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Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C Heating Ventilation



  • my 96 jeep blowes hot air for about 5 min & gos cold unyil you turn off & on
  • My jeep has the infrared sensor and I don't know if that's the problem but my blower works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. Lately it's been more not working than working. This is both for heat and AC. Since it works sometimes....I'm assuming the blower motor is okay as well as the fuse. Any ideas??
  • Thanks to a link i found on this site...">link title title
    it turns out I have a bad connector that's at the end of the wire harness to the blower motor located under the passenger side dash/glovebox area. Mopar makes a repair kit for around $16.00!! Finally, after weeks of no heat and the temps here have been in the teens.......I can now move the wire and keep the heater blowing strong until I get the fix. Glad I didn't go to a shop.
  • I am having this same problem as of two days ago and don't have money for dealer to waste time trying to figure out what is wrong. If you find a solution, can you post it on here please. I've checked all the fuses and don't find any blown. The air blows but passenger side is cold and driver side is hot...great now that we are expecting snow as I won't be able to defrost passenger side.
  • can you give me some more info on this heater treater kit...i cant find it on ebay and my 2001 jgc limited just started havign problems blowing cold air on passenger side and hot air on driver side...i have no money for dealer repairs....thanks
  • You can prob. get it repaired by a non dealer repair shop for under 400 dollars. Advise thru this source your location and I will advise you were if you are close. We must all wise up and get rid of our Jeeps. They are just too costly to maintain. I opened the Inidanapolis star this morning and found all car dealerships had ads. Even our larged Toyota dealership had ads for his Ford, Kia, and other dealerships but not for his Toyota dealership. Do you know why he did not adv for the the Toyota dealership. BECAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE TO ADVERTIESE FOR THEM, THEY SELL THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY ARE GOOD AND RELIABLE. Take the
    $400 you pair for repair of the heater doors at an independant garage or the $1,200 you would pay at the dealership and any other money you can scrape up and buy a used Highlander. You will not be sorry. This spring my 2003 that looks like new and I just spent over $1,000 on it for brakes all around, A/C condenser, and 3 new heater doors( I had the hinge breaking problem) plus I just spent 500 dollars for new Wranger tires and trade it in on a Highlander. I should run it out a while until I feel I recoup some of that 1500 or 1600 dollars I just spent but instead I am going to chaulk that expense up to a bad Jeep experience. Good luck but I really encourage you to get rid of it. It is going to cost you over and over again.
  • pdevpdev Posts: 1
    Hi I've got a 2000 Grand Cherokee with a serious vibration/rattle coming from the passenger dash/console area. It only happens when the engine revs at around 1500. Even with the vehicle stationary in park it still does it. Any ideas?
  • Can any one tell me where i can get the kit ?
  • depress ac and recirc buttons at same time turn left temp control clockwise release buttons and self diagnose will display fault codes. Probably broken doors internal that requires removing instrument panel and dash to access heater/ac unit so it can be removed and inverted to disassemble. Big problem dealer 8 hours flat rate at $90/hr in Yuma. Temp fix remove ac compressor fuse under hood insure recirc is in operation heat from inside car will eventually warm passenger side. Recirc will not work when defrost mode or extreme difference between driver and passanger temp settings.Main problem removing ac unit is that refrigerant must be dumped and recharged on re assembly.
  • 99 GC Limited. pass. side blows cold air constantly, drivers side works just fine. any ideas?
  • click on ebay search,type in heater treater,click on box for title and discription should come up for buy-it-now.hope this helps.if not leave your e-mail address,and i'll email you a link
  • I was reading your reply as I also had a blower motor and fuse check out good. What does this resistor look like? I see a rectangular black box with Delco stamped on it and 3 wires coming in to it on one side. Is this the resistor? Any idea on cost? Daughters car and trying to get her some heat/AC.
  • clkingclking Posts: 1
    I purchased a kit off ebay and installed with no problem. $130 plus $10 shipping.
  • adjeepadjeep Posts: 1
    2000 GC Limited, 56,000 miles. Passenger side blows cold constantly. Drivers side works just fine. Whats wrong?
  • Hello, New guy on the block...
    I have a 99 GC Ltd with 42,000 miles, with AZC dual control HVAC. Had the blend doors replaced last spring, due to blowing passenger cold air all the time.
    Now the AZC doesn't regulate the temperature consistently. Starting out on a cold day, it pumps hot air unless I set the control on "Lo". Any setting above that is too warm, both sides. After a while, it slowly starts to change (cool), and I have to slowly increase the temp setting to maintain a comfy cabin temperature. If I suddenly slow down from hiway speed, it momentarily goes cold. Its really hard to describe, but seems the AZC has a mind of its own, and altho I can control it, its certainly not "automatic".. Any ideas???
  • junya1junya1 Posts: 3
    Hello all, need some help. I have a 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited and the heat went out on the passenger side a couple of weeks ago. Today the heat stopped working on the drivers side. The blower comes on, but all i get is cold air. Checked the fuses and all seem to be fine. Is there anything else that I can check before i take it to a dealer. Thanks for any help

  • zabelzabel Posts: 6
    About 2 months ago i did an A/C evaporator in a 2000 Grand Cherokee 4.7L V8
    along with a new Accumulator and a modified fixed orifice tube. Flushed the system and replaced the oil in the compressor. On dismantling of the evaporator box i found that the drivers side blend door hinge was broken / only made of plastic.
    The blend door was replaced and the A/C componentry was reassembled.
    System works perfectly except on quite humid days whilst the A/C system is
    cycled, the passenger floor [ being LH side here in Aust.] becomes moist and after a week or so the floor becomes saturated. Drain tube is not blocked, no cracks in evaporator box. All i can see is that when the temp. controls are turned down to low and operated for quite sometime, that condensation builds up on the outside of the evaporator box above the footwell. I have put anti-condensation wrap on the outside of the box hoping that this may result in a cure??? Anyone heard of this before? From the articles i have read in this Forum it seems most of you guys suffer from heating problems more so than cooling problems? No snow here in Queensland... Thanks all...
  • I bought the Heater Treater but live here in Las Vegas and cant find a mechanic to install it.Can anyone point me in the direction of a mechanic that will install it?
  • I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee and have little or no heat. I have replaced the thermostat, water pump and blend air doors and still have no heat. The blend air doors were replaced by the dealer, they replaced the wiring harness, because the fan would not blow any air. They have flushed the system at least three times, each time I would have med heat and then the next day it's cold again. Now they are saying I have a flow problem and keep flushing out the system or tear down the engine. My Goodyear dealer says that the next thing it could be is to replace the control head at a cost of another $500.00, but the dealer keeps telling me it is fine. At this point I am at a lose for words and don't know who to believe. What can I do to get heat in this beast. I live in Chicago and it is -20. Help
  • I wished I could help you. I had the doors replaced by and independent garage who was a former Jeep Mech. Everything was fine. We hit some 10 degree weather and my 2003 GC ltd. would warm if idling and the temp needle would come off the peg and go to just below 190 degrees and the car would be toasty. Then going down the highway it would not heat and the needle would go to the peg again. Car X replaced the thermostat which was stuck open, blew out everything and then flushed the radiator. They told me the specs say it takes 15 minutes to get up to 190 degrees. After the $182.00 repair it is now toasty very quickly including driving at highway speeds. This was my experience and I sure it does not help you any. Frankly I do not trust the dealer doing what they say they do. I had a dealer who couldn't program a new key fob. They said I needed a new key fob at a rediculus price. I find one for half the price on the internet. Before I bought it I found some instructions for programing my old one. After trying it didn't work. I check the battery and it was bad. Wouldn't work with new battery. I re programmed it and it works fine. Good Luck
  • Hi Zabel, At last I have found another Jeep owner from Australia! I'm from Maitland, NSW.

    Here is some info regarding your a/c problem from:


    Date: 12/17/99

    Model year(s): 1999-2000

    Description: Condensation may form on the exterior of the heater A/C housing and drip on the floor.

    Details: This bulletin involves installing a foam insulator to the heater A/C housing.
    Installation diagram.

    Parts required:
    05015245AA Self adhesive foam

    Hope this helps! I need to replace blend doors too - did you use genuine parts or the "Heater Treater" that other people (from the US) are referring to on these forums?
  • My husband and I have had problem after problem with our 2001 GC Limited. So please let me know what you hear, but we are experiencing the same problem. The Heat went out on the passenger side a couple of months ago. It would blow air, just no heat. It has finally gone out on our driver side. Making it undrivable b/c its the middle of winter ;) So I'd appreciate it!
  • zabelzabel Posts: 6
    Hi Granjo, Sorry for the late reply. That website you gave me is very helpful. Thanks very much indeed. I am not a Jeep owner actually. I am a mechainc that works on few. That particular Grand Cheerokee was a very good customer of ours.
    The blend doors were sourced 2nd hand. The particular Jeep dealership we use are limited to having correct information and are not up to scratch i feel with there parts interpreting. Good bunch of guys, but limited experience. Hence the 2nd hand parts were ordered. BIG job. But all seems good now. I actually put condensation tape on the bottom of the evaporator box and it seems to have cured the problem. Thanks for your reply. Happy to help you if i can also...
  • I have less then 500k on my car and am having some problems with the heater, and defroster. 3 times in the past week i am unable to change the temperature or the change the heater to defrost the front windshield. WHen this happens the air only blows from dash vents and not from any other location. I also cannot defrost my rear glass when this happens, or turn on the A/C. anyone know that this is?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    a job for the dealer
  • Had same problem, went on e bay, bought heater treaters. $130 and 45 mins to install and i have my heat back. drivers side controls both sides but small price to pay. instruction and all you need were in the kit, all i needed was a dremel tool, which i had. it is scary to think you are cutting into the heater box, but it is a great remady for a totally fixable problem by jeep, if they used stronger parts this wouldnt happen to so many people. i live in california, doesent get that cold, minesotta or others forget it. hope this helps anyone. went to the snow in truck, nice and hot, in the truck :) :)
  • sp6sp6 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Grd Ch LTD.....great 2nd vehicle except for the excessive condensation that forms on the windows in cold weather (-5 and below).....I've had the vehicle in to the dealer several times and they've pressure tested the system and tell me it's not the heater core. You can feel the excessive humidity and there is a slight musty smell however it does not smell of anti freeze. I run the heat with the AC on and the recirc off. I returned to the dealer and took the service manager out for a test drive.....he saw the moisture start to form on the side windows and suggested the AC evaporator needs to be replaced??....he also suggested replacing the heater core at the same time just to be on the safe side.....I'm frustrated that the dealer cannot more confidently diagnose the problem. I'm looking at a hefty bill for the suggested repair (although it's cheaper than buying a new vehicle!)....anyone else had this problem?
  • tsfromtxtsfromtx Posts: 7
    To anybody still struggling with this issue, I just discovered (on that Chrysler has issued a TSB on this problem, dated 2/5/08. Tell your service writer to reference TSB # 24-002-08. Thank goodness I don't have to go through another summer freezing, boiling, and listening to Chrysler's arrogant denials.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if drain holes in cowel are pluged and sucking moisture in through there
  • sp6sp6 Posts: 2
    thanks for the reply.......this may sound like a silly question but where would I find the drain holes in the cowl? cheers
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