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Infiniti QX4



  • hello all..almost exact same body, almost exact same engine..5 grand more..any insights please..more info to educate me would be great..i am buying one of the 2 soon...eric
  • I am also 6'1" 200lbs mediun large build. I keep the seat all the way back (as I do with almost everything - 3 series manual excepted). I have found the QX4 to be very comfortable. I took a 7 hour trip and when I was done I felt like I had been driving for an hour or two. Great front seats. As far as the back seats, they are not overly roomy. I can't reach the steering wheel very well from there so I don't use them much.

    serpico1 - you are totally wrong!!!!

    It is a Pathfinder with a leather jacket - fur is out;-) Yes it is based on the same running gear/body. The QX4 has the All-mode 4WD (now available in the PF), the suspension is set up for a nicer ride (different springs), and the interior is nicer, premium dealerships, blah blah blah. Maybe some brand image thing going on there too. (c'mon, I'll admit it.)

    Infiniti is Nissan's high end stuff, just like Lexus is Toyota's high end.

    Good luck with your decision.
  • ericgrericgr Posts: 8
    On leg room, certainly I'm sure this can vary by individual. Next time you drive the QX4, be sure to leverage ALL adjustments ** including ** the height adjustment (height adjustment is in the QX4, optional on some other luxury SUV's). It may require you doing more than just moving the seat all the way back. Height and movement of the seatback may matter. Take your time with the seat adjustments and see if any of them matter more to you. On the QX4 verses the Pathfinder and fur, another thing to note is that the warranty on the Infiniti is better (longer, see other details), you get a loaner car for standard service, etc. Aside from that, the luxury elements in the QX4 really do add-up to quite a bit, but the cost of a fully-loaded PathFinder is close enough to the QX4 that the QX4 becomes a real value, in my opinion, not a frivilous expense. You are getting more when you get to the Infiniti, you need to take time to lookover the whole package (warranty, details in the car, etc). By the way, I believe the salesperson mentioned to me that elements like the variable steering (where the steering varies with speed I believe, I haven't looked in the service manuals yet on this to see the design) is something the QX4 might have but the Pathfinder doesn't (?). It's just a side point/question, not a determining factor in buying one or the other.
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    I am looking at both the QX4 and the 4Runner in consider of purchase. Has anyone done a thorough comparison? It appears that I could probably get the Toyota dealer to come more off of the price than the Infiniti dealer. Infiniti does offer a longer warranty. Consumer Reports or Edmunds has not done a complete review of the QX4 but both give the 4Runner excellent marks. I have seen on one board that someone had a problem with the paint on the QX4 that the dealer was not able to diagnose. Does the QX4 resale value hold up as well as the 4Runner does? Please give me some input.
  • Since your asking a bunch of QX4 owners to give their opinion, you might get a some biased responses. I'll try my best not to be biased. I did test drive a 2001 4Runner limited before deciding on the QX4. Toyota has a reputation of outstanding reliability and quality build which is why I wanted to look at the 4Runner. After my test drive, I was not please with the ride of the vehicle. Too much like a pick-up truck. Stiff and a lot of front to back rocking. Also, Toyota makes every little thing, like heated seats as an example, an option. The one thing I did like on the 4Runner was the rear window went up and down. Engine performance was also not there for me. The 4Runner I looked at stickered for almost as much as the Infiniti and for a limited version, it didn't have nearly the luxury of the QX4. Just my two cents....

  • Hello all,
    Just bought a '98 QX4, great shape and runs great, and was wondering, is there an In Cabin Microfilter installed in this model?
    Haven't removed the glove box yet to check, thought I'd try here first before messing with the dash.
  • BIGORANGE - Take a test drive in both the 4 Runner and QX4. You will definitely appreciate the interior, ride and performance of the QX4 over the 4 Runner. Both are extremely reliable vehicles and believe Consumer Reports stated that the QX4 has proven to be more reliable than the 4 Runner.

    If you can wait for another year (or maybe two), the new 4 Runner will be coming out. I owned a 95 4 Runner and now own a 99 QX4. I am really looking forward to finding out what the new 4 Runner will have to offer.

    At this point in the game there is no comparison regarding luxury, ride and performance in my opinion. Go with the QX4!!!

    I should point out one major downfall about the QX4 (and Infiniti). They have terrible resale values. Expect the depreciation on the QX4 to be significantly more than a 4 Runner...
  • sanandtonsanandton Posts: 342
    Looks like a great deal to me. I have a 2001 Pathfinder LE 4 x 4 on a 3yr 36k mile lease. My payments are 460.00/mo. This was with no money down. The QX with the equipment you listed should have been approximately 4K more up front. I love the PF and would have loved the Q if the initial cost were closer. I haven't had a single problem out of My PF and only have 1 year left on the lease. I think the only recall I can remember was something to do with the steering wheel lock or ignition switch and something about the brackets that support the shocks for the rear hatch needing fortifying. Sounds like a winner deal.
  • I have a '97. The airbag light started flashing; took it into the dealership and they say the "control unit" is shot. This truck has been fully serviced, never in an accident and has 75K miles.

    Has anyone else had this problem and what were the outcomes??? Help is greatly appreciated
  • And the estimated cost for the fix - $670.... Hence my need for advice from others.
  • ace10ace10 Posts: 137
    if this is not a common problem (i have a '98 and haven't heard of it before)....

    you have three. maybe more, options.

    one. have the dealership determine if the airbag still functions, if so, live with the flashing light.
    two. if it is not a common problem, locate a replacement in the auto salvage yard.
    three. try bringing your vehicle to a niaan dealership and see what their estimate is.

  • Recommended? Any downsides? Does is really work? Are there any fitting issues? Thanks.
  • Called Infiniti and a repair/service manual for a '98 QX4 cost $181.00. Any place to get a manual cheaper? Is there a Pathfinder equivalent?
  • Does the 2001 or 2002 Qx4 have a trip computer that measures actual miles-per-gallon, miles till empty, etc?
  • I put one in my 2001 QX4 a month ago. I got the replacement for the stock paper filter.

    I do offroading on dirt and that can pack a paper filter quickly A K & N will last 5 to 10 trips between cleanings. A paper one needs to be replaced after every outing.

    I would not use one for more power or better milage. If they help, it is hard to tell.
  • lvnlvn Posts: 3
    Is there an option to search for keyword or keywords within this message board. I want to see how many people complaining abound the wind noise coming from the roof rack (QX4 model 2001).
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    Edmund's will be upgrading the search capabilities for the boards. Meanwhile, you can enter words in the "Search Boards" box above and see what that produces.

  • After much consideration, I have decided to park a new QX4 in my garage within the next 60 days. I went to and priced it out with the options i want, and the price is only $200 over invoice. All of the options I choose were priced at cost! This seems like a great deal, however I wonder if I might be able to take that price to a dealer and save even more. Has anyone been able, or heard of someone getting a deal below invoice?
  • Definitely take it to a dealer. Most any dealer should be willing to beat it. Every dealer I talked to said that they would beat any internet deal I could find. Even if they sell at dealer invoice they still make a lot of money.
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    I've been getting some emails asking if you can still go up to Canada to get your QX4. The answer is YES, nothing has changed (a rumor got started you could not). And with the exchange rate at a new all-time high, prices are even lower. A QX4 with AWD, prem pkg, heated seats, and sunroof is now selling for about $29,300. That's over $5500 under US dealer invoice! Toronto and Vancouver seem to still have the best pricing, but you could go most anywhere.

    There are lots of posts above from me and other people who've done this. As usual I'm willing to share all the info on how I did it. Actually very easy. Just drop me an email.

  • flinflin Posts: 29
    in case anyone is interested, there is a replacement map pocket/speaker cover panel for 01 qx4's listed over at ebay.
  • Leasing a 2002 QX4 in a few weeks..can't wait!!!!

    Wondering how many of you have the rear wind deflector. Is there any noticeable function here, or are we talking cosmetic treatment only?
  • lalakrsfan:

    The wind deflector does a great job of keeping the rear window clean. It obviously works much better at highway speeds but still does a great job just driving around town.
  • When starting, for a quick second, there's a knocking/pitter-patter that can be heard just as the engine begins to rev up. After that it's gone, even when turning the car off and turning it back on. No sure if this is normal or not. Has happened a few times when the mornings are really cold. AND it's not every time.

    '98 Qx4 @ 52K miles

    Any know what this could be?

  • It could be your oil filter. There is a valve in there that is supposed to keep the filter full when you shut the engine off. A lot of filters, YES big name ones, have a really cheap valve (ie, rubber or plastic flap) that lets the oil drain back into the pan. When you start up, the oil filter has to fill up before any oil gets pumped to the top of the engine. Therefore it knocks for a few seconds.

    I found that on my QX4 the regular Fram filter was terrible. I have the better Fram on there now (parts stores in CA have a poor selection) and it stopped the knocking. It is either the Duraguard or Ultraguard, can't remember, NOT the teflon one.

    Somewhere on this site, a guy had guite a bit of info on filters (home test - opened them up and had a look), most filters are really made by three or four different manufacturers with different paint jobs.
  • Thanks for the info.
    I'm using a Mobil 1 with Mobil 1 syn oil. I guess I may need to look at another brand. Do you think the Infiniti/Nissan filter will be better? Sounds like the better Fram also is a good alternative as well.

    In any case, I'll try another filter the next time I change oil, actually just changed it a couple weeks ago.

    I'll searh the site and see if I can find the filter info. I'd be interested to know more about it.
  • I had same problem on another car. I thought it was the Mobil 1 oil also, as I switched oil brands and it went away. However, the real problem was that I was using the standard quality Fram filter. At that oil change, I had also switched to an upgraded Fram filter that cost me an additional $2. The upgraded fram filter had a completely different construction and valve, and the problem went away. Now I even the upgraded Fram filters.

    From looking at the "oil filter's, who is the best?" board on Edmunds, Fram also builds filters under other brand names that can be a problem. The universal recommendation is "Anything but Fram", and caution people to compare other filters to a standard fram, and avoid the filter if it looks the same. People on the board suggest many good brands, such as Wix, Napa, K&N or the Mobil 1 filter.
  • I'm thinking of buying either the PF LE or the QX4 but I find that the headroom in both models that have a sunroof is a little tight for me( I'm 6'2'').I do want the leather interior and I was told that the PF LE only comes with a sunroof. The QX4 dealer told me there are not many QX4's in the northeast that don't come without a sunroof? Does that mean they don't make them without a sunroof or are they just hard to find. I've read the posts regarding legroom and its true. My present Grand Marquis has much more legroom than any SUV I've looked at. But I can deal with an inch or two of legroom if my hair wasn't touching the roof! Should I wait until I go bald before I buy one?
  • The sunroof is truly optional. My 2001 QX4 4wd does not have one. I described what I wanted, and found it on the dealer's lot. Only about 5% on any dealers lot come without the sunroof. I did not want one because in Phoenix they let in too much heat, even with the inside cover does not help much. I also noticed that the roof was weaker on those with sunroof.
  • hintzhintz FloridaPosts: 56
    I really like the QX4, however heard that this is the last year for the qx4. I emailed someone at infiniti headquarters however no response. Talked to the dealer and said they are redesigning the qx4 next year- much bigger and 260hp? Anyone have info?
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