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Honda Pilot Wet Carpet from Leaks



  • How can I access the photos of where to fix the Honda Pilot leaks? We have TWO 2004 Honda Pilots and they both leak on both sides. I tried using the link in these forums but it just takes me to the main Edmonds page and I don't know how to access your Carspace page. Thanks for your help!
  • How do I access photos on your Carspace page so that I know where to apply the RTV silicone to help prevent leaks? I clicked on links in prior posts but none work (including a Honda Service Advisory which I was really eager to read.... said I was "not authorized" to open the PDF... frustrating!) We own TWO 2004 Honda Pilots and both leak in the same areas - driver & passenger side carpet. Thanks for your suggestions & help!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    CarSpace was retired and all the photos went away. Sorry!
  • bud57bud57 Posts: 1
    My 03 Pilot leaks on both sides also, and I have taken the front seats out, carpet, and the console. I soaked the car with water hose and nothing showed up. I ran the defrost and nothing. I,m taking it to the carwash tomorrow for more water pressure. Check back for an update. I am determined, I WILL FIX THIS LEAK.
  • Well, here's what we found... There are drain holes in the front corners of the sun roof opening. There are tubes that run down to the front fender wells. Thing is, they don't run to the BOTTOM, they come out about a foot ABOVE the floorboard! Then, there is a hole at the very bottom of the fender well that the water is supposed to drain out of. The problem with this is that the genius engineers did not seal off the fender wells - they are completely open to the engine compartment. When we looked in the wells - they were FULL of leaves that had blown in from the engine compartment. So, of course that plugged up the drain hole. When the water came out of the tube, since it couldn't drain out....
    We cleaned out the wells, and, unable to think of anything else, we used spray foam to fill the opening from the engine compartment to keep more leaves from getting in. I know DARE someone at Honda to laugh at the foam if I have to take it in to them for anything!
    Hope this helps!!!
  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    After my father asked me to take a look at his 05 Pilot to determine where the water on the floorboards was coming from. I quickly looked through some of the posts here and started to perform my own investigation. What I found was a trail of deposits coming from a hole in the interior body just behind the hood latch release on the interior driverside. Inside the hole there are deposits as well. I figured that if I filled the hole with water and then started to spray water on the exterior I might be able to narrow down the choices because I would be able to quickly see a rise in water level. I was never able to introduce additional water. I then took a water hose from the outside, with the inner fender well plastic removed and the mud flap I sprayed water directly on each seam and noticed that my water level started to drop. Somehow I was able to help it drain, so with that I started to hit the seam with air pressure. Apparently there was enough debris in the seams that when I added more water to the interior compartment it just flowed right out the seams. I have not been able to get the same compartment to hold water yet. I assume that the factory needed to seal the seam edges, which is where the run-off water from the above windshield drain runs over on its way to the mud flap. I took some seam seal and filled the entire exposed seam. I am leaving the interior panels off in both corners to monitor the progress. I repeated the same repair process on the passenger side, with seam seal to the seam edges. Hope this helps. I took photos of the entire process just incase someone might need them.
  • I'm not familiar with seam seal. And yes, would like to see pics of what you did. (

  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    I sent you an email with pics, if you do not receive let me know.
  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    After my repairs to the 05 Pilot I took it for a long drive in the pouring rain and could not detect any more water on the floorboard. I believe that would be referred to as "Problem Solved" for now. If I hear of any more issues I will be sure to update you, but for now....its not in my garage.
  • jbstrawbjbstrawb Posts: 1
    I'd like to get those pictures as well. Thanks in advance.
  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    What is the best way to send the photos to you?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    If you'll put your pics on Flickr or tinypics or some other photo hosting site and link to them, then anyone visiting here in the future will be able to find and view them.

  • Any chance I can get those pictures as well? Here's my email address:
  • Can you post the pictures for all of us. Thanks.
  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    I would love to...however I cant seem to figure out how. I have tried repeatedly to post a link but I doesnt seem to work on this forum. So instead of sending people on links to nowhere I figure I can send the picture pretty easy too...
  • cris45cris45 Posts: 1
    Hello Shooter, I have the same issue with my 05 pilot.. Any chance you can send me those pics too? THANKS!
  • I've got the same wet carpet issue. If you still have pics, can you send them to me?
  • My leak was caused by leaves coming in from the non-sealed engine compartment and piling up in the fender well just in front of the driver door (some on the passenger side, but not nearly as bad). Some genius engineer decided to run the drain for the sunroof down into the fender wells. Not all the way to the bottom - that would have actually made sense. The tube comes out several inches above the bottom of the well. Sooo, when the leaves filled up the bottom where the drain hole was - of course the water from the sunroof couldn't drain out so it backed up and into the floor of the passenger compartment. We cleaned all the leaves out and, cause we couldn't think of another way - used the expanding spray foam to seal where the leaves were coming in from the engine compartment. Yeah, it looks pretty hokey when you open the hood - but the carpets are dry and the car no longer floods or stinks! :-)
  • cooldeezcooldeez Posts: 6
    edited October 2012
    Here is a link to the pictures I took during the repair process. I can still say that even now, my repair is still keeping the interior dry. I live in the NW so needless to say we have plenty of opportunities to test my repair. If you have any further questions please feel free to message me.

  • cooldeez - Could you send me pics/info on your leak repair please Thank you
  • steverstever Posts: 52,573
    The pics are still up at the link posted above.
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