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Nissan Versa Engine Problems



  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Posts: 1,155
    Hey Cathy yes that is a shame that 1992 sivick was totaled. What year was the honda was it the first moddle year of that car that is y. so yea it has alwas bin like that bying a car. it is just a few years a go there was no internet to look at every car and see the good and bad of every car make and moddle. Keep us updated let us no what happens Thankyou Marco.
  • marcogallo1986marcogallo1986 Posts: 1,155
    It is good you are Keeping the wife happy. What did you do with the virsa trade it in for sumthing elce. What car are you going to get your wife Now. what car is she intrested in. Keep us updated. Thankyou so mutch Marco.
  • I have had to sometimes pump my gas pedal before starting my 3 month old Versa to get the car to start. Took it to the dealer today and they ordered a fuel pump.

    The Manager told me it is a known problem with all Versas that the fuel pumps need to be replaced. I asked if there was a recall and he said no, that Nissan was handling it as a service advisory.

    You all may want to contact your dealer to find out about this.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,941
    You folks with misbehaving fuel pumps may want to file a complaint with the NHTSA. For example...there have been problems reported with fuel pumps on some 2008 Elantras. In some cases, the cars have suddenly slowed on a highway or in an intersection, which could be very dangerous. If the NHTSA gets complaints on the Versa's fuel pump, it would likely open an investigation which could lead to a recall action, and address the problem for all concerned.
  • Already did that, What angers me is that they know it is a problem with the fuel pumps - accordign to the service manager, they all have the problem - and aren't doing anything unless you mention you are having a problem.
  • I deduce from the instructions about changing spark plugs that you have to drain the coolant because you have to REMOVE the intake manifold to get to the spark plugs. Some here have gotten some of the parts out of the way, but still could not access the plugs, because they haven't yet removed the intake manifold. If the manifold is removed without draining some coolant from the engine first, evidently it will all over the top of the engine when you loosen / remove the intake manifold.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Can someone get me the link for this service bulletin, as my kid's '09 Versa is having this problem alot lately and they need to see the bulletin in writing to do it.
    TIA folks for any help with this matter

    The Sandman :mad:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403

    That's a link to our Edmunds page on recalls and TSBs. Only thing I've been able to find through more digging is:

    Versa (C11) 07-09


    * IF YOU CONFIRM: The engine needs to be cranked for a long time (4-10 seconds) before the engine starts. And Fuel system pressure after engine shutoff drops lower than 200 kPa (29 psi) after 30 minutes time. ACTION: Replace the fuel pressure regulator. See the Service Procedure for instructions on replacing the fuel pressure regulator.

    Your dealer should be able to pull up that TSB though.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I haven't been to this forum or thread for a long time, and just seen your comments/questions. I will do my best to answer:

    I'm really jazzed on a Cube as my next car but NOT if it is a mirror image of the Versa. I'll look to a Fit or new Insight, perhaps.

    It depends upon what you mean by "mirror image." Personally, I wouldn't use this phrase when comparing the Cube with the Versa/Tiida.

    The Cube that we get will be fitted with a CVT, right?

    Correct. 6MT will also be available on the NA Cube.

    Different engine or same?

    The same engine as the Versa's, you mean? If so, yes. It will be MR18DE.

    Cube is made in Japan - is the Versa assembled in NA?

    Correct on both fronts. The NA Cube, as all Cubes so far have been, will be assembled at the Oppama Works in Japan, whereas the NA Versa is being assembled at the Aguascalientes facility in Mexico.

    Is there a JDM version of the Versa that is different?

    Actually, the Versa is the NA version of the Tiida, with the NA market-specific tuning and slightly different sheetmetal.

    Are there Renault parts on the NA Versa?

    It depends on what you mean by the "Renault" parts. As you know, many Nissan cars use the same global platform as the Renault. The Cube, as with the Versa, uses the B platform which is also used in the Renault Clio III and Modus. This platform is the most widely used in the Nissan cars and was jointly developed by Nissan and Renault.
  • Thanks jacksan1 for the feed back. Great that the Cube is built in Japan.

    Just as a follow-up : What are some of the specific QC or reliability weaknesses in the Versa that have been ID'd by the auto media and owners that could pop-up in the Cube if they share the same engine (and whatever other components) that I should weigh in my buying decision?

    I realize the Cube isn't even here yet in NA but would still appreciate advice / perspective. Thanks.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The Tiida in Japan has been very reliable. The Versa has been average to somewhat below average in this department. My theory is that the problem lies with the assembly plant (including sourcing of components), and not with the engineering of the car. Aguascalientes, where the Versa is being built, does have an unfortunate record of producing poorly built Nissans in the past. If my theory holds, then the Cube, that is being built in Japan, should be just fine as far as the reliability is concerned.
  • amanijaroamanijaro Posts: 1
    can anyone give me some pros/cons on either the CVT or automatic transmission for the Versa? i'm not sure why i should buy one over the other except that it looks like the CVT gets a slightly better city gas mileage. also, it is almost 1,000 more expensive at this dealer i was going to go to: Nissan of St Augustine. is that standard pricing for the CVT?

    thanks for the advice!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Do you want a fanbelt, or gears?

    How many miles do you intend to drive it, before you sell it or trade it in?
  • Did you (or anyone else) ever get any answers from Nissan on what was causing the problem or what they were willing to do about it? I have a 2008 Versa and am experiencing the same problem. I was halfway through dialing AAA before it finally started. Not what I need when I'm working out of town on a holiday weekend!
  • motorridermotorrider Posts: 8
    first they replaced the transmission (replaced not repaired) it was supposedly sent to Nissan. Less than 2 days later it did the same thing and then they repalced the the computer control unit for the transmission (tcm)-- by that time my wife was unsure of the cars reliability and she found a different car --
  • garydcrgarydcr Posts: 3
    Most dealers know now that there is a fuel pressure regulator problem with some Versas.
  • garydcrgarydcr Posts: 3
    Most dealers now know that some Versa's have a fuel pressure regulator problem. This is a seperate part and not part of the fuel pump.
  • I bought a 2007 Versa in July 2006. The first year, it spent more time in the dealer's garage than mine....complete new A/C system, BCM replaced, rear main oil seal leak, TPM re-set 7 times. The dealer and Nissan engineers always took care of us but really inconvenient. The car has now been trouble-free for the last 30,000 miles.
    Thanks for the plug change info. Denso iridium plugs are expensive but with the hassle involved in changing them I will spend the extra money for their longer life.
  • Hi Cathy

    Not sure what happened to you in the end BUT I had exactly the same problem with my 07 Versa. I ended up taking it in 10 times to the dealership and being patted on the head and told there was nothing wrong with CVT transmissions and I was crazy. They had to replace the entire transmission in my Versa. SO I took it back to the dearlership and said I was not going to pay for a new car that would need to have its transmission replaced within 6 months! They rolled my lease into a new 2008 Versa fully loaded, however in the summer I started expierencing new electrical problems with my new car, my ABS light would go on, and my hatch would sound like it was unlocking and locking on its own. It would even do it when the car was shut off and I was standing 3 feet from it! I took it in to my dealership they told me the hatch had been slammed and needed to be adjusted. I told them it was an electrical problem, and sure enough the very next day it did it again. The worst part was when the hatch would lock and unlock on its own it would either be totally sealed shut OR not lock at all causing the Alarm to go off!!! Now just this week it wouldn't start at minus 12 degrees. SO I think Nissan Versas are JUST BAD CAR's I am having to start arbitration myself I can't pay for a car for another 4 years that is brand new and is already bad!!! Did you end up getting yours fixed???? :sick:
  • Just to start my 2007 versa has had alot of issues, the aircondition/ heat cable was broken at the first week of ownership. Then again the replacement of the a/c control in the dash. Then 3 times to get the service engine light out for good ( it was the evap system problem) then the carpet was completly replaced due to the drivers side hard plastic area on foot area coming off. Note new carpet does not have the hard plastic area covering the carpet anymore. The steering wheel replaced the material was coming apart . The front struts upper mount replaced due to making a lot of noise when going over any bumps.Clips at the back seat latch area changed out twice due to breaking.Then the airbag light switch light stayed on after they serviced it. Then the airbag switch fell into the dash had to get it reinstalled. Now I have to bring it in due to no start for about 25 seconds of cranking several times. Wow is this enough............
  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    I started this thread and my sympathies are certainly with you. I'm so glad that I no longer have this car.

    Nissan was not able to resolve my problems so I took them to arbitration (Canada only) and won the case. The lawyer who was the arbitrator could not believe that Nissan didn't feel that having a car that wouldn't start properly and run properly in our cold winters was a problem. My car wouldn't drive more than 15 mph on some days! I won the hearing and Nissan was forced to buy back my car. I took a $7000 hit but it was worth it at the time because I needed a reliable car in -40 weather.

    I don't know how the lemon law works in the US but perhaps you should check to see if you qualify. Having a car that is in for repairs constantly is soooo frustrating! Especially a new car!
  • Just wondering how your car is running since they replace the TCM?

    My car is having the same issues and I am hoping you can help me do a little self-diagnosis before I call the dealership.
    Also, was this repair covered under the warranty or extended warranty? (Not alot of extra cash lying around right now....)

  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    Changing the TCM didn't do a darn thing. My car still went into safe mode on the winter and accelerated on its own. I finally got fed up with it being in and out of the dealership and no one knowing what was wrong that I applied for arbitration. (This is a Canadian alternative to the US lemon laws.) I won the case and Nissan had to purchase my car back for a depreciated price. I was just happy to get rid of it.
  • after the car was in the shop 3 times for the same problem --
    1st time they couldn't diagnose the problem
    2nd time they replaced the transmission and it did it again within two days
    3rd time they replaced the TCM and they said that the Nissan Engineers wouldn't guarantee that would fix the problem

    this all happend within a 2 week period

    we sold the car and got a Mazda - absolutely no problems with the Mazda in 2 years
  • boksulyaboksulya Posts: 4
    I bought the 2010 Versa hatchback 2 months ago. I first returned to the dealer after noticing a distinct 'clunk' when switching into 2nd gear on a cold engine. The service dept said they heard nothing and were unable to duplicate the sound, and I was sent away. It persisted, and I started noticing an intermittent, rotational rattle when the car was idling. I returned to the service dept. with the new and old issues. They kept the car overnight and told me the next day they couldn't duplicate either of the sounds. I convinced a mechanic to sit in the car with me, and he heard and acknowledged both issues. He told me to bring the car back, but he personally would be out of work starting that day for medical reasons. I brought the car back, someone else looked at it, couldn't hear the rattling, but told me the 'clunk" was the CVT transmission. "It's a manual transmission," I told him. The service manager was called out and agreed to take the car again to check out both issues. When I returned, they said the 'clunk' was the ABS brakes self-check, and that they didn't hear the rattling. I convinced another mechanic to sit in the car with me and listen, he heard and acknowledged the rattle. I left the car with them again, and they decided it was in the transmission, and they would replace the transmission. They did so, and the noise persists.
    One of the rental cars they gave me during all this was also a Versa hatchback, automatic. I noticed on the highway that at 70 mph, the engine was at about 2700 RPM. With my manual at 70 MPH, the engine is at 3100-3200 RPM.
    Is a manual transmission supposed to run at higher RPM than an automatic?
    Also I've lost faith in this dealer service dept. At what point (still under warranty) can I bring the car to my own trusted mechanic of the last 13 years?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    I have a 2007 6-speed Versa with 78,000 miles on it and I'm picking up a 2010 tomorrow as I pass the 2007 along to my daughter. The 2010 is going to be my first with ABS, so I'm expecting to hear noises I haven't heard before. I'm not clear what you mean by "rotational rattle" but I'll say that the Versa makes a little more noise from under the hood than my previous Sentras and Altimas. Sort of sound like valve noise, but it's not, just seems to be the normal sounds of the engine. Starting up a 2010 the other day at my dealer ( a great one by the way, been buying Datsuns/Nissans from the same salesman since 1979) the engine sounds are identical.
    I've never driven a Versa with an automatic, but I can verify that your RPM observation is correct on the manual. It's really my only minor question about the 6-speed. It feels like it could use a 7th gear, or be geared a little different to lower the RPMs just a bit in 6th gear. But like I said, that's a minor wish list item for me.

    I'll post about my ABS experiences in the Versa brake discussion as soon as I have a few days of driving the 2010 around :shades:
  • boksulyaboksulya Posts: 4
    I'd love to accept that the rattling noise is perfectly normal on the Versa, but when I was given the Versa hatchback automatic as a rental, that car didn't make the same noise.
    Thanks for your input.
    I'm just going to keep at it with these service guys. Would it be of any help for me to contact Nissan directly?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    It might light a bit of a fire under them to contact Nissan directly, although I'm not clear on what you mean by "rotational rattle". To me, that conjures up something like a noisy fan that's rattling as it's spinning, or something like a loose metal shield that's vibrating at a certain engine RPM... in other words, something external ON the engine, not an internal noise like valve noise.

    Does the noise disappear above idle? What makes it worse or better? It's hard to say what you might want to do based on the description of the sound.

    Am I correct that your clunk went away when they replaced the transmission?
  • boksulyaboksulya Posts: 4
    After they replaced the transmission, I was told the car was test driven and sounded OK to them. I heard the sound as soon as I started driving. I returned to the service dept and was told the rattling sound is clutch chatter, perfectly normal (why didn't they say this when I first picked it up? I'm believing them less and less.) However the definition of clutch chatter I found online does not describe the sound I hear. This rattle does seem to ease when I step on the clutch. I can't hear it while driving, I don't know if it disappears or is obscured by the engine sound. Since it sounds just like it did before they replaced the transmission, I tend to think it isn't the transmission. Either that or all of these transmissions make this irregular, intermittent rattling . . . but I haven't found any forum discussions to back this up.
    As far as the clunk goes, since they returned it to me a few visits back (before replacing the transmission) and said it was the ABS self-check, I've heard much less of it. Sometimes not at all, sometimes very faintly. Another incidence which leads me to believe these guys aren't close. It almost seems like they accidently fixed it without even knowing.
    Thanks for your correspondence, it's good therapy for me.
  • Reported earlier that our 2009 Versa engine was dead @ 50K miles. We used Mobil One and AMS Oil synthetic from 3K miles forward with changes @ ~10K intervals. The miles were all highway with over 100 miles per day just for work commute. Nissan replaced the engine at no charge to me.

    OK so while I am thankful that they replaced it.....the question is why did it need to be done? Who ever heard of a recent vintage vehicle burning up an engine @ 50K miles? Maybe if it was a race car or something but come on!!

    BTW, as a point of reference my Ford 4cyl truck has 187K miles and does not burn any oil. My Toyota Matrix (Vibe GT) 4cyl has 165K miles and does not burn any oil. I think Nissan missed something in the design of the Versa.
  • boksulyaboksulya Posts: 4
    I hope someone can explain why my 2010 Versa six-speed drives at 3100 RPM in sixth gear at 65 MPH. I thought the sixth gear was to supposed to provide ease to the engine at highway speeds. What does this mean for traveling long distances on the highway? Is it too much strain on the engine to ride 70 MPH (3100-3200 RPM) for a couple hundred miles?
    When my Versa was in at the dealership service center, I was given a rental Versa, automatic. It ran 2800-2900 RPM at 65 MPH.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    Not sure that there's any explanation beyond "that's how it is".

    I have a 2007 and a 2010, both 6 speeds, and it's really the only thing that I think I would change about the cars. My daughters say it this way...

    It feels like I need to shift into 7th gear
  • :lemon:
    I bought my car 13 months ago. It was running great, but there were always little problems here and there that would annoy me... From a chipped window, faulty weather stripping, a car alarm that never works, and now, the thing wont start. Its been sitting in my driveway for the past 4 days collecting dust. I've taken it for service 3 times already for the same problem and it seems like no one is able to figure out what's wrong with it.

    It began about a month ago, at my one-year mark, when the car just wouldn't turn over. Like everything powers up, they even tested the battery and its not the battery... They said it might be the alarm, but the alarm specialist guy "fixed" it, got it started, and sent me on my way... The next morning when I got up to start my day, the thing wouldn't start again. Soooo... there I go back to the dealership and oh, "its the alarm, the guy's here, so he'll fix it for sure this time". A week later, biggity-bam, my car, she's a not working... AGAIN. I take it back, they tell me its a little bit of corrosion developing on my battery and I might just need to clean it up a little bit when I get home... They start her up and send me on my way... I get home, hop in my car to head to the grocery store and to my chagrin, the darn thing won't start again.... I call the dealership, and right off the bat, they tell me that its more than likely my battery or battery cables that are outta whack, but I decided to call Nissan Headquarters and complain...

    This is messed up. I traded in my old Integra for this car... I've never been late on a payment. I bought a BRAND NEW/ZERO MILES car so that I wouldn't have to worry about any problems... at least not after a YEAR with the thing...
  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    Passthewire, you certainly have my sympathies. I had the same frustration with my 2007 brand new 0 miles Versa. My problem was different though as it started after 6 weeks of ownership. In the winter, my car would start but would be intermitently in safe mode and wouldn't drive faster than 20 KM/HR. This drove me crazy as I never knew if I'd get where I needed to be or not. I got to know the guys at the dealership well since i was there so often. No one could figure out what was wrong.

    If you're in the US, check your state lemon law and see if it applies. If you're in Canada, check into arbitration. I applied for arbitration and won my case against Nissan. The company had to buy back my car.

    Good luck!
  • ch300ch300 Posts: 2
    have 2007 versa, after 1 year, 20,000 km, brought it in for noisy valves, told me it was too new to have any info yet on this problem. when brought back for abs recall, asked them to check noisy valves again. said they would have to change upper block. they found more damage, and changed the whole engine. this engine/trans combo lets engine rev too high. wonder if this new engine they installed will have the same problem. i hope not. if anyone has noisy valves, you might want to get it checked.
  • john471john471 Posts: 1
    My daughters 2007 Nissan Versa stalls when shifted to reverse or drive. It runs fine in park or neutral. This happened the first time when she went to Vegas. after waiting 6 or 7 hours for her friends to show up to tow the car home, it began working and she drove home. A few weeks later (now) it is happening again. A national transmission chain told her that she blew out her torque converter and ruined the transmission. They want $700 to disassemble and verify the problem.

    I am skeptical because the first time the problem just stopped. It the Torque converter blew out it would not have started working again.

    Has anyone experienced this issue and can you offer advice on what you did to correct it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 9,403
    I suppose it's possible it's a tranny problem, but it feels more like it's engine related. At least that's where I'd start. Did this happen when the engine was clod and first started up?
  • I have a 2008 Nissan Versa with 50,000 miles on it. At 43,688 miles my car made a loud buzzing noise while the car was running as well as when it was turned off. I brought it to Nissan and after 3 attempts to figure out the problem they finally found the A.C. system's blower box was leaking and that leak caused a short in the keyless entry system which caused the warning buzzing sound. They replaced the Blower Box and replaced my carpeting. At 50,000 miles while I was driving all the warning lights on the dash went on and the car stalled out. I was able to restart the car and drove it directly to Nissan. After inspecting the car they informed me that there was sludge in the engine and that I needed a new engine, that there was negligence on my part. I produced all my oil change receipts which averaged an oil change every 3,000 - 6,000 miles. They sent those to Nissan Corporate and then came back and advised me that they would have to break down the engine to take pictures of the various parts to determine if I was at fault or if the engine was defective. They told me the charge would be $660.00 and that it would be my responsibility to pay for it if they determined that it was due to my negligence and not covered by the warranty.

    Has anyone had problems with their engine, even after being diligent with changing the oil? I do not know how I should proceed and would appreciate any help anyone can give me.

  • jzilberjzilber Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I have a similar situation with engine sludge -- 2007 Nissan Versa with 56K miles. A couple of months ago it simply wouldn't start, without much warning. Dealer said it was properly maintained, sent a report to corproate. Corporate declined to cover it, stating that if there was sludge in the engine, it must be a maintenance failure. Basically, they put the burden of proof on the customer to document that there couldn't have been any other scenario that might have introduced a "foreign object" into the engine. (Mobil Oil producing a bad batch, evil elves breaking into the garage, whatever.) So unless I could produce video surveillance tapes of my car's entire life history, they were declaring that since there was a problem, it must be my negligence. Sort of strips any meaning out of the notion of a warranty if they're free to decline to cover you because "if there's a problem, it must be your neglligence."

    I was referred to cconsumer affairs who escalated my case up three levels, only to finally (3 months later) tell me that consumer affairs has no jurisdiction in this kind of thing, and that the warranty department (that I'm not allowed to speak with) has the only and final say in the matter unless I want to sue them. No idea why it took them 3 months to realize that they have no role in the situation....

    If they had promptly told me a reasonable reason for declining my coverage -- you were late on an oil change, we've seen evidence of somebody dropping a hammer on the engine, we suspect you were in an accident, whatever -- I probably would just have accepted it as a reasonable (if wrong) judgment call. As it is, though, they took 3 months and who knows how many phone calls just to tell me that "actually, even though re inclined to agree with you, we have no voice in the decision."

    I had this kind of runaround once before -- with a 2002 Toyota Rav4. It smelled like a coverup to me. And while I might be a little quick to jump to conspiracy theories, I stuck with it (along with about 50 other folks I met online with very similar symptoms). And while it took a couple of years, a month ago, Toyota finally issued a recall for 250,000 RAV4s for this problem.
  • nissansuckernissansucker Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    2009 Versa SL purchased new in late november of 2008 literally off the showroom floor. Last friday I was informed by a nissan service rep who couldn't look me in the eye as the news was delivered that I needed a new engine. 70,000 kms (that's approx. 40 K miles), less than two years old, half the mileage is highway and it was never run low on oil although I did learn about two weeks after getting it that it is kind of hard on oil. add oil monthly. I don't get it. I really did my research before getting this "car" but it has been little things gone wrong and now one great big thing. oh nissan will cover it if I can show receipts for the proper maintenance according to their specs but it's not easy to track them all down. I'm looking. have found some but I bet it's a battle I am going to lose. I do my own oil changes or I take it to a quick lube shop. nissan prices themselves out of contention for the little stuff like that. for $22.00 and an hour of my time I can change my own oil. not everyone can afford a dealer maintained vehicle or wants to. had two other mechanics take a quick look and they immediately said the engine is gone. one guy said "it's a nissan, they do that". kind of surprising to hear. I thought they were better than that. then the other mechanic said he never heard of that from nissan. out of pocket will be about $2500.00. am I up to battling nissan? what a piss off. I've had old beaters that took less oil and easily handled many more kms that this. I just sold an old dodge van I bought that was already five years old. I drove it another six and tripled the milage on it and the motor was great and only needed a little oil about every four months. the versa needs oil about every three to four weeks since new.

    does anyone else fear they are going to be in an accident due to that slow to shift cvt transmission? switching from reverse to drive or vice versa and your sitting for three or four seconds watching traffic bear down on you until it finally engages. also, has anyone experienced the very slow to re-engage transmission after having to jam the brakes on? the engine revs high but you're just barely crawling then it finally engages and you're up to speed after about seven or nine seconds. is that familiar to anyone or did I just get a big red stinking lemon?
  • Ok, I seem to be having the same problem with my CVT transmission acting sluggish at take off with the high RPMs and of coarse when I take it to the dealership it will not do it while there. Many people have posted having this problem, but I have yet to find somone who has posted how to fix it or what the actual cause is. Has anyone on here figured this out so the rest of us can tell the dealership where to look and where to start. I keep getting the same run arround of we have to get it to recreate the problem before we can do anything. I live an hour away from the dealership, and will have trouble getting it there while doing it, and it will probably just quit doing it on the hour trip there. Please help the rest of us figure out the solution. Thanks!
  • I have been looking for the answer to this problem in my 07 Versa. Many others have posted the same issue. It is really sluggish at take off with high RPMs and the gas pedal down hard. It does not do it continuosly. But it is getting more and more often. So the dealership says that they will need to recreate the problem, and since it will not do it for them, they can not do anything about it. Has anyone who has had this problem gotten it figured out and fixed. What is the cause and the remedy? Thanks, Mike
  • Any chance you drive using both feet, one on the brake and the other on the gas. If the computer senses the brake light on it makes the CVT sluggish. In a few cases the brake switch was badly adjusted causing the problem rather than light pressure on the brake pedal keeping the brake switch on and confusing the CVT.

    Frank 2009 Versa S sedan MT-6 with 16700 mi & 33.7 MPG overall average.
  • This post is an update to the first post regarding my Nissan Versa. I finally authorized the Nissan dealership to break down the engine so they could determine if the sludge build up was due to my negligence (not changing the oil) or to a defect with the engine. Although I was able to produce all the receipts for oil changes, they had to go through the process of breaking the engine down, taking pictures, and then sending the report off to Nissan Corporate. They came back to tell me that there was a problem with the engine that cuased the build up of sludge. They agreed to replace the engine at their expense. Now, the only reason that they did that was because I had purchased an Extended Warranty when I bought the car new. I believe after reading more posts about engine problems that there is a defect in these engines. I urge everyone who has had to spend money to have their engine replaced to contact their states Attorney General's office and file a complaint. Hold on to your receipt as this may be a problem that may be addressed down the road and perhaps you will be able to get a settlement from Nissan. Today I noticed that there are rust spots on the body of the car. This should not be happening to a 2 year old car. I can't help but think that Nissan took some huge shortcuts when they built these cars and the problems are now starting to come out.
  • Hello,

    I received my new Versa 1.8L SL with CVT transmission in July 2010, - brand new.

    I am beginning to think that I received a lemon! :lemon:

    Everything went wwell until mid September 2010 when I had 3289 km on it, and I statred to notice strange noises. A whistling noise was coming from the underside of the car. This whistling noise became more pronounced when I would be decelerating coming to a stop. It is very annoying.

    In addition, after statring the car, and leaving the curb, shortly thereafter, a clunking noise could be heard from underneath the car towards the back of the car.

    I immediately took this car to my Nissan dealership as I leased the car from Nissan, and technically I consider it their car.

    On September 12, 2010, the service department took it for a test run, and stated that teh whistling noise is normal for teh CVT transmission, and that they could not hear the clunking noise. They recommended that I continue to observe the car, and they would look at [non-permissible content removed] on teh next oil change.

    It is now Nov. 3, 2010, and I took it in again to the Nissan dealership for the whistling noise and the clunk clunk noise which now shortly after the electronic locks have locked.

    The President of this dealership actually took it on the test drive with me, and stated that he could not hear any noises. When the clunk produced itself he did not hear it, and he then test drove another new Nissan Versa SL with CVT transmission with me, and he heard no noises.

    I stated that I was being treated as a "crazy female". He then had his CVT expert mechanic and another service manager go for a test drive with my car. I also went along and sat in the back of the car. From the back of the car, it was hard to hear any whizzing noise coming from "Whistling Dixie"; however the two service reps that came with us sat in teh front, and they said that they could hear a slight whistling noise. ---- I was told THIS IS NORMAL FOR THE CVT TRANSMISSION!

    I have also started to notice the smell of antifreeze in the passenger compartment. This only happens rarely. My brother has suggested to me that it might be a very slight leak somewhere, when a drop hits the hot engine compartment, and the smell of antifreeze comes into the car.

    I am now monitoring my anti - freeze level. Since September I have stopped listening to the radio bcause I must listen to all teh strange noises the car is making.

    The clunk clunk noise which used to be only from the back of the car is now sometimes coupled with additional noise under the front of the car.

    I am getting fed up with this car, and I am getting fed up being told that all this is normal.

    The service centre is giving me the run around, wanting to confirm that my winter tires were included. The president asked that my contract be "unearthed from last July, and so it was finally ressurected.

    I am not impressed with my Nissan dealership "What kind of service is this?

    Nissan Japan should be ashamed of this kind of treatment of customers.

    Please repond I need help!!!! :lemon:

    Whistling Dixie :lemon:
  • incredible that you had to replace the engine! Did you have any whistling noise and clunk ckunck noise with your car?

  • lostwrench1lostwrench1 Ct.Posts: 1,165
    Are not the Versas made in Mexico and not Japan?
  • Yes, Versas sold in the US are made in Mexico. Perhaps everyone who has been having major problems with theirs got cars assembled on May 6th.

    Not really joking, I had that happen with my first car. Had so many problems with it I made the dealer take it back.
  • cvt versa runs below 2500 rpm at 65 mph..
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