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Land Rover Discovery and Discovery II



  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29
    I have recently purchased a 97 Disco. I found the factory sticker inside the driver's door with the month and year of production, but I was hoping for a more specific date. I was told that I might have to contact Solihull to find that out-LR N. America had no idea- but I can't seem to reach anyone there. Does anyone have contact information for this type of request?

    I've read some recently posted messages re: buying a Disco so I thought I would offer some suggestions from my experience. Some of this pertains to used vehicles, so use what you can. It seems to be pretty common to have engine leaks, and we confirmed through LR that our car had all of it's service done through them and had the "usual" leaky spots fixed. I can honestly say that the leaks were a concern going in. I would make sure any LR has excellent maintenance records and/or comes with a decent warranty. I'm pretty certain that the car we have is mechanically sound, but to be sure, we purchased a 12 mo/12k warranty that covers just about everything.

    The most important thing I can think of is to research and gather as much information as possible. We test drove some, went to a couple auto shows to compare and really shopped around. Overall, it took a little over a year before we found one we liked and felt well enough informed to feel confident the purchase was a wise one.

    She's white and absolutely loaded and I just love her. (called her Lizzie). It's fascinating to drive down the road and see other SUV drivers stop and gawk at your Kick Butt disco. I love it.

    I hope this is helpful, and if anyone has info about the VIN, I would really appreciate any help you can offer.

    Kim and "Lizzie"
  • You can apply a small piece of velcro to the console and U-shaped cup holder. Mine holds in hard turns with no problems. Plus they are easy to remove...
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Is available from LRNA. Contact Land Rover Owner care, 1-800-637-6837 and have them find out. Or post the last 8 of the vin and I will find out for you.
  • Like with any used vehicle, TLC from the previous owner is essential. I purchased a '96 Disco in 4/00 and I have not had any leaking problems. Of course my mechanic was concerned, because the of the LR saying : "If it's not leaking, it's empty,"
    to his astonishment the oil was NOT leaking, the power steering hoses, once properly attached were NOT leaking and after the radiator cap was replaced the coolant was NOT leaking! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!(It's been over 6 months and no leaks). GOOD LUCK :)
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Congratulations on your Disco! I'll bet you it was made on a Weds or Thursday, from the build quality. Woe to the person who buys a Monday truck (after a football and ale weekend)!!

    Just as an observation, have you noticed we humans give names to the things with which we have relationships? I haven't named my toaster or refrigerator... but I have named my Rover ("Anuqa") my motorcycle ("Scooter") and my guitars. Lots of SUVs are simply automotive appliances: perfect, flawless, utterly devoid of character. People don't name those trucks.

    Just an observation, -Bob
  • How much of a hassle is it to change the automatic transmission's oil/filter on a '98 Disco?

    I feel pretty confident about all the other items on the 30K checklist, but the tranny filter seems to be a bit more of a challenge.

    The local dealer want $520 for the 30K service and $325 to just service the transmission.

    Thanks for any help!

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    is on now! (5-6pm Pacific/8-9pm Eastern). Hope to see you there!

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  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    It's very straightforward though a bit scary.

    Remove bolts holding the cross member beneath the trans. Use hydraulic jack with 2x4 blocks to spread frame rails, remove cross member.

    Drain sump, then undo filler/dipstick tube. Undo 3 bolts each for both exhaust manifolds... be careful not to shear these bolts! Unhook exhaust from catalyst if you see you can't work around it. Make sure you unhook O2 sensors as you remove y-pipes.

    Drop sump pan, remove gasket. Keep track of where the bolts and clips came from on the sump.

    Replace filter, wipe any accumulated gunk from all visible surfaces inside the trans. Look inside the pickup tube, make sure no gunk has built up in there.

    Replace sump gasket, reattach sump pan with clips and bolts. Make sure not to overtighten, you WILL split the gasket lengthwise and it will blow your ATF all over the highway (I know from experience).

    Reattach everything, thinking about new exhaust manifold studs or at least using antiseize on their threads so you don't shear one off. Smear Vaseline on the frame rails before you put the cross member back in, to reduce rust in this area.

    Refill with good quality ATF (oil is cheaper than metal), double check to ensure all connections are torqued and )2 sensors are connected.

    Drive your truck! Enjoy, -Bob
  • waskowasko Posts: 103

    Bainbridge Island - how interesting! I'm going over there today to take a look at a 1973 Series III! Whereabouts on the island did you live?

    Today is the quality check/inspection. If all goes well and it seems mechanically sound, I'll be taking my wife and son next weekend to get their buyoff (don't worry, I'm not going to have to 'convince' my wife I'm getting a SIII - just gotta make sure she doesn't mind it in the driveway :) ). Then I just have to wait for my house to sell in MI to sell and I'll be all set.

    Thanks - wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Boy this is like old home week! Go south on the Island, taking the main road toward Port Blakely. At the high spot you'll see a road coming up from the right, that's a steep hill down to Lynnwood Center. We lived right up there at the top where the elementary school is, a bit north from there. See that nasty hill up from Lynnwood Center? I used to ride my bike up and down that thing for training... which makes it A LOT easier to commute here. While you're down looking at the center, stop in at Walts and see if he or his mother are working, likely there will be an elderly black gentleman sitting out front with a cane, he's the greatest guy. Then walk over to Ruby's and have some lunch. You'll love it!

    Where on the Island is the Series? Man, I wonder if I know the guy selling it... what's the name?

    When you're done, drive along Rockaway Beach. There's a house with a red railcar in the yard right by the road, we came *that* close to buying a lot about 100 yards south of him. What a view!

    When it's all said and done and you're riding the ferry back to Seattle, if you're on the Walla Walla then walk up topside and look thru the foreward windows of the wheelhouse. See if there's a salt-and-pepper grey gent driving the boat, got a glint in the eye and a grey beard. That's Steve, and he's let me drive that thing a few times. Wave for me!

    Enjoy the ride, -Bob
  • Well,, it really hurts to put this ADVT.. but I need to sell my 2001 Landrover Disco SE II since I am leaving to Europe! The vehicle is in excellent condition, has 6500 miles color Chawton White, beige combo, CD changer/AM-FM/ cassette premium audio, dual sun/moon roofs, leather interior, .... can contact at my eamil at [email protected]
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    Nanuq: I ended up meeting David Ward (Series III Gent - works in avionics) at the Key Arena downtown. I was there to watch some Ronald McDonald Corporate Charity Tournaments and get my fill of hockey (man I miss the Red Wings!). David was nice enough to bring the SIII across on the ferry.

    This coming weekend (I love the old Rover), I'm taking my wife and son out to the island, and we're going to explore a bit of the island in the old Rover. I'll definitely check out your old area, stop by Walt's, and grab lunch at Ruby's - sounds like a great place!

    If at all possible, I'll avoid the big hills (at first)! The thoughts of clutching, braking, and accelerating with 2 feet and an emergency brake in a vehicle I'm not comfortable with definitely isn't appealing to me yet :) Which beckons the question of how I'll get it off the island if I do buy it :) Maybe we'll meet at Key Arena again...

    Thanks, wasko
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    No worries, from Walts you can go south, wind around the south and eventually meet up with Blakely Avenue, it's a hard left turn (acute angle) and will take you up to the school instead of going up the BIG HILL. Or go straight thru the stop sign (no left) and it takes you over Rockaway Beach. Or go north from Walts and that road (Miller Bay Road?) eventually runs into a stop sign just past the fire station at... you guessed it, Blakeley Avenue. Go left and you're in town again. A real pretty drive would be to bear left at the "Y" just before the fire station, go north along the left side of the island, then come out at a red light... cross the road and go into Port Madison, and then down to Faye Bainbridge State Park... nice beach!

    Oooooo, just thought of something. Go south from Walts, go thru the stop sign and turn right at the perpendicular that goes across the head of Port Blakely (the water). 200 yards, turn right up a really steep windy road. Follow that until it finally comes out level and straight... go along until it SUDDENLY drops over a hill right at a brick officer's house. Go left there. It's a tough corner. Follow about 100 yards, and go left again, I believe this is Virginia Court. It winds uphill to the right, dirt road. My adopted Gramma Sonya lives up there, I take care of her. You'll see a "Y", up the left side then it splits again... go up the middle of that "Y" and you come out in a meadow... straight thru a nasty rusted gate. Ahead is a steep hill with a reservoir on top, and a little fun 4-wheeling. Go slow and have fun!

    Good luck, -Bob
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    "It is not known what inspired Neil to want to begin racing cars, but what IS known is about his love of cars. Neil Chirico, Road Test Editor for is ready to answer your questions about the many cars that he has test-driven. Neil also brings you a wealth of knowledge concerning the many questions that you will have about vehicle service, having been in the trenches as a service advisor at the dealership level for many years. Don't miss having your questions answered by one of Edmunds best.


    Tues, March 13th (Tonight) at 5-6pm Pacific/9-10pm Eastern

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  • razteorazteo Posts: 38
    Never had a SUV. I'm considering to purchase a 2001 Discovery Series II in about one month.

    I love the car look, but reading about it, fell a little desapoint regard its big engine/poor performance/lot of gas, very havy all together (a good reason for his low performance), lots of 4x4 stuff developed-needless for me in traffic (where I will spend 99% of the driving time). How reliable is this SUV?
    On ather hand, I fell sick abot all Japanies, Jeep and Ford Explorer, wich are intoxicated our streets!

    I like Disco Series II apearance and distinctive elegance. Bun not sure if this is the best choice for me.
    Any advice welcome. Thanks.
  • rudy0835rudy0835 Posts: 1
    Hello all:

    I've been reading a lot about some very happy and some very unhappy Land Rover owners. I'm trading in a Jeep Wrangler and looking at a Certified Per Owned 1999 Discovery I from a dealer. It has 31,000 miles and the asking price is $25k. I'd assume there is some room for negotiation.

    I've never owned anything other than an SUV and I'm familiar with the gas guzzler problems and handling inherent in the breed. It's not a car, doesn't ride like a car, and I think too many people think that SUV's are just big cars. I know that there are lemons with any make or model car, but it seems the Land Rovers have more than their fair share.

    My question is: is this model Discovery more or less reliable than other model LR's (should I hold out for a 2000, 2001 or look older and cheaper)??

    Is $23K-$25K an acceptable price (according to Edmunds it is)??

    Bottom line: Is buying a Discovery too much of a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]???
  • and several moods....but I've settled on 'Bodhi' it suits her and our experiences.
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    rudy0835 - I don't believe I've seen any negative comments on the 99 Disco I's on this forum or in other places. I also keep an eye out at the dealer when I stop by and count the vehicles out back for service. Lots of older DI's, but not many 99's. Then again, that could be because they switched to DII's in 99 and I'm not sure how many 99 DI's were manufactured.

    Like always, take a look at the VIN history - it will provide tell-tale information and the dealer will print it for you.

    Thanks, wasko
  • waskowasko Posts: 103
    "Life is short, take a chance!" If you're in love with the styling and are crazy (like most of us up here are) for the vehicle, go for it! Worst case scenario is that it doesn't meet your expectations and you trade it in for something else. But just ask rkoesler - not many other vehicles on the market have as much charm (I would argue HARD that a Mercedes GWagen has as much or more char, but too many $$) as a Disco.

    Thanks, wasko
  • kemmonskemmons Posts: 29

    I appreciate the help. the last 8 digits are VA725653.
    Thanks again.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Build date was 3/21/97
  • nanuqnanuq Posts: 765
    Built on a Friday?? I hope it's a morning car, and not afternoon: "Engine? Ah, who needs an engine, mate? Let's off to the pub!"

  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The vehicle seems to have been serviced regularly, and has had no major problems
  • Buy the Rover...Yes you may have more trouble than the McJapanese SUV's, but at least there is not one on every block (for the most part). Buy the extended warranty if it is offered. I just had my 1998 Disco in for the 30K service, and they pulled about another grand in warranty work.
    Good luck!
  • razteorazteo Posts: 38
    Suburban need less gas than Disco!? What is wrong with this engine?
    Has low performance after all. How is the engine after few years? Is only 4.0. The BMW 4.4, is geting 18 mpg-city!
    This XXL mpg (13 mpg-city!), is make me ask myself what's all about this SUV. Is only the british flavor? What else?
    I love the design inside/ourside, and unmistakeble apearance, but. .who is going to pay for gas?
  • I put forth a simple question to Land Rover North America. "Can the local Land Rover dealer negotiate off of MSRP? They say LR North America does not allow them to negotiate off of MSRP"

    Here is the answer via e-mail: "Land Rover retailers provide their vehicles at a price they determine internally based on market and region. The sales feature of the retailer is not monitered by Land Rover North America, as we are a distributer for vehicles manufactured by Land Rover United Kingdom. All pricing and sales tools used are independent policies designed and implemented at the retailer management. We would recommend contacting another Land Rover retailer in your area for a more comprehensive pricing comparison. Land Rover retailers can be found by searching our online database at, or by contacting our Owner Care department at (800) 637-6837 weekdays from 8am-8pm EST" All I wanted was a simple yes or no!
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    They just used corporation speak. Most companies today would answer the same way. Many times there are legal considerations involved not known to the general public.
  • I have a question: is the wiring to your air bags yellow? and are the sensors in the front of the engine compartment, behind the head lamps??? I was visiting my mechanic yesterday and he was adding accessories to another '96 almost identical to mine except the kid put over 2grand worth of gadgets on it!... well, I won't even go one about that.... anyway his disco was built 1/96 and mine 6/96 yet I have no exposed yellow wiring for the air bags, nor the front sensors!! Any input?? In six months did LR change the location for the sensors? did they put the wiring in the cabin area instead? Any and all input appreciated.. THANKS!! LK
  • erikjerikj Posts: 14
    It's a little off-topic, but I remember what happened to Apple Computer when they strayed away from the corporate story. The fine print in one of their national ads quoted the price of some new model as: "$3495 List (but who pays list anymore?)". Their dealers went ballistic and the ad was pulled pretty quickly.

    I think you got a pretty good answer from LRNA. If you reduce the verbage, you get a "Yes". However, many LR dealers are owned by LRNA itself, which might impose limits on discounts. Dealers not owned by LRNA always seem to find more latitude to deal.

    If you are ready to buy, go in on the last day of the month and you'll probably strike a decent deal. In my case, I checked out the inventory once a week for a month before I bought. I got to know what day of the week the new trucks came in. At the end of the month, a truck configured how I wanted was unspoken for, and I drove away at just above 7% off list. That was April of '99 when D-IIs were very new and still pretty scarce.

    Moving units off the lot can at times be as important as the margin on the car itself. Most dealers make a mint on service, especially warranty work ;-). If you have a great buying experience and get a good deal, they'll get it all back (plus more) over the next few years.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Are owned by LRNA, all are independent businesses.
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