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Chevy HHR Brake Problems



  • what dealership fixed your problem.mine would like to know so they can get in touch with them so i can get mine fixed.please email me @
    Thanks Mark
  • linda31linda31 Posts: 3
    omg it is amazing that the dealership i take my HHR to also runs when they see me coming. they have looked at my brakes 3 times. i'm taking it in tomorrow for the 4th time. the last time i took it in they replaced the pads and for 2 days things were quiet and bam the squeaking is back i hate it. and they told me that they would not fix them again because they are suppose to squeak. i don't think so its a new car they are not suppose to squeak. also the passenger side window seal does not work at all it always sounds like my window is down. and i thought i was crazy but sometimes my dash and clock lights flicker off and on. i thought i was seeing things but they flicker. i really hope the dealer does something for me tomorrow. i love the car but i am not dealing with this brake crap any more. done!!!!
  • kbz1960kbz1960 Posts: 4
    Hi, I was considering buying a Nissan Rogue.... think you all have problems just ask a Nissan Rogue or Morano owner about the 3,000 to 7,000 dollar transmission replacement. Due to that the Nissan is off of my list.

    Now are these warped rotor and squeeky break issues still going on with the HHR. I am considering the HHR now that the Nissan is off of my list.

    I can't believe that is 2009 and they seem to be making worse cars than they did 1900.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I have a 08 and I have never had a problem with anything. Just oil and filters as needed. You have to remember most of the people are here because of problems. If you never have a problem than they won't be here as they are to busy enjoying their HHR. Only problem I have is not being able to see the red lights due to the front window size and I knew that coming in so I bought aftermarket product to fix that problem. Also 95% of my driving is in the city so this would be a big test on the brakes. Now I have out grown the hot rodding with fast starts and fast stops so I treat my brakes as they should be treated and they take care of me.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I would go with after market rotars and brakes. Midas, Meineke, or any brake shop can do the work and have a life time pad replacement policy.
  • mastroutmastrout Posts: 3
    what dealership fixed your problem.mine would like to know so they can get in touch with them so i can get mine fixed.please email me
    Thanks Mark
  • I had problems with shimmy of the front wheels with 38,000 miles, Took the brakes apart, very little wear on the pads. The shop ruined the rotors on the lathe but gave me new ones at no charge. I bought new pads and put it all back together. Same problem the front end shakes when going down hills and the brakes get hot. I did not turn the NEW rotors before installing them. Any Ideas?? :mad:
  • hhrprobshhrprobs Posts: 13
    My hhr is a 2006 and i have had nothing but trouble out of it.Mine shakes and shimmys and its had the roters turned 3 times and the batterie it just dies itself.I have 28000 mles on it and they said after 7000 mles i would get 30 mles to the i get 24 on the hwy.But your problem is the car is a lemon thats what i call mine.I love the look and the ride but its got to many problems.I feel like writing gm :lemon:
  • 87silver87silver Posts: 9
    The problem is low vacuum in the brake booster at initial start-up when the engine is cold. Cold meaning has been sitting for 4 or more hours. It doesn't necessarily mean cold ambient temperature.

    If you start the vehicle and the brake pedal is very hard when applying the condition is happening. After 30 seconds or so the brakes go back to normal because the vacuum is built up from the engine running. After that you would not experience it again until the vehicle has been sitting for an extended time.

    The issue is addressed in TSB 09-05-22-001, which basically adds a vacuum pump into the system.

    Check with a reputable dealer.
  • Well thanks for that but mine is not a turbo. This is a consistent problem while driving at most any speed, hot, cold what ever. The problem is worst at about 40 mph. I'm thinking it might be in the steering box or stabilizer link or something. :cry:
  • mastroutmastrout Posts: 3
    here is the fix for the hard brake pedal on cold your chevy dealer and have them look up service bullitin # 09-05-22-001A .Hard brake pedal,extra effort needed to depress brake pedal on cold start-up (add auxillary vacuum pump) Models 2008 2009 Chevy HHR SS with automatic transmission.
  • tpilkonstpilkons Posts: 2
    There is a service message on the HHR front rotors, they replace/ turn your rotors and install some kind of heat shield, I had my 2006 done at about 12,000 miles.
  • cam2006cam2006 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 HHR LT and my brakes would vibrate constantly. At the time the car only had 34000 miles. My husband checked the brakes and said they were fine, but we changed them anyway. TWICE. The second time took care of the problem it has been over a year but it hasn't happened again. However I have had PLENTY of other problems. I have the remote start. It quit working so we took it to the chevy dealer while it was still under warranty, they supposedly fixed it and a few weeks later it did it again (this time warranty had expired b/c we went oer 30k). However the chevy dealer we used fixed this without charging us! Image that. Well later both of my key chains have quit working. So now whenever I need to run out to my car I have to pop the key in the ignition. B/c the alarm only disengages if the car ignition is turned on (it doesn't have to turn over) or you use the clicker (which doesn't work despit having new batteries). The door handle broke and had to be replaced, the gear shifter release button broke and had to be replaced. And just yesterday the power steering went out. The car now has 50k. I service it regularly and I am not a rough driver. This car has been the biggest headache ever!
  • if its pulsating that means its working
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry to hear about your issues. The remotes memory can be erased by cell phones radio waves from what I have read. If you have a cell phone do not carry them closely together such as a pocket/purse.
  • mikeshhrmikeshhr Posts: 1
    My 2006 HHR started vibrating at 6000 mile, when returned to the dealer they sadid it was warped rotors, then they said brakes were not covered under warranty, so I had the rotors turned @ 8000 and again @ 20,000, then they said it was tires when I returned with the same problem @ 30, 000 miles after putting up with the noise until 50, 000 miles, putting on new tires and still had the noise, GM told me to take it to a different dealer where they determined it was the rt front hub and the rotors are still bad, GM fixed the hub but not the rotors and they wonder why they are going into chapter 13.
  • hhrprobshhrprobs Posts: 13
    lol mines a 2006 and i live in nc and i got all the problems you have and yes its a lemon.I wish i never got one,mine has 29000 on it. its been in the shop 4 times for the same thing.but i hurt for the same problem they will replace it thats a lie. :lemon:
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Actually they are were they are because of the wages, benefits, and the unions ruining what they had. Sure they made some poor decisions but each car costs them something like $4000 in employee benefits/salery.

    Chrysler is the one in bankrupsy right now not GM.
  • I have a 2008 HHR. At 348 miles my car needed the rotors worked on because of the vibration in the steering wheel. Once again at 18,000 miles exactly one year later I had it back in the shop last week because of the same thing.
    TODAY it is back in the shop because there was a chirping sound that came when I started to break. I just spoke with the service department and they said break dust had built up on the rear brakes....
    I have only had this car for one year and it has been in the shop 3 times for brakes.

    This is very disappointing, but I do like my car.
  • ben53ben53 Posts: 1
    I have a 05 GMC Canyon CrewCab 2wheel dr 3.5 and just replaced the two front rotors and pads and went to test them out and my wheel shakes and feeling the brake pedal pulsating... can you all help me pls.
  • cesteelecesteele Posts: 1
    I love my car too, we can't get rid of the squeaky breaks!! We have changed the pads twice. The ceramics are not as bad but still squeaky. I see now that I am not alone. Not sure what else to do? :(
  • I'm wondering about the life cycle on 2006 HHR brakes & pad replacement given they now have a $75 coupon good till 8/31/2009...

    I had progressive problems with mine vibrating starting @ 6000 miles and I waited longer than I should have. The original dealer dropped off the Chevy Network and I took it to Jack Maxton Chevrolet on SR 161 in Columbus Ohio who fixed it on the 1st time while still under warranty. They turned the rotors etc.
    It was an Excellent choice/ Excellent service experience (FOR ME)
    That's not to say they have covered anything past the 36k drop you on your head deadline...

    I've had key fob problems with mine too earl on because the insides get roughed up dropping keys, battery goes weak etc.
    I took my fob to the Battery Plus on N High St across from Graceland Shopping Ctr. in Columbus. They offer a life time replacement on a new battery for added $5 and they fix my fob circuts every time I go back : )

    All in all; HHR Is Not my perfect car because;
    I hate the front window switches on the bottom of the dash...
    And I HATE ON and ON and ON That NO Console with The Arm Rests instead design between the front seats.

    My Son who sold it to me was more the reason I bought it, but no major issues for mine YET going on 48,000...

    I think WHO The Dealer is; and the quality of the service department & ownership etc are all part of the challenge to the outcome.
    But buying new cars is always crap shoot because;
    You NEVER KNOW What You Don't Know.
    However: Am I a really happy camper after reading about you others???
  • I haven't had any problems at 75000 miles except the side mirror controller. The gas mileage is great, thus far. I haven't had any brake problems yet, but now that I'm reading, I better put $200 aside for brake and rotor replacements. I expected a few problems. Thank goodness no one is complaning about the engine. I satisfied, so far. :)
  • Judi, We have a driving route that takes us up and down a few hills and I have now gotten into the custom of using a lower gear going down long hills. This is after I replaced the brakes and rotors at 35,000 mi.
    Now I have a new clunking sound when I turn left then right quickly, ie: like they do at NASCA to warm up the tires. It sounds differently when the weather is warm, cold is worse (what's with that?) :confuse:
    Wonder what is next.
  • Hey Roger!!
    Did you go in for the brake deflector things? This is such baloney--the company line that they aren't aware. Somebody is going to get hurt!! This is basic safety equipment. We are so VERY sorry we bought this car. Ms. Anderson actually told me to save my repair receipts for the rotors and brakes!! So we bailed them out once and now if they finally decide there is a problem they will pay us back. So,in effect, they will have borrowed from us once again. It stinks! by the way...we always have downshifted appropriately. Is the clunking in the steering column ---or rotors? We have to have our steering column pulled and replaced --it makes a whiny noise when turned left. give the nice Ms. Anderson a call and let her know how you feel about the rotor issue(save your receipts!) Judi
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Ok, I just got to ask, how does buying a used HHR help GM? It sounds like maybe you are riding the brakes if you are getting them that hot. Use a lower gear and keep your foot off the brakes. I've had my HHR up and down Pikes Peak twice now and the ranger at the 1/2 way point commented both times how cool my brakes were when he tested that with the heat gauge. Why because I shifted down a gear and a few times 2 gears and used the brakes sparingly.
  • No I did not install any additional part. We just use a lower gear when going down long hills.
    We've got everything fixed now. I do all my own work after getting shafted by the local GM dealer on repairs.
    A/C fan speed resistor failed, replacement is easy, buy part on internet for $35. Brakes and rotors replaced, be sure to turn the new rotors they are not true from the factory. Key fob remote failed due to circuit board connection, resolder with small iron. Shift lever and key lock fixed by GM under warrantee at 18 k mi.
    Still waiting to figure out the clunk in the chassis when turning.
  • Hi!
    Thanks for the note. We understood all GM dealerships were trying to move cars.
    My husband is the primary driver of the HHR. Both of us appropriately downshift. Both of us have driven sticks for over --uh,let's see now....about 40 years+..... You must be just one of the lucky ones on this site!! Looking back through the are sooooo fortunate! All the best in the future ,too!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Maybe whoever had it before you abused the brakes and you just happen to be in the wrong place at the right time. Now that you have new brakes maybe things will be different. It's hard to blame a company for something when you bought something used. There was a guy on one of the Caddy groups who was a small dealer and bought a CTS with only 100 miles left on the warranty and about 100+ miles after the warranty ran out and something happened he was bad mouthing GM for not building a quality product and not standing behind it when it failed although this was a GMAC lease return and the auction stated these vehicles came as is with no warranty. After while he finally got the point. The point is you never know how a used car was treated unless you personally knew the driver. Good luck down the road as I really like my HHR and prefer driving it to the wifes STS.
  • Bought the HHR on Dec 4, 2008 with 21,067 miles. Shortly thereafter began noticing a brake problem and vibration. Called the dealer and was told nothing to be alarmed about. On Apr 30, 09, with 32,635 miles got so bad the dealer made good: "Inspected and found both front rotors warped. Replaced front Brake Pads and machined both front rotors per service bulletin." Suppl sheet on invoice states "Important: Please inform the customer that due to the aggressive nature of these new pads, additional brake dust and/or intermittent noise may be generated." Wife, as the principle driver. shortly thereafter experienced slight vibration of steering wheel periodically, and we both could hear a roar of sorts right front when turning sharply to the right . On Aug 19, 09, the dealer charged $24.41 (labor) for: "Has a roaring noise when turning to the right. Test drove and heard a slight roaring noise. Put up on lift and checked all steering and suspension parts. All tight. Could not find the source of noise." Getting worst. Read some of the reviews. Can anyone offer advice?
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