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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • That's very interesting. Although, my car loan is through a bank. I guess I need to check with them if they offer it or I wonder if my credit union would offer it even though they did not do the financing?!

    I was mistaken earlier when I said $2/mo. more, it's actually $12/mo. more. Dealers just kill me with all the lies they perpetrate on consumers.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I'd bet that you can't get GAP insurance from someone who had nothing to do with the loan. However, your insurance company may offer it. Some do, and the rate will almost certainly be better than anything offered by the stealer.
  • dealer accepted my offer of $35,000 for GT AWD w/ moon/Bose amd power hatch ($37,500 msrp). Have not closed deal. I think can do better but probably near bottom. Any comments out there ?
  • edmu1edmu1 Posts: 3
    edm111, Could you mention the name of your salesperson at crystal? Thanks.
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    James Osorio. Later I also worked with another rep. I will update the name when I find his card.

    BTW. I took the delivery. The vehicle is great. made a 250 miles long drive this weekend.

    To the people who did not see my previous posts in other pages. I got 09 Maxda CX-9 Sport with power seat package.

    I wanted to have the RemoteStarter installed on this, but the dealer said the cheap one costs $550. If installed at the dealer it is covered under warranty. I want to check with you guys and fix it. I thought it is $350

    Annoying thing I feel till now is This doesn't have Auto head lights. Atleast it should switch off when the engine is turned off and driver door is opened. It gives annoying beep sound. This is a standard option. I have to try again.
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    The headlights should be delayed switched off(As per the Specs), but doesn't work. When i go to the dealer, I have to get it checked.

    Another thing which bugs me is Auto door locks when driving, My 13 year old car auto locks the door when I shift to Drive... Mazda... it is a few lines of code in the programming...
  • Looks like a pretty good deal - about $500 over invoice, and less than what Edmunds says others are paying for the same model/options. If you want the 2010, you're getting close to the bottom, IMO. If you've read this forum than you probably know that you can save about $4500 off of invoice on the new 2009 models - at least until they run out, or Mazda turns off the incentive. Getting more difficult to find color and option choices, but still a few out there - at least in the Seattle area. Apart from the new grill-work, and the center stack button changes, I didn't see any big changes in the two model years. But you 2010 model should have a bit more residual value after 3-4 years. If you plan to keep the car much more than 4 years, the difference in resale between 09 and 10 will become less significant. You might get more value in the long term for a fully-loaded 09 for $5000 less than what you will pay for a 2010. But I may just be rationalizing my own decision to buy the 09 :-). I think you'll be very happy with either choice. You can price out the options here: .
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    i have Auto headlights and they work fine - is it just a GT/Touring option?

    personally, i wouldn't want autolocking doors so i am glad Mazda did not make that standard.
  • thanks Triple3threat
    we are on same page. totally agree with all your points.. I have to buy a 2010 for reasons that are a bit complicated to explain here. (business stuff)
    anyway--thank you for confirmation on the $35,000 for 2010. I think it is a fair price.
    going to one more dealer in north jersey who is known for lowest prices. It will be interesting to see if they can beat $35,000.

    I should close deal this Friday

    I will post my purchase price and dealer then
  • just purchased CX9 2010, it is really zoom...zoom...zoom :) with irrestable package price :blush: . GT AWD with navigation, moonroof & bose, remote engine starter & keyless entry(standard feature in GT) all mats included (floor & cargo), moonroof wind deflector, roof rack,splash guard, retractable cover, & cargo nets, rear bumper step plate.

    MSRP of 39405 :( (navigation, rear hatch & roof rack) without other options , dealer gave .0795 off as dealers dealer discount($3332), $200 above invoice, Undergo negotiation final price is 36500 :shades: plus documentation fee. The best part, got the 1.9% APR :) approved by Chase Mazda. Over all, it comes that all the accessory/options & intallations worth 1400 was free. Savings more or less $4750 after all the negotiation.

    Well, we really dont like the Navigation package, we make a deal that from MSRP & Options/Installations price total to deduct the price of navigation package & we will take the vehicle.Dealer gave it based on our asking price.You just need to be firm with your decision & inform them your allocated budget.

    They (dealers) are selling the first batch of CX9 2010, you can negotiate with them & they will just make up with the succeeding sale/unit. They want atleast to sell between 3-5 units & from there, they have to be strict on pricing. Let say that they sell it in convincing price as promotional for people to see in their area & compare its beauty, agility & zoooooooooooooominest is above par than other SUV/crossover.
  • I just purchased a storm blue 09 GT-FWD with moonroof/bose + nav system + towing package + bumper guard + splash guard + wheel lock. I was offered $32,127 (MSRP $3968X?) that was $4500 off the invoice. I learned from this forum that there could be room for cutting several hundred $ more on price, however, in my area (Austin, TX), there were only 2 fully loaded 09 GT-FWDs from 2 different dealers. I did not have enough choices to make me a better negotiator. The other dealer did drop the price below $32,000, but I don't like its silver color. I ended up with the $32,127 one. I am kind of satisfied with the price I paid; I know it's not a great price, $7500 off the MSRP is good enough though.

    The OTD I paid is $34774 (TAX + license fee + doc fee +......). When I went through the paper work, the sales guy even told that I can write off the sales TAX (about $2000 in my case) for my 2009 tax return. He said this is the part of the stimulus package passed at the beginning of this year. wow, what a good surprise! :surprise:

    I was also offered an extended warranty (total care), $1400 for 7year/100,000m, I have not accepted it yet, is this a good deal? Or, CX-9 scores high on reliability, do I really need to extend the standard warranty? Did you guys purchase the extended warranty? :confuse: I am not an experienced Mazda owner; this one is my first mazda.

    Thanks all
  • I'm looking for CX-9 Touring. Here in NY, I'm told only 2010s left.

    Looking at the AWD w/Moonroof, Touring Power Liftgage, 6CD Changer w/MID, Sirius and Wheel locks packages (Packages 1MC, 1LG, 1CD, SAT and WLK).

    That seems to be pretty much the standard configuration here.

    MSRP for that is $35,627, Invoice is $32,831.

    I was quoted $31,313+TTL for Self Financing and $32,313+TTL if I take their 1.9% financing.

    The dealer was confident that's a great price.

    What do you all think?

    Anyone know any dealers in NY/NJ/CT who might still have 2009s in stock? Sounds like I could save a bundle if I could find a 2009.
  • check and click under inventory. then find the dealers you are willign to go to. if there are 2009s that are still in their system, it should be there. for example, i just tried 2009 AWD Touring and one white one came up at Palisades Mazda NJ with MSRP $36k with moonroof/bose and wheellocks. however, when i ask for 2009 FWD Touring, none pop up. good luck....
  • jcpharm,

    Thanks, that's very helpful. I found a couple of other possible acceptable choices and sent out for a quote request to get the process started.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Anyone know any dealers in NY/NJ/CT who might still have 2009s in stock? Sounds like I could save a bundle if I could find a 2009.

    CT dealer here. Don't waste your time looking in CT for a 2009. They are all gone. You might luck out in NJ, but, I highly doubt it.
  • Lex,

    That's actually not a bad deal! I too, am located in the NY Metro area and is shopping for the same package minus the sirius. I got one quote for $32,750 to purchase and $33,750 to lease. I'm trying to get them to lower the $1,000 mark-up for the lease deal, which they're blaming Chase bank for (yeah.....right).

    Im in the process of shopping it around to other Mazda dealers in the area, as well as my #2 &#3 choices. I love the CX-9, but it's all about the deal right now. Good luck!
  • Yeah, I thought it was a pretty good deal.

    If it helps, I got that quote from the Wayne, NJ dealership. There wasn't much negotiation to get that number.

    I wound up getting an amazing deal on the Acura MDX, so I went with that instead though.
  • Purchased a 2009 CX-9 GT FWD (Crystal White Pearl Mica/ Black interior) on 10/31 from Long Beach Mazda (L.A. area). It was a very smooth and hasslefree buying experience. In all, it took only 1 1/2 hours to zoom-zoom. Initially negotiated by e-mail, but the Internet Dept. @ LB Mazda couldn't beat or match a locally advertised (newspaper) discount off a similar MSRP CX-9. I was referred to another person at the dealership. Finally negotiated a $8,500 discount off MSRP over the phone. I think I might have been able to knock off a couple of hundred more, but there were only a couple of similar color/interior combination '09 CX-9s left within a 100-mile radius of here.

    Here are the details:

    2009 CX-9 GT FWD
    Options: GT Assist Pkg., Moonroof/Bose, Towing Pkg., Roof Rack
    MSRP: $39,790 (incl. Destination)
    Disc.: $8,500
    Cost: $31,290
    Doc fee: $55
    Tax: $3,056.14 (9.75%)
    Title+Lic: $455.75
    OTD: $34,856.89

    P.S. This forum was very helpful in convincing me to consider this vehicle for purchase. Fell for it on first sight. Considered the Honda Pilot too. Looking forward to enjoying it and posting on this forum. So, THANK YOU everybody. ZOOM-ZOOM
  • Thanks. Wayne is about 25 miles from me. I'm working with my local dealership and one that's only 10 miles further. Im noticing these guys love to cry about getting the car for you. They make it seem like such the hardship & expense. Gimmie a break!!! So I'm willing to drive to the them and offer to take something off the lot.

    I know you purchased your vehicle, but do you recall anything about a price increase due to leasing? Based on your quote for the CX-9, I seem to be getting a fair deal.
  • I don't know about the price increasing for leasing, but they did tell me that the 1.9% financing and $1000 credit were NOT able to be combined.
  • Then that makes a lot of sense. I got a money factor of .00079, which equates to the 1.9% APR. You know as much as I do that being offered an HONEST deal is probably more important than the numbers themselves!! Who wants to be ripped off & lied to?? I just talked to Wayne, they dont have anything in stock that I like. Thanks for the input Lex!

  • I had a VERY pleasant experience this weekend purchasing an 09 Stormy Blue Mica Touring CX9. I bought mine from Bommarito Mazda in Ellisville, MO. I was purchasing from out of state, and we were able to negotiate from a list of $35.9k down to $27.9k over the phone. OTD was $30.6k. It has Moonroof/Bose pkg and Dockable Entertainment with GBA pkg. The finance manager was able to get me a much better rate than my credit union was offering as well. The whole experience was very painless!

    Conversely, I had a deal on the table at Gossett Mazda in Memphis, TN, and almost closed the deal, but something just kept bugging me about not getting the best deal on this vehicle. It was an 09 Brilliant Black Sport model with Moonroof/Bose and heated seats (cloth), and they wanted $28.9k for it, and would not go any lower. Even after I got the buyer's order to take to my bank, the finance guy tried to fax my bank another copy of the buyer's order with an extra $1k difference added to it! I am SOOOOOO glad I found Bommarito Mazda when I did! When I left Sat., they had 1 09 CX-9 left, I think. I cannot say if it is still there.
  • Had a less than positive experience with Galpin Mazda in Valencia, CA today. Knowing that paying 4 - 4.5k below invoice is not that unusual for 09 models I called them up this morning and spoke with the sales manager telling them I wanted to pay 32k which was 5.5k below invoice for a loaded 09 Grand Touring AWD they seemingly had. He said that "I was close" and told me to come by which I did with the thought that the car can be had for 33k after some negotiations. Upon my arrival it turned out that the car was actually at another dealership and I had to wait another 45mins for it to be driven to Valencia, had I known that I'd just went there and saved myself a 20 mile trip one-way. To make the long story short, in the process I found out that it was a demo car which had 3k+ miles on it and refused paying more than 32k + TLD . They wouldn't go below 34k and I walked out. The car had a ~$600 lo-jack installed bringing the invoice to ~38k for which (the low-jack) I couldn't care less. They also told me that promotional 0% APR did not apply to discounted cars and offered 5.29% on exellent credit for 60 months. Was I balling too low and missed a good deal?
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    You should be able to get $7500 off retail pretty easily right now and that's without the $1000 owner loyalty deal from mazda. I'm not sure what the sticker is on the "loaded" vehicle you are referring too. If it's loaded, it could be as high as $42,000, so that would bring you down to 33.5-34.5, without too much effort. I would say forget it on the lowjack, so make them eat that. Given that it's a demo, I'd say your 33K number is more than reasonable. If they don't have many left in the area, you may not get there as they might decide to hold out, but my opinion is hold your ground on your price.
  • i came across 3 demos during my shopping back in July for 09s and they gave VERY little discount for it being a demo. i would just go for a 2010 and enjoy the upgrades.
  • The sticker was 40560 including GT assist package, moonroof/Bose, and tow hitch, so this may not be fully loaded but still on the higher end. You're right, there is not too many left and I'm sure it'll go for 34k sooner or later. However at that price it is getting dangerously close to the Acura MDX territory which is even in base configuration is a better vehicle in my opinion and also comes with scheduled maintenance, longer factory warranty and higher resale value than the CX-9. Or even the BMW X5 diesel for the same reasons plus available credits, and fuel economy.
  • What are the upgrades btw in the 2010? I was told it is pretty much the front grill, the rear lights, and different option package configuration. I found the plastic wood trim better looking in the 09, and I also didn't like the split armrest/cover between front seats on the latest model over the one piece in the 09.
  • geojpgeojp Posts: 3
    2010 cx-9 awd gran touring with nav, moonroof/bose, & roof rack for $37,100 + tax, tiltle,etc. Sticker was about 39,500. I also got 1.9% fianacing for 5 years. It's better than what edmunds said. Plus they are picking the car up from a dealer 200 miles away.
  • geojpgeojp Posts: 3
    actually price paid was 36,600 + tax titls, etc...forgot about the $500 mazda owner loyalty rebate.
  • 2010 AWD Touring equipped with Moonroof/Bose, Power liftgate, backup camera. Dealer offering 32,521 which includes destination charge. (but not tax)
    Doc fee = 398.
    Title and registration = 399. (sales guy said NJ charges for registration for 4 years at a stretch.. ???? That can't be true ?)

    Am I getting a good deal ?
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