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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • donzadonza Posts: 1
    NO, I just took my 07 Jeep in for the same issue. I was told the exact same thing as you. I just got out of a 05' jeep and the a/c cooled good. I am very disappointed with this ones a/c. It will not cool unless you have it on max and temp all the way. move one notch and it does not cool the vehicle. Dealership said this is normal. I do not buy that. I am going to contact Chrysler about this problem.
  • Yesterday I replaced the TPS and recharged the AC. My Car ran great yesterday, no hiccups, and the AC ran fine. I drove to work this morning (about 40 miles) and car ran great. On my way home though, the Jeep flickered off, like it had no electrical signal, then came back on. Then my voltmeter went all the way to the top (it's always in the middle) my check gauges light came on, and my ABS light came on.

    I stopped the car and turned it off. When I went to restart it, I got nothing. No turn or anything. So I unplugged the battery to reset the computer, and the car started right back up, and I had no problems the rest of the way home, or the few other trips I've made since.

    Obviously I have an electrical problem, unless the computer was still trying to read the new sensor, and had a quick malfunction. I took my battery to Autozone and had it tested, and it tested fine.

    Is this common after replacing a throttle position sensor?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    maybe when you replaced the tps you did not get the batt cables tight
    make sure the post are clean
    how old is the batt if two or three years old i have foond that i change when that old heat in az does them in will start and then let you down jump and will start and start then let you down when you realey need it
  • Hi, Donza - Please be sure to reference my Chrysler case number - # 16335305 - when you call in. Maybe we can finally get some heat on them and out of our Jeeps. Be prepared for the worst. Rude rules at their care center; when I asked to speak to a manager, I was hung up on. This is all documented, by the way. I'm prepping to invoke the Texas Lemon Law if necessary.
  • navy911navy911 Posts: 1
    I own a 1997 laredo grand jeep cherokee. The problem is that no cold air is coming out from the front vents. I get cold air coming only from the floor vents. Has anyone had this problem in their jeep and were you able to fix it.
  • Did some research and went and checked to see if the blower motor Resistor Harness was faulty. I found that it was just loose since it is in a place where a passenger can jar it loose by kicking it. That fixed the problem for me.
  • I have read several of the discussions regarding the well-known HVAC "blend door" problem on various models of Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am now having that problem on my 2002 JGC Overland and the repair estimates range between $900 to $1200. Most of the expense, it seems, is the labor because you must remove the dashboard and instrument panel to get to the blend door actuators to repair/replace them.

    I was wondering if anyone on this forum would know how to go about rigging a "manual" control for the blend door(s). Especially if that could be done without removing the entire instrument panel. I was thinking about a control much like an old push-pull manual choke on a carburetor -- just something to open and close the blend doors (if they're not cracked) to control the heat and air. Would something like that work?
  • I have a similar problem that sounds like a vacuum problem. I have a 200 JGC Laredo. The air will not change from front defrost no matter the position on the dial. How do I gain access to the vacuum lines? Are they in the dash?

  • While trying to fix my a/c proglem similar to one listed in #27 -- except mines an 87 Cherokee with inline 6. Had a leak in the vacuum hose, but since I just rebuilt the engine, I'd like to check that I hooked everything up right. Anyway, if someone has the vacuum diagram for an 87 inline 6, please post.
  • My 2000 Grand Cherokee Larado just blows warm air. I recently had the water pump, serpentine belt and thermostat replaced beacause the car was running hot. Since then when I turn on the ac the compressor turns on for 5-10 seconds then turns off for 5-10 seconds continuously. I hooked up a gauge and the needle is going up from the green to the blue before the compressor shuts off and recycles. Anyone have any ideas...
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    is electric fan comeing on when you turn on ac
  • If you mean the blower fan yes it blows ok, if you mean the radiator fan, I think it's a clutch driven fan it runs ok whether the ac is on or off..
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    there is a electric fan between the fan on the engine and the radrior have to looj hard to see it find it with the engine off use flash light hard to see but is in there
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would try and change the auto belt tighner you replace as a unit could be bering going bad and when you turn on ac it puits strain on it
  • If you haven't figured it out already I have some help for you. Your squeeling is a common problem among any vehicle and there is nothing I hate more than waking up to someone's loud car. First off, determine which part is squeeling. Open the hood one morning while it's making the noise and stick your ear down there; watch out for moving parts. If that doesn't work take a long screwdriver and place it on all the components that are belt driven and feel for vibrations in the handle. Your squeel is due to a dried up bearing and when bearings go bad they can make all kinds of strange noises that can go and come whenever they want. Chances are if it's temperature related and the noise goes away once the vehicle warms up it's probably your water pump. The coolant tends to heat those bearings up well which would make the noise lessen or even go away for awhile. Hope this helps. Don't forget to pick up a Hayne's manual for complete instructions on repair and rebuild. :shades:
  • what is tsi what does it do?
  • If someone could please help me figure something out i would appreciate it. Just bought a used 1997 grand jeep cherokee laredo tsi 4.0 6 cylinder. what does tsi mean and it seems silly to ask, does it come with air conditioning since mine doesn't work right now?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    tsi just trim and stuff on jeep
    should have ac
    does it have ac compressr under hood?
  • man thanks for replying to be honest with you, i don't even know what one looks like...where would it be under the hood.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    should be on the right side down about 1/2 way down engine will have belt running around pulley on front two hoses hooked up to it (don.\,t evean loosen hoses ) under high pressure if don't know what's what take to shop.
  • there is a door above your fan that swings back and forth to regulate wheather the airecirculates or is fresh. it has broken off and is lying on top of your fan outlet. reach up above the fan (while the car is off) stick your fingers in the plactic grate there towards the fan. You will probably feel the door lying there. If you lift the door up out of the way it will temp fix your problem. You will probably have to use a coat hanger or such to get it lifted out of the way. Otherwise, it's off with the dash. It could be worse... belive me... my passenger heat doesn't work... the fix is PAINFULL.
  • I have a 2000 Jeep Grand cherokee it has dual climate contols for the driver side and for the passenger side The pasenger side never changes, you can turn the climate control knob up or down and it all ways remains the same.
  • bjdm3bjdm3 Posts: 1
    My wife purchased a 2007 Grand Cherokee in July and complains of exactly the same thing. Air is cold only when on coldest setting, but back it off by a single click of the temperature dial and the air temp is significantly less cold. It's full-cold or not-at-all-cold - no in-between. I recently read that Chrysler put out a service bulletin for the Commander for as similar problem wherein they reflash the computer. In that case though it was probably auto climate control and our Jeep has manual temperature controls. Do you or anyone else know of any updated information. Please let me know how we can help get this resolved. Thanks
  • To bjdm3 - Thx for your input. Please open a case to Chrysler's Customer Care Center - numbers count. You can reference my case #, which is mentioned in some earlier posts.
  • Hi to all! I'm new here so be nice!
    I have a 94 & a 98 Cherokee.
    Engine heat is all proper but seems that the heater does not put out HOT on high, just warm. Blend door is closing all the way, Any ideas? or do Cherokees have mediocre heaters?
  • Cherokeepeople - I had a '96 Cherokee for 11 years, and it had a great heater. Do you have a standard thermostat? I believe that is 195 degrees.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, you hit the nail squarely on the head with your reply.
  • Pretty sure the blower motor is shot. Has worked off and on for over a year, and no longer works at all. Is getting 12 volts at connector. Hooking up motor to battery does not work.

    Can I replace the blower motor without having to drain the A/C system? Is it as simple as removing the 3 screws, and pulling the motor?

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