said that my air flow sensor i think is bad.. its the sensor on the throttle body...does anyone know why my light is flashing? i would advise that everyone with a GA get rid of it!!!
  • With 230K on your Grand Am, your advise to get rid of all GAs seems without logic. Most high dollar German cars usually don't go that far. AutoZone is pretty good on price, (don't buy a warranty) and they should be able to show you the new MAP sensor and where is goes. A pretty easy DIY job. If you don't want to put the money into it, even with flashing lights, as long as it runs, drive it. The untimate way to recycle a car is to drive it til it stops....
  • scoot08scoot08 Posts: 8
    so i disconnected the battery and the light went off for like ten min.... i need major help cause the motor is old and tired should i put a new motor in it or junk it... i really am starting to get attached to this hunk of junk... how much is a new engine fo one i cant find one????
  • Changing the motor and transaxle is very labor intensive with FWD (front wheel drive) cars. I've gotten good deals from eBay motors, but still way too much work to swap-out. The cheapest place would be your local junkyard, if they would / could do it. Don't expect it to be done quickly as they normally do work in their spare time. Quality could be a big question.
    I do believe it would be much better just to sell it to the junkyard and use the money for a first payment on a 3 or 4 year old used car. Buy a add-on warranty for a year is also my suggestion, especially if you don't work on cars.
  • scoot08scoot08 Posts: 8
    well im what you would say a self proclaimed mechanic... i have done all the work on my ga... i found that the motor mount is broke and need replaced... this car was good till i replaced the tranny now it seems that everything is going wrong with it.. i thought about going to a cheap car lot and try to trade it in but i dont think its worth much
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    It's not. I would drive it until it dies and then give it a decent burial at a salvage yard.
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