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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma 4WD Issues

s1089s1089 Posts: 3
edited November 2014 in Chevrolet
ok so i have a 89 s10 extended cab 4.3ltr 4 wheel drive...kinda lol but ok here is the problem one day it worked fine and the next it wouldnt engage 4 wheel...i have no clue whats wrong with it...i know the drive shaft for the front end spins so its not the tcase i was wonderin if the front diff is vacume controlled i tryed pullin my skid plate off and i dont think anyone has takin it off before cause the last bolt tore the [non-permissible content removed] outa my knuckles lol but i did see somthin that looked like a o2 sensor and what looked to be a vacume line i think its a vacume line there are 2 lines that come off and i know one is the breather but i need some help the sooner the might try emailin me with some info...[Email removed] thanks


  • I have a 93 chevy S-10 4x4 w/ 4.3 engine, and has 130K miles. Truck has a 4 high, and 4 low dash switch. The switch has a green light indicator for high position, and orange light for low. Lights may sometimes burn in two wheel drive without pushing switch, they may burn one or the other, may both burn at same time, or not at all like it should be in two wheel drive position. The problem is that you can engage the four wheel drive, but it will not disengage back to two wheel drive. When this happened I had taken it to a mechanic and he got it back to two wheel somehow. Does anyone have any suggestions on problem, or know what the mechanic may have done to disengage.


    Jamie (stumped)
  • I'm having trouble getting into 4Hi in my 02' S10. While in gear and moving, push the 4Hi button and nothing happens. Slow to a crawl, tranny in Neutral, push 4hi and both 4hi & 4lo lights flash but it kicks back to 2hi. Moving slow, tranny in Neutral, push 4lo and most of the time it kicks into 4lo, sometimes both 4hi and 4lo lights stay on or all lights are completely off, in this case, it's in 4lo but tranny won't shift and runs about 3000 rpm at 5mph. A couple of times I've pushed the right combo of buttons and got 4hi to actually work. Is this something electrical? Any help or suggestions on a fix would be appreciated.
  • I have a 1995 sonoma 5 speed manual tranny, the 4 wheel drive does not work, I found a vacum line off by the transfer case but I can not find where it is suppose to be attached, any help or diagrams would be appreciated.
  • I had the same thing happen last winter. Try disconnecting your battery for a few minutes to reset the computer. Worked good for me.....
  • toneygtoneyg Posts: 19
    on ur passenger side fender under the hood is a vacume module the line may be disconnected or you might have a break in the hard plastic going down to your transfer case. the only other thing it could be is the vent tube under your trk is clogged up
  • toneygtoneyg Posts: 19
    Jamie, the mechanic probably put it in neutral then shifted in to 2 wheel drive, then backed it up for 50 to 100 feet then put it in park and then back in to drive
  • toneygtoneyg Posts: 19
    on your passenger side fender under the hood is a vacuum module, the line may be disconnected or you might have a break in the hard plastic going down to your transfer case. the only other thing it could be is the vent tube under your truck is clogged up
  • my switch blinks and clicks under dash actuated under battery is moving but no engagement for my 4x4 vacume seems to be working disconnected at transfer case and is sucking 3 vacume lines 1 sucks at transfer case when you push the switch and when you dont press the switch its the same
  • toneygtoneyg Posts: 19
    my question is, will a 3800 engine swap out a 2.8 engine already in my truck. I have over 350,000 miles on this truck and this 2.8 is my 2nd engine in this vehicle. this truck still looks beautiful and clean. I'm just wanting to get a little more power now since I have lifted it. I put in a 4" frame and a 2" body lift and put 31x10.50x15 tires on it. A 4.3 swap won't work due to the transmission hook-ups at the bell housing on the 2.8 is smaller than the 4.3. If the 3800 engine won't swap,then how far can I bore the cylinders out and how much cam can I put in it, to get more power to the wheels. This tire size change seems to need more power to turn them especially off road and in the the snow and ice. Someone please help me in this matter or offer any suggestions. Don't want a new truck. I have had this truck since Sept 1984 and bought it brand new off the show room floor in Texas, and kept it in near perfect condition. thank you for all input.
  • alrataalrata Posts: 3
    99 S-10 4 whl drive stopped working, the transfer case is a 233. the controler solinoids are clicking but not sure if motor is working on transfer case. The dash switches read 2 whl high and blink when I try to engage the 4 whl high but it stays in the 2 whl high mode. What is the most comon cause of failure, the vacuum operated cable to the diff or the transfer case motor and how do I check? Thanks for any help!
  • I have a '03 Chevy S-10 ZR2 the 4WH light is on in on my controls and the truck is not in 4WD.... when i press the button to put it in 2wd nothing happens and it also will not go into 4L... any ideas.....

  • I have a 00' s10 4.3L 4x4. I took it in the snow when I first got it and when in four wheel drive I put it in reverse and the front end wouldn't work. it would clunk and sound like something was spinning on the front passenger side. never messed with it too much, knowing its a vacuum setup and not knowing much about it. just recently used the four-wheel drive again and had the same problem......then it started to pop out of four-wheel drive while going forward too......any help or advice or links would be much appreciated
  • 01280128 Posts: 3
    The 4WD switch gets it's ground from the "reverse neutral safety switch" I had the same problem and replaced the switch. 4wd low works now. Found the switch at parts america. com for $8.00. It is located on the steering column at about knee level. Easy to replace. :)
  • hello did you ever figure out what was wrong with your 4wd mine is doing the same thing. I have put a new axle actuator and the vacum actuator it sounds like its clicking in but no 4hi or 4lo the light changes on the dash each time i press the button to 4lo and 4hi but nothing to the wheels
  • I have a '89 4x4 ext cab, running the stock 15x6 rims with 205/75-15. I am wanting to put 31x10.5 on. Will 15x7 rims be ok? Will a 3 inch body lift allow these tires fit or do I have to put shackles in and do a T/B crank also? Any modifications to the fenders, steering stops, or anything? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • When I am in 4hi or 4lo whenever there is strain on the drive train I will get intermittent CLUNKS (loud sounds like something is breaking or the hubs are unlocking or something) . The 4wd seems to still work though, is it the cv joints? What would be the best way to trouble shoot such a problem?
  • Just tried this with my 2004 s10 and it worked perfect. Last year I took it into the dealer and they charged me 500 bucks to fix what you just showed me. Thats what I call bullsh*t... Thanks alot :)
  • kaczkacz Posts: 2
    My truck is and 2001 GMC SLS Sonoma X-cab:

    It has the pushbutton 2WD/4HI/4Low buttons on the dash, its a 6cyl with the 4 speed auto trans.

    My problems is this:

    Used the 4x4 in HI range this past weekend on my property to pull some old tree limbs to the dump and also at my friends place as well. No off roading or any of that stuff just used it to get up the lawn instead of tearing the lawn up.

    Now I'm having issues with the 4x4 disengaging, it goes back into 2 HI but the transfer case is staying locked in. I can move/spin the front shafts but the shaft that goes to/into the transfer case doesn't move or spin at all. It used to move freely when in 2 HI but now it doesn't.

    All my tests that I have done so far is with the truck sitting on the ground running and in park.

    I know the 4x4 front shafts are disengaged because the wheels move freely across the pavement. When engaged they do the chopping and sliding event. THIS not my problem its to the transfer case is where its all happening.

    I am having a lot of drag on the road to the point its eating my gas mileage. There is a slight vibration and I have to lean into it to get it moving.

    One tranny shop told me it could be some plastic pins or bushings in the transfer case or possibly a fork or two that are going/have gone bad. Without opening it up they cannot tell me what it could be. The price could be a 100 or 200 up to a grand for a used rebuilt transfer case installed.
  • ajaksajaks Posts: 11
    I was wondering if anyone answers questions on this list. Made about a dozen posts on another one of these lists over the last 10 months and the only reply was the host moving one of my post from the front page to the back page.

    From reading past replies it seems there are some pretty smart cookies out there but cannot get a bite on any of my post.

    Oh well, if anyone is out there tell me to kiss your [non-permissible content removed] or something.
  • hnahna Posts: 1
    Had same problem with mine. there is a diofram under the battery case,with a cable going to the trans front case. push it several times to reset the system. if that doesnt work,let me know. it worked for me.
  • coulson22coulson22 Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 GMC Sonoma, ZR2 with the push button 4wd.

    The last two times that I have gone out and started the truck, it has been in 4 hi even though it was in 2wd when I parked it. From what I can tell, the 4wd is engaged, but it goes back into 2wd with no problems when I push the button.

    My wife drove it for a while today and she said that she caught it switching from 2wd into 4hi while she was driving down the highway.

    Any ideas on this so that I can look into it myself?

  • oldebondooldebondo Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. The 4WD Lo trys to kick in on it's own. How did you fiz your problem? Thank you for your kind reply to:
  • My service 4WD engine light comes on now and then. What servicing does the 4WD need. It is a 2001 Cherolet LS 1500 4wd with 73,000 miles.
    thanks! :)
  • I have a 2000 s-10 blazer lt
    When you push the button for 4wd hi it just ticks and the service 4wd light comes on. It then goes back to 2wd and service light goes out.
    Any thoughts?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    It sounds like the 4WD switch. Search the S10 discussions and you'll probably find out that someone else had the same problem. Good luck.
  • my 4 wheel drive on my 92 Sonoma was working fine, but I went to use it the other day, and you can feel the transfer case lock but the 4 wheel indicator lamp doesn't light and the front end isn't locking, any ideas???
  • does anyone know how to post in this forum? it seems like everyone just posts whatever they want wherever they want....
  • CDIICDII Posts: 8
    Check the actuator under battery tray, it should be drawed back into the casing when 4hi or 4lo is engaged. If not trace down the vacuum. Not sure if the light hookes to the shift cable on the front passenger axle like the older s10's or not.
  • does anyone know where the 4 wheel drive vacuum actuator switch is located on a 1997 chevy pickup
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