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Cadillac Escalade



  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    If you live in Southern California you probably were like I was in thinking it wouldn't be long before a brand new '02 Escalade stretch limo hit the streets.

    I saw my first one this weekend down in San Diego. I only caught a quick glimps of it as I was driving by and noticed it parked in an open parking lot. It was black, and it was looooong!

    I'd have been very curious to see the inside and what they have done with it.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    We've had em in NYC for a while now :)

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Now that would be the King of the limos!!

    I think it would look cool with bull horns on the hood. I'll bet there is a guy down in Texas with one on order now.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Have a 2002 Escalade arriving in 2 weeks. Has anyone added the gold trim to
    theirs? How much extra did it cost you?
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Had been looking at the Navigators but thought the seats were too uncomfortable and noticed some wind and road noise in the two we drove. Thought we would wait and just yesterday we drove by a Cadillace dealer with a white 2002 Escalade on the lot. Drove in, went straight to the sales managers office and asked what his best price on the Escalade was. He said $46,400. I asked what was wrong with it and he said not a thing except it had 227 miles on it as it was used in a parade and driven by some golf pro to the course and back. He had to sell it as a program car. We drove it and bought it on the spot. 227 miles was nothing, I put that on it driving home.

    What a wonderful rig...powerful engine, ultra smooth handling and enough bells and whistles to keep anyone happy.

    One thing I can't get to work is the Homelink system with my garage door opener. I know Homelink works as I tried it on my neighbors garage door opener. My opener is made by Liftmaster. Anyone had any experience with this?

    Another thing I get a kick out of is that there is no way to tell if this vehicle is 4WD/AWD. No badges or emblems outside and no buttons, etc inside. You literally have to pop the hood and check for the big engine or crawl underneath and check the transfer case!!

    Anyways, this is super nice rig and am looking forward to driving it once by wife gets out of it
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Homelink does work with Liftmaster openers. The liftmaster you have probably
    has the random code generator feature. Your owners manual should tell you
    how to set it. It takes a few extra steps if you have the random code feature.
    It will take two people. One in the SUV and one at the garage door opener unit. Also it may tell you how to set it in the LIftmaster manual. If you can't
    figure it out, I can probably post the instructions. It only takes a few minutes
    once you now what to do.
  • My 2002 Cadillac Escalade is on its way, cant wait!
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Thanks for the reply. I've tried several times to get that Homelink configured with the Liftmaster but still can't get it to work. The instructions from Liftmaster differ a little from the manual instructions and I tried it both ways, but I am still doing something wrong. I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the correct way to do it. I'm stuck!
  • joeedoranjoeedoran Posts: 2
    You must press the learn button on the Liftmaster unit. You have 30 seconds to press and hold your vehicle Homelink button. At the same time, aiming the remote control at the vehicle Homelink assembly, usually about 3 inches away. Homelink light will flash when complete.
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Thanks for the reply. I will try this procedure when I get home tonight. I know when I press the red learn button on the Liftmaster unit, a green light comes on and then goes off. This way doesn't seem to require two people. I must also park outside of the garage as when I press the remote button, the door will of course close. I'll let you know.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Be sure and wait until the homelink light in the Escalade is blinking. The Cadillac manual says it can take 30 seconds. It took longer than that on our Escalade. The light is small and may
    be difficult to see in the SUV. Just follow the instructions in the Escalade owners manual
    under "Rolling Codes". It does work, but you must be sure to follow the instructions. It took me a couple of trys because I didn't read the instruction in detail. Read it a couple of times before
    trying, and be sure the homelink light on the headliner blinks like they say in the manual. I never even looked at the Liftmaster manual. I assume you Liftmaster has the rolling code feature if it is a newer unit. If it is older, you will have to use the other procedure in the Escalade manual.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    The dealer ended up charging me $350 for the gold trim. Had the 2002 Escalade 4 days
    now and no problems.
  • gjockeygjockey Posts: 11

    For the Gold Trim, as far as the Cadillac emblem goes, did they plate the perimeter of the "square" medallion itself and the wreath or just the wreath? Did you like the results?Thanks ---- John
  • gjockeygjockey Posts: 11
    Hi everybody,

    Just bought an Escalade yesterday and wanted to pass on my experience. I live near the Miami area and paid 1,500 off list for the AWD + sunroof. NO dealer added stuff on the car like pinstripes etc.
    I started the process by going to the cadillac site and using their "dealer locater" program to find all Caddy dealers in my area. I clicked on the links to each dealer and I filled out the model and request best price form on the dealer/cadillac website (almost all the Caddy dealers are linked to the Cadillac site and have the request best price option). -To use this feature, you need to login and create an ID first on the cadillac website-. All 7 dealers that used this program responded back and the answers I got were MSRP to $2,000 off.
    There were 2 dealers that didn't use this "program" so I called them directly. One of the 2 was Braman Cadillac.. the place I bought my Escalade. To make a long story short, Braman told me the best they could do if I bought it that day was $1,500 off on a black Escalade they had on the lot... They knew I had a $2,000 off offer and wouldn't match it. I walked out and went to Williamson (had a $2K off sticker offer from there).. but they didn't have Black and said it would take at least a month.. so I went back to Braman and got it there.
    Point of the story, 2K off seems to be the best in the Miami area if you're willling to wait.. The fact that Braman was willing to lose a sale and not go lower than 1.5K off says alot. Also, if you have several dealers in your area.. you MUST email them all asking them for their best price.... say you are not in a hurry. The internet sales manager will realize that you are probably comparison shopping and you should find one or 2 that will give you a legitimate best deal to grab your business. My salesperson at Braman could hardly believe I got a 2K off offer from Williamson... Obviously, what Williamson was trying to do was lowball all the internet offers to try to get volume that they wouldn't have got normally. The funny thing is, when I walked into Williamson... the internet sales manager was not there. I spoke with a regular sales person and they said they were doing MSRP on the Escalades. I bet if you did not get an internet offer from Williamson and just walked in there instead, you would have a hell of a time trying to bargain 2K off. ----------- John
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    I tried the suggestion posted previously to the letter and also tried again the procedure outlined in the manual under the "rolling code" paragraph but to no avail. After programming, I had my daughter look at the Liftmaster unit while I was in the car and she said the light on the LM blinked rapidly each time I pressed the Homelink button, but the door did not open or close. I know the door works as it opens and closes whenever the remote controller is pressed. I also know the Homelink works OK as I tried it on my neighbors door--his is a Link system. Also, I do have the "random code feature". This is driving me crazy!!

    Braden---You said that it required two people to program yours. As I read these posts, it can be done with one person (and as stated in the manual) as long as you stay under the 30 second requirement. Was this correct? Did you have another procedure?

    Any other suggestions??
  • bassamaticbassamatic Posts: 79
    Took the advice one more time posted here and sat down and re-read the manual on the rolling code paragraph and realized what I was doing wrong. I had been erasing the code in Homelink thinking I needed to start with no code in place, yet when I saw it say to push the button on the "programmed" button, I saw my mistake. It now works fine.
    Thanks for the help here, I do appreciate it braden, et al.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    They did the perimeter of the "square" medallion and the wreath both front and back. Also
    the ESCALADE badging on the sides and rear. Would also like to have the emblems on
    the wheels done at some point. Will have to get a price for that one of these days..
    When they were doing the plating on the grill emblem, they dripped some on the
    grill. So instead of replacing the grill, they installed the add on chrome grill. They said it
    was a $800 feature(who knows?), but anyway they didn't charge me for it. It looks
  • gjockeygjockey Posts: 11

    Is the Chrome Grill add on a 3rd party item? My dealer never brought it up to me when I was tlaking to him about appearance options.. Also, does the chrome Grill "glue" on to the current grill.. covering most but not all of the grill? Thanks------ John
  • lspanglerlspangler Posts: 102
    Another way to see how the tow haul mode works when your vehicle is unloaded is to turn it on when you are stuck in traffic going from 0 - 20 mph. I can't remember the exact numbers but the trans in tow mode will hold first until something like 22 mph and won't upshift to 2nd like normal until you exceed 22 mph, i think. So if you accelerate to 15 and let off the gas in normal mode the trans will shift into second or even third, in tow mode it will stay in first. If your above 22 but not above 35 it will hold second gear. This makes the trans last longer as it eliminates a lot of unnecassary up and down shifts in traffic.

    try it sometime and tell me if it works
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Shaq owns one

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  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    The chrome grill is screwed onto the existing grill, covering it almost completely.
    I don't know if it is a third party grill or a Cadillac option. Like I said, they added it
    on because of their mistake when putting on the gold trim, I didn't order it. I saw
    another one on a 2002 Escalade on the road the other day. You might check with
    the Cadillac dealers parts department instead of the salesman.
  • gjockeygjockey Posts: 11
    IS it just me or do the reviews seem schizo. Great luxury one day and cheap in another review the next? what gives... Does Cadillac have really variable assembly quality.. some test review models good and some horrible?-------- John
  • josephnp1josephnp1 Posts: 1
    I have noted that sometimes when shifting to PARK the shift lever will stop at REVERSE, and give you the impression that the vehicle is in PARK. I went to a dealer lot and checked another vehicle and readily duplicated the problem. When going to PARk, a conscious effort must be made to pull the shift lever toward you and it will go readily in to PARK. If you only move it slightly toward you, it will stop at REVERSE. If you don't move it toward you at all, it will only go to NEUTRAL. Tried to duplicate this on a new TAHOE and it goes to PARK without a hitch.
    Even though I discovered this the HARD WAY, a bumper was all that was damaged. ALL owners and any one you let drive this vehicle, should be made aware of this defect. I am only glad that a dumpster stopped my car, as opposed to a child.
  • bradenbraden Posts: 8
    Anyone know how to set the 'SIC" digital display to show
    the time of day as the default display instead of the day,
    month and year? The analog clock is not that easy to read from the
    drivers seat. The time of day is in the computer, but it
    is only displayed about 30 seconds and it goes back to the
    day month and year.
  • phattrukphattruk Posts: 4
    You are so right . The clock that they provide in this 50K truck is worthless from the drivers position. So far I haven't been able to keep the SC clock on. The dealer claims there is no way to do keep the SIC clock displaying all the time. I can certainly use the time info better than the date info. Other than that I just put 700 miles on my truck (1 week old) and it rides great. I'm even getting 15.6 MPG doing 70-75 MPH.....
  • robh3robh3 Posts: 157
    I was talking with my Caddy service advisor yesterday when I brought my STS in for an oil change, and he was telling me that they can't keep the 4WD Escalades on the lot, they are selling so fast.

    This being Southern California, he said that the young music and entertainment industry stars are buying them up and also having them customized with DVD screens galore, etc.

    The 2WD models apparently are not selling as well because people seem to want the more powerful engine.

    One caveat to those with their mind set on lowering the Escalade is that you can NOT lower the 4WD model. It screws up the whole suspension/Stabilitrac technology and the "check stability control" light on the dashboard will remain lighted at all times.
  • In one of the SUV magazine, they had a customize Escalade with 500 horses with 22" of custom rims in Silver Sand exterior with chrome tow hooks.

    The inside is customize slightly mostly with added electronics.

    It is customize by a friend who owns the shop who has a friend as a partner who is a current NFL star.

    J "CaddyLac"
  • alexjr1alexjr1 Posts: 19
    Has anyone looked into a navigation system that fits nicly in the center consoule. I had a 01' Odyessey with a navigation system thean traded it in for an an escalade. For the business that im in the navigation system came in really useful. I know they it has onstar but i rather have a GPS system. If anyone could lead me in a direction to find one I apreciate it.
  • I prefer the Escalade over the Yukon Denali. Curious what I am talking about read the road test. A good one.

    J "CaddyLac"

  • mbclk430mbclk430 Posts: 58

    In Todays Sport Utility Magazine (the same one sweetjeldorado refers to above), that particular escalde was equipped with either 20/22" wheels and was also lowered.
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