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Chevy Tracker

I think these SUV's used to be by Geo are they
essentially the same car and if so I am looking for
any Tracker owners out there...How reliable are
they? How do they drive? Seems like everyone has
a CRV or Rav. ARe you happy with your tracker? Mdp


  • I bought a new tracker in April. I really love it. The only bad thing I can say is that it is slow. Does not go up hills at a good speed.
  • scheelescheele Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm interested in buying a 4WD Tracker, However I live in Wisconsin and heard they are very poor in the snow. Any comments appreciated.
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Don't know about the snow issue (I live in sunny CA), but I bought one about two months ago. I got mine for about 4,000 under MSRP - dealers really seem to be discounting heavily to move vehicles. The relatively weak engine is the only thing I don't like, but it wasn't a surprise. In my opinion the 1999 Tracker is a decent value and a big improvement over earlier models. Stay away from the small engine (I got the large one). I wanted to use my GM Card earnings, or I might have looked harder at the Grand Vitara. The GV's six cylinder was disappointingly sluggish, based on my test drive. Considering fuel economy, I can live with the 4 cylinder, 4WD. But I don't have to drive a lot on high-speed freeways or hills...
  • pookie88pookie88 Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 1999 Tracker on Tuesday evening (2 door, 4WD convertible w/the 2.0 liter engine). Can anyone give me a more recent reliability update on any aspect of this vehicle? I apprecaite it!
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    I bought my 4-door Tracker in April and now have over 4,000 miles on it. No problems with the fresh air/recirculating control, vibration, shifting, squeaks, clutch, air conditioning, remote locking, rattles, loose vents, or water leaks. In fact, I've had no problems at all. Seems like this Chevy is free of the problems plaguing the Grand Vitara.
  • teqsterteqster Posts: 1
    we purchased a tracker new back in 92. It has been a GREAT investment. It now has over 98,000 miles on it. As for in the snow, last year we had a storm that dumped close to 20 inches of snow. I was passing explores, and blazers that were stuck on the side of the road. I think the key is the darn thing is so light that it doesnt get bogged down....when this one dies we will def. be looking to get a new tracker
  • tlamatlama Posts: 1
    I am interested in flat-towing a Tracker behind my motorhome. Is this possible without having to disconnect the driveshaft? Also, if so where can I purchase the base plate to attach the towbar as I do not want to use a tow dolly.
    I looked at one of these yesterday.I was very impressed!I'm six feet tall and the vehicle seemed very large.The quality seemed real good,visibility great.My only concern is the slow engine. Because I have not driven it yet.The concept is great.4wd with great gas mileage.
  • I believe there is some info in the manual; you can put the 4x4 shifter into neutral to tow it.

    I bought my 99 4 door in April, love it, no problems at all!
  • I don't know what all the complaints are about the 1.6L engine being slow. I just returned from a trip through the mountains of Western Maryland and PA with mu '98 Tracker. I had no problem topping any of those mountains at more than the legal speed. 95% of the time I was in 5th gear. Occasionally I would have to use 4th. Only once, on a particular steep, twisty mountain did I have to go down to 3rd, but I still topped it at the speed limit in 4th. Even with all these mountains I got over 31 mpg. My 93 Ranger with the 3.0L engine and 5 speed couldn't climb these mountains as well as this Tracker does. I was constantly down shifting with that truck, and it wasn't 4WD.

    Before the Tracker, I had a 95 Sideckick JLX 4 dr. with the same engine. Here again it would perform flawlessly in these mountains.

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy the small engine. these engines are nearly indestructible. I know of a number that have over 200,000 on them and still going strong. These are abused vehicles that are used for severe off-roading. Both of mine have performed better after getting 10,000 miles on them; much more peppy than when it was new.
  • I am considering purchasing a used 1996 tracker. I live in a rural area and have to drive about 25 miles in the winter to work. At times the roads haven't been plowed. Currently I drive a 1994 honda accord and could easily be killed. It handles terrible in the snow. Does anyone have any advice. I am a single mom and don't want to spend alot. (20-30 thousand) Is out of the question which is why I am considering a tracker. Thanks
  • emmett1emmett1 Posts: 20
    Dear gscroggins,
    I would recommend a Tracker to you. I have owned 2 of them, a 1990 Tracker 4x4 convertible, automatic as well as a identically equiped 1993 model. They are very relaible, and between the 2 of them I put on over 100,000 miles. I did nothing but change the oil every 3,000 miles, as you would with any car. The 93 version was leased, and after the lease a friend of mine bought it and has put roughly another 30,000 miles on it, and they too have been trouble free. No car is perfect, and you need to have some sort of idea about previous maintenance if you are purchasing a used vehicle, but I would recommend the vehicle without any fear.
    The 4x4 worked great, and got me through the Blizzard of 93 without a single problem. Good luck single mom....and maybe if you find a convertible, the kids will love it all summer too.
    Have a great day....and don't forget to look up the value of used Tracker at Edmunds and before purchasing. If you know how to drive a 5 speed, you should try and find a model with that transmission, as they will be even more inexpensive and easier to maintain.
  • emmett1emmett1 Posts: 20
    Excuse the typo..the word is reliable, not relaible..sorry, typing isn't my best
  • Can you tow a boat behind a tracker?
  • Yeah, I want to know about towing too. According to another informational source I saw, they can tow 1500lbs, but when I looked at the options list I didn't see a towing package there.

    So can someone who has towed something with their tracker tell me how much it cost to get the towing hardware, and where they got it from? Also how well did it tow? I'm looking at the 4dr 4WD tracker because I can get a good discount through my credit union...
  • I am buying a Tracker tomorrow and I checked on this. It is a special tow hitch that the use. Not a GM part.
  • I have a 96 4 door hard top Geo Tracker that has been flawless in performance, reliability and value. I am very interested in the new Tracker convertibles but hate to give up my hardtop. I have had many different types of vehicles over the years and the Tracker is tops! The problem with a 1.6 engine stated by others has never been experienced by this driver. The Tracker has plenty of power within ranges of legality.
  • tj12tj12 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if a tracker can be outfitted with a small plow just to plow out my own driveway ?
  • Not recommended for such a small vehicle. The first year the new Ford 150's were out plowing would void the warranty, and that is a much heavier truck. Plowing is hard on the transmission, esp. a standard. My 2 cents a snowblower!
  • You mentioned being interested in the Tracker convertible, but don't want to give up your old Tracker hardtop. GM produces an accessory hardtop for the Tracker convertible. It is shown in the Tracker brochure and on the Chevy website. No idea about its quality or cost.
  • Saw the earlier towing question, I'm looking to buy a Tracker and I would occasionally be towing a 500-600 pound jet ski. The only negative thing I've heard so far is the possible lack of power, can anyone tell me whether they've had any experience towing items, and whether the engine power has been an issue? It would be over rolling hills, no mountains.
  • I wanted to ask if any owners have small children that sit in the back seat of their trackers. My husband and I are seriously considering purchasing either a 1990 or a 1994. Believe it or not, they are both listed at the same price! Do you find that your kids have enough leg room sitting in the back, and how comfortable it is. For the owners who have either the 1990 or 1994 models, can you give us some advice on what to look for while doing a pre-purchase inspection, as well as any problems or pet-peeves that you have with these vehicles. All input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • we don't have children, but my husband's 6 year old niece sat in the back of our 1996 tracker and loved it! I sat back there myself and thought it had more room than first appears. You sit higher than in the back seat of a car. Ours has been very reliable so far (owned for one year)
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    My new tracker vibrates at about fourty miles an hour. This vibration seems to come from the front end. Has any body else experiencd this problem! My dealer did not check this out yet.
  • I am comparing a Tracker (99 or 00) and a CRV. I would like to know if the Tracker really stands up to its reputation? We have four small boys, and I don't know if it will be roomy enough for them for the next couple of years...before they drive it themselves.
  • I am looking into purchasing a Tracker, a vehicle have always wanted but I here they roll really easily because they are so light, has any one had a problem with this or heard anything about this? It is putting doubts in my mind about purchasing this vehicle.
  • The Trackers that are said to roll easy are the old style models, 1998 and older not the new models.
  • i do not believe that trackers roll that easily, but they are not sports cars! their target audience is first time car buyers, young, who would be more inclined to drive too fast and especially to take corners too quickly. a side note-apparently gm refused to market the samurai because of the rollover factor. but trackers are not as narrow so not as inclined to tip.
  • I have driven my 99 about 6000 miles now and have never felt like it was prone to roll over. The only problem would be in an emergency; swerving hard, spinning around, etc. -- but that's true to some degree of all SUV's.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    I bought my new Tracker from Paul Conte Chevolet of Free Port, New York. The truck seems like a good design. I have no problems on how it drives or accelerates. The four cylinder engine is very fuel efficient but will not win any trophies for speed.
    What I don't like about the car is I think it is a lemon. I first had problems with the break lights. Then the car started making vibrations. The dealer is trying to tell me this is normal! The most pathetic problem is with the outside body moldings. The moldings are starting to fall off at each end. The dealer said they can pull the moldings off and re-glue them! I know this is little stuff but it should not happen to a new car. Had anybody else had problems like I do? When I bring it back to the dealer it seems to me like they dont really care.. they just have my money and that is it!
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