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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Looking at 2010 GT. Can anyone enlighten me to any disadvantages to the AWD. My two local dealers have all GT's with AWD. Live in NW NJ. Do get some heavy snow and hilly. Hate to lose "pep" with the extra 200 #.

    any comments ?
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    the biggest difference practically will be a loss in fuel economy. the FWD is rated 16/22 city/highway MPG whilst the AWD is rated 15/21. personally, i average 17 MPG with 60-70% highway driving in my state of NJ. i wouldn't think you would experience power loss and in poor traction areas (snow/ice) you may get better pickup depending on the tires you have (OEM duelers apparently stink from others' experience). good luck!
  • Thank you icpharm
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Disadvantages with AWD
    - worse MPG - trust me, more than 1mpg difference in real world driving. More like 2-3mpg penalty for city driving. On highway, 1mpg may be close to reality.
    - slower acceleration - no test data to support this, I am afraid
    - more parts to fail - more expensive to maintain (such as transfer case fluid change)
    - can'r replace only two tires - must replace all four to keep AWD happy.
    (Costco has the same policy)
    - when it is being towed, you must call for a flatbed. :mad:

    Advantages of AWD
    - .....
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Advantages of AWD--from a FWD CX-9 owner:
    1) torque steer mitigated--virtually eliminates one of CX-9s biggest shortcomings; and 2) superior traction under all driving conditions--especially in icy or wet weather.

    Is it worth 1-2 mpg to know that your wife is much less likely to end up in a ditch? Your call. However, if I lived in a cold-weather state, I would have bought an AWD model without hesitation.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,780
    I would imagine a FWD CX-9 in the Northeast is a pretty hard sell..

    That's why your dealer only has AWD...


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • thanks everybody
    great community....
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    I ended up pruchasing 09 AWD Sport with PWR Driver Seat, heated seat package from Crystal Auto Mall in NJ for 25,000 + 300(Doc Fees) + TAX and Title. I would have loved the touring but they don't have any.

    I think it is pretty reasonable deal. What you guys think?

    I was in between 2010 Honda PILOT EXL for 33,000 + TTL or this one. I choose this one. I don't know why ;)... but I believe it is a good decision.
  • You got exactly the same car as mine, as well as the price, it is $7,500 below MSRP, I think it is good deal. For sport, you can't get $10,000 discount at this time. But one thing annoying me is the MSRP of 2010 model is 1,000 cheaper than the 2009 model, can anyone tell me what's the difference between these two models?
  • jast66jast66 Posts: 3
    just bought a 09 Sports FWD base trim with no options, the 30,500 MSRP one.

    Sell price was 24500 (before TTL)

    Final price was 24500 + TTL - 1000 royal customer rebate. Came out to be 26K OTD.

    I think I got a reasonable deal (thought not 7500, it was roughly 7000 below MSRP afterall), not a screaming awesome deal by all means but took very little time to come up with the price, I could had spent more time to knock off a thousand more MAYBE.

    Happy with the car, was having difficulties buying a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder at that price. But I test drove the Mazda today and found it to be a nicer ride than the pathfinder.


    I am offered $2500 to extend my bumper to bumper + power train warranty to 100,000 miles or 10 years. What do you guys think of it? Should I do the extension or save the $? To keep the warranty I need to do an oil change every 4 months or so (apparently) My car doesn't get driven a whole lot, looking at likely 8k miles/year.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    That Warranty is pretty much list price...WAY too high!

    I got an 09 AWD GT a few months back and the dealer offered me 100K, 10 years for $1800.

    The Mazda Warranty can be found here (Although they outsource to www.easycare)

    You can get the LIST price for the service contract for your vehicle. You should pay no more than that and typically a lot less. If YOUR dealer doesn't offer it, go shop around to other MAzda or Ford dealers. You've got up to 25K miles before you need to commit before the rates go up.

    You can see the details of the Mazda Warranties at...(look at TotalCare)
  • s4cts4ct Posts: 2
    Was that quote of $1800 for zero deductible?
  • edm111edm111 Posts: 11
    That is the best price you can get with the current promotions. If you get a better price then the dealer is cutting on the holdbacks, it is to my knowledge.

    I would have loved the 1000 Loyality rebate. and it is a big difference, like 4% of the price of the vehicle.

    Regarding the extended warranty, I did not give a thought to it.
  • Thanks to this forum, I had the info I needed to negotiate a cash purchase of a 2009 CX-9 GT with the following options:

    1. GT Assist
    2. Bose/Moonroof
    3. Splashgaurds
    4. Roof rails

    I got the $4,500 factory to dealer incentive off invoice, for a total price of $33,000. Less trade-in, plus TTL for an OTD price of $34,500. I choose the Stormy Blue on Sand - they had two left last week with these options (white and silver). Dealer = Lee Johnson, Kirkland WA. Similar deal available at University Mazda (they have black/black as well).

    BTW - for additional options, I've put in an order with (not .com) - free shipping over $100 and about 20% below dealer cost. Just ordered all weather floor mats, cargo mat, roof rack crossbars (grrr that those aren't standard) and a cargo net for about $350. Oh yeah, and a jar touch-up paint because that first door ding is probably just around the corner.

    After a week - I've found nothing I don't like about this car. The negative comments I've read about not having a trip MPG computer are not applicable to the 09 - the mpg computer is full featured and really nice. I hated the NAV unit the first time I drove the 08 model, but after a week, I like it much better than my Garmin Nuvi. Added and unexpected feature - it finds media files on my Windows Phone and plays them over BT.

    Only DOH so far is that I whacked a curb on 2nd day pulling into a lot. No damage to wheel or tire - and I whacked it pretty hard. Looks like there is a coating on the rims to prevent brake dust build up, and that held up too. Still sucked. Use to driving a much smaller car.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    just so you know, the cargo mat only covers the area with the 3rd-row up. if you primarily have the 3rd-row down, you may want to look into other larger cargo mats (weathertech and husky have been mentioned in the forum elsewhere).
  • jast66jast66 Posts: 3
    I thought I was getting $0 deductible (based on memory from verbal description) for the $2500, but I am looking at my contract now and it has $100 deductible crossed. (Total Care)

    What would be a reasonable price for 120 month/100,000 miles on a 09 FWD Sports? For both $100 deductible and $0 deductible.

  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    My mistake.

    I have a 08 CX-9 AWD GT and 09 CX7 AWD GT. Extended warranties for both.

    For my CX-9 I went with an AAA bumper to bumper warranty for $1600 for 7 Years/100000 miles with $0 deductible.

    The CX-7 was the info I povided with the Mazda warranty.
  • The $24.3 for a sport with the pw6 package is pretty good. I bought the same trim with AWD for $25.9. Figure abt $1400 for the AWD and the price is $24.5. I dindt have to negotiate for the price, went thru the Costco auto buying program which was hassle and haggle free.
    I like the best bang for my hard earned bucks so i price researched aggresively and found that no one could beat the Costco price in mid July when i bought the car
  • ALSO, thanks to this forum, I became an educated consumer. Which is the dealer's worst enemy and buyer's best friend. Those sharks get so frustrated... =8P
    I found valuable current market pricing & available discounts to better negotiate my trade-in and a financed purchase. My choice was rare, but on Friday I found a new 2009 CX-9 GT with the following options:

    1. Bose/Moonroof: w/ 6 disc CD/Sirius Sat radio/Homelink/Auto dimming rear view
    2. Stainless Steel Bumper Guard

    She had an MSRP of $36,600. I got her for $28,700 plus additional $1,350 more for my trade-in. The additional trade monies were more than multiple other GMC, Chevy, Saturn & Mazda dealers were offering.

    That is $7,900 off retail plus $1,350 more trade-in equaling a total $9,250.00 off MSRP. She came to $31,600 OTD.

    Good Price Negotiating??

    GAP Insurance $749...good idea for purchase? good price? Will raise mo. pymnt. $2/mo.

    Tampa Bay Area Dealer, FL

    Thanks All
  • Sounds like you did well on the price of your CX9...however, they got you for about $450 in the GAP insurance.

    I work for a dealership and as an employee we get GAP for $300 and that's with the dealership making $50 in profit.
  • Leemanw- Did you finance through the dealer, or did you bring your own cash/financing? If through the dealer, what kind of rate did you get? Thanks!
  • leemanw,

    Also looking for GT w/exact same options in Tampa Bay area. Looks like there are only a few in the area with those options. Can you share the dealership? Looks like you got a great deal! Not sure my trade will net as much as I'd like, but going to give it a shot.

  • texasmax, dealer financed for decent rate and term.
  • katinfl, rather not say which dealership, but was pleased with manager and his patient demeanor. i always think i could have gotten better price, rate and terms after purchases. i guess GAP insurance IS negotiable? F & I guy said it's not.
  • Does anyone know if GAP insurance is negotiable????

    Is GAP a really good form of protection or can your auto insurance company provide similar coverage???

    I was told $749, which is @ $2 month more, was the cost, period. You have 30 days to cancel so am wondering what your thoughts are.

  • Dont think twice about it and get GAP, believe me. A few years back my Frontier got stolen and was vandalized (think fire) and totaled. GAP covered about $5K in negative equity that my insurance did not cover. I am not saying that your CX9 will get stolen, but GAP covers anything that the insurance will not cover if you owe more then the current value. The last thing you want is to keep making payments on a vehicle you don't have.

    ...and yes GAP is negotiable, don't let the F&I guy screw you. They make commision on anything they sell (i.e. GAP, Alarm, Extended Warranty, Exterior Protection Details, Lo-Jack...) Like I mentioned before I work for a dealership and I know that the GAP insurance providers we use charges the dealer $250 for each plan, hence I got it for $300. They are many GAP insurance providers but I really doubt any will charge the dealer more then $400 per policy. NEGOTIATE!
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    Call your insurance company first and ask them if you need to get it or if you are covered under your current policy. I have State Farm and before I bought my CX9 I called them just to discuss how my auto insurance rates would change. I didn't even bring GAP up, they did, and they told me up front not to get it if it was offered because the way my policy was structured I didn't need it.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    GAP insurance is negotiable--my credit union offers it for $175.
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