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Acura Integra Engine Questions



  • every now and then the fuel pump on my 90 integra doesnt prime when i turn on the ignition. i've replaced the pump, spark leads, plugs and all filters. wondering if it could be the main fuel relay or an old stumped, any help would be much appreciated.
  • Click on the link on message #15 and then click on "overview". This will help you diagnose the main relay.
  • does your integra not start sometimes when its hot or warm inside the car if so its the main relay,or its the coil they both dont cost much
  • i own a 89 integra 5 speed with a hole in the side of the block. i'm looking at a 95 integra(auto) b18 engine to replace it with. i work for a import(vw )shop & ive done many engine changes/swaps ect . over 20 exp. i just want to know from the guys who do acura's all the time.whats the best bang for the buck engine you would replace the old lump with. & what im getting into as far as engine mounts,sensors,wiring harness,computer ect. what all am i gonna need to take from the donor car. & will the flywheel off the 1.6 fit the b18 ? or should i just put the stock engine back in it & call it good. any advise will greatly appreciated. thank you.
  • I have a '90 Integra hatchback that can not sustain a consistent idle. It revs from 25000-35000 and back down constantly. I have adjusted the idle screw many times and replaced the coolant hose that was leaking when i purchased the car...any suggestions anyone??
  • I hear a popping noise when i drive but once i reach above 25 mph it turns into a grinding noise but i don't know what it is i was wondering if anyone could help me out i have a 95 teggie se could anyone help me figure out what the hell that noise is because i can't figure it out
  • I have had this problem in my 1991 GS and now a 1990 LS. I do get the "check engine" light on at time, usually on a warm day after the car has been running for awhile as well as cold days when the engine is warmed up. :confuse:

    I have not tried changing the relay, but I have found that the butterfly valve that is on the end of the throttle cable is the area of problem, atleast it seems that way for mine. It always restarts after tweaking this valve. My mech cleaned the mechanism and that solve it for a few days, but then the issue came back again.

    I have found that moving the throttle valve cable or depressing the valve in front will sometime solve the issue. I have pictures and can explain better if one is interested.

    I have never had the problem when first starting up from over night or after sitting more than 30 mins. Just once warmed or after stop and starts. Always though at the most in inconvenient times!!!

    I love the 1990-1992 Integras, looking to get another in the near future. May have found one with one 56k miles. I get excellent gas mileage and low cost for insurance! I just wish Acura would go back to the liftback version!

    I can explain in more detail and send pics. Leave a message and will contact via email with pics :)
  • I own a 96 Integra GSR and i had the same exact problem with mine but it turned out only to be my ecu fuse. Maybe you should check that out first before assuming its a bigger problem like i did and wasted the money to take it to some one.
  • Ok i have a integra and i bought it with a JR supercharger already on it. When i test drove it, the car did amazing. But after like 2 months the bottom alternator bolt came out and now none of the holes line up right. I called Revline (the place that put in the supercharger), and they said that it never fit to begin with and the guy just said to make it work. Well now i cant get it to work and have my alternator line up right with all the other pulleys. Im guessing it may be the wrong bracket but they said it was the one that came with the integra supercahrger. So i was wondering if it could be the wrong alternator or my bracket is bent. But also there is so much torque and power going to my alternator it is sheering off bolt i shove through the holes to make the alternator stay so i can at least drive it around town without the belt falling off. Any one have any idea what the problem could be? thanks a lot for the help.
  • I have asked several owners and mechanics how long the engines in particular and the cars in general last and was told about 200,000 miles. At present I have a 98 Integra LS (not a VTEC engine) that within the next few weeks will have 300K miles; therefore if my experience is any indication, you should be able to drive an additional 50-75K miles on the one you are considering

    As for the expenses that may occur (and this is not all-inclusive) those that relate to the engine and related components include the radiator (had to replace mine 2x), the timing belt (normal upkeep), and the emission control devices. Other expenses may include the wheel bearings ( I will need those shortly), power window mechanisms and the A/C system.
  • hey guys i really need help with my car i have asked everyone, i put a turbo on my 01 ls integra everything is stocked in my internals but since i put that turbo on ive been having problems with my car. On my breether valve it blows alot of smoke out of it whenever i run it and it pushes oil out of it like its cool i leak so much oil out of that i probley go through like 15 quarts of oil every oil change and i use synthetic oil i got the boost on my turbo usually about 5 or 7 psi but i know i need to get some new pistons and rings but i dont know if that will help my problem of all of the oil leaking out of the breather valve on the head or even the smoke i have asked around to so many people and they are clueless as i am on it if you have any advice for me please email me back at
  • ok i got a civic sir but i bought it at a auction and they did a conversion to it amd put in a b18c4 wit a lsd tranny and it was crashed on the right side fender breakin the rim and the axle so when i took down the vin number of the car i went to a place where i get my parts from and gave them the vin number of my car and then i installed it ..then when i put in in gear manual transmission, it wont run and it makes a load noise
  • ok i got a civic sir but i bought it at a auction and they did a conversion to it amd put in a b18c4 wit a lsd tranny and it was crashed on the right side fender breakin the rim and the axle so when i took down the vin number of the car i went to a place where i get my parts from and gave them the vin number of my car and then i installed it ..then when i put in in gear manual transmission, it wont run and it makes a load noise
  • B18C4:

    * VTEC
    * Found in:
    o 1996-2000 UK Civic 1.8i VTi Acura Integra
    * Displacement: 1797 cm3
    * Compression: 10.0:1
    * Power: 169 hp (124 kW) @ 8000 rpm & 128 ft·lbf (174 N·m) @ 7500 rpm
    * Transmission: S9B

    I believe your engine is the same as a USDM GS-R. If you're having trouble after installing an axle, make sure that you fit the axle in all the way. If it's sticking out 1/2 way it might pop out of your transmission, or worse, make an annoying noise which you're probably hearing.
  • I have an 1998 gsr with check engine light on Had it checked ,code came up as PO420 catalyst efficiency below threshold.
    Any idea on the problem..Catalytic converter??? Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks Chris
  • I have a 90 hatchback and have had a problem with the "check engine light", finally after many mechanics it turned out to be the distributer. This was a problem that was not resolved until the bearings in the distributer were finally shot. I would usually get this light when the engine was warm, but it also occurred in the winter.

    I was sure it was the butterfly valve on the front end of the intake ( I have a FI engine) because I could tweak this valve and the light would reset. But once warm or run for a longer than normal time it seemed to come back on.

    anyways, have them run a test on the distributer, also have them pull the codes. The distributer is pricey about $250 for a OEM. :cry: Good luck if not fixed already
  • We bought this 1992 mint condition GSR in Dec 07. Only had 50k miles. Drove perfectly for 1 month. Then it would not start. Taken to dealer determined after many checks that it was a blown head gasket. Now they tell us that one of the cylinders is cracked and that the engine is shot.

    The dealer said they cannot find a engine to get replacement parts.

    My questions are these;
    1) Does anyone know of a web site that has alot of Acura parts available?
    2) Can a LS engine be put into a GSR, will the tranny work?
    3) Does anyone know of a machine shop that could manufacture the cylinder?
    4) Any known good Acura rebuilders in the NE

    I really want to keep this one. The body and interior is truly in mint condition. Please help. :D
  • kxiong87kxiong87 Posts: 3
    I currently own a 91 Acura Integra LS, found out one of my head cylinder is dead. My in law suggested I should just buy a new head and block. But, my uncle said if I was to do that why don't I buy a new engine to swap in so it will actually worth the time and money that I'm welling to put into the car. I was planning on putting in a H22 but it would take too much conversion. So I'm thinking about putting in a JDM B16 or B18 but don't know which. Any suggestions on which one to pick?
  • Good Guess, but the B18C4, and all B18 motors only come from Integras jdm and usdm. U might be thinking of the B16a which again came from the 89-91 integra( first DOHC VTEC motor by honda) and was later inharated by the civic in 92. No civic has ever came with a b18; a1/a/b/c/ in any country , which is y its the favoured motor to honda fans, 197hp on a 1.8l still gets germans scratching there heads!!!!!
  • since u have the same car as me i will tell u to go with the motor that needs the least mods for the swap. Go with the b16a which is found in the 89-91 integra xsi, its exact fit to your ls and even uses the same mounts, only thing u need is b16a motor ,any b series tranny(vtec), and obd0 cpu
  • i have a 92 integra witch has had an engine change at some stage and have been told its either an sir or a vti im trying to find out how i could check this out using the engine number but cant find any web sites were i can check engine numbers, any ideas, thanks. ps. its a [non-permissible content removed] import
  • kxiong87kxiong87 Posts: 3
    I currently own a 91 Acura Integra LS. I've been having overheating problems. So some people suggest I change the thermostat so I did and the problem still occurs. My radiator is still in an ok condition. I tested driving my car out to work and drove back home, my heating gauge started to climb pass normal heat which would be a little less than 50% of the gauge. I turned on the heat drove back home and realize there was some antifreeze dripping below my driver side tire. Anyone have any suggestion or tips etc... that I can deal with this problem?
  • tparktpark Posts: 3
    Where is the noise coming from?
  • tsb123tsb123 Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2000 acura integra GS I want to place a and b16 a engine in it or SIR engine will it fit my car? And how much am I looking at for money wise?
  • Check all your hoses for cracks and leaks. Best thing to do is pressure test it, you may have a small crack in the radiator, but it could be a head gasket too. numerous possibilities. Have you changed your timing belt and water pump?

    Hope it helps, good luck

    link title
  • I went to a mechanic regarding a noise in my front right tire. I thought it was the brakes but the mechanic says it can be any wheel bearing, all should be changed as well as a recommendation for replacing shocks. I know i don't need new shocks because i have a full tein suspension i got less than a year ago.. I need help, I can't afford to get screwed.


  • tparktpark Posts: 3
    I recently replaced my CV Halfshaft on the passenger side, which is the housing for the wheel bearing, and that cost me about $240. I have a 1990 Integra LS. That should be all that needs to be done in regards to the noise, which should sound like a popping or grinding. You are looking at around $250 to $300 dollars depending on where you go
  • 91rs91rs Posts: 1
    ok so i have a 91 rs integra with a b18a1 in it and for some reason when i take off in low rpms the car will sputter till about 3500 or so rpms or even if i punch it full throttle it will just sputter out and like barely gain any speed some people say i need to check my air flow sensors others say my injectors are going bad and some even say it may just be a bad spark plug so please help!!!!! i have no idea what is wrong with it
  • Recently my 98 Integra LS (see post #58) began smoking upon acceleration under a load ( e.g. pulling away from a light). It does not appear to do so either at idle or at a steady speed, nor is the inside of the tailpipe oily; but it does have a lot of soot in it. Would I be looking at a major repair and if so; given the car's age and mileage, should I get the repair done even if it means getting a new engine?
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