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Lincoln Navigator

I am seriously interested in buying a Lincoln
Navigator and I want to know if anyone out there
can tell me when and where I can get information
regarding the year 2001 Models so that I can see
what is new and what is improved. I have two young
children and also want to know if the Navigator
has options for a television to keep my kids
occupied on long trips to Florida. Does anyone
know when the 2001 Navigator will be available for


  • lukezeuslukezeus Posts: 4
    Very similar situation. Two young kids (carseats) also; and also drive to Fl.(@ least once a year). Selling '99 grand cher ltd. and '99 acura RL for bigger vehicle. Trying to decide, navig. vs. escalade. No details on 2001(2) esc.; went to Linc. dealer who went on dealer website(pc carbook - ? reliable) ; from what I could surmise: leather change, valet key addition, standard aux. clim. control; but no major (drivetrain, etc.) changes. Hope this helps: e-mail is [email protected]
  • philw2philw2 Posts: 36
    Picked up my 2k Nav last week. its loaded to the max and loving it. Pure luxury. Got a great deal too.
  • There are options for televisions in Navigators. I have a cousin that owns one and he has 4 televisions and a playstation in it. It is very fun even though I wish that it was my own. The Lincoln Navigator is the BEST choice over all vehicles. I love this S.U.V. like I love anything. Alot of people think that I am crazy because I can since them a mile away. :-) seriously you should get a "NAVI" it's the greatest you won't regret it.
  • lukezeuslukezeus Posts: 4
    tv's are factory? options in 2001? What else is new? Thanks.
  • lukezeuslukezeus Posts: 4
    Tx! Great luck with your new Navi.. I should have mine within 48 hrs.. I will look to add the video system, and a hands-free phone (mine didn't come with). Any further suggests., feel free to write ( here, or to [email protected]).
  • cgcercgcer Posts: 1
    Hello. I am looking for a new Nav' and am wondering how far below dealer invoice (if at all) I can expect the dealers to move? Can anyone provide pricing? Thanks
  • slawlorslawlor Posts: 3
    I have started looking at the Navigator and I love it. The problem is convincing my wife this is he SUV our family needs. Does anyone have the pros-cons, head-to-head comparison between the Navigator and the Eddie Bauer Expedition? If not, does anyone have a good excuse to spend the extra dough and get the Navigator? Thanks.
  • gennagenna Posts: 4
  • gennagenna Posts: 4

  • jlath2ojlath2o Posts: 2
    I'm in the process of purchasing a 2000 Nav. Does anyone know if Lincoln has history of offering rebates or incentives prior to the newer models(2001)arriving in the showrooms? If I can save an additional 2-3k by waiting a few weeks why not? Also, if the 2001 is comparable in price I'll purchase the newer model. Thanks for any information.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I just bought a 2000 Nav. My first test drive was in a Nav that had a terrible steering wheel shake at expressway speeds (thank goodness I drove on a an exressway and not just the dealership side roads!). Anyhow, the sales rep told me the shaking was due to the Nav sitting outside for too long therefore the wheels develop a "flat spot" that causes the vibration. (????) He said the problem would go away after driving it for a few days. Yea right. I test drove another Nav in the same dealership and the steering shake was virtually gone.

    Anyhow, the Nav seems like a great SUV with all the toys I wanted. I almost went for an LX 470 (it drives like pure SILK) but both back rows seemed cramped and there was alot less headroom for me, plus the extra $$$ made me reconsider.

    I'll keep you posted on how things are going. I PRAY the steering wheel shaking doesn't start up with my NAV. If it does, I'll let you know.
  • one2thdocone2thdoc Posts: 1
    I have a '98 Lincoln Navigator with the same vibration problem. It starts at 65 mph and gets worse. Have had to the dealer numerous times. Srevice manager stated that is was inherent to the vehicle. I would have thought that they would have fixed the problem by the 2000 model year. Apparantly they have not. I have had no satifactory respnse from the dealer and Lincoln will not respond to the complaint. Can't wait for the lease to run out on it. I bought a '00 ML430 Mercedes which has yet to return to the dealer. Can't say that for the Navigator. I know all the sevice people at the Lincol dealership on a first name basis. Now it need to go back because "the hitch can seperate from the frame" recall. Sounds like they didn't put very strong bolts in these things. Only had it a month when it had to be returned because "the wheels could serperate from the vehicle. Hope you guys have better luck with yours. Anyone wanna buy a loaded '98 4x2?
  • easecoeaseco Posts: 3
    Just bought a nav. 47k o.t.d. - think I did ok on the deal. (by the way steering wheel prob. occurred in a prev. expedition, was caused by tire balancing - 29 bucks later it was fixed). Any way the two comments I had were this - during the whole process, I never realized that the Nav. required 91 octane fuel or higher MINIMUM! so say the instructions. The other thing was, our nav. had the climate control seats AC/Heat - was a very cool option initially, however after having it for a week, I have to say it's not worth the money. The non-perforated seats look better and seemed more comfortable (just an opinion). Other than that, like it much more than our previous suburban.
  • slawlorslawlor Posts: 3
    That does sound like a good deal ($47k otd) what options did you have on that? OTD include taxes, dest charge, doc charge, etc...? It is disappointing to hear about the climate controlled seats, that is one option I thought would be great. It is discouraging to hear about the 91 octane fuel, with the price of fuel so high.
  • easecoeaseco Posts: 3
    Options were as follows 4x2, cd changer, alpine stereo upgrade, climate seats, chrome wheels, moonroof, rear air, - I think that's it. 800 over invoice (so they say). Los Angeles sales tax is 8.25% + Calif. registration (about 1.5%). The seats are still nice, however, after having them, would not get it as an option.
    Good Luck
  • easecoeaseco Posts: 3
    Lincoln also started 0.9% financing for 36 months as of Sat. July 30th. Very good deal!!
  • a_gala_gal Posts: 4
    I am currently driving a '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 22k miles. What a joy...3 sets of new rotors and brake pads, vibration in steering wheel and dash when driving...constant dealership returns. I WILL trade the jeep when it gets out of the shop! Thought of trading for a low mileage Navigator. Any info. on the '98 4x4 Navigator would be much appreciated. Low maintenance will be crucial to my next purchase. :o)
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    I own a 2000 navigator, 2 months old. The driver rear leans 1/2 inch than the passenger side. The dealer admits that it does lean but they said it needs to lean more than 3/4 before they can do anything about it. According to Ford specifications 3/4 inch is normal. They measured from the bottom of the rim to the fender on both sides.

    tmeyer1 had the same problem from a previous topic (1999 navigator) post #150. Did you get yours fixed?

    They fixed the rear windshield washer drip by installing a one way valve.

    The side mirrors are not suppose to tilt while backing up I was told. The brochure was a misprint.

    Has anyone figured out how to program a genie intellicode with the homelink?

    I get better mileage with 87 octane 13mpg than 92 octane 10 mpg. Will it hurt the engine if I switch back and forth?

    Drives real nice, this vehicle is a head turner or maybe they are looking at my wife.

    Thanks for replying.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I've programmed my genie intellicode guarage door opener with homelink. Try this:

    First erase your car's homelink memory (press two outside buttons at the same time for twenty seconds-- it'll blink fast when erased). Then program your guarage door remote transmitter to the homelink by holding down a homelink button and your remote at the same time (hold the remote at least 1/2 inches from the visor). THEN.. get up to the guarage door opener housing attatched to the guarage roof. Open the white casing where the light bulb is. On the lower right hand side there is a small black button that when pushed in makes a little red light blink. Once the red light is blinking you are in "code learning mode" and have 20 seconds to press the button on your homelink (car visor) that you previously programmed to your guarage door remote. Press it two to four times and your guarage should open/close. That should be all you have to do. If it still doesn't work check you car manual and call up homelinks 800 #. They were very helpful when I called.

    Has anyone had difficulty using homelink to open up their private community's access gates? My homelink works only about 50% of the time when I want to open my community gate. My community uses a Linear gate opening system. I'd appreciate any help from any radio frequency "experts" on how to improve my homelink
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    To those interested in buying or leasing a Navigator (or any Ford, Lincoln/Mercury product) check out the following site:


    Once there click on "finacial tools".
    It has a calculator for buying AND leasing through ford motor credit. You plug in the numbers and it gives you a monthly payment estimate based on the latest interest/rebate/incentive figures available. I plugged in my specific lease contract numbers and the monthly payment it gave me was within $25 dollars (over) what my payment is. The site does have a disclaimer stating that your payments may be lower depending on the dealership. It should give you a good "ballpark figure" as to what to expect if you lease.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    The buy/lease link above should read:

    http://www.ford credit.com/redcarpetlease/

    sorry about the typo above (I forgot the "WWW").
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Typo again!

    The link should be:


    I'm new to this internet stuff. Please forgive!
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    It works, my homelink works with the genie intellicode. Looks like the dealer is wrong again. Their head service advisor swears it was not compatible with any learning mode garage door openers. Thanks again.
  • ... plus: It's poorly-made.

    As I predicted years ago, Ford has finally admitted their SUV's are pieces of garbage.

    Do you know how many people have been killed in a Ford SUV? Countless.

    It's not surprising to believe no one here reads the newspaper.

    When will you people wake up and buy European or Japanese?

    Nevermind that they are all cheesy-looking nouveau-riche abortions-on-wheels--- Ford SUV's are deathtraps... and Chrysler and GM's are accidents waiting to happen.

    Get WITH it. Buy a Land Rover or a Nissan or Toyota-- and have peace of mind.
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    Just wondering what you do own?
    You sound like a person that only buys used vehicles.

    I do own a Nissan and had to replace the engine at 87,000 miles. Land Rover dealers can only be found every 200 miles, so servicing and warranty repairs is an inconvenience. I also own a Toyota Avalon,you should check the Avalon topics for numerous unhappy owners.

    Your always going to find some imperfection when you buy anything new. Obviously you would not know since you buy it used.

    So far my Luxurious Navigator looks and drives beautifully.
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I think I'll go out and buy a Land Rover, Nissan AND a Toyota tomorrow. Thanks for the helpful advice. I can't believe I've finally graduated to "Nouveau-riche" status! I'm driving over to mom's house to let her know of my updated status--gosh, I hope my "cheesy-looking abortion-on-wheels deathtrap" will get me there. Cross your fingers!
  • a_gala_gal Posts: 4
    HUMMM...an abortion on wheels?? That took thought...If you don't own a navigator, and you're obviously not in the market for one....what the heck are you doing in this forum?
  • You posted a couple of weeks ago about replacing your Jeep GC with a Nav. If you've done the deal you don't need to be told that the Nav fuel mileage is quite a bit less than a Jeep GC plus it burns the Hi Octane stuff. Our NAv with 10K on the odometer consistently gets 13.7 mpg with typical highway speeds of 65 to 70 mph. This drops to 10.5 mpg when towing our horse trailer. Our Jeep GC with the I6 and 186K on the odometer consistently gets 19-20 mpg but only 15 mpg when towing the horse trailer.

    Having said all that, you can't pry the Nav away from my wife. She won't drive the JGC unless she has to. The Nav is a damn nice truck, was put together well and tows very nicely.

    Good luck. Shop carefully. We used Edmunds data and knew exactly what we wanted when we went to the dealer. We named our price. It did not take them long - $500 over invoice and apparently no incentives at the time (Nov '99).
  • Hey wasn't Ayrton Senna killed in Navigator?
    oops! I'm wrong, it was one of those high priced "european" F1 cars. Something about a bad weld on a steering shaft.

    PS: How much is Bernie Ecclestone paying you? Remember, he passed The Queen on the "most wealthy" list. I would ask for a raise!
  • I just purchased a brand new 2001 Navigator about 2 months ago, and so far i love it! I have 4 kids the ages of 15,8,6,2 and they really like it. We got it loaded with every possible option on it and so far it has just been great. I really like how it's high and on here they say it's kind of hard to drive in and out of parking lots. My opinion of that is no, I park it where it isn't to busy and that really works. It is really easy to get in and out of and I just love it, If you are thinking about buying, BUY IT.... you won't regret it!
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    It was my understanding that 2001's are just coming out now or in the next couple of weeks. Not too many changes but just thought you should know if your dealer told you it was a 2001.

    BTW - what color did you get?

    Thanks - Frank
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    I assume Navigator is Green!
  • Anyone see one of these off-road, say, a dry riverbed or something like it? Anyone use the 4x4 package? I'm interested in any stories regarding Navigator off-road use. I'd love to test drive one of them w/ the 4x4 pkg, but there's nothing where I live to really test it.

    Is the Nav just an expensive novelty on a 4x4 tranny for suburban use, or can I actually take luxury beyond pavement? It would be embarrassing to drop an axle out in the Rockies, only to have someone with an F-150 drag it home.
  • Yah mine is a 2001. When I bought it he told me that I ordered it within like the first week they were avaible, but this was like a month and a half ago. And of course it is Green hehe!
  • Hi GreenNavigator! Quick question: would you mind sharing your location and cost info? I'm ready to purchase but still looking for the best deal. Does anyone know of a dealership anywhere that sells for an advertised amount over invoice? Found a Chevy dealer that does and a loaded Suburban looks possible, but our hearts are with the Navigator. Anyone?
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    See my post#22. I live in socal. Rancho Ford in Temecula. Every week they have a better or similar price on ad. Press Enterprise paper.
  • csnowcsnow Posts: 5
    Check out Motor Trend's September issue with the article on "Death Valley SUV Torture Test". The Nav was 1 of 7 SUV's taken out for 4 days of trail-bashing, suspension-pounding, tire ravaging off roading during a record heat wave. The Nav's report card got 7 A's, 4 B's and 1 C+ for value.
    It actually did real well in the final write-up.
    Lotsa of pluses. Some downsides; "big as a bus, loads of body roll, tires not up to off-road abuse. Couldn't figure out what model year they tested.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Curious if the factory GPS Nav system shows altitude as on of the data features.

    Any other comments on the Lincoln GPS Navigation system would be helpful.

    TIA - Frank
  • SCODESCODE Posts: 1
    My wife and I go to Laughlin NV, and tow our waverunners there to launch on the river. Last time we were there we launched at an unmarked site with sand, rocks, gravel, and a rutted dirt wash that lead to the beach...

    It was a piece of cake, no fuss no nothin'.

    But... several 4x2 trucks and suv's got stuck launching. I unhitched my trailer, pulled up nose to nose, attached my tow rope, and let the 300hp pull them out, trailer and all. I rescued three in all that weekend.

    It was 117 degrees, and the bad boy never even got warm!

    I have a late model 99 with alpine, changer, heated seats, skid plates. Black/Tan of course!

    We love the truck, only wish we had the new seats!
  • Does anyone know why you can't order the sunroom and the GPS Navigation System together? I want both options but the dealer told me that they did not come together from the factory
  • I meant sunroof in my last post...thanks
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120

    I think that it has something to do with the fact
    that when GPS is installed in the center lower
    basement area the AUX climate control knobs are relocated to the roof for control of climate for the bedroom area.

    This probably takes up the room used for the controls/motor for the sunroom option.

    Don't know exactly if this is where the motor is definitely located but on many roofs this is indeed the location.

    There are aftermarket installs for both sunroof and GPS. So technically you could get both just not from the factory unfortunately : )
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    This is in response to the person talking about Toyota, Land Rover..etc. being superior.

    Prior to purchasing my 1998 Navigator, I only purchased Toyotas. I can tell you I had my share of problems with my prior Toyota 4-Runner. The transmission would overheat pulling two Jet Skis - less then 2000 pounds. The engine went out at 90k miles (anti-freeze in the oil) - fortunately, Toyota replaced the engine free of charge (under warranty), however; the truck was never the same. It still would not tow the Jet Skies without overheating.

    We use the Navigator for pulling our boat weighing 8,500 lbs. Mainly twice a year in and out of the water in spring and fall. We took a trip on the boat and had to pull the boat & trailer back 6hrs in a rain storm in summer (85+ degrees) with the Navigator. The truck pulled the boat flawlessly and the temperature gauge never moved - stayed were it normally reads.

    Bottom line - there isn't a foreign truck made that could pull a 8,500 pound boat and do it in style!

    Great Truck!!
  • robindrobind Posts: 1
    I have a 4Runner right now, have had no issues. I am looking to buy a 2001 Nav very soon, wanted to know about any maintenance issues anybody might have had?
  • Does anyone know if you can remove the console from between the second row of seats in a 2000 or 2001 navigator? I don't think my children will move the seat forward to get to rear seat, and I know they will climb on console to get back there.
    I was thinking about removing it, but I am concerned about the appearance of the seats if the center console isn't present.Any ideas?Please help!!!
  • I just drove my new 2000 Black Navy home and I luv it. The sense of power you get from driving it is incredible. I purchased the vehicle from Pride Lincoln Mercury in Lynn, MA (outside Boston). I paid 45500 ($500 over invoice) and have every option except the Nav System and Reverse Sensing. They don't have any 2001s in stock yet and I'm thinking they gave me a good deal because they are trying to make room for the 2001s. From what I understand the 2000s and 2001s aren't dramatically different, so I would highly suggest that anyone who is the market for one to go for a 2000 now. Also, make sure you get the buckets seats in the 2nd row. The bench seats don't look as classy. Got to go! It's time for a joy ride!!
  • You should be hung from the nearest Amoco sign!
  • If you are wondering what else a Navigator is good for please stay with me.
    I own a hardware store in SW Wyoming at 7000 feet we have a tendency to get a tad bit of snow. Last winter my delivery Semi-truck got stuck in the snow and (while my wife was looking the other way) I hooked up a chain and pulled it out.
    I bought the Navigator kicking and screaming that we didn't need this type of car for our business, but now I love it and find it was one of the best investments I have ever made.
  • Just bought a new EB Expedition. Dealer agreed to trede out the Stock firestones for Michelin LTX. Problem is can't find any and Michelin doesn't think they will catch up for a year.
    Dealer has 5 of the Continental tires that come on the Navi. I want anyone to tell me about the quietness, treadwear, etc. I have to decide by tomorrow. All $.o2 will be appreciated.
  • thor3thor3 Posts: 120
    Sounds like you may have answered your own question. There is a major shortage of tires in the size you require due to the Firstone/Ford Recall. You may not have many options...if the dealer has the Continental's in stock I would go with them..they are good road tires but not great for offroading. Made for smooth quiet ride...

    Call a large tire dealer such as Tire Rack and ask what they think of the Continentals and also ask if they have any tires in stock that would fit.

    There have been a few Navigator owners with complaints of high speed vibration 70/80 MPH...can't remember if all the issues were balance vs. tire related..I do think most were balance related. Also, FYI, once a tire is driven out of balance for any extended period the tire/s get worn low spots that may be felt even after a perfect balance.

    There are many comments on the ride quality of the Nav so I don't think you would have much of an issue with the Conti's. Make sure they are new tires and not ones removed from another vehicle...some tires flat spot after vehicle sits for a long while on dealer lot...occassionally a test drive reveals this and tires are replaced..dealer may keep old tires thinking they can pass them on to some other sucker.

    In any event, if you take the Conti's test drive the Exp. at all road speeds to see if balance is good and tires are true (no shimmy/vibration). I'd rather drive on the Conti's than on the Firestones for a year anyway...there have been more registered complaints regarding Firestone tires in general over Continentals.

    Good luck!
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