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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought a 2010 Touring FWD today with Bose/Moonroof + Powerliftgate, Backup Camera, Rear Step Plate and Wheel locks (didnt want last 2 items but vehicle came with it)

    MSRP = 34577, INV = 31,700

    The deal I got was as follows

    Selling price: 29,912
    Destination = 750
    Total base selling price = 30,662
    Tax on 30,662 = 2269 (includes NJ 7% and 0.4 % Gas Guzzler tax)
    DMV = 382
    Doc fee = 179
    Tire Tax = 7.50
    Total OTD = 33,500

    Not sure if I did ok ?
  • We did the GT AWD. Got NAV and liftgate, moonroof package, and overhead DVD. MSRP was 40,415. Sales price was 36778. We opted to lease (42mos/12Kmiles/y). MF at this time was 0.00075 and residual of 48% (they used residual from MSRP rather than sales price, which I think works out even better for us). $595 was acquisition and $349 was processing/doc in VA. I know the cars and the lease duration and down payment isn't the same (we put down 1500 just so that the fees weren't capitalized in the lease), and that brought it to $504/month. Even without money down, it was about $540. The headrest DVD is a few hundred more but I think your payment is high and the car a little much b/c more than our AWD, but I could be wrong. We called around ALOT and they all hit this number within about 10 bucks. So, I don't know if this helps, but I think there's a bit of room to move down.
  • Outstanding, if you also got the 0% to 1.9% financing
  • Thanks eastcoastpack. The dealer was offering 1.9 %, I didn't take it and chose to pay cash (my wife is going to kill me when she finds out )

    Initial driving impressions..the CX9 truly handles like a car and ride is quiet but supple. Bose audio is fine - someone on an earlier post had expressed reservations about the sound quality but I don't see any issues. Not setup bluetooth yet, but should be a breeze.

    Will provide more thoughts once I've put a few more miles on it.,
  • B101, I had a similar decision to make (cash or credit), but took the low financing vs. an extra $1,000 off (2 kids in college, figured I could use the cash elsewhere).

    Do you think you could have paid the same price and also got the low financing? I tried, but they didn't cave. Another dealer would not even match price I paid (8.4% off msrp) w/ 1.9%.

    I agree, great car so far, even my wife loves to drive it. She's more a mid-size/Accord person.

    Enjoy the CX-9 and good luck.
  • ECP,
    The dealer was going to negotiate a higher selling price if I went with 1.9 % Since I was shooting for the lowest possible OTD, I didn't pursue the 1.9 %

    Just came back from a 100 mile drive and the car performed great. Highway cruising speeds.. very quiet and smooth. I'm starting to like the backup camera feature a lot. With bluetooth there are some teething issues which I'm sure will be sorted out once I read the literature more closely.

    Overall..I'm very happy with the car so far. Will update on the bluetooth in a couple of days.
  • Zavnet,
    I bought last weekend and got 11.4 % off MSRP or 1038 off invoice. Dealer said he's making absolutely nothing at this price and the only reason he sold was to meet a sales target for Nov which qualified him for extra cash reward from Mazda.
  • zavnetzavnet Posts: 10
    Good for you, but don’t feel bad for the dealer. He still made at least $625+ in withholding fees. Did you get 1.9% as a part of your deal?
  • Oh absolutely not "feeling bad" for the dealer ;-) In my last post I forgot to add that I didn't believe a word when he claimed he's making a loss on the deal. Anyway to answer your question I chose the cash route since the dealer wasn't willing to give this price AND 1.9 %
  • Does anyone know what the December money factor and residual is for the GT - AWD, 36months /12K per month? Looking to lease in the next two weeks!!
  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 25
    I was quoted this in NJ for a 36/15K lease on GT AWD:
    money factor: .00060
    residual: 50%
  • California

    Sell price = 32,300
    DMV = 462.5
    Docs = 55
    Taxes = 2,987

    OTD = 35,800

    0% APR

    Good price?
  • Hi, I plan to buy a 2009 CX-9. There is only one 2009 model left in Houston, Tx. This one is the Sport FWD with 700 miles on it. The MSRP is $31,180. The OTD I quoted from the dealer is $27,068.65. What price do you think is the reasonable price I should start from?

  • But I cannot seem to find the remote controller for the DVD player or the two wireless headsets. Has the dealer forgotten to give them to me, or are they hidden somewhere in the car that I cannot find?!

  • mazda2010,
    Does the vehicle also have 1LG (powerliftgate) ? Would be easier to assess the offer if we knew the MSRP and INVOICE. In any case if 32,300 represents around 10 % off MSRP I think its a good deal.
  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 25
    Did you check the big hidden compartment in the floor of the trunk?
    I think I saw stuff in there when I test drove the CX-9.
  • Yeah but didn't find the remote and the headsets there... I will call the dealership today after they open but I wanted to check on other people's experience with this.
  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 25
    OK I am sure dealer has it then.

    I am thinking of getting the Rear Entertainment Package sa well.
    How do you like the DVD on this car? Does it fit OK with the interior of the car? What about the quality if you had a chance to use it.
  • Yes, I called the dealer today and I was told they probably forgot and I can go pick them up. I hope this was truly an innocent overlook on their part. But I don't have a very good feeling especially after I realize that they sell a simple remote controller and a pair of simple headphones for $150 each!!

    And to answer your question, the DVD does fit nicely within the interior but I just got the car on Tuesday and have not yet had a chance to use it. That said, so far, I do like the ride, the navigation, Bose speakers, Bluetooth, and most of all, Blind Spot Monitoring. BSM is really cool and my wife loves it as it makes her much more confident when she is changing lanes on freeway.
  • kokos7kokos7 Posts: 25
    Enjoy the new ride!
    If you don't mind what was the selling price (pre-tax/fees) and which area are you in?
    I assume Rear Ent also includes Nav/Power liftgate.
  • No, the Nav/power liftgate is part of the so-called "GT Assistance Package" which is different than the "Rear Entertainment Package". I am in southern CA and I paid $9500 off the MSRP of $40467. This included $8500 dealer discount plus $1000 royalty rebate (believe it or not, I still own a 1992 Mazda 626!). I think the dealer discount came from the fact that there was a $4500 manufacturer-to-dealer cash for 2009 CX-9 which was expired on 11/30, and my car was apparently the dealer's last 2009 CX-9. Not sure what deals you can get now...
  • In Ohio, I'm being offered invoice on a FWD Touring with the bose and moonroof package, with the 1.9% APR financing deal. I'm not a current Mazda owner. MSRP is $34,477, out the door was something like 32,200 (several hundred for dealer fees). Doesn't include TTL Think that sounds good?
  • yeboyebo Posts: 13
    Hey, With the options you mentioned there .. offer him 31,500 max. (start wz 31,200) and you should be all set !!

    Go for it budd !

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Tell the dealer he needs to put down the crack pipe. He's at least 3 grand high.
  • brywbryw Posts: 9
    I emailed 11 dealers last Saturday. Had a few quotes by Sunday. Just closed deal and I am picking up new CX-9 on Friday. I requested best OTD price. I have found this to be the key to the best deal. The mistake I made...not asking if there is a fee for financing through Mazda. The dealers didn't include this fee in their OTD quotes. Just be aware of that. I had quotes of 500-1,000,00 to take their financing. Here is the deal I got.
    Power hatch
    Remote engine start
    Backup Camera
    Splash guards.
    MSRP $37,190.00
    Invoice $34,149.00
    TMV $35,395.00
    My OTD price...$33,800.00
    I know I got a great deal. Good luck.
  • mazda2010:

    No, not good enough!

    I got a '10 awd touring with moonroof/bose AND power liftgate package, plus roof rack, remote start, all weather mats, cargo net, wheel locks, and stainless bumper guard for 35,600 OTD. (that's almost $1k in options plus the liftgate on top of what you were quoted)

    Dunno what the Pearl White costs, but I think it's only a couple hundy.

    You should knock a thousand off that price easy.
  • Look up what the real invoice is on edmunds (dont believe what the dealer is telling you invoice is) and start around 1200 below that price and work up to around 800-1000 under invoice.
  • Gonna repost this as a baseline for a great deal for all those still searching.....
    It took a week and about 100 emails to about 20 different dealers within 50 miles to get this price.

    After agreeing on an OTD price via email, they added $25 in DMV fees when I got there, saying they couldn't account for the DMV pricing exactly. I told him we already agreed on an OTD price and they better recalculate it so it lands on what we discussed, or I was going to leave (over 25 bucks, lol!), and he took it off.

    Purchased on 11/14/09 and loving it!! Just went back to get all the options installed on Tuesday.


    Here goes:

    2010 Touring AWD (MSRP $31,955 / Invoice $29,571)
    Moonroof/Bose package ($2255 / $1939)
    Power liftgate package ($617 / $531)

    Remote start ($350 / $280)
    Roof rails ($250 / $200)
    Stainless bumper guard ($150 / $120)
    All weather mats ($125 / $100
    Cargo net ($50 / $40)
    Wheel locks ($40 / $32)

    Total MSRP: $36,542 (includes $750 destination)
    Total Invoice: $33,563 (includes $750 destination)
    Edmunds TMV: $34,995

    Price paid: $32,522 + TTL = $35650 OTD

    Edmunds pricing site:

    Good luck!!
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