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High Miles on a Toyota 4Runner



  • My 4runner has the same problem, let me know if you find out the problem.
    Thank you
  • I recently bought a 2002 SR5, loaded, from the dealership where I work. Did my homework on it before I pulled the trigger. It had apprx. 78k on it. It now has over 84k and I have had zero issues with it. I did switch to fully synthetic oil, put in a Toyota air filter and put new rubber on it. Yokohama Geolander A/T S's. Really nice tire for the money (check ot Consumer Reports), imo. From the previous posts and other research, I am fully expecting to get at least 250-280k out of this truck with nothing but regular maintaince. The 90k mile service, including timing chain, was done before I bought it, so that is out of the way. If you get that done at a dealership, expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,400, but it is well worth it. If you want to save a considerable amount of $, go independent and have them preform the recommended services from your owners manual. I would absolutely recommend this model year to anyone looking for a quality, dependable and reliable on/off road vehicle. :)
  • Duke,

    340,000 miles and counting. Never left me stranded. End of story! I'd get in it today and drive across the country without hesitation. Also, I'd give it to my 2 college aged boys to drive anywhere too. That's how much I trust it.

  • I have a base 2000, 4 cylinder, AT with 236,000 miles and no problems. I bought it with 103K miles and have done no major work to it. I change the oil about every 4K,and the level doesn't move noticeably on the dipstick and is still a brown/gold color. It's not real powerful, but gas mileage is consistently in the low 20's. I will definitely get another 4 Runner. My son has a 1984 4WD 4Runner with 206K miles, and it is also running fine.
  • Actually 79,700 mi is not alot of miles at all for a Toyota 4 Runner. Thats actually a perfect amount of miles to buy it with. I'm looking at buying one that is a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner that has 146,000 miles. That's alot of miles! But the price for your 4 Runner is perfect for a 05 with 80k miles! I would buy it, if I could find it! Take it to your local mechanic, or a firestone to have a vehicle inspection completed before you buy it. It's only 19.99 from firestone. Good Luck!
  • I'm looking at buying an '02 4Runner with 135K, great condition, but a little worried about the high mileage. Is $14,000 a good price for this car? I am going to test drive it tomorrow and was wondering if anyone has good advice on what questions to ask the dealer.
  • $14K is WAY to much money for a 2002 4Runner with that many miles. look around on autotrader,com and your local Craigslist to see what 4Runner's are selling for - but no matter how nice a shape that one is in it is overpriced by $6-7K.
  • the most common problems with these are the head gaskets blowing. that was one of the major problems. i know 5-6 years ago they replaced the i believe either the sway bar or torsion under a recall. the head gaskets were the main problem
  • to replace the antenna you screw off the silver nut that screws around the hole where the antenna sits turn the radio on and when the antenna motor stops pull the entire antenna out. it uses a gear strip with teeth to retract back down. once you have the new antenna mast, fish it down the hole and turn the radio off and it should retract back down. i have done this on my 95 runner and i learned the hard way after looking at this website. the part you can find on ebay or buy it from the dealer which is more expensive. i believe on ebay when you get the part depending on who you get it from, it should come with instructions on how to remove and install the antenna
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    You didn't mention what type of suspension you have. If you have the interlinked X-REAS - to replace the system is $3,000.00 as it's dealer option only.

    You can take off the X-REAS and use the "not for X-REAS option" on any website. If you check tirerack, they have some options.

    Other sites are Do a search. There are Bilsteins, KYB, Monroe, OME, etc. For my '05, I have purchase slightly used shocks and springs from someone with an FJ Cruiser, and plan to take offf the X-Reas and install that system when the time comes. You can find used FJ Cruiser suspension very cheaply on those forums. Those guys take it right off and install new systems and lifts, hence they sell the old parts cheap! I paid $80.00 for EVERYTHING!

    It depends if you use offroad or onroad and what type of ride you want.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Stevet82 - I'd say that depends on your location; the more expensive the area, the more expensive the SUV. $7k to $8k for a 2002 would be a great price in my area, but then again, I guess it also depends on the options.

    Outdoorgal - I have a 2002 4X4 Sport Edition with 130K miles. Can't help you on the price, as I bought it new and plan on keeping it for many more years. But I've never had a more trouble-free vehicle.
  • yaroshyarosh Posts: 14
    does anyone know if toyota parts are now of inferior quality? we took car for 60,000 mile servicing, always followed everything by the service book, almost killed on highway because dealer said oil gasket was defective. (brakes failed, steering locked, car died, trucks would have killed us if i didn't get it up to side. always loved this car, now faith is shook uup in toyota. does anybody think their recall problems and quality control problems come to defective parts? if so, i will get rid of thiscar which runs and looks like new. thanks
  • ptspdlrptspdlr Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 with 225,000 miles on it. No problems until cats went bad last month.
  • duke15duke15 Posts: 161
    Can't say, other than to offer my personal experience. We get all of our work done for our 2002 4Runner at a local dealer. They have a great shop and are only a little more expensive than non-dealer shops in the area. Although to be fair, my truck has a skid plate that other places would either charge me more to take off for oil changes, or, as one did in the 2-3 times we did try less expensive oil change shops, just leave my old oil in the skid plate so I dump it all over town. That said:

    We have used all Toyota parts and have done all service by the book and ave had no problems and no service other than normal wear and tear, and even that has been light. At almost 130K miles, I still have 60% life in my original rear brake pads, and they were just checked 10 days ago when I had other normal service work done.
  • xopherxopher Posts: 2
    just turned 170,000 miles on my 2003 4runner. been a great ride so far. am about to replace front half shafts. does seem to be getting a bit sloppy and bouncy. any one have any suggestions on tightening up the ride? thx
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    FJ Cruiser springs and shocks struts are a drop in and do wonders. Theses can be had on the FJ Forums (do a search) for very little. Generally, $50.00 to $100.00 for EVERYTHING. They are a "bolt in" situation.
  • Finally. Someone with more mileage than I on their 97 4runner. I have 350,000 and I thought I was good. I just purchased a new crossover and I'm giving the 4runner to my son. He promises to take it to 1/2 million miles!
  • jen51jen51 Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a 2000 4 Runner Limited with 206,000 miles already on it, asking price is $6900. I'm sort of nervous about buying a car with that many miles on it, any thoughts on what major problems I should look for or ask about before buying it? And anyone know what the average mileage I would get out of this car would be?
  • I have a 1986 SR5 22RE 5-speed with 290,454.4 miles on it. I took a rock in the radiator and lost a head gasket 48K miles ago and it has piston slap until it warms up, but the engine was clean as a whistle inside - no sludge whatsoever! I owe it all to Valvoline Max-Life oil that I started using when I bought the vehicle at 79K. I and my 86 SR5 swear by Valvoline Max-Life oil because it's not parifin based like Pennsoil. I'm excited to have my first Toyota to hit 300K - even when they're damaged like mine, they last forever to answer your question. Do yourself a favor and use Valvoline Max-Life oil, it doesn't cause leaks, old age does. Relax and enjoy your Toyota - everything has a problem once in awhile, nothings perfect but Toyota are close - just bought an 2006 Corolla LE and enjoy the gas savings.
  • Have some one turn the key while you check the exhaust upon startup - if you see a puff of smoke the rings are weak and I'd select another vehicle - A clean engine with no oil slopped anywhere on the engine, especially underneath, maintenance records/receipts, proof of last oil change, fluid levels in the car as should be the same as tidiness under the hood - does the battery posts look clean and cared for or neglected etc indicate whether someone has cared for the vehicle or not. Drive the car for awhile, shut it off and if it will turn key without problem and you are satisfied with the sounds it makes in the engine compartment then go for it.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    First off, get over to the board at Marlin Crawler. They know far more about these old 1994 and earlier Toyotas than just about anyone else. I'd recommend it to most of you here with first, second, and third generation 4Runners.

    That said, an old 3.0 with that many miles on it that's making serious noises is likely on its way our or will need a large amount of time and/or money to fix. Maybe it's just a cracked manifold or exhaust leak somewhere. Or maybe not - I'm really not that much of an expert on the 3.0 (hence the recommendation of the other site) since mine's the 4 cylinder model.

    Oh - my 4Runner has almost 400K on it. I'd rate these old 4-cylinder Toyotas as reliable as any of the older Mercedes or Volvos. The new ones are pretty reliable as well, though far larger and heavier that they really need to be.
  • I need a more reliable car or truck and my friend has a 2006 toyota 4runner 6 cyl..not sport or has 125,000 miles on owner...she had a shop upholster it with nice leather seats....very clean and looks new...she said she had no problems with it.....she did regular oil changes...regular detailing.....she said that a dealer offered her $9,000 on a trade ....she was hoping to get about $14,000 (also, I am not sure how much my bank will finance) if she sold it to an this $14,000 a reasonable price for a 2006 basic 4runner? I was going to buy a new vehicle for security in not having any problems when taking long (2-3 day) trips as I am a single woman....but I have a farm and need something to drive around in the pasture I want something more than a car......and to get something nice it will cost me twice the price of this vehicle...I saw that none of these sold on Ebay when I just looked at this model on the completed listings....but I thought that Toyota was a brand to trust for the long haul....any comments and advice from you guys would be beneficial.....or to put it this way...would you buy this for your daughter going off on her own and feel comfortable with it??? Thanks a bunch! ;) k from texas
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    If the vehicle was well maintained you should have no issues. As far as what the value is, try Just put in the needed information.

    Please keep in the mind the vast majority of vehicles never sell on ebay. Ebay IS NOT a great place to buy/sell cars. You can look at the "SOLD STATISTICS" for just about any make/model and see the same thing.

    Yes,I would buy it for my daughter going back and forth to school.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    My 4Runner has almost 400,000 miles on it and it's my daily driver. I figure it costs me about $1000-1500 a year in upkeep, but that's far cheaper than car payments. And it's got 4x4 and scares little Prius drivers, which is a plus :) Oh, and I can tow and haul stuff.

    In fact, I'd not consider any of the older Toyota SUVs and trucks to be "high mileage" until they hit at least 200-300K.
  • Thank you very much for your message! I feel more confident in purchasing it now!
  • Thanks! I feel more confident about purchasing it now!!!
  • A good family friend wants to sell me his 1999 4runner for only 4500 with 165,000 miles. Im only 16 so my mother unfortunatly is all im my buisness and says it is to many miles. I need the car to last me at least 4 years and I only drive around town and dont do any crazy things. I didnt know if i should jumb on this deal or try to find another car
    let me know
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    If it's the 4 cylinder, it's nearly bulletproof. Mine lasted about 390K before I sold it - and it still is running somewhere in Northern California as I type this.

    That said, your best bet for an around-town vehicle is a ~2000-2003 GM or Ford sedan. A Buick Lesabre or a Crown Vic come to mind. Just be 1000% sure it never saw rental or taxi use.

    Something that is reliable, yet depreciates like a rock. I loved my 4Runner, but as a daily driver, it was constantly needing fixing and tweaking every couple of months. It wasn't much, but we're talking about $100-$200 in upkeep every month or two. About half the the cost of a new car lease for the most budget car on the market. Not bad, but not great either. Also, it got 18mpg. City. Highway. Uphill, downhill. Probably off a cliff, even ;) 18mpg and no better.

    I finally had to get rid of it as the electrical systems were corroding and falling apart. (it only was built to last 15 years, max, and 20+ is about where switches and electrical components start to fail due to age.

    It's *awesome* for a DIYer and incredible off-road, but not a good daily driver if it's more than about 15 years old.
  • Looking at a 2002 toyota 4runner with 240.000 miles on it how long would you think it would last.

  • I'm original owner of my '97 4Runner SR5 with V6/ 4wheel drive. As of Aug. 2015 it's got 328,000 miles on original engine. I've been careful to get all recommended routine services done on time, incl. minor service (oil change etc.) every 5,000 miles. But we haven't baby'ed it; my husband routinely takes it on wilderness trips. Zero need for any significant repairs so far.
      My hero is a local guy with an '87 in perfect condition. Last time I saw him several years ago, he had over half a million miles on the original engine. I was just at the dealership where we both get service & they confirmed he's still going strong. So maybe 600k+ miles? I look at "next car" ideas sometimes, but what I really want doesn't exist: a new 4Runner just like my '97. (The 2015 with same name is much bigger with worse mileage than mine. Highlanders are about same size, but on car frame, so less sturdy, less clearance, etc.) So I'll keep driving mine until engine gives out. Then turn it into a shrine in the back yard. 
      I would love to know what the highest mileage record is for a 4Runner; anyone know?
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