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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • How many airbags does the 2001 have? I have heard that there are no side door or rear door airbags? If that is true, Ford should correct that immediately. LR needs to step up and include more technology in their products.
  • we are looking into buying a 2001 Discovery II and are wondering about how frequently they are involved in roll over accidents. We know that the disco is an SUV and therefore more prone to rolling over than a sedan, but we want to know if the discovery for instance is safer than a ford explorer or a lexus rx300 to name a few other suvs. If anyone knows any statistics or has personal advice to give that would be great!!
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Correct - only frontal airbags at this time. Thanks, wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Even though Discoverys look high and tippy, they're quite stable. This is due to their frame on frame construction (heavy box steel frame that centers the vehicle weight a couple inches above the tires then a top frame coupled to this base frame). That and the liberal use of aluminum panels makes the vehicle quite stable. Add ACE and you've got a great mix.

    In the past, I've driven Blazers and Jeeps. The Jeeps always felt relatively sure footed at higher speeds, but the Blazer felt 'whippy' and out of control when accelerating and passing someone. I don't get that feeling in the '96 Disco. And the times when I've driven a DII with ACE while mine was in for service, the feeling is even more sure footed.
    shows side by side crash data comparing the Explorer and Disco II while shows the Lexus and Disco II. This isn't rollover information, but it does show safety comparisons of the vehicles.

    Thanks - wasko
  • mobilmobil Posts: 2
    I posted on 12/19 about thinking of buying a Discovery and wanting to know if any buyers have been able to negotiate reasonably for one. I have called a couple of dealers and they, at least over the phone, weren't willing to negotiate. With some of the problems I've seen posted here and gas mileage I would think there should be some negotiation on the price. Also, has anyone heard anything about Ford talking about discontinuing the production of Discovers?
  • A Chicago area dealer has some 2000 DII's that they are advertising at $31,400 with a claimed list of $38,125. Is this a good price for a 2000? I saw on the Edmunds site that dealers have a $3500 incentive right now on DIIs. I usually keep cars 6-8 years so leasing isn't an option.

  • My father is seriously considering a new Land rover discovery series II (2001). The other cars that he is considering are:
    Jeep Grand cherokee laredo.
    Toyota 4Runner SR5 and Limited.
    GMC yukon.
    Cadilac Escalade.
    We really love the land rover, and want to get it, can you give us any reasons not to seeing the competition?
  • We are also considering te Infiniti Qx4.
  • In the vehicles you mentioned, only one of them is worth considering beyond the LR.
    For one, they are all too common, Secondly, they are all poor build quality except for the Four Runner. From all the research I've done in my quest to buy smart and capitalize on resale value and owner satisfaction, one can't go wrong with a Four-Runner or Disco II. The Infiniti QX4 is also a good option. The GrCherokeeis a Chrysler...nuff said. I had one.
    A real piece after 30K. The Yukon is butt-ugly and prone to alot of small annoyances says my neighbor, and the Escalade is an absolute joke-As tacky and pimpy as they come. I'd be embarrased to be seen in one. They sure cost alot for the "horriffic build quality" that I read about in an online review. I can find the link for you if you are interested. If dad has test driven all these, I'm sure the right choice will show itself. Good Luck
  • That was a big help thanks a bunch. One more question what about the Acura MDX. I know it is ot a real truck, but we like it. Any way thank you very much. we are now still between the three. We knew we wouldnt buy an americain one, just because we do not see any justification in spending this kind of money on a big piece of crap (pardonez mon francais). you are right they are ugly and tacky, also to common. my dad currently has a jeep cherokee, and we had a gc before that time fro a change.
    we are going to start shoping in January.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    All: up here in Motor City, I keep my ear to the wall listening about all things automotive, esp. Rover now that Ford owns them. To my knowledge, there are no plans at all to discontinue the Disco, as that is the biggest seller in North America. Freelander (being more of a mall-hopper) will also give the Disco a lot of competition once they bring it to NA. Range Rover is flagging a bit here and the new BMW engine models and features should breathe some new life there.

    As for the Defender, a recent article in Land Rover magazine stated that it won't be redesigned for at least 4 years - shattering my dreams of buying a NEW defender (instead of getting pummeled on the used ones for $40-50k) anytime real soon.

    Thanks, wasko
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    I was told that my pads were on the verge of needing replacement during the 22.5K service. I was a little shocked, but I guess that's what happens when you drive a 4800 lb. truck around town like it's a hatchback. Anyway, I waited a couple of months and then replaced the pads on all 4 wheels (about $400). I would have complained pretty loudly about replacing the rotors so early and with no other warnings (like brake squeal).
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Land-Rovers are known for being "hands-on" trucks. You've got to get underneath them regularly and have a look around. I replaced my brake pads at about 22k miles, also shocked at the early wear, but used aftermarket pads for about half the money. I recommend nice soft pads as well, they make the rotors last longer. One thing to be said for it, replacing pads on a Discovery is a hoot: what an absolute joy! Or maybe it just SEEMS easy after dealing with other not-so-easy maintenance chores... Anyway, get a good set of tools and get to know your truck. If you treat 'er well, she'll go a long way with you.

    Regards, -Bob
  • Does anyone know how many miles one could expect from a Range Rover or a DiscoII before a major rebuild? This of course assumes the regular maintenance conditions are met.

    Also, who out there owns a classic Range Rover (93'-94')? Are they reliable?
  • ngleenglee Posts: 3
    I just test drove a friend's brand new DII. What a neat SUV. Still wouldn't trade my Montero for it though - my kids like the reclining seats in the Montero.

    Anyway, I was wondering about the steering. It seems that the steering wheel doesn't self center when coming out of a turn, i.e., where I'm used to letting go of the wheel and letting it spin back to center, the DII required actually manually turning the wheel back to come out of a turn. Is this intentional or does my friend have to have this checked out?
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    sgyorffy: I've seen posts on the Internet with folks that have 250,000 miles and even one guy in Oz that has 600,000+ miles on his. I would say that engine and drivetrain will last a LONG time. Thanks - wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Well, it hasn't been my week :)

    The front passenger door can't be opened from the outside. This has been a 'feature' for about 3 months now. Doesn't bother me, but sure gets my wife's bloodpressure up (when was the last time YOU sat in the passenger seat of your disco??)!

    A couple of weeks ago, the exhaust was rattling a bit and I took it into Tuffy and they put her up on the stands to take a peek. Seems that the Y pipe cracked on the right side in front of the right catalytic converter. The crack in turn busted up the right catalytic converter.

    Called Rover and found out that catalytic converter is covered for 8 yrs/80,000 miles but once they saw the crack in the Y-pipe, they wouldn't warranty it. [email protected]!

    Genuine Rover Y pipe (with both catalytic converters) was (sit down if you aren't) $1850 PLUS 2-3 hours labor for installation. Not wanting to spend that much for the repair, I pulled out the trusty Atlantic British catalog - $695 delivered for a made in the USA complete y-pipe assembly. Ordered the Y, called Rover dealer, 3 weeks before they could install. What the hell! It's a conspiracy against me, and I know it :)

    Back to Tuffy, 3 hours later and $150, everything was installed and is working fine. So, for what would have been $2100 at the dealer, I got out of it for $850 - no cheap but better!

    Next -- I remember silently chuckling at all the posts up hear a year ago. Everyone was complaining about their peeling dashes and my 96 seemed untouched by this flaw. Today I noticed it starting to peel in two places. Sigh...

    Finally -- radio has been intermittently cutting out - sounds like a dirty contact or something loose as opposed to something broken. Rover said they would send it away not covered under warranty of course - for now I've just been enjoying the silence. anyone ever taken the radio out? I may clean the contacts and see if that makes a difference but I'm not sure how to get inside there...

    Ah well, what are you to do? The Series II is looking better all the time :) Nothing has ever stranded this vehicle (except for my ignorance one time), all problems are nuisances, but still...

    Thanks for listening to me rant - wasko
  • Well, I just did an engine oil and filter change on my '00, 11,500 mile Disco II - tried to get the dealer to do it but that would have been a 2 week wait !!! With my Toyota 4x4 I just drive in, and they (the dealer) do it.

    While at the dealer, I spoke with the parts guy after I bought my $12.00 filter, and he lamented endlessly about "I can't get no damn parts for these damn things, and I've got about 30 customers that are getting hissed", etc. I sure hope nothing ever goes wrong on my beloved vehicle, warranty or not, it seems nearly impossible to get a service appointment and god help you if you need parts!

    My II so far has been perfect except for a rattle or groan now and then, and I'm very pleased with its' off-and-on-road capabilities and handling. I don't know why people keep complaining about a "lack of power", "sluggishness", etc. I find that the only shortcomings that mean anything are rear seat ingress. I love the funky ergonomics, the seats, the engine, - everything! And everyone that's ever seen, rode in, or looked at my II has made positive comments.

    If my DII ever gives me the "belly up", she'll be traded for a new Toyota 4Runner (you old timers may remember I did that with my '99 DII which was a piece of crap - the 4R was perfect, but bland, so that's why I got another DII). You can always count on Toyota for reliability, and quality. My Toy truck has 155,000 absolutely trouble-free miles on it.

    Happy Rovering to all of you!
  • I have a 96 disco and I love her, but now it is growing into a love/hate relationship. 1. The front passenger window doesn't work and the door handle is hard to open. 2. The steering is problematic, it does not return to the center automatically after making a turn like it used to and driving at highway speeds can be difficult.
    3. I just replaced the old michelins and installed bilstein shocks. At first, the rover was glorious, but now she makes this awful "clunk"
    when I go over the smallest bumps. It feels as though the bottom of the frame is going to collapse and the dealer is blowing me off as usual. 4. I'm not a wealthy rover owner and maybe that is the problem, but I thought I was buying a rugged vehicle and now it is proving otherwise. 5. wasko..about the catalytic converter, where did you get the information about the 8yr warranty?? and what of the rust perforation warranty, it is a 6yr..have you had problems with rust or any other similar problems as me?
    I have a certified per-owned warranty, which will run out in April 01, but I am going to fight(if I have to) to have the dealer pay for another year of warranty coverage, due to all the problems I've had and due to their incompetent service.
  • Some time back, someone asked about the cost of maintaining a LR Disco. Well, at my dealership here in Tulsa, OK, the costs for routine maint. is:

    7,500 mile $ 39.95
    15,000 mile $ 89.95
    22,500 mile $ 39.95
    30,000 mile $ 439.95
    37,500 mile $ 39.95
    45,000 mile $ 89.95, etc.

    The costs of maintaing my 00 DII are less than for my Toy 4x4 or Mercedes sedan. So don't tell me that it's too expensive to own a Rover (unless it's an out-of-warranty piece of crap anyway. All parts are too expensive. I became "friends" with the parts managers for each of my vehicles, so I get all mine at cost which saves a lot! I also routinely take the service managers out to lunch, so I get "discounts" for service as well.

    When I bought my 2nd. DII in June of 2000, the deal included totally free maintenance for 4 years or 45,000 miles - not bad. I also got wheel locks, rubber mats, cargo nets, and light guards "thrown in" - although I'm sure that I paid for them somewhere along the line behind all the fine print. You ALWAYS get screwed at dealerships!
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    I hear you!
    1. my window motor was replaced last year under warranty
    2. my front door is difficult/impossible to open - it bounces between working sometimes and not at all.
    3. I put original woodheads back on about 10k miles ago and no problems with them at all.
    4. Same here - I had to get my 96 used at the time bec I couldn't afford a new Rover - the parts seem to eat you alive, but I also agree with rkoesler that ALL parts are too expensive these days. I will say that it is a very rugged vehicle and the majority of my problems have been fit/trim issues. If I could, I'd replace the electric seat motors with manual ones, the electric windows with manual, etc. because it's all that crap that stops working. Hell, I'd even have manual/handcrank moonroofs! :)
    5. catalytic converter story came from the dealer. mine doesn't have hardly any rust on it (suprising for MI), and the pipe cracked instead of rusted. Only rust areas are near the A pillars on the back doors. Won't have to worry about that in WA though :)

    Good luck on the warranty extension.

    All - rkoesler brought up a good point about the oil-changes. There seems to be a 2 week backlog at my dealership as well due to parts shortages - are others seeing this at their dealerships as well? Just wondering if this is a nationwide issue or not.

    Thanks - wasko
  • ngleenglee Posts: 3
    I had posted this earlier, but didn't get any response. Reposting with hope that someone might be able to shed some light on this -

    "I just test drove a friend's brand new DII. What a neat SUV. Still wouldn't trade my Montero for it though - my kids like the reclining seats in the Montero.

    Anyway, I was wondering about the steering. It seems that the steering wheel doesn't self center when coming out of a turn, i.e., where I'm used to letting go of the wheel and letting it spin back to center, the DII required actually manually turning the wheel back to come out of a turn. Is this intentional or does my friend have to have this checked out?"
  • ngleenglee Posts: 3
    I had posted this earlier, but didn't get any response. Reposting with hope that someone might be able to shed some light on this -

    "I just test drove a friend's brand new DII. What a neat SUV. Still wouldn't trade my Montero for it though - my kids like the reclining seats in the Montero.

    Anyway, I was wondering about the steering. It seems that the steering wheel doesn't self center when coming out of a turn, i.e., where I'm used to letting go of the wheel and letting it spin back to center, the DII required actually manually turning the wheel back to come out of a turn. Is this intentional or does my friend have to have this checked out?"
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I have a Series I Disco so my answer will be a guess, but...

    Land-Rover steering is typically very sensitive to oscillation, much like a bicycle with steep forks. To control this there's a large damper attached to the track rod. It may be his is very stiff. It may also be his swivel pins are set too tight from the factory. Or his front tire pressure could be too low. Or it may be that things are just a bit too new and snug and it has to loosen up a little. As the swivels wear you begin to feel a little slop. As the swivel seals loosen up it returns to center a bit better, and as the damper wears you may find it beginning to oscillate wildly over uneven terrain between 55-65mph.

    The things that would prevent it self-centering (caster, camber, trail, etc.) are all functions of the geometry of the hard parts up front. If something was installed badly enough to prevent self centering then I'd think he would have noticed a lot worse problems before now.

    I think he just has a nice, tight new truck. Check the tire pressures (28 F, 38 R) and drive it. In a month try again.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • thanks for sharing!...I utilize Atlantic British on a regular basis, not just because it is ten minutes from my home; I also enjoy their competitive pricing(I saved almost $100.00 on my Bilstein shocks)! Thanks all.
  • I have a 95 disco, and while it has been preety problem free, I did have the right side catalytic converter fail. The price i received from LR was so high that I went to alternative sources and it seemed to work out ok. The price was a few hundred dollars vs. almost three thousand.

    I did discover that landrover dealers are less forthcoming about warranty problems than you might think considering that these vehicles are or were the cream of the offroad class.

    With the huge drop in sales of the Land Rover
    products, you would think that they would try harder to keep customers.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    To all, I have a suggestion:

    Take a few minutes and go crawl under your truck. Look at the gasket between the auto trans and the sump, see if it's pooched out as if it's going to fail.

    I was driving last night and after I pulled in the garage I saw a stream of ATF heading out and down the street, staining the snow red. I took a close look, and my gasket had failed, splitting lengthwise along the mating surface of the sump and trans valve body. That left a slit opening and I had lost 3 quarts of ATF. Thankfully I wasn't far from home when it failed!

    If you've got several months use from a trans service then chances are the gasket is well seated and should hold fine. Mine did until I messed with it during the service... if you've had the work done recently then watch that gasket closely for awhile.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • I thought that I would come over here to ask this question. I asked it on the Rovers North site and all I got was a smart-[non-permissible content removed] remark.

    I have a Disco Series II and in the owner's manual it says to only put ethylene glycol based coolant with OAT inhibitors into the coolant system. My question is how do you know if there are OAT inhibitors in the coolant? (most of the brands I saw just said that it contained proprietary inhibitors) One other question: will propylene glycol based coolant in any way impair the system?

    Thanks in advance.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Coolant with the proper OAT inhibitors is red or orange in color. Dexcool by Havoline is the brand recommended by Land Rover. I would stay away from coolant not recommended by Land Rover.
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