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Chevy Tracker



  • I don't see nearly as many messages posted to this discussion as there were a year ago.

    Has Suzuki finally worked out the bugs, or have people stopped buying Trackers?
  • I remember when the XL-7 came out, Suzuki said there would not be a Chevy version.

    Seems that Chevy is getting ANOTHER new, small SUV ready, in addition to the Tracker. Possibly based on the new Colorado (S-10) pickup.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    See tons of the new generation Trackers. They sell well as they are much cheaper than CR-Vs and RAV4s. I don't think they have any major issues these days.

    What's the new Chevy SUV?
  • zeke707zeke707 Posts: 74
    We drive a 2000 Suzuki Vitara softtop (and a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee) the Suzuki. Now have 7500 miles on it. Runs great, the A/C is good, the heater is excellent. For an around town vehicle, we are happy with our choice!
  • We have a 2001 LT 2WD V-6 Tracker. It just turned 11,000 miles.

    The only problem with this vehicle was a squeeky brake pedal, which the dealer greased. No problem since that time. We have had the Tracker past 95 MPH for 15 minutes at a time and at those speeds it has been quite and a smooth ride. It is choppy over bumps, but it is a SUV built on a frame, not like a car i.e RAV-4 and CRV.

    Since this vehicle comes with full body cladding, running boards, chain driven cams, V-6, AT, PW, PL, AC, luggage rack, spare wheel cover, 5 Mag Wheels, and all for a drive out price of $19,300. It is a great value.

    So far we have had no problems, but time will tell. There could be a little bias here, but we are happy with it so far. You can't get close it it in price with a Honda or Toyota. Kia is close in price, but not build quality or similiar offerings (I am talking from 2000 and 2001 vehicles). Last year Suzuki sold 1.8 million cars and trucks, so someone is buying them other than me.
  • ckyeungckyeung Posts: 9
    Hey guys,
    After reading this forum and doing a lot of research, i finally bought a brand new 2001 silver CHEVY TRACKER 4x4 LT!! woohoo!! i have put a thousand miles on it already and so far so good. I added ABS and Leather seats to my LT. Its a handsome unit, i must admit (may be with bias, hehehe). Once i get used to the engine and the brakes, i start to get a much better ride. The engine first seems not very powerful to me. But its getting better and better and it definitely has more power than a honda CRV. We havent really tested the 4x4 yet. I am sure i will have a lot of chance to do that in winter. Another good thing about the tracker is of course its price!
    Well, about the reliability of the car, only time can tell. But the warranty includes free towing and free loaner car, which make me feel better when i purchased this car. I noticed that from this forum people were having troubles with the 99 models. I hope that they fixed those problems in 2001 models. I did check the Sidekick/Geo tracker reliability ratings and they are ranked average to above average. So far i am happy with my purchase!
    Thank you guys for all your input in this forum. I will keep updates every several thousand miles.
    Until then, enjoy tracker-ing!!!
  • bbrowne74bbrowne74 Posts: 58
    Well I got my Impala LS about 2 mos. ago, and then the wife wanted to trade in the purple Ford Escort LX Sport we had (thank god!)

    Shopped around for sporty cars for her and settled on the Olds ALero. Yesterday took her to the Chevy dealer to look @ the Tracker since she saw a cool one on the road, and we pick ours new black LT (minus Leather) on Monday!

    I may stick her w/ the Impala for awhile so I can drive teh 4x4!;>
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    Hey Brad...thats what my wife and I did. We bought the 01 LT Tracker 6cyl black/silver bottom in Febuary. Then bought the 01 Impala 3.8/leather in March. Its been a great combination.
    My daughter has a 96 tracker convertible 4 cyl, a 2000 Jeep 4dr and a 01 Chevy Blazer. When the weather gets really bad and snowy she takes the little Tracker. That should tell us something.

  • bbrowne74bbrowne74 Posts: 58
    I saw that awhile back in the posts that you had an Impala as well. We parked our 2 babies together tonite - and MAN did tha tlook good. Picked up the Tracker tonite, and it is a nice little vehicle. It is PERFECT for my wife!

    HOw do you like your Impala?
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I like the Impala. I havent found anything really bad about it except the cabin noise when you are on rough pavement. I think it is like a guitar string(the suspension)transfering the road noise to the cabin(the sound box). On smooth roads its smooth and quiet.And I love that 3.8 engine no matter what car its in. I think thats one of the best engines that GM has built. Like to have it in the Tracker :)
    The tracker was a bit sluggish when we first got it even tho we had a 99 tracker 4dr 4cyl to trade in, and was used to the low power. Somewhere around 1500-2000 miles the 6cyl started to come on strong. I have no complaints about the power at all now at 2400 miles. Gets me around 20 mpg around town. None of my other 4wheel drive vehicles ever got that kind of mpg. I thought about waiting to see if GM would get a version of the Suzuki X-7. But with the extra length, the extra row of seats, and the extra weight, it would the offset the 15hp gain of the 170hp X-7. I think we done the right thing by buying the LT. Its a good looking little thing aint it. :)
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    dont forget to take the cross bars off the roof and store them till you need them. That will eliminate the low rumble noise you hear starting at about 30-35 mph. The manual says slide them all the way to the rear, but that doesnt get rid of all of it.
  • bbrowne74bbrowne74 Posts: 58
    Thanks for the tip! I actually put them on and took them off based on just that talk about the rumble. I wanted to make sure all was there and they worked.

    I love the little thing - I prefer driving that right now (prob. because it's a bit newer) then my Impala - never drove a 4x4 before! It's VERY nice!:>
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    Had my first towing job today. Had to pick up some 6ft folding tables and some metel clothes racks for a neighborhood garage sale. I have a 4 1/2 ftx8ft trailer With the 2ft iron rails and the drop-down-drive on iron and steel mesh tailgate and the 15" wheels. Dont know the trailer weight. I've towed this trailer behind full size trucks and several s-10's. I was completely satisfied and couldnt tell the difference between the S-10 and the tracker as far as handling. Of course there wasnt very much weight but I think the tracker would handle the max allowable with ease.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am looking at buying a new 2001 Tracker LT 4dr 4x4.Sticker price is 21000+/-a few $'s. What is the lowest price I should pay? Thanks for reading this.
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    The amount of your rebate would depend on what part of the country you live in. Northeast, southeast, north central, south central, ect. And it would help if one of your close reletives or yourself was or is an employee of GM were you could get the A-buyer discount.

  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I was thinking that the next time I buy I might get 'his' & 'her' Trackers. One 2 wheel drive and one 4 wheel drive. Come vacation time, rent a cadillac or buick for the long trips. I'd save a ton of dollors and still have the big car for the trips. As much as I like the big comfy cruisers, there is 50 weeks out of the year that I dont really need one.
    What do you think??

  • Does anyone know the maximum size of tire that can be
    put on a stock 93 geo tracker, without problems rubbing
    against the suspension and/or body, and without requiring
    a body or suspension lift? I'm interested in getting a little
    more clearance without any major body/suspension changes.
    In going to a larger tire, is anyone familiar with necessary
    changes to the speedometer / transmission / transfer case
    to compensate for the change?

    And maybe for down the road, does anyone have comments
    on aftermarket body/suspension lifts? The Calmini products
    look interesting...

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Congratulations on everbody who bought a new Tracker, I hope they do not cause you a headache like mine has.

    Now my Tracker, 4dr 4WD has had numerous problems since I bought it back in 1999, but recently the transmission, which is manuel by the way, completly messed up. The dealer had to rebuild the thing and then I got it back. After awhile the transmission again messed up, somehow losing a few gears and being almost undriveable. I was quite frustrated by that time and contacted the Better Business Bureau autoline to force Chevy to give me some kind of compensation. Well that plan worked well because I talked with the BBB and GM last week and was offered an extended warranty of a maximum of 72 months and up to 100,000 miles, without any deductable of course.

    Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy my vehicle, it drives nice with the modifications I put on it, which are as follows: bigger 225/70/r15 offroad tires, nice 15X10 inch alloy rims, which really help ride quality becausae of the width difference between stock 15X7 and these, a nice spray on liner from the apperance package strips on the sides down to the frame, and other small modifications.

    You people with the V6 should not complain so much about having a lack of power, although it would be nice if Chevy offered a manuel transmission with their V6 but oh well. I have the 2.0 four cylinder with the 5-speed and it works rather well, in fact the engine has a lot more power at 33000 miles than it did at 1000 miles. The only thing I did to add power was add a K+N airfilter and mess with the airbox a little to add better flow.

    Regarding the last question: I am not sure how much clearance older body styled Trackers have but you can proably safefully use 235/75/r15 tires or maybe even 30/9.5/15, those are my guesses however.

  • Well I have my '01 Impala for my work (Travel as an engineer assisting Sales force around the state) and I love it! We got the Tracker for the wife to tool around the city and to work - she travels between a number of hospitals as a financial analyst.

    We've been switching off cars lately since I wanted the rear cargo room. We talked today and she'll drive the Impala when I'm not travelling that day and leave me the Tracker. We love the others car!

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Impala, but the Tracker we got for her is a DIFFERENT drive then my Impala or my previous Altima, Saturn, Colt Vista, LeBaron, etc. It's very "trucky".

    We've got about 800 Miles on the tracker so far and the power isn't like oyu'd find a sports car, but we didn't buy a sports car. It seems to have a lot of power available if we need it (Switch to POWER shifting, turn off overdrive, 4WD High, any/all of the above).

    Love 'em both. I'm a GM Convert!
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I agree with that Brad. As nice as the Tracker and small cars and suv's are, you need a larger vehicle to navigate the freeways. For comfort and safety.
    I'm retired now, so I just make sure the wife gets off to work(she's got 7 more years to work)and then I can go play. It's kinda like it was when you were 16 and on summer vacation, except the vacation never ends. It's great!

  • zeke707zeke707 Posts: 74
    Does the transmission in a 2000 Vitara (2 lire)have a filter?
  • We just hit 1G miles on our 2k1 Tracker, and I have to say teh V6 in it seems to have OPENED UP bigtime around the 1K mark. It doesn't seem as sluggish off the start, and it's gotten quite peppy. IT is VERY noticable.
  • ewj2ewj2 Posts: 1
    I bought a 4WD 4 cyl 5sp Tracker with only roof rack and CD player as options. Pricing is excellent $2500 rebate plus dealer took off an additional $1000 and I had $3500 in GM rebates. so for $10700 I have a new car. With 2500 miles on it so far I am very pleased with it (No problems yet). At 1K miles the engine performance did improve noticeably. Went on a trip with 4 people, 4 bikes, and filled to capacity with luggage and got 25 MPG. It does wander with strong cross winds and the power is just "acceptable" but its fun to drive and is definitely worth considering even without GM dollars. Gas consumption is between 24 and 27 MPG. Only car I have ever had that beats federal rating. If Chevy sold the V6 with 5sp that would be perfect.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    I'm glad you like your Tracker. I have a 1999 4 dr 4WD with A/C, power windows and power locks, adjustable steering wheel, rear wiper, and cruise control, and I could not be happier with my selection. However, I disagree with your wishes for a V6 with a standard shift. Once you add the V6 and its dismal gas mileage, you might as well dump the Tracker/Vitara and look at Jeeps and Nissan's as alternative recipients of your hard earned money. They give you comparable fuel economy, performance, and purchase price, and a lot more interior/cargo room for your money.
  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    I had a 99 4dr 4cyl automatic. I got about 20 mpg in city driving. Traded for the 01 4dr 6cyl auto and still get 20 mpg in town. Dont know about highway milage.

  • nick01nick01 Posts: 84
    my daughters 01 4dr jeep gets 16 mpg and sometimes less.
  • These vehicles will not ever be truly fast unless Chev and Suzuki put in a larger V6, something that puts out around 200 HP. Although I have read that a GV with a V6 and 5 speed can go 0-60 in the mid 8 second bracket, not too shabby for a small engined vehicle.

    On the whole power issue, I have gotten to the point where it does not matter, I guess maybe its because I am not that old yet, mid twenties, and that I have been in or owned quick vechiles. If I had wanted power I could have kept my 97 1/2 ton Chev truck, except that I live in the Pac Northwest and this area tends to have long winters and rainy falls and springs. Thus I was tired of having 2WD vehicles that still sucked in the snow even using nice studded tires. Its nice to know that I can run my off road tires on the Tracker in every season and still get around fine because I have 4WD.

    So I guess its all relative, I took traction in this case over power. If I lived in the Southwest I would probably take the powerful vehicle though.

  • HI Y'ALL

    We have a 1999 Chevy Tracker 4-door 4WD 2.0 L with approx. 50,000 km (30,000 miles) on the odometer. Is it time to replace the OEM fuel filter? If so, where is it located and is this a do-it-yourself project?

  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    My roommate has a '98 Tracker, which is the same design as your '93. He has 235/70/R-15's on it. I think it originally had 195/75/R-15's. He hasn't had a problem with clearance, but I wonder how much traction that thing has in the rain now, with such a light weight and increased tread area.
  • The fuel filter is hard to get at, I know because I changed it myself. It is located underneath in the rear part of the vehicle, on the top, right up against your gas tank.

    You should pay a shop to do it, because it was a point and time consuming when I changed it.

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