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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,819
    nanuq: Interesting observations on diff. types of snow, & I appreciate the advice on various snow tires. I think I'll look for a used set of 16" rims, & get the snow tires next Fall. And yes, I am getting hooked.....

    div2: "Thanks, I needed that!" Seriously, you are so right, & I have always been afraid that I would want to shoot myself if I sold the M6. Usually just going out to the garage & looking at it cures me of any thoughts of selling. Mine's an '88 too; low miles......pretty much mint....what was I thinking???? Anyway, thanks again, I needed to hear that from someone who has been there....

  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I'm glad to help. We got a ton of snow last night and it's still coming down hard, leaving 1' to 2' in the middle of the street. I was glad for the tall Nokians this morning, I left grooves in the snow with the diffs and I packed some snow up around the engine and into the wheelwells, but I had no trouble at all getting around. Even where people have plowed their driveways out into the road, I just hit it a little harder and blasted right through.

    One more nice thing about the Nokians (or BFG Trac-Edges) they have a nice lug in the tread at the outer edges, and if you start bogging down you can see-saw the steering back and forth as you hunt with the throttle, and the lugs tend to find traction and keep you moving.

    I came *that* close to burying the Disco over the weekend in some 3-4' drifts but managed to just crawl out the other side with the wheels churning. If I'd been going 5mph slower I would have floated up on top and punched down in, and got stuck. So yes, you can drive too fast and float your tires in the snow, losing traction... slowing down on the road will keep you under better control. But, offroad/backroad sometimes speed is your friend (not too much speed) and it will carry you through with momentum, sort of aiming for the softest spots as you work your way through. It's a fine touch to get the hang of it.

    Enjoy the snow! -Bob
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    I realize this is off the topic but I need some advice. I've bee thinking about purchasing a used Land Rover (Discovery or Range Rover) but only have dealer knowledge of the two vehicles. I really don't want to go to far back.. 1999/2000. What should I expect to pay on a loaded vehicle. Should I go as far back as 99? What mileage shouldn't I go past? Does anyone have any input on this topic. Please help!
  • I want to buy a 96 - 97 Discovery. Sell me or shoot me.
    I look at Car Point (man) ratings and I feel good about it - I read some of these threads and I get the opposite idea.
    Owning one seems either a great experience or misery.
    Please, someone who really knows - what's the story?
  • I'd like to invite all you new (and old) LR owners to come and join the Colorado LR club, the "Solihull Society", for their "National Land Rover Rally" off-road event August 2 thru 5, in Quray, Co.

    It's a family affair, lots of Rovers of all types, and you can see what these things will do. Really do ! Go to their web page and find out more (just search for Solihull Society).

    As for the last two posts above, let me say the following: I would buy only a 2000 and up Disco II, NOT a '99. I had one and it was the biggest piece of monkey crap ever assembled - my 2000 DII however has been absolutely perfect for one year and 13,500 miles! For older Disco's, buy as late as you can find (97 - early 99); stay away from 95 and early 96's.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    rkoesler: Thanks for the Disco help. What changed during that year, that in your opinion helped the vehicle so much?

    Again, if anyone has opinions on LR's please let me know. Is a 99 Range Rover w/ 20k miles worth looking at? Or is a Dicso w/ 10K a better choice.
    Any info would be great.
  • what would be considered an early '96 disco? My disco was delivered to the dealer in Sept. '96, but the dates on some of the parts are from March 1996...just curious...thanks lk
  • I am thinking about purchasing a 95 Discovery with 84K miles for $10,000 via private sale. It looks perfect. Aside from the sticking valves, sagging springs, and peeling dash, what else should I be looking for?

    Also, would you recommend that I bring the VIN to the local dealer or maybe have them plug in to the truck to run the codes?

    ANy info would be helpful, my wife is in love with the machine.
  • We live here in Virginia Beach and made a day of it and drove down to Land Rover Cary in NC last year to buy our Discovery. Wonderful dealership, very nice vehicle purchase experience. Our sales guide Woody was finiest kind. 29K to date and not a single problem.
  • lgraylgray Posts: 5
    HELP! I live near Atlanta, where there are 3 Land Rover Centers owned by the same company. There is absolutely no negotiating on price in this market. I am considering going to a neighboring state where I know that I can get at least $1500 off MSRP without even trying from a dealership that is not a LR Center.

    I'm getting the lines from the local dealership (where I would take any vehicle I purchase for service...) about no loaners with a non-Land Rover center purchase, no participation in "Wheels" events, etc. I'm not sure what to do! Is it really worth it to pay MSRP if I live in a market that only has Land Rover Centers? They have to service or repair any LR product, whether it was purchased there or not. Are the "extras" I would get from buying from a Center worth it?

    What are other people doing out there??? Are people negotiating on kits and other accessories in place of price? I could really use some advice! I've never paid MSRP for a vehicle! I'm a wreck over this! I'd really like to hear about the buying experiences of Disco owners. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to hear too!

    You can send email to [email protected], if you'd like.

    Thanks in advance!

  • lgraylgray Posts: 5
    I was just wondering how things worked out for you? You didn't buy from a Land Rover Center, did you? I think things must be a lot different in cities where dealerships are not all owned by the same group, as far as wheeling and dealing goes. I'd like to hear about your deal. Tell me how you felt after the sale. Has it ben everything you hoped it would be? I hope so!


  • dr0dr0 Posts: 1
    Hi all...I live in TX and I am seriously considering purchasing a LR from www.landroverhouston.com , I have been reading the posts and am really starting to get scared...are there really that many problems with LR's??...if so why would anyone want to buy them??...anyone who has had minimal to no problems with their LR and with words of encouragement are welcome to respond...


  • Hi folks,
    I have a 2000 Discovery II and here on our wonderful New Hampshire frost heaved roads, over choppy roads (nearly all) I am getting a "clacking" sound, almost like wooden blocks or metallic balls, coming from somewhere behind and above the glove box in the dash. Its hard to pin point the exact location because of the tone, but it could be almost as high up as where to dash meets the door post.
    Anyone had this problem and found a cure?
  • "Imc1", I don't know for sure how two identical DII's (my early built '99 and 00) can be so different. I think that LR builds something, then lets the consumer provide the dependability test -they see what goes wrong, and then redesign it. I had 18 warranty related repairs on the 99 in 10 months, and not one problem with the 00 in 8 months and 13500 miles. My service manager says the same thing: buy a vehicle built as late as possible for the model you want, and hopefully it will serve you well.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    "rkoesler", thanks for the help. You must have gone nuts with all the issues your 99 had. Did you lemon law the vehicle?
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    When I had my Disco before, I purchased it at a LR Centre in Maryland but had it serviced in 2 other locations both gave free loaners. I don't know why they would not service your car if you didn't buy it from a LR Centre. I'm not sure if free loaners are part of the LR experience, so you may check with Land Rover and also ask them what your 3 centres told you about service.
    BTW, I was able to negotiate some on the price but then, that was like 3 years ago.
  • hjdhjd Posts: 1
    I've got a 1999 Disc. II with 19,000 miles. At 10,000 miles the car needed new rotors and new brake pads, which cost over $1000 (brakes and rotors are excluded from the Warranty as "wear and tear" items. At 19,000 miles, the pads wore out again and I had to spend another $550.00. That's over $1500.00 in less than a year in brake work. The Service Tech claims this is normal for this vehicle. Anyone else experience such rapid brake pad/rotor wear? Anyone try to get Land Rover to cover the cost?
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I replaced the front pads on my '96 Disco at 13k miles, they were shot at that point. For what it's worth, that was the most enjoyable project I've ever done on a truck, what a great design! I replaced the pads with generics, bought at a local car parts store. I put on SOFT pads while I had the choice... pads are cheaper than rotors, which are notorious for needing replacement at around 80k miles. I'm watching my rear pads like a hawk now, ready to move when they get too thin.

    Just for the sake of grins, when I did the front wheels I ordered Wagner pads and waited a week. When they got here I thought "gee that's a big box" and lo and behold, there were brake SHOES in there. :) No charge for the return shipping!

    My advice: buy some simple tools and a manual and get to know your truck. Honestly, the brakes on a Disco are a dream to repad.

    Regards, -Bob
  • Hello, "Imc1". I did try to go the "lemon" route with LRNA and the dealer, but after much debate and letter writing, I just gave up and traded for a 00 Toyota 4R Limited 4wd (what a great vehicle!).

    LRNA, the dealer, and LR regional Rep. all basically said: "if you have problems, we're sorry, but that's what the warranty is for". As for inconvenience, the dealer always had a new DII loaner to give me, but it was still a pain to always have to go to the dealer, and wait for parts (a big problem with LR).

    While I loved the 4R, it was just too perfect - it was boringly reliable, and I really missed my DII. So I sold the Toy, and bought a new 00 DII - now I'm happy, especially since it has been almost as good as the Toy.
  • You should never pay MSRP on a Rover. You should be looking at over invoice price. I was able to get $300 over invoice on a '99 Disco II back in early 1999 here in the Washington DC area.
  • Hello HJD.... I also have a 1999 Disco II and I have close to 30,000 miles on the clock with original pads and rotors. I often carry heavy loads and get in plenty of mud on a regular basis so I would expect to have a high brake replacement rate but I don't. New pads every 10k miles is NOT normal. I have a friend with two Disco II's (one with over 35k miles) and he's still on the original pads as far as I know.
  • lmc1lmc1 Posts: 8
    offroaddisco: the LR dealers in MA all say they must stick to the prices stated. They say franchise dealers have set prices given to them by LDRA. They even claim this with used vehicles, I could only get them to move a grand on a 99 RR. Are most LR dealers reluctant to bargain or are they just playing games.

    rkoesler: you must be a true LR fan to give up a problem free 4Runner and go back to the Disco. I would definatley get a DII but can't because of the trunk length. It's only 28" from door to the back seats. Which is why I started looking at used RR but really don't know how far back I should go or want to go. Something seems strange about spending 35k on a 98 or 99 car.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I replaced my front pads at 16,700 miles, rears were in good shape at that time. I replaced rear pads yesterday at 56,600 miles. The front pads look to have about 1/2 the material left, they are aftermarket pads, perhaps "Wagner"? I'm not sure. Factory pads are made by Lockheed. This is a '96 DI and it gets hard use. Rotors are known to expire at 80k miles, so it's better to use soft (aftermarket) pads and replace them often. Plus it's a gloriously simple job, if I had the truck on jackstands and all 4 wheels off, I could replace all 4 pairs of pads in 5 minutes. It really is a nice design. Just make sure you don't push dirty brake fluid back up into the ABS pump... crack the bleed nipple open (11mm) and let it leak as you push the pistons back into the calipers. Use NEW cotter pins at all locations.

    Regards, -Bob
  • kan30kan30 Posts: 1
    I've found a used '97 Disco with 73,500 at a great price and am considering a purchase. However, as usual, I've been receiving both positive and negative comments regarding reliability and future value. I only plan to put 5000 - 7000 miles on the vehicle per year, but I do not want to worry with problems. The seller, who happens to be a mechanic and dealer of used Mercedes, claims the Disco is in great condition. I've test driven it twice and have become hooked. I plan to take it to the local Land Rover Dealer for a "once over" before the final purchase, but wanted to make certain I had not missed anything. Does anyone have any final bit of advice? Is the mileage too high? What are current good values on used high mileage '97 Disco's at the moment? I've heard '97's are better (reliability) than the '94-'96's, but don't know for sure. Any advice from a current owner of a '97 Disco (or any year Disco) is greatly appreciated.
  • Both my parking lights are out, yet the signals work(Front). I think it's the fuse, but it may be a short or the bulb...How can I find the cause? I don't want to rely on my mechanic for everything, so I'm trying to learn. I'm gonna pick up a Haynes manual next week, but until then any and all input appreciated.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    "He brought you "Confessions Of a Car Salesman" to give you the inside story of his undercover work as a car salesman. For this chat, Chandler Phillips goes one-on-one with "The Cardinal", Dependable Dodge's own Marc Antonucci . Don't miss this battle of truths as these two give it to you straight."

    If you haven't read Edmunds.com's confessions of a car salesman, I highly recommend you do so. I found it very entertaining, and yet enlightening as to what may go on in auto dealerships.


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  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Please don't take this wrong but you do know your parking lights are in the headlight housing? They are separate from the amber corner housings with the turn signals inside.

    It's common for bulbs to wear out at about the same time, and it may be yours are both simply burnt out. Try removing one of the plastic holders and pulling the bulb. Jiggle it and see if the filament is wobbling around at one end, or maybe the glass capsule will be darkened? It's the plug beneath the main harness holding the headlight bulbs themselves, you simply turn the plastic holder and it pops out of the reflector housing. The little parking light bulbs are cheap and I believe they're the same as your side markers and the ones in your rear bumper. Buy ten of them next time you're at the shop and leave 'em in a bag in the garage. All these bulbs are simple and quick to replace.

    If this doesn't do it, perhaps your switch is bad. If you're proficient, turn on the parking lights, pull the socket, remove the bulb and check for voltage at the socket.

    Best regards, -Bob
  • Thank you for the reply, I'll check them today.

  • My sister is seriously thinking about buying a 2001 Land Rover Discovery Series. She is going to get it loaded up with every option, but she still has a couple of questions. She is wondering if the Land Rover's engine will still have enough power when towing around a 2 ton boat, she is also looking at a jeep grand Cherokee and knows that the V8 is very strong and shouldn't have problems towing a boat. She knows the rover has a V8 but is wondering about power, like standing start and highway passing? Will the rover also have enough room to haul a college kid back and forth with luggage and supplies? She is going to the auto show and is thinking about getting some price quotes and info about the rover. This will be her first time with a rover and she doesn't want to have a lot of problems. If the rover is a complete mistake or a dream please send me back any comments and some info about these questions.
  • Hi,

    I'm located in Northern VA, and I want to buy a 2001 SE5 in the next 3 months with heated wind screen package and ACE in black ($300+). I also want the front brush guard, rear lamp guards, extended roof rails and rubber floor mats. The sticker w/out the guards, etc. is $39,675. What is a good price including the guards/mats?

    Also, I plan to buy with $10k down and I'd like to finance over 4 years. Where can I find the best terms for the loan? Should I bargains with LR or should I look for financing elsewhere?
  • hi everyone! I currently own a 1998 BMW M3 which I am going to place for sale. I want to get into a larger vehicle (ie an SUV) and have been seriously eye-balling the Disco II. I have test driven one and I loved it. However some of my friends say I'll be making a mistake getting out of my reliable Bimmer and into an unreliable Rover. I want to ignore them but when I'm getting ready to pay over 35k for a vehicle I need to be well informed. Any advice/suggestions/info/etc.? thanx jim
  • egrandegrand Posts: 14
    Does anyone know if a revised Discovery will be out in 2003 0r 2004? What changes are planned? Thanks. Elliot
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    Igray and all you Rover Lovers!!!

    I had an OUTSTANDING experinece purchasing the '01 Disco at the Grand Rapid dealership.
    It was certainly worth making that trip in our opinion.

    AS far as getting a good deal goes, definitetly look for someone, ANYONE who works for the FoMoCo, and get in on that "X-Plan!!".

    And as far as the vehicle is concerned, we could not be any happier!!!

    A colleague of mine who has just purchased the Mercedes SUV test drove our Disco today and was MUCHO impressed (and obviously envious!!!).

    For all of you yet-to-be-converted, I have been there and NOW I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!!!!
    We have so far put in 2000 delicious miles, and we have loved every moment of it!
    Every time I pass by a Montero or a MDX, it becomes more and more obvious that we have made the right choice (WHAT WAS I THINKING?????).

    Now for you Rover Lovers who live in the Great Detroit area and beyond, anyone with a recomendation on good places to go rovering (other than the Sommerset mall parking lot)??

    Happy Rovering (!!!!!!)
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Congrats on your decision! Rovers are awesome vehicles!

    I'm sitting in my new empty house (untouched by the earthquake, thank you) in Redmond, WA. My Rover left MI on a covered transport about 1.5 weeks ago and is supposed to show up tomorrow. I had an oldsmobile mini-van over the weekend running errands and the 'detroit feel' makes me long ever-more for my quirky British Rover!

    As far as trailing and offroading - your options are pretty limited in SE MI. There is a place called the mound near Flint, MI - it's an ORV park and there are lots of great challenges there for you to partake in, but you'll need an ORV sticker.

    When I was a MI resident (up until last Friday! :), I would often point the rover northwest, up near Traverse City. Wexford County has quite a few seasonal roads that only get normal use during the summer - some are two-tracks. Grab a county map, pack a tent, and head up that way for a weekend - it is absolutely incredible! Similar to the concept of green-laning (UK thing) - it's lots of driving through very peaceful woods, some challenging terrain (if you seek it out), an occasional river crossing, lots of sand, and even some hills around the power lines. Makes for a great weekend and cleanses the soul.

    Thanks - wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    OK, if you want an impartial comparison, stop reading now :)

    About 1.5 weeks ago, relocation picked up my Rover and shipped it west to Washington State (where I currently am). In the interim, I had lots of errands to run around the MI home (trips to the dump, pickup lumber, etc.) so I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee for the week.

    Roadside manners of the JGC blew the Series I Disco away. But, it's hard to get over the ugly dash and bland interior. Also, if you plan on owning your vehicle for more than 3-5 years, I'd venture to guess that the interior of the Jeep wouldn't wear very well. My rental had 8k miles on it and the material on the seats was already wearing and shifting on the cushions. Also, that cheap dash looks like a thorough cleaning could break it!

    As for roadside manners against a DII (which I drive when my DI is in service), I'd say it's an even match. The JGC may have a little more jump off the line, but I prefer the smooth transmission and the way the DII hunts through the gears.

    Call me spoiled, but the durability of a Rover interior really puts other vehicles to shame.

    Anyways, if I had a cool $35-45K in my pocket and could choose, it wouldn't even be a choice - it would be the Discovery. As I approach the end of this summer, I'll probably be trading in my '96 Disco for a new Series II.

    Please, everyone post again and let me know how many miles, how many service trips, and your general satisfaction with the vehicle. All opinions welcome!

    I've already started scoping out the trail/offroad scenario here in WA and even found myself hanging around the Rover dealer today after taking my wife back to the airport (she'll be coming permanently in another week). Boy, I'm in sad shape, being Roverless and all! :)

    I may be going this coming weekend to look at a 1973 Series III in the area. For those that have been on the forum for awhile, you know that I've been itching to get an older rover or a Defender. Defenders are still too damn expensive, so I'm within 60-90 days of pulling the trigger (maybe sooner) on a Series III. Wish me luck!

    Thanks - wasko
  • hoos1hoos1 Posts: 13
    We had a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (V8) which was a nightmare. It was in the shop every other month - heated seats failed, CD player replaced, fuel line replaced, knocking noise while braking ... We traded it for a 1999 DII SE with ACE, and have had hardly any problems. The DII is not as quick off the line but not doing much drag racing in these SUVs anyways. We have plenty of power for merging and passing. Interior noise seems a little quieter in DII. Intereior quality is better in DII, also. The dye on the JGC seats was coming off after only two years. The ACE package makes the DII much more stable in turns, on-ramps, etc than the JGC ever was - always felt a little unstable while on on/off-ramps. We were concerned about LandRover reliability but so far have been pleased, plus our dealer here in Atlanta has been great and we actually bought the car in Richmond while living in Charlottesville, VA.
  • Obviously these folks are sticking their heads in the sand. January 2001 Disco sales are down 35.7% and February 2001 sales are down 37.8% (year to year). The figures come from the Ford media homepage. I suspect that someone will have to make a decision at Rover, do they want to sell vehicles, or do they want to push prospective buyers to a Benz or BMW???? The core Rover owners will continue to buy Rovers, but new buyers might be more inclined to go elsewhere! Good luck, let the board know how you do...
  • everdieverdi Posts: 10
    i live in the same area and looking for a dII
    however, i don't find the dealers interested in selling much below msrp. what dealership do you recommend in the DC area.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Welcome to the Land of Espresso! I lived on Bainbridge Island for 8 years and worked in town, rode the ferry every day. If you're in Redmond, try the road up over Stevens pass with the Disco, there's some nice spots up there. You'll also find some nice places in Snoqualmie pass, but not many. For a nice day trip try taking the Edmonds or Mukilteo ferry out to Kingston or Port Townsend, and play on the beach... or go north to Sol Duc hot springs... you'll love it!

    Wishing I was back on the Island, but not wishing enough to leave God's Own Country. -Bob
  • jtc8jtc8 Posts: 2
    My firm does work for Ford and we have access to the X-plan. Has anyone purchased a Land Rover through this plan? If so, how much of a discount off of MSRP does it give you?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    Igray, thanks for the advice. Interestingly, a buddy of mine (who owns a '99 Disco), and myself were planning on going up to Flint, but we were not aware of the ORV buisiness --we will need to look that up, I guess.

    I am sorry to hear that you have left the lovely SE Michigan and headed West, and furthermore, had to be parted with your Rover(and stuck with a CHRYSLER -DOH!!!- to boot).

    jtc8, with the X-plan, we were offered 5% above MSRP over the invoice (which came out to about $1700 above the invoice for SD7). Also you can get an outstanding lease deal - for example, we were offered 0 down and 530$/mo for 36 mo @ 12000mi/yr for SD7 with third row seating, SLS, and the "winter package". (No, I am NOT a LR dealer, althought come to think of it, that wouldn't be such a bad job).

    And just to GLOAT ---yes, my '01 DISCO II is beautiful to look at and a pure joy to drive (of course, only lie in that statement is that technically, the car belongs to my wife).

    Happy Rovering!!!
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    Sorry guys, I meant to thank you Wasko. (and Igray, bet you didn't know that you've moved West). Doh!!!!

    Delirious from happy Rovering,
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382

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  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    NEO5 and others, I read on Ford's Web site that the X-Plan is only available in certain cities. Has anyone else heard this? I'm in Miami and will be ready for my Rover in June or so. I'll find a way to hook up with this plan if it's available.
  • What are the eligibility requirements?

    Where can I get more info on this?

    I plan to buy a SE w/ ACE in mid May, and want to pay less than $600 a month with $10k down. Is this possible?
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    For all you prospective Rover Lovers, DEFINITELY seek the X-plan!!!!

    Basically the plan is an extension of "A-plan" which is the Ford employee discount. X-plan is modified discount for the "friends and families of FoMoCo employee".

    In order to qualify, you just need to know a sap who works for the FoMoCo or Ford-related companies.

    You simply give them your Soc secuirity # and then they obtain a PIN and then next thing you know you are sitting high above all others in your brand spanking new Land Rover !!!!
    (Yes, once again, it goes to show that there is more to the FoMoCo then those exploding tires!!)

    A friend of mine who qualified us says that they get 3 X-plans per year to give out.

    If you ABSOLUTELY do not know anyone who works for the FoMoCo, or worse yet, do not have ANY friend at all, my advice would be to pick up a Dearborn(where it seems every other household gets their paychecks from Mr. Ford Sr.) phone book and start calling random numbers - and if you find a Ford employee, BEG and PLEA for a PIN (heck, after all we are trying to spend our hard-earned money on their product!!!) (well not really THEIR product, but...just mention that you are trying to help Ford from getting "Chryslered"-OUCH!).

    For more FoMoCo X-plano info, go to www.aplanheadquarters.com

    For you guys who are looking to purchase a Disco, I am so very excited for you (I was just there!!!). My advice is to go full-steam ahead and go HEAD OVER HEEL (yeah, BABY!)(of course, remember that I also just gave you advice to randomly call up strangers on the phone and give out your Soc sec numbers - but HEY, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!!).

    Rovero ergo sum (I ROVER, threrfore I AM.)
  • Mother Nature covered us with about 26" of snow...for the first time I got to truly experience winter driving! Let me tell you, my Disco was fantastic..she handled like an absolute dream!! I watched people in my neighborhood with empathy as they were sweating and aching with each shovel lift! *who-ahh!!!* I drove through the igloo the wonderful snow plow guy built around me with glee!...(no low range necessary). 3 people stood around watching in disbelief.....

    Good luck to all, and may your rover experiences be trouble free!



    I put on over 100mi having fun in the snow!! The joy of rovering.....
  • Anybody have a good alternative for the cup holders? The ones in the dash are too close for anything but a small cup. U-shaped holders were provided for the center console, but they fall over on a turn. Anybody creative?
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    A girl in my office just picked up a 97 Discovery SE7, loaded, 39,000 miles, with jump seats, automatic, and the sunroof, in black for $19,000 out the door. This is at a Cadillac dealership in Sacramento Ca. and they even included a 3/36 with the deal. I don't know what price you were shopping for so I hope this helps.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I believe the cupholders for your DII also came with black Phillips screws... you're supposed to do the unthinkable and (shudder) screw them into the console itself. If it was up to me, I wouldn't do it. I want unobstructed access to my shift and brake levers.

    In my DI, I can fit tall stainless mugs in my dash mounted holders; they block the controls but it's workable. Get one with a tight-fitting lid that seals well, and you can do mild offroading without spilling your coffee too.

    Regards, -Bob
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