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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • jyc1jyc1 Posts: 1
    Page 24 of the October 2000 issue of CAR magazine (a British publication) reports that Ford is considering stopping production of the Defender and Discovery as independent car lines. According to CAR, Ford is desperate to save money and is considering building both cars on the Ford Explorer platform.

    Pity. Although I would not purchase a Discovery due to its build quality (I'm currently in the market for a 4runner), I have always admired Land Rover vehicles for their off-road prowess and unique design. I fell in love with the look of the Discovery when I studied abroad in England 8 years ago. It was a smart move on Rover's part to start bringing them into the states a few years back.

    I guess Ford is going to do the same thing they did to the new "jaguar." Take a Ford corporate platform, add a Ford transmission and a Duratec V-6 engine out of the Taurus, wrap it with an evocative "jaguar" shape, and fill the rest of the interior with various bits from the Ford corporate parts bin.

    This will certainly save alot of money for Ford and give them a return on their investment that poor, hapless BMW never got. However, this absolutely destroys the integrity of Land Rover and their products. Unlike Jaguars, which by the 1980's were pretty mediocre vehicles to drive and were getting by solely on looks and "Britishness," Land Rovers still stand for something -- off road capability. Will a Discovery built on an Explorer have the same entry/exit angles, wheel articulation and structural integrity? Probably not, although i'm sure any such vehicle will be much more reliable and good looking for all the soccer moms out there.

    As I said before, I'm not in the market for a Disco, and I'm trying to get the last of the 2000 4Runner limiteds while they still have the rear locking diff and not some crappy "traction control" system. But it would be a shame if Ford watered down and corporatized one of the few vehicles that still stands for something. I suggest that Land Rover owners should contact Ford to dissuade them ...

    Just my 2 cents.
  • Okay, I did it---I bought a used 99 Discovery II with 14000 miles. Oxford Blue, leather, cold climate package, no ACE (I drove ACE and non-ACE and really couldn't tell the difference.) What a pleasant vehicle to drive! My previous cars were a 97' vette and 97' Mark VIII so I like something that has entertainment value.
    Incidentally, I was going to buy a 99' ML430 but a bad dealer experience at Mark Motors plus the general "cheapness" of the ML's interior changed my mind.
    I've had no problems other than the one I created when I tried to drive my LR into the garage--its a little taller than I thought. As long as my fiance sits on the rear bumper (she weights about 115lb) it will fit, and it give the neighbors something to watch.
    There are a couple of things that I will find a solution for---1. My 20oz drink won't fit the cupholders. 2. I want a 10disc CD changer, but LR made the connections proprietary (rats!)
  • I'm currently looking at a 96 disco to buy. I really like the looks of this vehicle and it's an SE7 with 35,xxx miles for $18,000. What should I look for when I test drive it? What else should I visibly check for? I'm really interested in "different" vehicles. I don't really want to buy a Grand Cherokee like everyone else out there, but that's my other choice.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    MOST IMPORTANT: make absolutely sure there is no problem with sticking valves. Or if there was a problem, make sure it's been corrected. Have the truck's history brought up by VIN at a dealer, that will show its past. This problem began in MY 1996.

    Other things: don't worry a lot about small drips. "If it isn't leaking, it's empty" applies. It should track dead straight over bumps and with crosswind, 70mph should be effortless. Try driving around in "3" in town, see if it feels peppy. It ought to happily rev to 4k RPM with plenty of pickup. Driver over railroad tracks, see if the front end feels tight. Check the swivel balls (both sides under the front end) to see if they're leaking. Look at diffs, have fluids been changed? Check oil drain nut, is it marred from use? How about the transfer case drain? Swivel ball drains? Look at auto trans... same story. See if the cross member under the trans has been removed and replaced for the 35k service? Have a shop check the OBDII for any stored codes... that tells a lot.

    Good luck!! -Bob
  • Over 200 miles on my Discovery. It is getting about 16.5 mpg in Chicago suburb driving. Based on reviews, I had been expecting worse (~12 mpg). I am curious what other Discovery II owners are getting.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    Well, I'm still out there shopping for a DII, perpetual car shopper that I am. My current dilemma: A somewhat distant but still local dealer has a 2000 DII with ACE, lthr, cold. pckg., & dual SR (no CD) with 2300 miles on it, Kent Green. Due to current incentives from LR price is $35, 425. "Vibes" I get from their salespeople are OK at best.

    A closer LR dealer whom I like better (with a salesman with enough patience to put up with my lengthy car shopping dilemma no less!) doesn't have a 2000 that I want, but says that altho there are no incentives on 2001's, the list price w/the equip. that I want is now around $2500 less than a comparable 2000. With his $520 discount on an '01, price would be around $38,400 with same equip. as the leftover 2000 Kent Green I'm looking at.

    Is it worth it to save $3000 to get the 2000 instead of waiting for an '01? Will a 2001 be worth $3,000 more at trade in time in a few years?
    What would anyone else do? I tend to keep vehicles for a long time if I like them, & put low miles on them.

    Any advice would be appreciated, & thanks again for all the advice I've gotten previously on this site.
  • I just bought a 2000 Disco II and the rear center inertial reel is locked. The belt is so tight it's almost cutting into the leather seat. I pulled the seat backing off and don't see any immediately apparent way of releasing it. Can anyone help me with this? I'd like to take care of it before I go out of town on business so my wife can use the vehicle with the kids, and the dealer can't fit us in before I go. Thank you.
  • For anyone in the Central Florida area interested in Land Rover, I would encourage you to visit Reeves in Tampa. I just bought my Disco II from them and it was by far the best car buying experience I've ever had. No hassles, haggling, pushing; very straight forward with verifyable honesty. The salesman gave us an abundant amount of third party research material on SUVs for comparison shopping and encouraged us to shop around other makes to compare. The follow up has been excellent. If you're even thinking about an SUV they certainly make it easy for you. I went from not even considering Land Rover to purchasing one.
  • wvanswvans Posts: 1
    Hi, I recently went thru a similar question of buying cheeper or buying from the dealer who I have come to like and trust. GO FOR THE DEALER! Additionally, wait for the 2001 as it will be 12 months newer and that should be worth the $3K alone, or more. My dealer is LR Center of Cincinnati. They are the largest reason I have been buying LR's since 1989. Great service and there when you need them. Particularly, Randy and Stan also Steve, the salesman. Good Luck
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    Thanks for the feedback! I came to the exact same conclusion about going with a better dealer vs. saving some extra $$$$ today after I visited the dealer I like in Natick, Mass. (LR Metro West) for at least the 4th time & they were great. To call it a non-pressure situation would be an understatement!

    However I'm not sure yet if I agree about the 2001 definitely being worth $3k more than the 2000? The LR salesman today, knowing I tend to keep my vehicles for 8 or 10 years, said probably not. It may come down to how long I can wait, or what I can do with an extra $3,000.

    Just to complicate things further, I'm re-visiting the ACE vs. non-ACE decision again, after driving one of each today, & being firmly in the ACE camp until now. The salesman said the 18" tires are not as good in the snow (makes sense, right?), & pointed out the added noise of the ACE system which I'm starting to notice more. I love the 18" wheels, but $2900 is a lot, plus possible replacement costs for 18" tires......

    Any further comments from anyone, particularly on the ACE question, would be greatly appreciated....Thanks!
  • Over the weekend my fiance and I took my 99' Discovery II offroading. She drove and it performed flawlessly. (I have a heavily modified 87' Cherokee with a Rubicon 4" lift, 31" BFG's, etc.) and there is no way that it would have gone through some of the spots that the Land Rover slogged through.
    I know there are alot of "nay-sayers" about the Land Rover. I don't know if they bought problem, used vehicles or what, but I am very happy with mine.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3
    Hello All,

    I have a question regarding my 1997 Land Rover Discovery. I am experiencing an intermittent loss of power with my disco at highway speeds. I have contacted my local Land Rover service department, and they have not been able to identify the problem. I am hoping that someone else has experienced this problem and knows the solution.

    From the speeds of 45mph and up, my disco will lose power for 2 seconds. It does not lose total power, but power is reduced by approx. 30%. Eventhough they only last 2 seconds, they occur randomly. Sometimes one after the other during a 20 second period. Other times I can go 20 miles without a problem. The rpms stay constant during these sessions. Due to the randomness of the sessions and the fact I do not have any service engine lights on, the dealership does not know how to find the problem.

    If anyone has any information or can suggest a good website for a solution, I would be greatly appreciative.
  • Did your dealer put your vehicle on the computer and check the error codes? When you loose power, do you loose all electrical (horn, radio, etc?) Have someone check the advance on the distributor.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3
    The dealer stated that if I do not have any service lights on then the computer has not identified a problem. They said they could bring it in and go through the car but they will charge me $76/hour.

    I only lose power, nothing else. Everything else (lights, radio, gauges, etc . .) stays status quo.
  • Clopes,

    I own a '96Disco. I also have the same loss of power (deceleration) when traveling at over 55 mph. The episodes are infrequent and do not happen all the time. But when it does the vehicle hesitates regains speed, hesitates, etc.
    I took it to the local dealer who could not find
    a problem after hooking up the computer.
    Since I was due for the 60k mi maintenance, I
    had it done (not cheap) and hope with this overhaul, it would somehow solve the problem. Guess What? 5 days later same thing. I love my Disco but this is frustrating.
    I'm wary of traveling far. So if you find the answer please pass it along. Unfortunately, your not the only one with this problem.
  • Ok, let me tell you the story......
    All Land Rover technicians are not created equal.

    I own a '96 discovery, purchased used at 41000 kms (Canada) in Nov. 1998 with an extended 3yr/120000 kms warranty. Over the past two years I have put 75000 kms on with some severe off-roading included.

    This vehicle has NEVER let me down, it has gone anywhere and everywhere I have wanted to take it. Although it does come with some quirks, and a little noise.

    It's service has been maintained, oil/fluids, and all regular service maintenence.
    At my dealership, it is only 1 of 2 in Vancouver, it is always a two week wait, but a loaner or rental vehicle is always provided.

    As for this began last December (1999). A periodic, and very occasional loss of power, no loss or surge in rpms, just a momentary hesitation. With a check engine light. Promptly taken in, tested and nothing out of the ordinary in results. Sent home and all seemed fine.

    January 2000, again temporary loss of power, check engine light on again, no surge or drop of rpms and speed was maintained. But a 2 second pause, and a slight whiplash effect. Another test was carried out, blame was placed on oxygen sensor malfunction, and replaced (thank god for an extended warranty) cost approx. $550 cdn. However, same effects felt again periodically a few days later while road tripping down the coast to California. Then all of a sudden fine.

    June 2000, the problem re-occured, more severe and repetitive, check engine light on again. This time dealership suspected that exhessive valve stick was the problem, an expensive replacement and I put it off. A vacation and travel came and went so I barely touched the vehicle for two months.

    August 23, 2000, The problem is incredibly persistent. At initial acceleration, city driving, highway driving, at any speed. Immediately taken in to dealership, again an oxygen sensor malfunction was blamed along with excessive valve stick. I ok'd the work, with only the oxygen sensor malfunction being covered by warranty. Land Rover technicians' "testbook" computer system "crashed" while connected to my engine. Locked my engine in security mode... for 12 days, while second testbook was shipped to the dealership, which arrived broken and unusable. Vehicle unlocked and prepared for my pickup on Sept. 7, 2000. Picked up the morn' of Sept 8, 2000, and ran smoothly for 40kms then the same problem reappeared.

    Setember 11, 2000. Vehicle returned to dealership, vehicle retested by the highly qualified and experienced Land Rover technicians. This time they decided that the problem was related to a hot start switch and replaced it, along with renewing the speedometer transducer. Vehicle picked up on Sept. 15,2000.

    September 19, 2000. Guess who headed back into the dealership.....yes the same problem. This time the fault "codes" were pulled again, and the problem was a thermostatic devise beside the transmission, I don't have the paperwork for this one yet or I could give you the exact name, but I picked up the car on Sept 22, received credit for all work done to date minus insurance deductible, and it is running smooth. Knock on wood!!!!!!

    I beleive that this thermastatic devise was the problem, it is somewhere in the neighbourhood of a $100 part, I'll update this with exact names and numbers on tuesday when I receive all the paperwork. The problem is that this part when failing triggers other symptoms in the vehicle and those parts are traced first. It is only by a systematic detailed analysis that it can be found. .......Now of course this is what we're supposed to be paying these highly qualified technicians for. But is $90/hr what we're getting from them?!?

    So hopefully for anyone else out there with this problem, you will not have to endure days/weeks/months of jerking in your vehicle.
    My problem is not with my LandRover, it has 116000 kms (73000 miles), it looks new, exterior and interior, and I guess now a large percentage of engine parts are new too. Nor is my problem with the LandRover dealership, who has after seeing my face for 6 weeks or so, credited me for all service completed. My problem is with the technicans in the shop working on my vehicle, using their textbook computers as an answer for the "faults", rather than as a diagnostic tool.

    That all being said I have thoroughly enjoyed owning this vehicle, it's comfort, reliability and ability offroad. If I was just doing city driving however, there are alot of "pretty" and functional SUV's out there. But if you are going anywhere into the backcountry and need a powerful and functional 4x4, Land Rover has it all.


    P.S. I will post again on Tuesday when I have the paperwork on this most recent work. And I have driven my vehicle hard to road test it since the last incident and all seems fine.
  • tag7tag7 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a 1994 Discovery, but do not have the owner's manual. I tried area Land Rover dealers but was told all manuals pre-1997 have been discontinued. I tried Land Rover web site but could not find any numbers to contact the company directly. Any ideas about how I may be able to get ahold of an owner's manual for this vehicle?
  • Bought a new white 00 Disco II at Aristocrat Motors in Kansas City in April. Just had the 7500 checkup with no reported problems yet. My tail gate latch sticks every now and then, which I see others posting here complain of.

    I am getting ready to go to the middle of now where South Dakota for a duck hunt, pulling trailer, taking dogs, and all that. Looking forward to seeing how it does on the long trip.

    I think Ford buying LR is good. They did wonders for Jaguar. It's a better car, better made, better mechanics. Don't buy into any talk about a Tauras in fancy rapping. LR won't be a fancy Exploder (pun intended). LR will maintain it's quality and most likey get much better quality control. NO matter how die hard a fan you are, you have to admit that the engines specks and performance are crap compared to today's engines. The V6 in my 99 Trooper got better mileage, was more powerful, was quicker, pulled just as much weight, and was quitier. But, the darn charm, good looks, feel, and off road ability make up for this.
  • clopesclopes Posts: 3

    I look forward to your next posting. I appreciate the detail and hope your experience solves my problem.


  • Has anyone had problems with scalloped tires? My dealer did not know the cause, I think it's my shocks and my mechanic agreed that could be a possible cause. I'd appreciate any info.
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