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    I just replaced the suspension module so that my compressor would start on its own and we replaced a part that broke on the hose, but the back of my truck still will not come up. At one time we were manually running the compressor to the battery because the module was bad and my compressor is really loud. Does anyone have any ideal what could be wrong?
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    What is the largest size tire that will fit without changing rims and without them rubbing when turning?
  • rshakrshak Member Posts: 3
    ok here is my situation...I have a 2001 lincoln navigator w/some 24 inch as i was pulling out in reverse (wheels turned mind you) my truck just shut that. well it was still in gear so i tried to crank it up no luck, put in park tried to crank it up no luck the gears were locked...everything works but the truck wont crank. it is like it starts to crank but will not catch to crank up...PLEASE HELP!! lady in distress.... my freaking truck is at the dealership now and they are draining my pockets b/c they cant figure out what is wrong with my truck. they tried a new key but that did not work either.
  • rshakrshak Member Posts: 3
    i have some 24 inch 305/35/24 tires on my truck...not that much of a problem till today--GO FIGURE!!
  • tyler10tyler10 Member Posts: 4
    i have an 2002 navigator and i was wondering if i could get a keyless entry remote for my car? how do i program it?
  • akirbyakirby Member Posts: 8,062
    Your owner's manual should have instructions on how to program all of the remotes at the same time. You can buy the remotes from the dealer or ebay. Just make sure it's the right one - there are some differences in the various remotes.
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    When mom turned on her 2000 nav this morning, it turned on for about 5 seconds then turned off. After that it would not start again. It doesn't seem to be a battery problem. There was a hose not connected to teh back of the air filter cover, but we re-connected it, tapped on some random wires, and were able to get it to start again for about 5 seconds before it again turned off. The tach needle is all the way past the 6, and the speedometer needle is past the 100. Even when teh key is off.

    Apparently the check engine light came on while mom was out of town, and she called our local dealer, who told her it would probably be fine to drive back home (over 700 miles). That was the beginning of last week, and it has only been driven a little since she got home before it wouldn't start this morning.

    Any ideas on what could cause it not to start? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    My 1998 Lincoln Navigator air bag light on the dash is on, after I was randomly pulling 10 and 15 amp fuses trying to clear a misfire code from a bad coil. How do I get the airbag light out
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    Does anybody know if you can swap out the THX premium 6CD radio with the Sirus in the 2007 Navigator / Expedition and replace it with the Navigation unit or has done it before?

    SUV comes with DVD, Satellite, Premium Sound and THX so if the CAN-bus does not have problems, the connectors are there and you can also swap the rear view mirror for the one with the mic it should work. Any Ford tech's out there...looking through the shop manuals, but want to make sure. Found a great deal on a used one, but it is missing this option only. I am better with transmission repairs.

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    I have a 2006 navigator that has the stock HID's low beams. I'll like to put HID's on my fog lights that would match with the stock HID color. Does anyone knows what color HID the factory head lights are?
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    has anyone here or know of anyone that has installed 07 20" chrome wheels on an 01 or earlier model navigator. these wheels are really bad [non-permissible content removed] and i would hate to have to part with them. the 07's are 6 lug and the 01's are 5 lug. i know you can get adapters but how does it look?
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    I had this problem and in my humble opinion a VERY QUESTIONABLE BUSINESS KING BEAR St.James,NY gave me a outrages price of $550.00 for EGR ports to be cleaned,etc. the problem was only a DPFE sensor(must be a Ford product) at less then $100.This shop has been wrong many times.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    If you go to the Local Services tab at Edmunds and find the shop in the listings, you can write a review about them there.

    Tell the world. :)
  • jwallyjwally Member Posts: 71
    WIPERS STAY ON, turned them to the longest delay setting. All functions of wiper work but when control is off they still stay on,anyone know why? If I line up control between off position and longest delay position(but have to hold at that position) it will stay off.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I would guess that the wiper switch is broken. How old is your Navigator?

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  • jwallyjwally Member Posts: 71
    2001 nav,where is the wiper switch located,thx? the switch is the same as the relay?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    It would probably be under the steering column. Perhaps a Navigator owner who knows for sure will jump in here? Anyone?

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  • jwallyjwally Member Posts: 71
    checking the parts and photos, the RELAY is small black square plug in under dash and the SWITCH is the entire column stick shift control on side of steering column. So which one are you thinking it is?
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I would suppose it's the column control but wouldn't rule out the relay. But I don't have hands on experience with a Navigator so it would be really beneficial if someone who knows for sure would step in.

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  • jwallyjwally Member Posts: 71
    Edmunds needs to do more to get posters.takes forever to get help.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Even in the best of times it can take a while for the "right person" to step up. :)

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    We're looking at a used 2001 Navigator. What type of mileage do they get? We've had various large SUV's and trucks, but they all differ so much that we'd like an idea of what we might be getting into with this older Navi. It said 4 mpg on the navigation system. Any figures would be greatly appreciated for an 01... Thanks.
  • jwallyjwally Member Posts: 71
    Read the Edmunds maintance and repair section and you'll see all the troubles and my many post on 2001 Navigator. If you want a house ordamant that looks good in your driveway or mechanic shop buy it. If you want a reliable vehicle stay far far away.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
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    Hi everyone, I have an 06 Lincoln Navigator for some time now. i want to change it up a little. I like the look of the Lincoln Mark LT Grill. I was wondering if anyone know if the Grill and Hood of the Mark LT will fit on my Navigator. Do i need to change out the bumper also? thanks

    Navigator image

    Mark LT image
  • mycorvette2001mycorvette2001 Member Posts: 1
    how do you remove the gps from the center console and does anyone fix the screens
  • tscmm98tscmm98 Member Posts: 2
    I've been having issues with my 05 Navigator and am hoping someone has some insight!

    I was having issues with my car not starting (beginning around 11/1/09). After many hours of labor, the garage decided it was the fuel pump and switched it out (as well as putting on new tires). I drove out of the parking lot down the street (<1 mile) and went grocery shopping. When I got back into the car, it would not start.

    I drove back to the garage (after several minutes it finally started again) and when I got home I checked and found that many others had the same issue and just replaced a relay. I called the garage and they put in a new relay, and I have not had the starting issue again.

    After getting the new fuel pump/relay/tires the car began to hesitate, and it felt like the car had some friction (it wasn't as smooth driving, it felt like it was being held back and I had to press the gas pedal harder than before to get it to go the speed I wanted it to go). The gas mileage went from 15.9 average to 13.3 almost over night.

    I asked the garage for insight, suggesting spark plugs/tune up. They didn't think it would help much, but though it may help a bit.

    With the new spark plugs, the mileage has remained the same, but it doesn't feel like the friction is still there (driving more smoothly). I do still have the hesitating, and it feels like it will stall. The engine light flashes as well. The first time this occured they stated it was a faulty spark plug. It occurred again today and again it is a faulty spark plug.

    So two issues. 1. Spark plugs (they think I may need a new coil to the spark plug, but they don't know yet and I have already spent $2000).

    2. Also, do you think that the fuel pump could cause such a drastic reduction in fuel

    Any ideas? And sorry this is so wordy but I was trying to include all the info in case something I deemed insignificant actually was the major problem.

  • xman2006mz5xman2006mz5 Member Posts: 16
    Did they also change the fuel filter? A dirty fuel filter or fuel injector (s) being faulty, or at a decreased flow rate due to age and contaminant build-up) can cause hesitation. The coils are easily checked for resistance with an ohmmeter which will determine if they are good or bad. If the engine is starved for fuel due to a restriction then the engine computer will call for more fuel to be delivered via the fuel pump to the injectors, thereby causing decreased fuel economy. Since I have a similar problem, I will check my fuel pump relay. Maybe this post is helpful to you.
  • garciajosegarciajose Member Posts: 1
    i have been experiencing a problem recently dat every time that i reach 45mph or higher all of the lights in the dashboard come on and the radio along with all the electrical things[such as the AC and interior lights] begin to act weird. also all the needles including da rpm and speedometer begin to act up.
    at first it was thought that it could be a short to ground, i check all the ground points on da vehicle and they were ok. after that i hooked it up to an OBDII scanner and performed a complete scan tests on all of the systems but gave me only one code a P1845. i made research on that code but couldn't find much that could relate to the problem.

    i need a little help on these problem plz.!!!
  • acuevasacuevas Member Posts: 2
    Hey Folks,

    I noticed that the oil filter for the '98 Navigator is on what seems to be like an extension type of contraption which, of course, attaches to the engine block. Where this extension attaches to the engine block there is an small oil leak that needs repair.

    In order to remove the this extension from the block to change out the seal seems to be a lot of work. It seems like you need to remove the differential to get to it form under the vehicle.

    Is there an easier way to get to that seal? Any and all suggestions are most welcomed.
  • heydudesheydudes Member Posts: 43
    edited June 2011
    Just here to post a positive message, if u can believe it.

    Took my Navigator on a 3+ week excursion to the Southwest. Mine is a 2004 with 4WD. Has 80,000 miles. No non-warranty issues, except that right now something is loose in the radio circuit. Either antenna or ground as it sometimes gets noisy but usually works. While in the southwest, I went to several places where almost all the other vehicles were Jeeps or 4Runners. Some serious 4WD roads. Some washboard roads. My Nav handled it all with ease. What is truly fantastic about this vehicle, and I haven't seen anything in the manual about it, is that the air suspension raises the vehicle several inches when I select 4WD hi or lo. I dont know if the Expedition has air suspension or not. If not, then the Nav must be the better of the two for off road. I did put my 3rd set of Michelins on just before I left. I was traveling with a friend during the first week who was in his Jeep Liberty. The Jeep got stuck twice and I had to help him out. The Nav never had a problem.

    I have heard, but dont know for sure, that Ford in their wisdom, no longer offers 4WD on the Nav. Can this be true? Amazingly dumb if so. Course they destroyed Mercury too, which is also dumb IMHO. I guess I should go to the website to see.

    Oh, and on the return trip of about 1200 miles I got 18.9 mpg. I was hypermiling a bit, but am pretty happy with that number, considering my comfort level and how much gear I was carrying. Oh and I also slept in the Nav. 1/2 the time using an air mattress and I could stretch out completely.

    In any case, Hope you all love your Navs and I hope even more that my luck with mine does not change cause I can't afford a new vehicle, probably ever at this rate (unemployed).
  • heydudesheydudes Member Posts: 43
    Replying to myself - luck did change - sortof. Went to the post office on Thurs. Pulling out and taurus comes flying into the parking lot straight at me. I throw in reverse but cant get out of the way. She rips my grille off, smashes bumper and pushes passenger fender over 1/2 inch. Great. First ever damage to my Merlot beauty. Estimate is $3400 to fix. Insurance to pay it all. Nobody hurt though - even the other driver, who says she thinks she hit the gas instead of the brake. Well, accidents happen.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Well, that's a bummer. Sounds mostly like just superficial damage though. Hope that's the case.
  • heydudesheydudes Member Posts: 43

    Yeah, $3400 in superficial damage. :surprise: But not even a broken headlight. She sideswiped my front end. She broke something in her cooling system and had to be towed.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    These days, $3,400 for body work is cheap. :sick:
  • rarnorarno Member Posts: 1
    Hey Navigator 3740. I happen to sell cars and I have no problem saying I don't know something and I am far from dishonest. I'm sorry if you've got ahold of a bad salesman, but we're not all like that.
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