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Chevy Tracker



  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    I have had alot of fun driving my tracker; but, mine has had too many trips to the service dept. I finally had the opportunity to try the 4x4 in snow. Traction was good, but braking was not good. The Tracker tended to lock up and slide.

    The heater does warm up, but the inside does not stay warm without running the heater on high all the time. The windows tend to fog up even with the defogger on.

    I am still fighting my case to get a GM buyback on my car. I did not spend $17000 on a new car to be in for 8 repairs in less than 7500 miles.

    If you trade is the only reason you are looking at a Tracker, I would urge you to find other options to trade the bike. Toyota has a better reputation for quality.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    I have a 99 Tracker 4door automatic. The problem is it makes a vibrations at exactly 45000 RPM when decelerating. Can any body tell me if this is normal? The dealer claims this vibration is normal due to the overdrive transmission. They said at that speed the overdrive is between gears. Chevy customer service backed them up by saying it is an integral part of the Tracker design. I feel it shouldn't vibrate and chevy is trying to brush me off!
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    bouy, is it normal to decelerate at 4500 RPM? This is something I have never encountered with my 1999 4 door 5 speed, but then I have never even considered doing it. Why would you try it with an automatic? Give us a clue as to why you do this, and others may be able to help you out.
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    My 99 tracker convertible with the automatic transmission vibrates alot. But, I have never experienced vibration from the transmission like you have described. Do not let the dealer tell you any vibration is normal. Chevrolet is trying to tell me it is normal for the tensioner pulley to rattle. It is not normal for a new car to rattle or vibrate. You have the right to demand this be fixed under warranty. If Chevy does not cooperate, call your state's Attorney General's office. Next, contact the Better Business Bureau. The phone # is in the back of your owner's manual.

    Please stand up for your rights. You and I have spent too much money on our new cars to be told "they all do that".
  • matt84matt84 Posts: 3
    I went in today to see how much they would give me on trade for my motorcycle. I did a lemon check and it came back in the clear. There are 8,000 miles on the 99 tracker and it appears to be in good condition. The dealership was closed today, so I wasn't able to do out anything. I will probably go in tomorrow and drive it and check it all around. I hope they give me a good trade-in price on the bike, if not i may have to buy something cheap, for now, and look around for something more permanent in the spring.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    Is this normal ?? My mistake.

    Sorry, what I really meant to say on the above is that my tracker vibrates at about 45 MPH not 4500 RPM. It only vibrates while slowing down to this speed from a higher speed, never speeding up. Example-Going from 50mph to 45MPH. Thank you cosmo2 for making sense out of what I wrote.
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    Have you ever noticed any unusual squeaks, rattles or other noises while idling in gear? The noise I have had a problem with since 1300 miles comes from the fan belt area. The dealer has replaced the tensioner pulley 4 times. Each new tensioner begins to rattle or squeak within 500 miles of the repair. My greatest concern is what is destroying the tensioners. Is the cause something that may destroy my alternator and power steering pump? GM suggested all trackers may sound that way. I disagree. I don't believe any new car should make an un-natural squeak and rattle at idle. I believe this recurring problem and several other small problems will qualify this car for a lemon buyback. I only have to convince GM of this.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    Thanks for the correction. If you have not already done so, I suggest you decelerate from 50mph to 35mph with the transmission in overdrive in normal mode, then again in overdrive in power mode, then again with overdrive disengaged in normal mode, then again with overdrive disengaged in power mode, then again just one time with the transmission in neutral. Determine if there are any variations in the vibration depending on the gearing or power mode. Post your findings here and ask if anyone with a 1999 4-door auto can replicate your problem. If it looks like yours is the only one vibrating under the conditions you describe, go to the dealer and ask that the service manager demonstrate that one of the new Trackers on lot does exactly what yours does. If other Tracker automatics do the same thing as yours, I am really curious as to the engineers' logic.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    The only noise I have noticed is when I recently started the tracker on a cold morning. In neutral it will make a small wining sound but it will go away with in a couple of minutes. I attribute this to the cold belt but have'nt looked into it yet. Besides this sound the engine is perfectly quite while idling with 6000 miles on the odometer. I think the people at Chevy have lines of exscuses already made up to tell their customers, your car should not make these noises that you described. ---Good Luck!
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    My Tracker will be evaluated by the arbitration board by the end of January. My task is to prove the problems with my car substantially limit the use and value of the vehicle. If I can keep my wits during the meeting, I should be successful in winning my case for a buyback.
  • nrgzrnrgzr Posts: 2
    I don't understand the logic of buying a used 99 Tracker when the rebates on new 99s are so high?
    I purchased a 99 in nov. and the rebate was $2500
    for the 2 door. From what I understand chevy has
    to sell 50,000 trackers a year to get its fleet
    mpg to an epa acceptable #.Do you understand what that means? They are willing to lose money on these things so they can sell Blazers, tahoes,and
    suburbans! There is no reason to buy used trackers
    This also explains why they are so unwilling to do
    a repurchase of a tracker.I betcha suzuki is the only co. making money on building and selling trackers. As for lemon law JUST DO IT! I have used
    Wa. state law for buyback twice with GMC&Saturn.
    If its a lemon then I say let em have it(back)!
    So far I love my little tracker. Its fun to drive, and I pass by other suv's at the pump.
    Mine is quite a solid little piece, no complaints
    so far.
  • I have a 94 Sidekick with 189,000 miles and going strong. We plan to but a second vehicle. A closer dealership and 5 passenger vs. Suzuki's 4, makes Tracker a consideration. What are the differences?
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    The differences between the Tracker and the Vitara are in the standard equipment and the cost of the optional equipment, 2pinecone. The base Vitara is a little bit better equipped and a little bit more expensive. The Tracker gives you multiple options, both individually and in packages. The Virara+ is a fully loaded Vitara. There is no in-between in terms of options for the Vitara. If you want a fully loaded Vitara/Tracker, the Vitara+ is the best deal financially. If you want a bare bones vehicle, the Tracker is the least expensive choice. If you want something in between, the Tracker is the only one that allows you to pick and chose your options.
  • Thanks cosmo2. That is the info I need. Since I rack up miles quickly, I am looking for no frills,
    prioritizing economy and reliability.
  • My lease is up on my 98 silverado and I'm thinking of down sizing to either a S-10 v-6 4x4 -- or a Tracker ( 2 daughters in college is the reason why-- need to save some money) buy or lease S-10 or tracker comes out about the same money wise -- does the tracker have a six available?? need some help here!! have to decide within the next 2 days
    By the way__ I loved the silverado!! GREAT truck
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    If your choice is between a Tracker and an S-10, I'd go with the Toyota Tacoma. Seriously, I had a 1996 S-10. The only real complaints was the lack of traction in the 2wd and lack of space in the regular cab.

    I traded the S-10 for a 1999 Tracker. I will go to the Better Business Bureau Arbitration meeting this Thursday to fight for the lemon law. I have had to be in the shop too many times for repairs. I still have less than 9k miles on the car.

    My tracker convertible was really fun in the summer when I could put the top down. The 4wd is good on snow. The brakes do not stop the car well on dry or wet.

    But, my only concern now is how reliable will the car be after the warranty runs out if it has had so many repairs already.
  • thanks for the input tim98-- The S-10 I'm looking at is a 2000 v-6 4x4 ext cab-- drove it yesterday, seem to have pleny of power --extended cab is small campared to Silverado--- but so is the payment -- Tracker is large 4 cyl auto-- is slightly less than S-10-- but much more room than S-10--- what kind of prob with your Tracker -- serious stuff or little things that just piss ya off?
  • I was wondering if anyone knows whether the dealer installed accessories available for the Vitara/Grand Vitara, notably the center armrest, will also fit the Tracker. Thanks
  • Less than 6,000 miles. Been in the shop for brake light switch, two different times for right rear wheel seal leaking, two times for vibration when brakes applied, bumping noise under vehicle, multiple squeaks and rattles. All repaired. Gave up on dealer and repaired squeaks and rattles myself. I still have a nagging problem for which I can not get resolved after three attempts. Vibration at 35-40 mph and 55-60 mph. under light throttle. Some times very intense. Vibrations intense enough that you feel it in the seat, floor, steering wheel, makes windows and dash buzz at times. Chevrolet tells dealer this is a normal condition and vehicle is operating as designed, therefore dealer will not attempt to repair. I am fileing for Lemon buy back. I would like to have written comments from any of you who would like to comment, positive or negative on your Tracker. Please include your name and email address along with vin number and mileage. Please
    mail to.

    P.O. Box 2282
    Russellville, Ar. 72811
    or Email me
    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thank You
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    Chevy cannot seem to fix the tensioner pulley problem. Chevy has worked on the tensioner 4 times and still cannot fix the rattling. The fuel gauge has been repaired once. The brake light switch has been recalled. And, the engine had a bad mis-fire problem that has cleared up, but not really been fixed by gm. All of this has occurred before 6400 miles. I meet with the arbitration board in the morning. I believe the car qualifies as a lemon.
  • Bought 99 2dr 4WD Tracker in May. First problem immediately was noise from canvas top (finally resolved when dealer gave 2000 version which fit tighter). No other big things until it got cold (MN) then grating noise when car was in motion, but noise went away when car warmed up. After 3+ weeks of in and out with service department, they decided both front left & right ball bearing packs had never been initially lubed so in cold they grated. Solved when added packed with lubricant. Latest has been grinding noise again from front - again only in cold. I haven't taken it in yet.
  • Anyone know of a tracker forum for technical questions ?
  • Sorry if this is question is a bit off topic...

    The tracker...

    Purchased 99 4dr/4wd/autotran last Sep. Only 4K miles so far. No problems whatsoever. Love the thing. It is red...our daughters call it the "tomato".

    Why did we buy it...had the GM card at 7 year was the only small vehicle (in the market for small) that would accommodate my sitting in back seat...without head hitting the headliner...thought it was cute...that was basically all that went into the able to negotiate very close to invoice.

    The question...

    Only problem is of own doing...lost one of the supplied key fobs (I think that is what they call them). Checked dealer...replacement is $39 or $49...then they want $15 more to program it. Does anyone have a FSM (factory service manual). Does it cover how to program the key fob? I will eventually get the FSM...been trying to get one for less than the $40 from dealer...thru ebay...they do show up every once in a while there...just been to cheap on my bidding so far to land one...
  • How is your Tracker buy back progressing. I have filed, arbitration pending. Do you know of anyone
    who has received a successful buyback?

  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    The buy back process has been interesting. I had my arbitration meeting. I was prepared with three ring binders filled with detailed reports prefacing each repair bill. I had a detailed article explaining the function of the drivebelt system. I had several articles re-defining the lemon law. And, I had about a dozen receipts for car rentals because I am afraid to run up miles on this piece of junk.

    GM did not even show up. The BBB said GM would have 7 days to send a written presentation. GM sent it in on the 8th. ( The BBB accepted the late presentation. ) The GM presentation was hand-written and was dated Feb 3, 2003. GM's facts were directly contradicting to the written repair tickets.

    I should hear the arbitraitor's answer any day now.
  • I am considering a new tracker. I think a used '99. I just got back from pricing out a new 2000. I am going to trade in my '97 cavalier. I really like the ride quality. Also the supportiveness of the seats are outstanding (compared to my cav). I really like the roominess and the outlay of the dash. So does any one have any imput on the new trackers? Are they worth the money? The only thing that I dont care for is the lack of power, however it is smooth consistant power. And a very sharp vehicle.
  • I am looking at a 92-94 tracker and i am wondering how good the 4wd is in deep snow.
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    Think "RAV4"

    The extra money spent would be well worth it.
  • In response to your question if new Trackers are worth the money , I would say yes . just bought 2000 Tracker ,4wd ,4dr, auto. Rides great ,plenty of power ,roomy ,good control steering , and especially the front hood slopes downward so you have better view of road . If you really serious about purchased new Tracker , ask your dealer about GM "Smart Buy " program , you get $1650 rebate and %4.25 rate. Hard to find matching rate . will drop by later , good luck on your choice
  • tim98tim98 Posts: 16
    I just hope you don't have to spend as much time taking your tracker to the shop as I have. I only have 9,000 miles on my car and it has had more repairs than my last 3 cars. And, I have not abused the car or driven it beyond normal use.
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