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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • This is a question for "sineef" [#6 of 350 1997 DISCO by sineef Jun 27, 2000 (12:40 am)] who said:

    "1996 Land Rover Discovery": I use a shop locally in San Jose that services Land Rover, Jaguar and Mercedes. They have two ex-Land rover mechanics that are excellent and their prices are affordable. Additionally their service is much better than the crappy dealer service we have experienced in the past.

    Can you please let me know who/where this San Jose mechanic is? Any names would be very helpful!

  • rj17rj17 Posts: 7
    Greetings all. The other day I stated to those of you who are interested in seeing the 02 Range Rover to go to the LR web site. I apologize for the miss leading info. This is the correct site After that click on the "Latest Spy Photo"
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    I appreciate your help with the production date- I haven't been online for a while to say thanks previously. If you got it from LR NA, I'm not sure how, they told me they don't have that info there. Before I purchased Lizzie, I checked her history with my local LR dealer ( they are already turning out to be fantastic) and found that her service had been maintained and that leaks had been fixed. She's at the dealer now due to the ever famous "lean" they experience, but I knew she had that and it is covered under the warranty I bought with her. They gave her the once over and she's good to go other than that.

    If she was built on a Friday, then they managed to install the engine before leaving for the pub. I'm eternally grateful. She's a great truck and brings me joy.

    You seem to know a lot about Rovers. My goal is to work on her myself and to learn as much as possible about her.

    Again, I really appreciate your help on the VIN.
  • smokangsmokang Posts: 1
    I looked at this message board a year ago and got mixed messages. We went with our hearts and got a LR DiscII with 7 seat/cold weather package. Only have had 1 minor problem since with windshield wipers. Otherwise, by far the best SUV we have ever driven. We have a 2000 4 runner and the Disc II blows it away in terms of ride, feel, etc. Only downside is poor gas mileage, but worth every penny. Remarkable that the Disc II is priced at same levels with other SUVs that are nowhere near the same level of value. It is a steal. Buy one if you are thinking of a SUV in the 30K range!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I had no problem getting it from LRNA, I looked it up myself. (I work there ;) ) Glad to have been of assistance.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Just checking in - I've been silent for a couple of weeks!

    DI seems to be running well - one slight issue. After I'm out around town for awhile and stop, when I get back in, it idles super-low and occasionally dies. Always idles proper when I first start it, but after it's warmed up a bit, it gets funny idle syndrome.

    Couple of other things...

    Sporin - 96 and 97 aren't bad at all - take the VINs by the dealership and they'll print the history for you.

    Lester - welcome aboard - great to have some International folks here as well! I would love to hear some stories of cruising around on the outback.

    Thanks and Happy Rovering to all!

  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Nanuq - went out to Bainbridge Island (made a day of it with my wife and son) and took the '73 SIII for a spin. It was hopeless - I fell for the vehicle right away. The wife and son really liked it too. Talk about getting back to the basics - the vehicle is absolutely perfect for tooling around town and taking short trips on the weekends. My rover madness grows greater by the day ...

    My 11 year old is getting as bad as me - we're in Borders and he goes straight to the magazine rack to buy the current issue of Land Rover World (we subscribe to LRM). He even shells out his hard-earned allowance each month for the £4.99 cost (about $7US).

    My wife is even contemplating putting a deposit down at the dealer to reserve a Freelander in December/Jan for herself. After seeing it at the Detroit Auto Show, she's convinced that it will be her next vehicle. We're hopeless :)

    Anyways, the nice gentleman who we're buying the Series III from let us take it around the island for as long as we liked, so we were out and about for 2 hours. Stopped at Ruby's but they were closed! It was Sun. around noon and plates were set, so maybe they open later? When I go back for the final purchase, we'll try again. I put a deposit on the Rover and am hopeful that the house in MI sells w/in 60 days so the SIII will be mine.

    Saw the hill that you bike up - that thing is a beast. I'm getting ready to start biking in to work 1-2x a week (10 miles each way) and I was complaining to my wife about the 1 mile hill coming up to our house but after seeing that hill on Bainbridge, I'll be silent :) Only biking 1 or 2 days because I've got hockey Wed & Fridays, and need to do something with my new SIII :)

    If you want to see the vehicle, check out: and click on Series III LandRover on the left.

    Take a look at the odometer - 56k original miles (never rolled). Vehicle is in excellent shape and I'm very excited to add it to the collection. Man, if my wife does get a Freelander, that will be 3 Rovers. Maybe I'll get a Rover Mountain Bike too :) For those that don't believe there is such a thing, checkout

    Thanks - wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    What a gorgeous SIII, and those pictures look so familiar! With the raised bumps in the road, and the south-bound direction, I can think of a couple places on the Island where it's sitting. Was that out in Port Madison, or down around Rolling Bay? What memories those pics bring back!

    Hey if you get back and Ruby's is closed again, go down to the marina in town, and find the Thai restaurant right on the water. "Teddy" is the owner, he makes wonderful chicken galanga soup and pad thai. Have him mix up some of his special hot sauce... the red thick stuff with all the seeds in it.

    Congratulations on the SIII !! -Bob
  • I am in the market for a II with all the options, and I have recognized the authority of options on this board. Of course I have a few questions that I would like to offer for general discussion points for a perspective slightly different that the dealer's sales approach and my own.

    Could someone provide thoughts or comments on ACE option?

    Another caveat in my buying decision is the fact that I commute almost 100 miles daily and I am concerned about that many miles with permanent 4WD. How do these vehicles typically wear with many miles?

    I have done limited research into the residuals that the II might offer and it seemingly compares to most other Subs. Does this seem accurate by most of your accounts?

    What are your overall thoughts on the lack of overall horsepower as compared to respectively to the other SUVs in similar price ranges?

    Any additional information would be helpful because I am in love with the looks and overall thoughts of purchasing this vehicle.
  • gerrenwgerrenw Posts: 3
    First, I will tell you I am not quite the most mechanically minded person in the world. However, I do love to drive and have had many SUV's and cars. I just sold my LandCruiser and purchased a Disco 2 SE about one month ago. I absolutely love it. I have already put almost 3k miles...problem free. A few trips to Vegas and Phoenix...a truly wonderful SUV on the highway. The ACE package adds a great deal of stability to the overall ride quality. I recommend you get it. As far as 4 wheel LandCruiser was also full time 4 wheel drive...and I had well over 110k miles on that. So I do not think that the issue of permanent 4 wheel drive is really that noticable. As far as horsepower...not a huge issue to me. I am not such a lead foot...but my wife is and she has a blast driving the LR. She says that the "get up and go" is way better than it was on the 212 hp LandCruiser. Bottom line...I have always loved the look of the LR, but I had never driven one...and now that I have I must say that the entire ride quality and view and feeling of comfort is fantastic. Better than every other SUV I have been in anywhere close to the LR price range.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    The SIII is literally a 5 minute walk from the ferry right at the end of a 'private lane'. Up the street from the ferry, left on the lane, house is right there across the next road. Sorry I can't think of road names.

    I'm a Thai nut so I'll definitely check out Teddy's secret hot sauce :).

    Thanks - wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    I know exactly where you're talking about... is that "Andserson" road? Near there, the main road north is "Ferncliff". Go north up that road, turn right on Wing Point Way, clear back past the golf course there's a "T" intersection past the schmoozy wooden "We're rich so keep out" sign. At the "T" look thru the thick hedges to your left, the driveway is right at the power pole. That house is where we first lived on the Island.

    For a little adventure, take the SIII down to Port Blakely and do some exploring... there are still some jeep trails that aren't chained off yet.

    WARNING: once you try Teddy's food you'll never be satisfied again. We made a trip back there last summer to visit our adopted Gramma and to see Teddy again. He sent me home to Alaska with a big Tupperware container full of his sauce, telling me "You make sure you come back when that's gone". And I will!
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    Wasko, thanks for the place-to-Rover-in-MI info. I got myself all geeked up (AND got myself an ORV sticker), and did myself some research (did you know that tere is a internet site with a map of the "mound"!!), and headed to Mt. Morris - just to be turned down (ouch!!) - No SUV's allowed until May (Doh!!!).

    I was so dissapointed, my sister-in-law who were accompanying me had to literally restrain me from driving through one of the private farm road that was calling my name! Ah, so close yet...

  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    For those of you out there who are considering an SUV for bad weather driving, serious off-roading, or "just beacuse", I think you guys are doing the right thing by looking through these sites.

    I have just been there myself, going through these sites, my heart sinking as I calculated how much $$$ it would have costed ME everytime I read the horror stories of Rover-ownership.

    If you, like myself, are a mechanical moron, and are fortunate enough to afford a new Rover, here are, for whatever it is worth, some of my observations thus far with my '01 Disco.

    (1) Concerns regarding lack-of-power and braking have not been problematic at all. For everyday driving and highway driving, there is plenty of power, and the braking has actually been excellent. My wife and I actually like the feel of the bank-vault-like "solidness" as the V-8 pulls the heft of our awesome Rover (hey, that was almost poetic).

    (2) It is hard to call anything a bargain at this price range, but Discos actually are very reasonably priced. Other SUV's we have test-drove either costed alot more (e.g. Big Lexus SUV / Land Cruiser, BMW, Mercedes), or offered alot less ( e.g. Montero, MDX, 4 Runner, et al.).

    (3) I have had my share of cars that I've enjoyed driving, but BY FAR, my ROVER takes the prize in "Joy of Ownership" category. The view, the feel, the drive, the capability, and all the gawkings....

    (4) So far, only 1 and a half mo. into the ownership and 2000 mi, we have not had any problems; A colleague of mine who has a '00 Disco with about 16,000 mi., had so far only one visit to the dealership for the leaking sunroof. My impression has been that the reliability issues with the newer (post-BMW) Rovers have been fairly decent.

    Well, all this writing is making me want to go out rovering.

    Thanks to you all Nanuq, Wasco, lgray, rkoesler et al. for your advices. (by the way, where are you guys lgray and rkoesler??)

    Rovero ergo sum
  • lgraylgray Posts: 5
    Thanks for your input Neo5. I was beginning to feel like I was about to make a big mistake in buying a Discovery. My feet have been very cold lately! I've test driven a couple of competing SUVs recently. Very depressing! I don't really like the looks of any other SUV. I like boxy sport utilities!

    All of the comments and reviews about the Disco's lack of power, trips to the dealership for repairs, etc. really have made me nervous. It's good to read your positive post!

    Anyone else care to chime in with positive comments? There are a lot of us out here who want that little extra assurance that the Disco II doesn't have to be a love/hate thing. Does it have to be that complicated?! More positive feedback, please!


  • cwigintoncwiginton Posts: 14
    Has anyone ever been to or is anyone planning on going to this event? I am trying to decide if I should leave my wife and 3 week old son at home and travel to Tennessee to do some off-roading. Any feedback or impressions are appreciated.
  • jgroomjgroom Posts: 1
    I am in the Phoenix AZ area and am seriously considering leasing a 2001 SD Disco. Any advice on options, should I spend a little more for the ACE option??? Should I wait for the 2002 models? Does anyone have any overly good or bed experiences with the local "centre" in Scottsdale? Thanks in advance.
  • maxoutmaxout Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 Discovery SE.
    I love it. However, I have an annoying squeak in the rear of the vehicle. I can not figure out what it is.
    Has anyone had this trouble and what was the problem?
  • rkoeslerrkoesler Posts: 62
    Hey everybody, I'm still alive and kicking! Just had my 15K service done on my 00 DII and everything is still perfect. I really appreciate my free maintenance & service for 4 years and 45K miles - what a deal - a Rover and all I do is pay for gas!

    "maxout", I too have had some squeeks, and still do, but I'm getting used to them. I just turn the music up. My rear sunroof sometimes makes noise, as does my drivers door. My rear cargo door did make noise but the dealer adjusted that, so now it's ok. Once in a while, I hear noises from the rear, but I have no clue where they are (seats, stuff in side bins, tonnau cover, ???).

    It's good to read some nice and positive posts like those above, as any car can be crappy, and some people just like to cut others' down.

    I've only had one really bad LR experience (99 DII), but had some other crappy and problematic cars as well (Mercedes- 94 & 98 C280 & CLK320, 00 BMW "M" roadster, and 90 Toyota truck - first 30K miles only - it's been perfect since (has 187K miles now)).

    Happy Rovers to all!
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    As I've been looking at old Rovers, I've got some sound advice for all :)

    If you worry about every squeak and rattle that your Rover makes, you'll worry yourself to death. Worry about taking care of your Rover and it will take care of you.

    As I was admiring the '73 SIII, I asked the owner if there were any water leaks. "It leaks up here by the tops of the doorjams sometimes. Also, a little by the rear tailgate area - here." As he pointed, I started laughing. He was puzzled. I told him my '96 Disco is almost 30 years older and leaks in both of those areas. We both had a good chuckle about that one!

    A Rover will never be perfect. It will be a great value for the money, will last longer than many of the cheap American vehicles with their abundance of plastic components, and it will remain one of the most unique vehicles on the market.

    Rover on all!

    Thanks and good weekend to all - wasko
  • neo5neo5 Posts: 12
    Once again, I consider myself pretty much of a mechanical moron - but, I was fortunate enough to track down the source of the squeaks in my SD7. And it was one of the jump seats that was not properly latched on, and the problem easily solved!

    MAXOUT, you may try folding up and re-latching the second row seats and the jump seats (if present) - worth a try!!!!

    LGRAY, you haven't got yourself a Rover yet!!!WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????? Remember, everyday without a Rover is, er, a day without a Rover!!

  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    I've read about some of the squeaks people have mentioned and agree with wasko. Let your rover have it's quirks and enjoy it. Mine has the same squeak from the inside rear of the truck, and I can't see it's anything to stress over- she's solid.

    I had to share my dealer experience. Living in SE Michigan, I have 2 rover dealers to choose from. The one with the better rep is closer to me, so that's where I took her. I know some of you live in the area too, and I would love to hear your experiences. Farmington Hills LR is THE place to go. They were falling over themselves to take care of me. They were careful with the car and the techs are great. A new service/parts manager( Dan) to top it off- he was very pleasant to deal with. The service advisor(Dave) was so helpful and sincerely nice. They fixed my Lizzie in a timely fashion and treated her as well as they did me. I have no desire to buy a vehicle from anywhere else. Now if I could only take my Pathfinder and my Turbo Coupe there for service as well, I'd be all set. But seriously, for those of you who are nervous about buying a Disco; I would find a dealer you are comfortable with, that you know you can trust. Peace of mind is everything.

    My truck handles great, has more than enough pep, and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Take the plunge. You will be giddy with delight when you do.

  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,813
    I have to take my '98 RR 4.6 in for the 30 mi. service, & as I just bought it am looking for the best dealer service dept. in my area. My choice of dealers is basically either LR Peabody (Mass.), or LR Metro-West in Natick Mass. Anyone have experience with the service departments at either one?

    Metro-West offers free pick-up & delivery & takes one day to do the service, however they had already lost the info. I had given them in their computer when I called a couple of days later. I'm hoping that is not a bad sign.

    LR Peabody is more of a schlep for me & I'd have to rent a car. They have done all the previous service on my RR (for the first owner). They claim it takes them 2 days to do the 30K service; could that mean they do a more thorough job? They are also a larger dealer.

    Just to be a little bit paranoid here, but how does the average owner know that absolutely all the fluids, filters, etc. have been changed during a major service like that? It seems there could be a temptation to cut corners at times.....

    Thanks for any advice! Steve
  • Hi,

    I'm planning to buy a 2001 SE with ACE by the end of August, and I realy want to take advantage of X-plan. However, I can't find anyone who works for Ford.

    Does anyone out there know of anyone who might be able to help me? If so, please let me know and I will be forever grateful.

    Thanks for any help,

    Steve Schwarz
  • pbh97pbh97 Posts: 2
    Regardless of your bias, for or against the DII, no one with any objectivity can be satisfied with the horrific mpg Vs performance of its engine.It may be suitable for its off road mission, but I dont need to remind anyone of its primary use in the U.S. Has anyone heard of any move to update the DII powerplant? It would go a long way to making the vehicle more marketable.
  • My Discovery keeps blowing fuses when I tow my new Merhow horse trailer. My dealership has not been able to correct the problem. Is anyone else towing horses?
  • dreambigdreambig Posts: 1
    I have recently been test driving SUV's and have almost decided to buy a Land Rover. I have heard that Disco's have had some problems, but then others love them. I need a reliable vehicle for my wife to drive, but I also need a vehicle that can go off road. I live in Arkansas and fear that nobody, but the dealership will be able to work on it. I recently driven a 2001 disco II SE and a 1997 LE with 40,000 miles. Is their any real differences between these year models. Any advice would be helpful.
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    I have a 97 Disco and a Nissan Pathfinder. The Pathfinder has a V-6, the Disco of course is a V-8. There are virtually no differences in mileage or handling except that the Nissan is a bit closer to the ground. My engine performance is fine. When I purchased my Disco, I knew that whether I was offroading or on the highway, I wasn't going to beat on this truck or 'rag on it'. If you drive like hell, your mileage is going to be hell, unless you drive a Yugo. SUV's typically aren't purchased for their extreme high mileage ratings, neither is a Corvette. There are pros and cons to every auto purchase.... if someone is concerned about poor mileage, buy a compact car. If someone is concerned about engine performance on a Disco, go drive one. Have realistic expectations. Discos are good trucks.
  • If your truck is under warranty....(even if you have an outside mechanic) you have to have the warranty work done at the dealer if you want it covered. For me, this has been a serious problem; my dealership is incompetant and they are pushing me over the edge! I live in upstate NY and there are no other dealers in the area. I went to LR dealer in Southhampton(LI) and they were excellent-they even corrected a problem I did not bring to their attention. I had my dealer look at my brakes, they work squeeking-->My dealer said it was dust buildup..YET when I went to the LI dealer they said it was broken ABS seals and after they fixed in on the front LH side, the problem ceased...BUT now I'm having the problem again, but on the RH side! I talked to owner relations about my concern, and all they did was send me the LR journal. Any ideas??? (btw, I wrote the dealer a letter and received an inadequate response; I called them today (2x) and they never returned my call....I've been trying since early FEB!!!!)
  • bilalbilal Posts: 5
    Hello friends, just moved to MA, having a hard time to decide. Like the DISCO shape a lot, never driven it though. It is a good size SUV but it seems it is really under power compare to the ML 320 and the PATHFINDER LE. Very impressed with the PATHFINDER performance plus the Japanese have a thing for reliability...any thoughts any recomendation. Also if any one can help me with a good dealership. I like the DISCO just not sure if I will be able to handle the breakdowns..are there any?
  • jputjput Posts: 1
    ocean dweller, I also live in update NY, and I am considering a 2001 Discovery E. Could you please tell me who your incompetent dealer is ?
  • The lease and finance deals implemented by Rover seem to be working. Disco sales are up 12% for March compared to a year ago. Overall, sales are down for the year about 22%. Maybe Rover will start the scheduled mtce. program again! Which for my 98 Disco, turned out to be a great deal.
  • I Just purchases a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II and am looking for after market accessories like Mats and luggage carriers. Any suggestions?
    [email protected]
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Although I recommend genuine Land Rover accesories there are several aftermarket companies that have accessories. Check prices closely though because some of their accessories are higher priced.
  • Keeler Motor Car Co. is my dealership. They claim to be one of the top Rover dealerships in the Northeast, but I've been waiting since early February to have my car seen.. finally got a reply and have an appt. on Tuesday. Just keep in mind that at almost any dealership they appear to be conscientious and competent when selling the vehicle, but if you own it and have it serviced elsewhere for non-warranty items they may not treat you like the luxury car owner you are. I paid cash for my truck, so I have no financial ties to the dealer and I'm sure that makes a difference. Good luck with your purchase! Happy rovering
  • I just received my vehicle history report and it seems like a chunk(about 10months)of information is missing... the report is about 4 pages long. Exhaust problems were listed three times on the report, the first two were from the original owner and the third is from a few days after my purchase.... the problems involved: valves, inlet manifold gasket, and cylinder head gasket etc... anyone know what this is and/or the chances of it happening again??? My dealer wouldn't say, they just said an exhaust thing, like I'm a naive chick driving a big bad truck and wouldn't understand. Is this the whole 'sticking valves' thing I've been hearing about? My mechanic said he hasn't had any experience with 'sticking valves' and the service guy at my dealership looked at me as if I were crazy when I asked him.
    Any information appreciated...
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    post the last 8 numbers of your vin and I will see what I can find out. I suspect the 10 month gap was the vehicle was serviced at non- Land Rover dealerships during that period.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    It happened to my '96. I had the work done under warranty. If you're looking at a printout of what was done then it will have cylinder head gaskets, and intake manifold gaskets on the replaced parts list. The problem began with 4.0L engines in '96, some say it's caused by the new GEMS system that year (engine management system).

    Regardless, it does affect BOTH banks of cylinders. If one side of your V8 was done (sounds so from your description) then the other side needs done as well.

    The drill is to replace the stock valves with "carbon cutting" valves. These stop the buildup of gum and carbon on the exhaust valve stems, which keeps them from eventually sticking in their valve guides.

    Advice I've heard repeatedly is that these engines thrive on hard work. I leave it in '3' almost all the time, only using 'D' on the freeway. It gives me lots better performance too. I periodically (every full tank) run it up to max RPMs thru the gears. I'm FANATIC about fresh lubes regularly, but do use my engine hard.

    Evidence of sticking valves is cutouts while driving, accelerating thru the gears you feel loss of power as if some spark plug caps fell off. It doesn't actually die, it just gets momentarily weak as if there's water in the gas. The ECU will store "codes" that indicate misfire. Prolonged misfire means to start looking at sticking valves. An OBDII reader (at the dealership) will retrieve these codes from the computer for diagnosis.

    Take a look at and see if they have any more details.

    I hope this helps, -Bob
  • Thank you for your reply, I will will bring the history to the dealership and recall your information. I use '3' for almost all driving except highway speeds and she definetly runs better if I max the rpms in each gear...sometimes I really miss having a manual! One more question, I've noticed exhaust fumes(smell) in front of vehicle and sometimes coming thru the vents, could this be related to the valve issue?

    Thanks again for your input...happy rovering LK
  • sr96sr96 Posts: 3
    Just got a '98 LR which came with only one key and one remote - dealers promised to contact the previous owner for the extras but promptly forgot about it after the deal was closed and I was stupid enough not to put it on the due bill.
    They quoted me @ $300+ for a key+remote... So the question is: does anyone sell them cheaper? Can I use any aftermarket ones?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I've seen remote fobs come up for Nissans on eBay--you might check there for LR ones.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Glad to help, though I don't think you should have exhaust smell at the front of the truck, no it isn't related to the valves. They just get hot and stick in the valve guides, then cause misfires and poor performance (and eventually, I imagine, burnt valve seats).

    Hmmmmmmmm. Just a sec... if you have misfiring then you'll have unburnt fuel out the exhaust... and you might smell more fumes. I guess I have to say I don't know! I've talked myself into a corner here.

    Best thing is to have the dealer retrieve the ECU codes with the OBDII and see if it reports extended periods of misfiring... that's the main clue.

    Good luck, -Bob
  • bwally6bwally6 Posts: 5
  • bwally6bwally6 Posts: 5
    Sorry, seem to be missing something on that first posting --

    After several months of research including religiously reading the various threads in this forum, I finally went and signed for a "Disco" -- Gee, can I use that term now that I'm official? I should be picking up my SD7 in a week or so. I had access to the X-Plan so I was able to add roofs, cold climate, a CD changer, and front fog lights and still come out at about 35K. Some may be asking, "why not go for an SE instead of adding what I added to a SD." It's a 36 month lease -- the SD lease program had the most aggressive residual and money factor. Anyone interested should investigate this option. Anyway, all this to say "thank you" for all the information, good and bad, you folks have provided me over the past couple months. Kinda feels like I'm getting married again..., for the second time -- nervous excitement, did I make the right decision, don't really know what I'm actually getting? My first vehicle ever was `74 Bronco -- this is a fortieth birthday present to myself (Gee, could I be attempting to re-live my youth?). Anyone spotting a white Disco on a flatbed truck heading up I-95 toward New England in the next week or so, be sure and wave "hello" -- and be kind and gentle to my baby -- she's coming to a good home!
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Congratulations! Let's see... white... what name goes with a white Rover? You'll find yourself giving her a name before the year's over. We don't name our appliances but we do name the things with which we have long, satisfying (sometimes fiery) relationships.

    How about "Kannik"? That's Yupik Eskimo for "snowflake".
  • I dropped her off at the dealer this morning.. and no I'm not driving a new one in the mean time... they don't have them yet, because NYS rental law only provides a $100.00 deductible if there is an accident..they'll be coming soon... I'm driving an Astro minivan...which is more like a delivery truck with a good radio! Anyway, I approached my service guy with two pages of problems/concerns, vehicle history, invoices from all other jobs and my Haynes manual thanks to AB!...I guess my anal retentive love for my vehicle gave him no choice but to spend nearly a half hour typing all the information!!! He's checking on the valve issue... all the research I've done and all the help from you and wasko, among others... has given me more leverage.. now I just hope it pays off!(my warranty ends this month :P ) Happy rovering and glorious diso-love!!!
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29

    Try asking your local LR dealer if they happen to have a used fob around instead of buying one brand new. The used was about $40.00, it hardly looked touched and the charge was also to have it programmed. It's working out great.

    To the guy that just bought a new white Rover- congratulations. Mine is white, too. I have a SE, but had the jump seats installed after market. Enjoy and let us know what you name her.
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    You have a white one too? What did you name yours? We have to make sure there are no duplicate names here, lest we get confused!

    '96 Disco "Anuqa"
  • shap1shap1 Posts: 77
    Will be ready to most likely lease either an SE or SE7 in the next couple of months. I have access to the Ford X-Plan. Chatted with the LR dealer, and he suggested I might be better off price-wise doing a lease on one of their "executive demos", which he says LR now retires at 2,000 miles.

    Any thoughts??
  • bwally6bwally6 Posts: 5
    I can't vouch for the Exec. loaner program, but the X-plan is certainly attractive. The MSRP on my vehicle was $38,975 -- again, an SD7 w/roofs, cold climate, CD changer, and front fog lights. The deal price with the X-plan is $35,478. My dealer did have a LE demo but wasn't ready to move it yet -- I never got a price on it. If you lease there's a ton of different programs. It actually got really frustrating because every time I'd ask to price a different vehicle something would change in the deal i.e, residual, money factor, security deposit. It pays to do your homework and read everything on the lease info. sheet they give you very carefully. Even though dealers and leasing companies were mandated to simplify and make consistent leasing info. a few years ago, theres still any number of ways extra costs can be disguised. I walked away at least twice during this purchase but the damn thing kept calling my name! I can hardly wait to get it! As for names, well..., I've got an idea already but it requires some research. I'll keep ya posted....
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