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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • Over the weekend my fiance and I took my 99' Discovery II offroading. She drove and it performed flawlessly. (I have a heavily modified 87' Cherokee with a Rubicon 4" lift, 31" BFG's, etc.) and there is no way that it would have gone through some of the spots that the Land Rover slogged through.
    I know there are alot of "nay-sayers" about the Land Rover. I don't know if they bought problem, used vehicles or what, but I am very happy with mine.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    I have a question regarding my 1997 Land Rover Discovery. I am experiencing an intermittent loss of power with my disco at highway speeds. I have contacted my local Land Rover service department, and they have not been able to identify the problem. I am hoping that someone else has experienced this problem and knows the solution.

    From the speeds of 45mph and up, my disco will lose power for 2 seconds. It does not lose total power, but power is reduced by approx. 30%. Eventhough they only last 2 seconds, they occur randomly. Sometimes one after the other during a 20 second period. Other times I can go 20 miles without a problem. The rpms stay constant during these sessions. Due to the randomness of the sessions and the fact I do not have any service engine lights on, the dealership does not know how to find the problem.

    If anyone has any information or can suggest a good website for a solution, I would be greatly appreciative.
  • Did your dealer put your vehicle on the computer and check the error codes? When you loose power, do you loose all electrical (horn, radio, etc?) Have someone check the advance on the distributor.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3
    The dealer stated that if I do not have any service lights on then the computer has not identified a problem. They said they could bring it in and go through the car but they will charge me $76/hour.

    I only lose power, nothing else. Everything else (lights, radio, gauges, etc . .) stays status quo.
  • Clopes,

    I own a '96Disco. I also have the same loss of power (deceleration) when traveling at over 55 mph. The episodes are infrequent and do not happen all the time. But when it does the vehicle hesitates regains speed, hesitates, etc.
    I took it to the local dealer who could not find
    a problem after hooking up the computer.
    Since I was due for the 60k mi maintenance, I
    had it done (not cheap) and hope with this overhaul, it would somehow solve the problem. Guess What? 5 days later same thing. I love my Disco but this is frustrating.
    I'm wary of traveling far. So if you find the answer please pass it along. Unfortunately, your not the only one with this problem.
  • Ok, let me tell you the story......
    All Land Rover technicians are not created equal.

    I own a '96 discovery, purchased used at 41000 kms (Canada) in Nov. 1998 with an extended 3yr/120000 kms warranty. Over the past two years I have put 75000 kms on with some severe off-roading included.

    This vehicle has NEVER let me down, it has gone anywhere and everywhere I have wanted to take it. Although it does come with some quirks, and a little noise.

    It's service has been maintained, oil/fluids, and all regular service maintenence.
    At my dealership, it is only 1 of 2 in Vancouver, it is always a two week wait, but a loaner or rental vehicle is always provided.

    As for this began last December (1999). A periodic, and very occasional loss of power, no loss or surge in rpms, just a momentary hesitation. With a check engine light. Promptly taken in, tested and nothing out of the ordinary in results. Sent home and all seemed fine.

    January 2000, again temporary loss of power, check engine light on again, no surge or drop of rpms and speed was maintained. But a 2 second pause, and a slight whiplash effect. Another test was carried out, blame was placed on oxygen sensor malfunction, and replaced (thank god for an extended warranty) cost approx. $550 cdn. However, same effects felt again periodically a few days later while road tripping down the coast to California. Then all of a sudden fine.

    June 2000, the problem re-occured, more severe and repetitive, check engine light on again. This time dealership suspected that exhessive valve stick was the problem, an expensive replacement and I put it off. A vacation and travel came and went so I barely touched the vehicle for two months.

    August 23, 2000, The problem is incredibly persistent. At initial acceleration, city driving, highway driving, at any speed. Immediately taken in to dealership, again an oxygen sensor malfunction was blamed along with excessive valve stick. I ok'd the work, with only the oxygen sensor malfunction being covered by warranty. Land Rover technicians' "testbook" computer system "crashed" while connected to my engine. Locked my engine in security mode... for 12 days, while second testbook was shipped to the dealership, which arrived broken and unusable. Vehicle unlocked and prepared for my pickup on Sept. 7, 2000. Picked up the morn' of Sept 8, 2000, and ran smoothly for 40kms then the same problem reappeared.

    Setember 11, 2000. Vehicle returned to dealership, vehicle retested by the highly qualified and experienced Land Rover technicians. This time they decided that the problem was related to a hot start switch and replaced it, along with renewing the speedometer transducer. Vehicle picked up on Sept. 15,2000.

    September 19, 2000. Guess who headed back into the dealership.....yes the same problem. This time the fault "codes" were pulled again, and the problem was a thermostatic devise beside the transmission, I don't have the paperwork for this one yet or I could give you the exact name, but I picked up the car on Sept 22, received credit for all work done to date minus insurance deductible, and it is running smooth. Knock on wood!!!!!!

    I beleive that this thermastatic devise was the problem, it is somewhere in the neighbourhood of a $100 part, I'll update this with exact names and numbers on tuesday when I receive all the paperwork. The problem is that this part when failing triggers other symptoms in the vehicle and those parts are traced first. It is only by a systematic detailed analysis that it can be found. .......Now of course this is what we're supposed to be paying these highly qualified technicians for. But is $90/hr what we're getting from them?!?

    So hopefully for anyone else out there with this problem, you will not have to endure days/weeks/months of jerking in your vehicle.
    My problem is not with my LandRover, it has 116000 kms (73000 miles), it looks new, exterior and interior, and I guess now a large percentage of engine parts are new too. Nor is my problem with the LandRover dealership, who has after seeing my face for 6 weeks or so, credited me for all service completed. My problem is with the technicans in the shop working on my vehicle, using their textbook computers as an answer for the "faults", rather than as a diagnostic tool.

    That all being said I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this vehicle, it's comfort, reliability and ability offroad. If I was just doing city driving however, there are alot of "pretty" and functional SUV's out there. But if you are going anywhere into the backcountry and need a powerful and functional 4x4, Land Rover has it all.


    P.S. I will post again on Tuesday when I have the paperwork on this most recent work. And I have driven my vehicle hard to road test it since the last incident and all seems fine.
  • tag7tag7 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 1994 Discovery, but do not have the owner's manual. I tried area Land Rover dealers but was told all manuals pre-1997 have been discontinued. I tried Land Rover web site but could not find any numbers to contact the company directly. Any ideas about how I may be able to get ahold of an owner's manual for this vehicle?
  • Bought a new white 00 Disco II at Aristocrat Motors in Kansas City in April. Just had the 7500 checkup with no reported problems yet. My tail gate latch sticks every now and then, which I see others posting here complain of.

    I am getting ready to go to the middle of now where South Dakota for a duck hunt, pulling trailer, taking dogs, and all that. Looking forward to seeing how it does on the long trip.

    I think Ford buying LR is good. They did wonders for Jaguar. It's a better car, better made, better mechanics. Don't buy into any talk about a Tauras in fancy rapping. LR won't be a fancy Exploder (pun intended). LR will maintain it's quality and most likey get much better quality control. NO matter how die hard a fan you are, you have to admit that the engines specks and performance are crap compared to today's engines. The V6 in my 99 Trooper got better mileage, was more powerful, was quicker, pulled just as much weight, and was quitier. But, the darn charm, good looks, feel, and off road ability make up for this.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3

    I look forward to your next posting. I appreciate the detail and hope your experience solves my problem.


  • Has anyone had problems with scalloped tires? My dealer did not know the cause, I think it's my shocks and my mechanic agreed that could be a possible cause. I'd appreciate any info.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Had the same symptoms described above and made about 10 trips to the dealer. Only difference is my check engine light never came on. Ended up being an engine vehicle speed sensor (less than $100).

  • All,

    I have recently decided to get rid of my '98 Explorer. I have had enough of the problems with the tires and the other issues etc... I went to the LR dealer and drove a base '00 w/6 disc CD and running boards ($33500)and loved it! The dealer here says the pricing on a base '01 is the same as the '00, but I cannot find any information on Edmunds with '01 pricing, info etc...

    I would like to buy this vehicle, but my wife (the primary driver) wants to lease due to all of the problems she has heard about the vehicle. Does anyone have any info on the '01 or any web site where the info is available? Any help would be appreciated.

    PS. My wife would rather get a Durango, but I cringe at the thought of a Chrysler vehicle in my driveway...

  • nhclaxnhclax Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a couple of used 97 SE7's, both have 30 - 35K and are priced in the mid to low 20's. Is there any info or advice on what I should look and ask for when dealing with the dealer? I realize the Disco's past history, but have become hooked on the style.

    Also, this truck will be my fiance's primary vehicle. Does anyone have any saftey info. I know it may sound morbid but how do they hold up in accidents?

  • I'm also buying a '97 Disco and can not find any safety info. Can anyone help?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Take a look at this:

    I hope the link still works?

    Regards, -Bob
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I should have checked it out first. Try this one instead:

  • RoitanRoitan Posts: 6
    Does anyone know what the standard warranties were on the 1997 and 1998 Discovery's sold in the U.S.?

    Also, has anyone heard any talk of ever bringing over the Turbo diesel to the US in the Discovery?

  • bbc28bbc28 Posts: 6
    3 year 36K-I think!
  • bbc28bbc28 Posts: 6
    If you can get a good deal on the 98 buy it then purchase an extended warranty while the factory warranty is still in effect.

    You'll literally save houndreds if you buy the extention before the original expires.
  • bbc28bbc28 Posts: 6

    When my 97 Disco slows and RPMs fall to 1500 (getting off highway) my transmission clicks-sometimes more loudly then others. I wouldn't quite call it a clunk but almost.

    I think this is when it shifts down to 2nd and first from third gear. Is this normal and do others hear the same noises
  • bbc28bbc28 Posts: 6
    Living in Seattle affords me the opportunity to drive through lots of water. I am originally from Eastern Washington and often find myself needing some space so I take my 97 disco into the N-Cascades.

    A couple of weeks ago I was up on some logging trails and had forged a small pond on my way up into the mountains. After, a couple of hours I headed back down only find the small pond was now a small lake. I threw the disco into low and locked the diff and slowly headed acrossed. It plowed through and the water came up a little farther then anticipated!

    Good fun and a great truck.

    I bought my disco after spending a few weeks in Namibia in an old 110 style. Different rig but same ruggedness.

    Buy now before those UAW idiots at Ford ruin them!

  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Checkout - has some great information for those worrying about crash tests, etc.

    Thanks, wasko
  • knbknb Posts: 1
    New Owner of Used 97 Discovery, Seems to be running ok, but check engine light on a second time in 2 weeks. First time it was evaporator that caused light to go on? Starting to get wary. 41,000 miles on truck? Any comments?
  • this response is for #120:

    i own a 96 Discovery and I had the same problem with the check engine light being on. ur light is on because the oxygen sensor might need to be can avoid taking ur Disco to the dealer because they will just charge u an arm and a leg. so instead go to ur local auto store and purchase 2 cans of catalytic converter cleaner and pour into ur gas tank. and run ur Disco nearly empty before refueling so in this way the catalytic converter cleaner u had poured in cycles throughout the whole vehicle. catalytic converter cleaner does the job cuz it also cleans out the oxygen sensors. this should avoid the costly trip to the dealer.
  • They have the most ridiculous SUV test I've ever seen in there this month. They test SUV's in the $40k range. Every picture in the article is offroad even though most of the SUV's included don't have low-range 4WD. The Disco II finished last because the writers obviously care a lot more about on-road ride than they do offroad ability, where the LR shines (one of the pics is of the LR pulling another one out of a mud pit). Stupid article.
  • I currently own a 1999 DII - has anybody had problems with tires prematurely wearing ?

    At 20K+ miles I have lost almost 50% of the inside tread - Land Rover does not recommend rotating tires ??? My tires are good year HP's
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    KNB, a check engine can be caused by dozens of things. More details? Does it stumble and lose power? Dash lights come on? Does it idle well, or does it surge and/or die at intersections? Strong on the freeway? Electrical noise thru the speakers?

    RLERNER, I have a '96 with the stock Michelins, mine are pretty much toast at 50k miles. They tend to scallop the inside edges for some bizarre reason... nobody can tell me. These are solid axles, ought to be no flex there. It's designed for a slight toe-out alignment in front but that ought not scallop them. Also I rotate mine front and back on the same side, making sure to get the pressures right after I move them: 38psi rear, 28psi front. It makes a big difference. My guess is it has to do with the full-time 4WD and differing tire speeds in corners. Friction against the road is all that forces the center diff to slip, and that may wear tires more than we'd expect. Maybe not.

    Good luck all! I put in my light winter oil last night (5/50w Castrol Syntec) and boy is she happy this morning! Purrrrrrrrrrrr... Everyone stop and think: when did you change your swivels and diffs? It's about time, a long summer of playing may have some moisture in there. Oil's a lot cheaper than metal.

    Regards, -Bob
  • My '01 DII is at 31,000 and due for servicing. I have looked on this site and have seen a few posts regarding changing seals and such but where can I read what happens?

    Are these services in the book required to maintain warrenty?

    My brakes were replace 10K ago only by previous owners dealer and have now started squealing when lightly applied. I plan to check and replace myself if necessesary, but this seems like such a short period of time to me. Is some noise normal?

    To be honest I drive 95% paved unfortionatly but love it when it can get in the mountains. My stock Goodyears are wearing strange in the front and the rears still seem fine. They grab grooves in the road and pull the Disco around drasticaly at times.

    What tires are best for my use?

    thanks alot,
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Hey, good to see you back on the forum! I thought the buzz in the radio was a Rover feature :) I don't have any check engine light, but I do get that electrical whine occasionally.

    Just about to roll 69,000 on the '96 and she's getting ready for a MI winter. I'm hoping for a good winter full of snow and some long weekend trips to the cabin.

    Thanks, wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Q'amai! (that's a native Alaskan greeting)

    I get that whine every few months, it's my built in timer (isn't it thoughtful of the boys at Solihull to give us a timer?!) that it's time to disassemble my fuse block and clean it again. If I let it go too long then electrical weirdness returns with a vengeance. Simple 15-minute job with a screwdriver and pencil eraser: take apart, clean all contacts, blow out residue, reassemble. Presto!

    Oooooooooooo this reminds me of a joke I received once on the Web,

    Q: "What's the difference between a wife and a mountain bike?"

    A: If your mtn bike is whining you can fix it!

    (ducking and running)
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