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2007 Infiniti G35 Problems



  • I have a new 07 Sport model, garage kept. It does the same high idle on first start. Guess it is the nature of the beast. Still getting use to it. Have driven GM products all m life, so some real getting use to the items I have been use to.
  • I have a 2007 G35x and I cannot figure out how to transfer the phonebook from a Verizon VX8300. Was anybody successful in transferring a phonebook from a Verizon phone to a G35x?
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    This is an issue with the phone not the car.

    There's a lot of phones that wont transfer the entire phone book. but will only transfer single entries in the phone book.

    You do it by sending the contact from the phone while the car is in waiting for phonebook download mode. It's not because the car won't accept it, it's because your phone won't send it. For my Razr, I highlight the contact, click the menu button, then at the bottom is a "send" when I click that it shows MY-CAR then I choose it and within 2 seconds it's now in the car.

    I had to do this around 30 times to transfer the most important numbers.
  • I don't agree that the issue is with the phone not the car. I own a Garmin Nuvi 360 and it downloaded the entire phonebook automatically when I paired it with the same phone.
  • You do not state whether you have navi or not - it makes a difference. And it's not the service provider but the model phone - your LG VX8300 is not on the list.

    Check the link below for the approved list of cells that work.

    link title
  • Took a '07 out for a test spin and noticed what seemed like a bit of vibration in the shifter...quirk or problem?
  • neverold,

    Thanks for the link. Btw., I have a navi/tech package.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    If you view the link provide above, you will see that most phones do not support downloading the phonebook over bluetooth, which is a phone issue, not the car.
  • kring5,

    I still don't agree. If my phone downloads fine into the Garmin Nuvi 360, how is it the phone's deficiency, if the download does not work with the G35?
  • The R & T article that compared the 07 G, TL & IS made the same reference to the vibration in the shifter of the G.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Look through previous posts.
    The G has had issues with shifter vibration in the past.... and more so than the others mentioned.

    I know nothing about the 07 manual, but heard that the issue was addressed. (I thought)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I still don't agree. If my phone downloads fine into the Garmin Nuvi 360, how is it the phone's deficiency, if the download does not work with the G35?

    I'll give you a one word answer - VERIZON

    Verizon hacks the functionality of bluetooth in all of it's models, so thay can nickle and dime us with their Get-It-Now service.
    Verizon Bluetooth doesn't support the transfer of files wirelessly.

    King's works.
    If I was a bettin man, I'd say he was using a Razor from Cingular, or some other Non-Verizon provider. ;)
  • factfinder, is that R&T article you mentioned online and, if so, do you have a link?
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    Yes I have a Cingular Razr. and I recently switched from Verizon's Razr 3 weeks ago. Verizon's software is terrible, I was amazed at how much better the software is on the Cingular Razr. And yes, Verizon's was completely crippled, you can't download contacts or sync to a computer with Verizon.
  • Same exact car '06 Coupe MT w/aero. Averaging 400 miles a tank. 350-380 if I'm naughty. Regardless, I'm driving 75-85 on the hiways 80% of the time and 20% in San Francisco. I've got 12,000 miles on the car. :)
  • That's typical. First thing in the morning, the engine's cold, even if it's in a garage. The engine will idle higher in order to warm up faster. I wouldn't call it a problem unless the idle stayed high after the engine warmed up.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    Yeb, I agree. All of my cars behave the same way here in the northeast.
  • dlp3dlp3 Posts: 2
    Unforunately I have Verizon. My G35 with Nav (on order)does not list v3m razor as compatible but it does list the v3c which is no longer offered by verizon. Do you know if the verizon v3m is compatible?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Although it's not on the list, it'll work.

    I also have a v3m.
    The only difference between the c and m model is that the m supports MP3 playback.
    Otherwise, it's the same phone.

    You shouldn't have any issues with the Bluetooth feature.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    I was planning on purchasing the new sport sedan and have been reading about the front grill pitting after very few miles. I've also been reading about the transmission braking on its own during decending hills and during cornering. Quite a number of posts were commenting on the transmission issues which is characteristic of the newer transmission on the sedans. It is very obvious with cruise control on, however it occurs with it off as well. Anyone experiencing these issues?
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    The transmission is not an issue. if you want performance the engine can't go into coasting mode and at the same time be there to provide power. the MPG on the car are in the 20's so do you really car if the car doesn't coast like a buick? it's the same with a MT... the MT doesn't go into a coast when you take your foot off the gas. Not sure why this is being seen by some as an "issue"

    The grill is your standard chrome plated plastic, just like ALL the other grilles out there, if you ride someone's azz hard and close on the highway and the front of your car is getting sandblasted... YES you will get pitting on the grille along with damage to the paint on the front of your car. I will say that it's more noticeable then black plastic grilles because of the contrast. But this is not something you should base your car decision on, it just one of those wear-n-tear items.

    I have 1000 miles and don't have a single pit, I'm driving 75% highway and in the worst winter conditions... so I don't feel the grille is an issue.
  • bocatripbocatrip Posts: 194
    Does anyone have a winter set up or swapped the journey's 17" wheels and tires for the 18" staggered factory setup on the sport sedan? Do they fit? I don't want the 18" and have asked the dealership to swap the 17s from the journey and they have agreed. I am ordering the car and want to make sure the 17s will fit the larger rotors and calipers.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    17s do fit. recommends the 17" winter wheel/tire setup on the G35s, 225/55-17
  • chong621chong621 Posts: 5
    I have the 07 Infiniti G35, Premium Pkg, & Nav. I've been havng some difficulties with the audio system, perhaps someone can help. First, the 6 disc changer (in trunk) does not (or has a hard time) reading burned cd's. Is there a solution? Second, I am trying to use a 4 gig CF card, but only half of the songs show up (I have almost 4 gigs on it). Is there a cap on the limit to 2 gigs? I called Infiniti, but they didn't know the answers. Thanks for helping. Otherwise, love the car.
  • im2kleenim2kleen Posts: 7
    I know the sound your talking I have both a 2004 Nissan 350Z and the G35 I brought this past Dec. Anyway, the makes a noticeable rattling sound during first start and driving at low RPM's but I have never had this problem with my 350Z which I thought had the same engine. I've had the G35 less then 3 months and been back to the dealer three times per engine noise. They say the car might have an oil consumption problem but I told them the thing"> is a LEMON and I'm trading that junk for a BMW 328 coupe.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    There is no limit to the size of the CF card.
    There is a file limitation though.
    It can only read the first 512 files.

    Some folks carry 2 2GB cards, or rip CDs as one large file... to avoid this limitation.
  • chong621chong621 Posts: 5
    Thank you Scott! I wish that info was in the manual.

    Is is just me, but it it hard to take out the cf card. Maybe my fingers are too big. And what's the best way to copy files onto the cf card? It seems that the files are in order of copy time, rather than alphabetical order.

    Thanks again, now I gotta get a 2 gig card.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    it is a little difficult, I can't do it with one hand, I have to use both my pointer fingers on each side to pull it out. but I'd rather it was this way then sticking out of the dash, I prefer the way it's sunk in and blends well with the console.

    Yes it's by copy order, which I thought was odd and I looked very hard, but I don't believe there's a way to sort.

    The only other request I would have, would be that when your playing one song, and you want to browse the CF card, it wouldn't switch songs on you until you hit enter on the highlighted song, right now you can't browse the card because it starts playing whatever song is highlighted.
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