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Chevy Tracker



  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    Perhaps I've been lucky, based on some of the other posts.

    I've had no mechanical problems, other than that brake light recall a few months ago.

    After 12 months, my blue (weird color - looks purple in the sun, blue in the shade!) 4WD, 4DR automatic is still what it was in the first place. Specifically, an underpowered, inexpensive mini-SUV that rides like a truck.

    Some things I like: Rides high; having had a Miata before, I appreciate the view :) Low four wheel drive works very well out in the dirt. Economical price, relatively speaking.

    Some things I don't like: Lack of acceleration power with the automatic. Mediocre sound system expensive to replace/upgrade, because of its large, "double" dimensions. Rough, truckish ride on city streets. Gas mileage nothing to write home about.

    I wasn't impressed with the Grand Vitara's six cylinder. Were it not for the accumulated credits on my GM Card, I probably would have opted for the Honda CRV. But the vehicle has pretty much performed as expected.
  • arkie2arkie2 Posts: 2
    We are trying our best to get our Tracker fixed but it doesn't look real promising. We got a call from the area rep from GM yesterday telling us if we turn the overdrive off the vibration will quit. The thing will vibrate at a dead stop in reverse as well as going down the road. GM has admitted that theydon't know how to fix it. It is scheduled for its 6th and 7th visit to the shop since December. I will keep after them and keep my stack of paper growing. Any info that you could provide on your buy-back could possibly help us. How do you like the Camaro?
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    Scheduled for arbitration May 9th.
    For buyback (vibration problems 1999 Tracker).
    Wish me luck.
  • mycroftmycroft Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 4-dr, 2wd with 15" alloy wheels. Occasionally in the past I have heard an odd noise coming from the general area of my front driver's side wheel (or maybe behind & below the dash somewhere). It sounds like a plastic grocery bag caught in the wheel well and being whipped around in the wind, or maybe a sheet of aluminum foil being sprayed with a hose... The first time I heard it was in on the freeway in moderately heavy rain & I thought maybe it actually was water spraying around in there, but lately I have been hearing it once in a while under normal conditions, especially braking (but not always). It doesn't correspond to any noticeable driveability problems, so I'm hesitant to take it to the dealer since it will probably not make the noise for them anyway. Anybody have any idea what's doing it?
  • I am interested in buying a 1999 tracker. I've heard good and bad things about them. I would like a little more information on them and prices that people have bought them. I test drove it yesterday and I am very pleased, it drove like a dream. Unfortunately, it is not a 4wd, but that is ok with me. Please email me with comments or concerns any owner may have. Thank you.

    E-mail addr:
  • carieuratocarieurato Posts: 1
    In July of 1999 I purchased a Scuba Blue 4dr 4wd tracker with cd-player, a/c. No power anything except for the power button on my transmission.

    I find that the power button on the transmission does increase the pick-up of the tracker and is pretty neat overall. I am wondering if that is the connection with the engine vibration.

    Also, I have put Yokihama tires on my Tracker, yes they are a bit expensive, however, I must say it handles soo much better, it is un-believeable! I was introduced to the Yokihamas by an autobody shop owner who has them on his porsche! Whatta difference in the ride alone!
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    Thought of buying a 2001 Montero as soon as I got
    rid of Tracker. Guess what? Test drove two different vehicles, top of the line, Stickered at
    36,000. Same vibrations at almost identical speeds
    as Tracker. One worse than the other. ???? Makes
    me wonder if same vendor might be manufacturing
    drive line components for both manufacturers.
  • crj1crj1 Posts: 70
    I have a 1999 silver tracker 4dr. 4wd with auto, air,, locks, keyless entry, cd player, skid plates, and a dealer installed sunroof for sale with 6500 miles, its like new and we are looking for someone to take over the remaining 24 months of the lease of $251.00 through GMAC. All that is involved is to get a credit approval through them and then pay a $400.00 transfer fee and thats it! If interested please email at (
  • penkalpenkal Posts: 1
    I've been looking for a new mini SUV. Right now I have a lease on a Chevy Cavelier. I've test drove the Tracker. I liked it overall. The pick up was alittle slow but what can you expect from a four cyl. I'm not sure why people like the Honda CR-V better. I thought they drove the same but I felt the interior was alot less then the Tracker. I'd like to hear any interesting comments about the Tracker. So far they've been mixed. Does anybody have a good story? Or a nightmare? Please email me any comments at Thanks alot.
  • weavieweavie Posts: 2
    I purchased my Tracker brand new in 6/99 in CA. When I first bought the car, I never test drove it on the freeway. Well, after driving home that day on the freeway, the steering wheel was shaking at 55 and higher. Took it back to the dealer just before closing and they balanced the tires. Drove home and was still shaking. Balanced tires over again several times over first 3 days. Finally, one technician noticed that all 4 rims were bent (I had the "cheapie" rims; not alloy). They said I must have hit pothole. Finally, I had them check the spare (full size). That was bent too. I guess that hit pot hole also. Ordered new rims for me and those were bent too. I made them upgrade me to the Alloys. Car did perfect for about 2 months. Shaking came back. I also noticed "cupping" in the front tires. Was told this was causing the shaking. Rotated tires. Shaking left for about 2 months. "Cupping" came back again. Had car completely checked for suspension. Nothing wrong. It is 5/00 and I've put new tires, balanced constantly and still shakes now at 55-65. No dealer can help me. Has anyone had similar problems? Hate driving on freeway now because always shaking. The wheels are not out of balance nor are they bent. No one seems to help and I gave up. Any feedback? Thanks. JTWEAVER3@AOL.COM
  • weavieweavie Posts: 2
    I moved from Los Angeles to Dallas with my 1999, 2wd, 4 door, automatic tracker. I towed one of those 5x8 Uhaul trailers (bought hitch thru uhaul). Car drove fine. Doesn't have the normal power it would and ate a lot of gas, but car drove smooth and stabile the whole trip here. My hitch is 3500 lb rated, but did not tow that much weight. But my car was loaded down, as was the trailer. It was a low-rider, but drove great.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    Experienced my first significant problem with my '99 Tracker this month. Took it in to the dealer for its 15,000 mile servicing. Afterwards could not down shift into 3rd at speeds over 25 mph. After two weeks of thinking I was loosing my neuromuscular functioning, I asked my wife to check out the shifting. She affirmed I'm not losing it, yet. Called the dealer. They got my Tracker in very the next day, changed the new transmission fluid, and poured on the apologies. They had put in the wrong type. Seems the specifications for the '99 Trackers changed during that model year. Now my Tracker shifts like new.
  • doickledoickle Posts: 12
    Towing a Tracker behind MH
    For a 99 Tracker, 4X4, 4 door, auto trans. Owners manual says can pull behind motor home. Trans put in park, transfer case in neutral. Ignition key in "acc". Tow and stop every 200 miles and restart engine put trans in drive for one minute. Then continue trip. I have noticed that putting the ignition in "lock" but not removing key the stearing wheel can be moved and will not lock. Once key is removed stearing wheel will lock. Can I put the key in "lock", leave the key in the ignition and tow the tracker without any danger of the stearing wheel locking up? Chev. says no! ignition must be in "acc".
    Any ideas on this subject? Need a answer since will be leaving on a trip in 10 days towing the tracker.
  • caspear78caspear78 Posts: 2
    thank u chris for the links that is jus what im looking for, but just wish it was a bit higher,lol but thats ok just have to go with it for now until some one comes out with something higher, we will end up doign a body lift in time but we want more clearence then height rite now and with the tires and the lift it will be fine for now, now if we can go with out gettin high centered in a groove then well be fine, ty again Chris
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Posts: 516
    Considering buying 1994 Suzuki Sidekick JLX 4 door with 100,000 for about $4800. Insurance company cannot give us a straight answer for Liability insurance vs what our 1989 Ford Ranger 4 cyl pickup currently cost. Say they need a VIN to know for sure. They say it will be higher because of the Suzuki's tipover accident rating. Live in WORST insurance state: New York State (Western part).

    Does anyone have any comments?
  • moparzzmoparzz Posts: 1
    I have owned my 2000 Tracker 4 door for a little over 3 months. I have put nearly 9,000 miles on it without a problem. I often drive at 70-75 MPH on the highway and the vehicle does fine unless there is a real stiff wind. The visibility is excellent and rear visibility is greatly improved if you remove the rear headrests. I sometimes tow a small cargo trailer (approx. 1,000 lbs.) without a problem. I have not had the opportunity to test the 4WD capabilities of the vehicle, but I expect to get an oversand permit for the beach this summer and will put it through the paces.

    I previously owned a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I considered this a trade down for a vehicle that wouldn't give me the sticker shock that the new Jeeps offer. I also considered the improved mileage that I would get, especially with the gas prices hiking upwards. I have been pleasantly surprised at the roominess of the passenger compartment.

    The only complaint that I have is the cruise-control is too quick to downshift on small grades uphill.

    Overall I am quite pleased with the vehicle and I don't miss my Jeep very much at all.
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    Chevy bought my 1999 tracker back June 9th. Vibration problems among others! Lemon law worked
    for me. Good luck to all other Tracker owners.
  • teddyjteddyj Posts: 3
    I had the transmission computer control module replaced on my 1999 Tracker (4-door with 10,000 miles). I complained from the beginning about the excessive down-shifting, but no remedy was available until recently (I read about it on this message board).
    I actually haven't driven the SUV much since then, but my wife says it works great now. So talk to your dealer about it.
  • PaRoyboyPaRoyboy Posts: 4
    Hello all. I have a Scuba Blue (love the color!) 2door 4WD. I did have a few problems in the beginning. First off, I should mention that the Tracker didnt come with factory air but the dealer had it installed for me. Soon after I took delivery, I started noticing rattles. Not little rattles, BIG rattles! Took it in several times and was told they tightened up the wiring harness, control wires, etc. I was disgusted to say the least! Turns out it was the AC installation that was the problem. AC pipes were routed wrong, not secured, etc. The other problem i had was that the trans. would grind when downshifting into third. Chevy says they know its a problem but there isnt a fix for it. Replaced transmissions have the same problem. I complained to the service manager, the area service manager and up the ladder to finally sending a complaint to GM mentioning that I contacted a lawyer about possible lemon law procedings. The area service manager called me THE NEXT DAY and offered me a 6 year, 72,000 mile extended warranty on the drivetrain and 3yr, 36,000 mile free maint. Since I usually only keep a car three years, it worked for me! Since then, the grinding has actually stopped. I guess it just needed to be broke in. Since those concerns were taken care of, I am very pleased with the Tracker. Alot of fun this summer with the tops off and went through 14-16 inches of snow last winter with NO problems.

    Question to other owners: I have the Tigerpaw tires on. I get alot of squeeling on low speed turns (parking lots) PSI is ok. Any ideas other than replacing them? Only have 10,000 miles on
  • mtenamtena Posts: 58
    I now have 15,000 miles on my Tracker, which I bought new. I've come to hate the Scuba Blue color, which is actually more like purple in the sun, but that's just my preference. The vehicle obviously has a lot of limitations, particularly in the power area, but it's been mechanically reliable so far.

    Funny that you would mention rattles. My vehicle was free of them until about 500 miles ago, when a very annoying one developed somewhere in the rear area. The vehicle hasn't seen much off road duty; otherwise, it would probably have more rattles. And my properly inflated tires do squeal in the parking lot also.
  • I currently own a Chevy 1500 p-up. It came with the Tiger Paws. They squeal something awful in parking lots. I also owned in the past a 1987 Chevy Blazer. It too came with the Tiger Paws. They are not very good tires at all, they don't hold up well. Chevy should really consider something else. By the way, I'm considering the purchase of a 2000 Tracker. My husband wants something he can tow behind the motorhome. Any information on how it is a tow vehicle?
  • camimancamiman Posts: 1
    I do not own a Tracker however, I do work at the plant where these vehicles are made and I must tell you that they have done a lot of work on the vibration. It proved to be a combination of the tires, the rack and pinion system and a few other things. The rack and pinion system is the biggest problem. It was not changed from the old tracker and therefore proved to be inadequate for the new one. It has however been changed and is no longer a problem. On the whole the new Tracker is a vast improvement over the old one. For the 2001 model we are introducing a new model to the U.S, only that includes a 6 cylinder engine and some extra molding along the side. This should be a nice touch.
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    What are the few other things? I had my Tracker
    bought back because of vibration problems. Is there a in dealer fix for any of them? I feel like
    a weak frame and engine mounts were my problem. Am
    I close to correct? Mine was a 4X4 automatic.
  • Camiman, as far as I remember the old Tracker had a recirculating ball steering. New one got the rack and pinion one. I guess to make it suitable they had to beef it up. I saw two prototypes of 6 cyl Trackers. NICE!!! however I liked the one with simple bodyside molding, not to mention mucho denaro fancy paintjob. However you guys make damn good vehicles.
  • bouybouy Posts: 14
    Dear camiman:
    What do you suggest I do with my 99 Tracker? Should I deal with the vibrations just because your company did not test drive the vehicle before they produced it? Or listen to the stupid chevy dealer tell me this is part of the design?
  • dsjkmdsjkm Posts: 3
    Dear ddssjsk9,

    Correcting vibrations can sometimes be tricky. Careful diagnosis is necessary to determine the exact conditions which produce the vibration. Usually its wheel and/or tire RFV >7#, prop shaft imbalance, exhaust resonance, or a loose bolt in a place where no one has thought to look. A weak frame ... not likely. Engine mounts ... there intended to be soft ... to absorb normal engine vibrations. Where and when did you feel the vibration?

    You don't have the Tracker anymore, I understand, but others at this site have mentioned vibrations too. I have a 1999 Tracker 4wd and have figured out quite a few things already. I love my Tracker and am amazed at where that little 4WD will go. Maybe we can hit on a few more fixes that can help us all. For instance, did you know the Trackers thru 1999 used lug centered wheels. The hole in the middle of the wheel isn't used to center the wheel like many, mnay other designs. It didn't seem to matter until rack and pinion steering was added. R&P is a lot more sensitive, and transmits wheel/tire and road variations up through to the steering wheel. Next time someone rotates the tires a zips the lugnuts on with an impact gun and you drive away with a brand new high speed vibration, its time to go back and carefully and evenly tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench.

    BTW -- I have the answer to fix the belt tensioner noise.

    Hope you're enjoying your new ride,
  • ddssjsk9ddssjsk9 Posts: 36
    I have been researching complaints and fixes for
    the vibration problems as of October 1999. To this
    day I have not discovered a satisfactory fix. You
    might want to check out a previous post #143 and a
    another post, I think, on the Suzuki postings, where an owner of a Suzuki or Tracker said he owned a company specializing in cad diagnostics.
    He states test indicated there were problems with
    the frames on 10 to 15 tested vehicles. Also part
    of the problem is exhaust resonance. Chev rep told
    me they had installed after market exhaust on a
    couple vehicles with some success. My Tracker had
    never had the wheels removed nor did I have a tire
    or wheel balance problem. My vibration was at about 42 mph., 57 mph. and again about 65 mph.
    When new the vibration was hardly detectable at
    42 mph. only. By 9,000 miles the vibration was
    quite severe at all the speeds. I will still bet
    the bank the problem is engine mounting and frame
  • bowl17bowl17 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Chevy Tracker 4WD,4DR, AUTO and alloy wheels. 55K mileage. I just took the vehicle in for brake service and they called to tell me that the front driver side wheel won't come off the hub... it corroded and seized onto the hub! This is my first alloy wheel vehicle as well as 4x4... is this common? Is there a regular maintenance schedule for this to prevent this from happening??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • rcar1rcar1 Posts: 3
    We have a 99 4 door tracker with 4wd. The vehicles has all of the options and so far has gave us good dependable service. My wife uses it for a Saturday postal route and it just turned 26,000 miles.The vehicles hauls us and our two kids comfortably , climbs the Tennessee mountains well, and even went good in our once a year snow.
    Two gripes.Lack of towing capacity and my body molding is coming unglued. I took it to the dealer to be cleaned and reglued.I think my 5 year old could have done a better job. They put some glue in the worse spot and did not fix the other pieces. I guess they hope it will stay on long enough for the warranty to run out.Time to try another dealer.
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    My outside door molding started to flare out at the ends after a year. I just drilled some holes about one inch from the ends of the door moldings and screwed in some black sheet metal screws (with washers like some cars use on inside door panels). It actually makes the Tracker look more "rugged".
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