Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation

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My 2002 JGC started having temperature control problems, cold on driver /hot on passanger , gotit fix at the dealer US$300 , six months later it will cool but will not heat either sides, went to the dealer, their estimate is now us $1,100, they claim they have to replace booth temperature selectors and some valve or damper on the back. Does any budy have a cheaper solution???
All started to happen just after warranties had expired


  • bbernanderbbernander Member Posts: 6
    I have a 03 GJC and have checked the relay for the cooling fan and have also unplugged the connection to the fan. The fan continues to run at a high speed when reconnected. What is the cause of this and how do I fix it? The fan has drained the battery dry.
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    You should check out the Jeep Grand Cherokee: Problems & Solutions discussion.

    tidester, host
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    Cooling fan relay stuck in closed position. Replace relay or 1st tap on relay to see if it opens so fan stops.
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    im having the same problem with my 99 jeep grand cheroke. the fan continued to run when the engine had been off for a long time. the fan actually ran all night and drained the battery. is this somehting i can fix? :cry:
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    This is something you can fix! First you would want to check the coolant temperature gauge, probably on the front of your engine block, connected with a sensor. Look on to see what that looks like. Easy fix if that is it. About $40. If that doesn't work the infamous relay placed on my 03 behind the front passenger headlamp on the wheel well. Possible to fix if you have a couple of hours and the willingness to pull the headlamp and bumper 60% off. That peice is $70 but defintely beats paying the mechanic if you are mechanically inclined.
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    Replace the radiator fan is under the passenger side headlamp. They call it a 'relay' but it is actually an electronic solid-state device...looks like an old-style ignition module. Remove the pass side headlamp and cut a hole in the black plastic "reinforcement panel" under the headlamp and you will see the relay. I know it sounds unprofessional to cut a hole, but it does not hurt anything, and it is SO MUCH EASIER than removing the bumper!!! The relay is held down with 2 small not lose them!!! The relay needs to be tight to the body so it does not overheat and fail prematurely.
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    Good luck, friend. You have to pull the dash and then pull the whole a/c-heater case, then open up the case to replace the evaporator. This is an easy but time-consuming job for an experienced Jeep dealer technician. You better be good to try this at home.
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    I only have one word for your "shade-tree" unprofessional idea of cutting a hole in the plastic headlamp housing....


    Saved me a full day of labor, I am sure. I used a Dremel with the funky drill bit used to cut circles in dryway.
    Turned an "all dayer" into a 15 minute job.

    And to the engineer that thought it was a good idea to mount the relay there in the first place.... Get back to Springfield, they miss you at the nuclear power plant. D'oh!
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    Is the relay be in the same spot for a 99 cherokee sport? I don't have an owner's manual
  • robotoberobotobe Member Posts: 2
    I've seen similar posts about something like this before, but is there a way to tell if it is in fact the radiator relay that's faulty? would anyone have the part number for the fan relay?
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    I am on my second Cherokee and have 112000 miles on it. In general, I am happy with it, except for one thing. For about the last year, if it's hot and I put on the AC, some vents blow AC, some blow heat, and if it's cold - same thing. I went to my dealer and they can't "recreate the problem". I can't believe that, especially after I heard from a used car dealer (who has no ax to grind) that this is a "known" problem with the Grand Cherokee limited. Any suggestions?


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    I just had the condensor, heater core, and evaporator replaced in my 2002 Grand cherokee. There is are hissing sound coming from under the passenger side of the dash. It occurs even when the air conditioner is not running. My mechanic said that a new type of equalization valve was part of the new install. Why is the 5 second hiss every 30 seconds repeatedly occuring? Has anyone else had this problem and I am looking for a solution.
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    I am trying to troubleshoot a radiator fan problem:

    1. Jeep overheating because radiator cooling fan will not come on. Disconnected the fan plug and jumped two wires directly to the battery but fan still won't turn? Wires are black and blue solid. Blue should be positive? Black negative? Shouldn't fan run when directly jumped to batter? Please help!

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    Even if you hooked it up backwards the fan would run backwards. So, yes, the fan should run when connected directly to the battery.

    Does it overheat when driving at highway speeds? If not, then it probably is the fan. If it does, then you may have other problems.
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    Only overheats when stopped. Normal temp when moving w/airflow. Thanks! Will visit local salvage yard in hopes of finding a used one..thanks!

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    1999 jeep grand cherokee ac,power window and compass/temperature display all suddenly stop working. is there a fuse or relay that controls all of these? where can I locate it or them. i searched everywhere without success. can i reset the computer by disconnecting the battery if that's the solution? i had the battery replaced by sam's club on sunday. could that be the problem?
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    Please tell me how to get the fan to stop running after car is off. Is this a simple problem? :confuse:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    How long is it running? Radiator fans these days switch on when the temp is high enough, so they may keep running after you shut the car off.

    If the fan keeps running and running (does it run your battery down?), then you have probably have a switch or relay problem.
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    thanks for responding...and yes the fan ran all night last night... and the battery is dead this morning. I don't have the car manual...where is this switch and what is the best way to repair it.

    Steve :cry:
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    Bad relay swithh or fuse that is located in the fuse box under the hood....cost to replace was about $8.50 and took all of 3 mins. :)
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    I had the same problem occur last week. Nothing has changed on the vehical recently. Have you had any luck figuring out what it is?
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    I have a 99 Cherokee and have had to replace two of the power window controllers. Four of my relatives own Cherokees and Grand Cherokees and all of them have experienced power window failures. Why doesn't Chrysler fix this? Also the factory fog lights failed and the dealer wanted $200 dollars to fix them. I found replacement switches on Ebay and bought two of them. Fixed it myself for less than thirty dollars. Why does Chrysler have such cheap parts? I have never had a factory fog light switch fail even in my Ford Escort ZX. Chrysler needs to update their electrical parts. Also, I had a short that kept the dome lights on constantly even when the Jeep was turned off and the key removed. There is no fuse for just the interior lights! The only way to turn them off was to pull the fuse that also controlled the speedometer and guages. I spent $300 dollars for the dealer to determine it was a wire running between the headliner and roof of the vehicle. Why would a wire that is protected fail unless they are also using cheap wire? I asked the dealer about all these issues and the response was these things happen. Not with most vehicles. Chryslers purchase of Jeep may be ruining the vehicle.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    Wbich problem?
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    2 days ago, while at work, my battery had run down. I couldn't understand why because I had purchased a new battery about 3 years ago. The same heavy duty battery that Law enforcement uses for all of their electronics. Anyway, I jumped stated the vehicle and when connecting the cables to the other vehicle, right away the fan turned on, while the car was off. The next day my jeep turned on, but the radiator fan does not turn on. It is overheating my vehicle if I have the A/C or Heater on while driving. Please help. :cry:
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    Everytime that I turn on the heater I get a bad smell like old wet shoes. what could be the problem.
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    I went to get in my car and when i turned the car on and my heater came on and then went off and i can not get it to come back on "Help" SOON !!!!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    body control module ???
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    My 1988 Cherokee heater when warmed up only blows out warm air, not hot. The thermostat has been change, but this has not changed the problem. The blower works fine. The problem is no hot air.
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    I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee (100,000 miles) with an a/c compressor clutch that continually engages & disengages. I've spent hundreds of $$$ having the system flushed, recharged, checked for leaks, belts, wiring, etc. Engages/disengages in both the heater and a/c modes. 10 seconds off, 5 seconds on...repeatidly, non stop. Repair man says "live with it". This can't be normal.
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    in November 05 i took my 01 jeep in because i wasnt getting any heat only air, so i took it in and they said that my heating and cooling doors, the heat was jammed shut, so aftert hey replaced it, and took of the dash and the labor it was $1,000. THEN! 13 months later during the coldest time ever in KC the heat went out AGAIN!! not only that but when you drive over 25 super freezing air from outside blows inside. i called them up and they will not honor any warrenty due to its over 12 mo. THEN there is no sign of this going to recall, because those who have repared have not complained to Jeep or Chrysler. so after i spend another $1,000, i can have heat again, but the real kicker is what its blowing now is heat its just half power because the cold door is jammed shut so no air in the summer, and the heat door is jammed half shut so if i run the heat it smells like its on fire because its burning up the bearings so i am told...
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    The fuel pump went out and a mechanic I know replaced it, because it is out of warranty now. Every since, the cooling fan comes on IMMEDIATELY upon cranking, but it will not go off, regardless of what we have tried. He switched the fan relay with the one for the fan, but the fan continued to run. I am nowhere near a Saturn dealership and the mechanic said he would fix it if he knew how. It took me so long to register here and I need an answer ASAP! I hope someone out there knows a little about these cooling fans. It does NOT run once the engine has been turned off, thank goodness!
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    My friend has an 06 Ion and her fan came on and wouldnt stop. There was a code and they cleared it at the dealership. HOWEVER: Their is no TSBs for this and its frustrating. The main offices for Saturn dont know what the cause is either; defective fan, temp gauge, or sensor. Sorry.
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    I don't know if you've solved this or not but my 2001 Grand Cherokee has experienced the exact same problem. First, when we turned the engine off the fan continued to run, forever. Now the fan will not run at all. At speed the cooling system works fine, with no airflow though the car overheats. I'm thinking that it's the relay, fuse is fine, or the fan itself. The relay would be the first logical and inexpensive change but I cannot find it. I've seen several vague diagrams but they do a poor job of locating the relay. If you get this let me know what you eventually did to solve. Thanks.
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    Hey man,

    I have a 2001 Cherokee Limited with only 55,000 miles and I am having the same problem. One shop said it was normal so then I bit the bullet and took it to the dealer. They said there was an A/C leake and claimed they fixed it. When I got the car back it just did the same thing exactly as you are describing. On and off and on and off every few seconds and it vibrates and makes a deep below in the undercarriage/exhaust. My mother's 95' Cherokee does the same thing. It makes me nuts because I LOVE these trucks. I bought the 01' used because I like them so much not because I couldnt afford a new car. I dont know what to do about this problem either but you are right it cant be normal.

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    Hi we have a similar problem to those that have already posted! However, a little quirker than the previous posts! The cooling fan stays on continously only after shifting into 4 wheel drive while stopped (not on the fly).

    We had to jump the car because the fan caused the battery to die. Then we noticed that when we removed the cooling fan relay that the lowbeams did not work. However, once we replaced the relay with a new one and took the car out of 4 wheel drive (on the fly) the lowbeams once again worked and the cooling fan turns off!

    Does anyone know if the relay has to do with either the shifting of the 4 wheel drive or the lowbeams?? Also has anyone who owns a 2001 grand cherokee found a good website with diagnostic codes. If so I would appreciate the info!!


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    I have a 1996 Grand Jeep Cherokee. I first started to have problems with the a/c. I was able to get freon added a few times, but eventually had to replace the a/c unit. While I was at it I had the mechanics replace the heater core in case that went bad. About $ 800.00 - I don't take it to the dealership because they always tell you things that you need to fix that are fine. I take it to a trusted mechanic shop.
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    Here is a link to fault codes for the GJC:

    As far as the problem with the cooling fan staying on after the car is shut off, I had the same problem a while back. Now the cooling fan wont turn on at all. I took it to a diagnostics place and they said it was my Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Hope this helps everyone out.
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    Another participant that thinks you should check the relay. There are not that expensive and cheap insurance against overheating.
  • pahefner01pahefner01 Member Posts: 202
    I would also check the relays under the hood first. They are not expensive, easy to get to and fail at a rather alarming rate.
  • avivasmomavivasmom Member Posts: 2
  • saturncatsaturncat Member Posts: 2
    If it's defective, then perhaps the dealership will fix it for free. The warranty ran out a YEAR ago...and I have been having numerous problems ever since. The closest dealership to me is about 40 miles away. I doubt I will buy another car where there is no local dealership!

    Thanks for the info.
  • uhcprhc1uhcprhc1 Member Posts: 2
    Where is the low side air condition port located in a 1995 Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo.
  • xscoutxscout Member Posts: 141
    On my 1997, which is the same body style, it is located on the A/C line right by the coolant recovery tank. This is the passenger side, rear of engine compartment.
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    Ok so my jeep (1997 Limited 5.2L 4x4) is making this funny noise on the serp. belt, took it in the tech says its the clutch assembly. They want like 250 for the part alone, I said NO! But I looked around and autozone has a remanufactured clutch assembly for 80$. I have thought about replacing the compressor all together but I don't want to mess with the evac. and stuff. Has anyone replaced the clutch in their A/C, did you have success? I mean is it a waist of time and money, how long do these compressors usually last? How did clutch replacement work out for you? Any tips or how-too would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Brent
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    with a jeep that is 10 years old i would change the compressor also just because
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    Does anyone know how to reset this error message or make it go away?


    I went in for an oil change and on start up from the dealer to leave, this error message came up. Yes they fk'd it up. I disregarded it at first as I thought they rotated my tires & did not retrain the sensors. But they did not rotate the tires and this damn error message won't go away!

    I changed the tire pressures in all 4 and retrained the sensor. It all registered correctly but on boot up, the self-test spits out this "TIRE PRESSURE SENSOR BAD/MISSING" error message.

    The service rep had the audacity to tell me it is because my spare tire was missing the sensor - I told him I have a 4-sensor system & my spare tire does not have a sensor. He said he does not understand why for 80k miles I have not had this happen. The new sensor is $88, the labor is $26. I am being ripped.

    Can any of you guys/gals help out? It's driving me nuts. This is my 4th GC and I have NEVER seen this. Have had the car for 80k wonderful miles and going strong. This has never happen before.

    Thanks all
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    Can you give any dimensions / coordinates for where to cut the hole to access the relay? how large a hole?
  • nvtitannvtitan Member Posts: 5
    My 2001 Cherokee Sport does the same thing. I purchased it brand new on Nov 2000 and wrote it off as normal operation. Never had any issues with the AC performance other than at idle the clutch likes to engage and disengage off more than normal.
  • blackbird79blackbird79 Member Posts: 4
    My 01 Cherokee sport does the same thing.
    My sitter has an 2000, and I asked her if hers did too-and yes it does!
    Drove me crazy at first-never had a car do that.
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