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Lincoln Navigator



  • After I posted above, I discovered the Continentals were more narrow and slightly taller than the stock firestones. Don't want to have to worry about recalibrating speedo already. I will put my name on the michelin list and wait it out. Local tire dealers are hopeful michelin will catch up around december. I'll keep my fingers crossed until then.
  • I would like to hear a couple opinions on the price quote I received on a 2000 Nav with aux. climate control, Chrome wheels, skid plate, CD changer, alpine stereo & climate controlled front seats...color is blue. Dealer quoted me "invoice" of $43,940 which appears to be close when looking at Edmunds pricing. Does anyone think that this price is not good?
  • You didn't say where you live but in the Miami/Ft. Laud. area, I'm being quoted $42,000 for a loaded 2001. You figure out the math.
  • I am in New Jersey and the model is a 2000 4 x 4. Any input is appreciated!
  • I had posted earlier on the Continental tires and quality. I guess my question has been answered. Todays new announced Ford/Lincoln and Continental will announce a recall on some of their tires. I believe mostly 16" tires were included. Who is next?
  • The purpose of this post is twofold. First, to document some problems/solutions I have had with my navigator. Second, to ask for help in why my drivers side seat is always so damn hot! The dealer said it is a design defect because the passenger side area below seat is done correctly but not driver. Not buying it. Can anyone help?

    First problem I had was that when the radio was on and I open the back "flap" windows, the radio shorted out and wouldn't play. This was fixed by removing the cap over the compass and light switch and solidifying connection for one connector. Presto, no more short out. Second problem was that the remote entry unlock would cause the door lock to freeze on preventing entry. Using key was required at that point. It seems that this is actually the inside lock switch getting stuck. It will be replaced soon.

    Mostly, trying to find out if anyone has any experience with trying to fix climate controlled driver side seat. Not only does it work poorly, it gets really warm while on A/C. Not much confidence in my dealer since the service guy was surprised A/C seats were even available.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  • Leased a 2000 model in January, had to replace engine in February,due to oil leaking from improperly machined block. Then it took three trips to stop leaks in trans and transfer case after they replaced the engine. Windshield cracked (stone?). Next had re-occuring flats until dealer found pinhole in LF rim. Battery died for no apparent reason. Sorry I can't offer any help other than things could be worse! Other than that it is nice ride.
  • Thinking of buying the 2001 Navigator but I have a question about gas..the 2000 brochures suggests reg.gas..anybody know what the 2001 brocure says?
    And..does reg. REALLY do it in the 2000?
  • I live in Atlanta where we don't get much snow, but every year we do get some bad weather. I will not be doing much off road work - say 10% offroad use with occasional hauling. I would be willing to pay a premium for safety.

    I test drove both versions and found the 2wd a tad faster on acceleration than the 4wd and also a bit quieter than the 4wd. I figure that the extra weight of a 4wd system may be the reason. Dealer was not knowledgeable. They have identical engines but differ in the rear suspension.

    (1) Is fuel consumption noticably different in the Auto 4wd drive mode compared to a 2wd Nav?

    (2) Are there any 4wd maintenance issues?

    (3) Are residuals better with 4wd?

    (4) Is a 4wd really worth it in my case?

  • I just bought a 2000 Navigator and I live in Maine. All my previous vehicles have had mud flaps. The Nav doesn't even offer them as an option. Does anyone have experience with a Nav that suggests I do or don't need to install mud flaps on the Nav?

  • I put the LTX M/S on the naivagtor. Totally different world, cont are lame. The body roll noted in the Edmunds reviews almost disappear with the better tires. I have the largest 17" LTX M/S offered they are slightly lower profile then the conti's, my old suggestion is mount them black wall as the lettering is busy. Funny I replace my firestone with LTX's on my explorer and Conti's with LTX and now they are recalling both brands.
  • Should say ONLY suggestion not old suggestion.
  • Says 87 in the 2001 literature.
  • The brochure has the appearence that these 2 chairs (seats) now fold flat. They have those flappy things that all us bench owners have to make a flat area. Thoughts of extra rear center storage with being able to fold them flat would swing me away from my current bench setup. Is the 2000 like these with rear seats or do these only tilt and not fold?
  • Everyone please share your current monthly rates. I am paying $566 on a 39 month, 39,000 lease with a 99 Nav.(4x4), no money down. Parents borrowed this for one day and I've got a better chance winning the lottery then getting it back. So I am in the 2001 (4x4) lease market, alpine option,changer, roof, 17" chrome and reverse sensing. I hate this haggle crap, where should this be?
  • I was wondering if Lincoln representatives read the postings in this section. If so, I have a question - will Lincoln ever offer the 5.4 Supercharged (SVT) motor (in the Ford Lighting pick) in the Navigator??
  • a_gala_gal Posts: 4
    I recently testdrove a '99 navigator. When stopped, there was a vibration in both front doors, seats, and on the brake pedal. I'm unsure of rear vibration due to salesman being in the rear. I would be inclined to think it wasn't a brake/rotor/tire problem, as it happened when the vehicle was stopped.(However, I'm no mechanic.) For comparison, I drove another '99 with more miles and did not experience what I termed the "bouncing bootie" effect. :o) Any help would be appreciated, as this was a nice vehicle.
  • gmanzgmanz Posts: 6
    I would say isolated to that particular vehicle. 99 has rotor problems in the front which you describe perfectly right up until the vehicle stops. Next would be to put in N, then parking brake in place of regular brakes to isolate. Have 99 going to 2001, outside of heated seat pad, ignition coil ( design defect) and wipers that turn themselves on (TSB notice for replacement of multi-function switch) this has been ultra solid for a Ford product. I did hear of a trailer hitch departing with a trailer attached, but this is on recall.
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    my 2000 lincoln 2wd w/44k msrp,cap cost 40.5k
    527/mo w/ tax,5k down,12k miles,36 mo lease,22k residual
    i figure the easiest way to figure out a good lease would be:
    the total of mo. payments plus, down payment,and residual has to come close to the msrp no more than 1k
    i read in a mercedes c class post that you can get software for 70.00 with tech support to help you figure out the lease terms
  • Purchased a 2000 Nav 4x4 with navigation system, climate-controlled seats, reverse sensing, Alpine w/CD changer for $400 over invoice. I live in dot com country (Northern CA), dealers here aren't inclined to bargin as much around here with all the money floating around. In fact, I went with the Nav because both GMC, Chevy and Toyota dealers were gouging at MSRP ++ for their rigs.

    My buying experience was gut wrenching. Drove the Nav off the lot on a Wed. afternoon. Less than 20 miles later, the left side of the truck had a stroke. Power seat, lumbar support, climate-control, power pedals and memory funtionns failed. (We had identified this problem before taking delivery and the dealer assured us that the problem was taken care of.) Turned out to be a bolt in the seat back was grounding out the wiring when the lumbar was inflated. But wait, there's more! Drivers door had a ding in it which required the entire area to be repainted. Not exactly what I was expecting from a $46,000 car. After a week in the shop, we finally get the Nav back. Same day that Ford announced the recall on the Conti tires. Can anyone provide feedback on replacement tires like the Michelins?
  • ric1035ric1035 Posts: 32
    i thought my 2000 Nav Conti tires got recalled too but they said only 98-99 16" tires, assuming your 4wd has 17".
  • sandijsandij Posts: 2
    I found out that even though the brochure recommends 87 octane for the 2001 Nav.the owners manual says 91..found out because we finally took delivery of said 2001 model(Charcoal Blue)..great looking .
  • majohnsmajohns Posts: 16
    Can any of you share your purchase price with me? Are any of you getting a 2001 Navigator, loaded with moonroof, for dealer invoice? I welcome all of your comments! Thanks.
  • EmptySea (a.k.a. Matt) what dealer did you get the Navigator from for $400 over invoice? How do you like the vehicle now that you have a had it a while longer? Thanks.
  • I just bought Bridgestone Duelers to replace my exhausted Continentals and they ride absolutely superbly. Much better value than the Michelins, and obliterate the OEM tires. 56k miles on my 98' Navi and it has yet to even hiccup. Great vehicle.
  • Headroom is a major problem for me. At 6'4" (and a
    long torso) the only SUV's fitting was the
    Sequoia, Navigator, and Excursion. Ruling out the
    Excursion for its' "SIZE" was fairly easy. The
    tremendous downward price pressure on the
    Navigators made them very tempting. (New 2000
    Navigators are selling in my area for about $2000
    below dealer invoice.....yes, BELOW dealer
    invoice!) I can get any new 2001 Navigator for $100 over dealer invoice.

    However, after test driving both the Sequoia
    Limited and several Navigators, my wife and I found the Sequoia the overall winner hands down. I too am use to paying no more than $100 over dealer invoice for a new vehicle so the pricing of the Sequoia has been troublesome to swallow.
    Therefore, I put my hard nose negotiating mood
    swing into place and managed to talk a local Toyota dealer into selling us their only in-stock Sequoia Limited, with a MSRP of $44,990, for $44,000. Not a great savings but the best I believe I could do under the current market conditions. Sequoia Limiteds here in the greater Seattle area are selling like hot cakes at a lumberjack's breakfast feast. Many of the Limiteds are already presold. The SR5s are more readily available.

    We found the Navigators are losing their value
    VERY fast in our area. Many used Navigators are
    selling at well below blue book. We're banking on
    the Toyota Sequoia holding a better resale value
    than what the Navigator of late has experienced.
  • I recently read (can't remember in Wheels or Motor Trend or where) the Navigator, Expedition and Explorer are all going to be modified in an early 2001 half model year change. Since all this roll over scare, they are supposed to be lower, with a wider stance and more power in the Gator and Expedition. all with a fold flat store in floor third row seat. It sure would be nice if this is all true. Has anyone else read or heard about these rumors ???
  • Sometimes I'm amazed that me, myself, and I know whats going on in this world at all. Let me explain. I have a friend with whom I play golf occasionally, who is a retired senior engineer with Ford Motor Co. You know one of those guys that gets a new Ford vehicle every year on the A plan. This guy drives Lincolns all the time. To the point !!! I asked him to call Ford Truck Division in Wayne Michigan which he did. He spoke to two different engineers there, and guess what? According to them there will be minor face lifts and some changes in the Navigator but no major platform changes or body construction changes for the next two model years. Appox. Nov. 2002 Now my question is this. Who is going to end up being correct in this matter. The reports in Motor Trend Mag. or the Ford Engineers??? It will be interesting to see what happens. Only time will tell now. Steve
  • mm
  • when you set it on any temperature (ex. 74),
    the fan never shuts off even when it reaches that temperature, it always stays on about a notch up from the fan's lowest setting.
    i'm having to lower the fan manually.
    asked the dealer, they said this was normal.
    i rented a 2000 volvo sedan and it works like our a/c heater thermostat at home, it goes off when it reaches the temperature desired.

  • Had never looked at Navigators until last weekend. Was considering an Expedition (cause of the deals and .9% financing) but found the nav to be vastly superior in terms of ride and handling. Dealer resisted a bit (just to make me feel good probably) but agreed to 9K below MSRP (2.4 K below invoice) and .9% financing for 36 mos.

    So far, no buyer's remorse, and glad I took the time to look around.
  • Purchased a 2001 Navigator 5 weeks ago and I love it. If your in the Washington DC area East West Lincoln Mercury is the place to go, but you don't need to step a foot in the dealership until your vehicle arrives. Our vehicle purchase was somewhat unique in today's automotive retail environment; we chose the Internet as a means of facilitating our purchase. The Internet is clearly an ideal medium for comparing prices, researching vehicle specifications and referencing independent reports; the potential of the Internet is certainly vast. And best thing of all we paid Dealer invoice price.
  • This is an update of my perils with the 2000 I took delivery of in Jan'00. At 3k miles engine replaced, windshield replaced, right doors both
    misalligned cause extreme wind noise. At 6.5k miles troubles with flats, rim a hole in it. At
    8k miles battery failures started still not resolved. Dlr can't find problem. Speaking now with lemon law atty expect to file suit soon.
  • wleekewleeke Posts: 13
    I have a 2000 Navigator. Custom ordered with a MSRP of $51K. Totally loaded except for the navigation system. I took delivery in Jan '00 and paid $45K which included a $10k down payment. I am now looking to trade out and the absolute best I've found is $31K. Two wholesalers offered $29K. From what I'm seeing this product has gone from a MSRP of $51K to a resale of about $35K in under 1 year. This is a nightmare trying to get rid of this thing. Nobody wants to pay anything for it. Three wholesalers have said they wouldn't even bid on it because they don't want it. Just to make a note here, there are NO problems with this Navigator. It's in perfect condition with 22K miles and blk w/gray leather.
    I had checked this board many times before I made this order and I honestly just didn't believe some of the comments regarding this same problem.
    I'd love to know what other's experience has been on trade/sell of their 2000 Navigators. And to those of you that have not yet purchased....check this out for yourself. Call a few dealers and just tell them you have a 2000 to trade with low miles, even if they don't give you a dollar figure you'll hear the bad news in their voice.
  • thor8thor8 Posts: 303
    Sorry to hear your misfourtune, I would never have paid that kind of money (not even all wheel independent suspension) for a dressed up expedition which in turn is a pickup with a different body, reminds me of the dirty trick Ford played in the 70's, a mustang with the body of a thunderbird for twice the price and a year later was worth half the price.
  • when you set it on any temperature (ex. 74 degrees),
    the fan never shuts off even when it reaches that
    temperature, it always stays on about a notch up
    from the fan's lowest setting.
    is this normal? does everyone's works the same way?
    i'm having to lower the fan manually.
    asked the dealer, they said this was normal.
    i rented a 2000 volvo sedan and it works like our
    a/c heater thermostat at home, it goes off when it
    reaches the temperature desired.

    please reply
  • Have a 2000 EB Expy and the auto climate control behaves just as you indicate. My 01 PF with auto climate control operates the same way. At least it does drop the fan speed to a very low level when the desired temperature is reached. The fan can't be heard in the PF most of the time.
  • The fan speed is keep at a speed sufficient to keep windows from fogging in most conditions. The temperature is then controlled with the blend door after fan speed is slowed to its low limit. This is an intended design feature which most people find desireable since they normally can just let in auto mode without having to mess with manual controls.
  • gemni1gemni1 Posts: 12
    I'm interested in buying a used '99 Navigator (4x4, chrome rims 19k miles). The asking price is $32,000. Does anyone have any advice on whether or not this sounds like a good deal.
  • I was trying to buy a 2001 Navigator through a Ford on line BUYER CONSULTANT. I asked if he had any info on a new Gator. He said he could not answer that question on line, but gave me a "confidential" FORD number to call. I found out on the phone that YES there will be a NEW 2001 1/2 Navigator with new sheet metal, an upgrade on the engine and some interior refinements. I was going to order a new Escalade but now I am going to wait. Steve
  • Our 2000 Navigator continues to have vibration problems at speeds from 69mph and up. The dealer must have no idea on what is causing the vibration for they have replaced the tires twice, once with Goodyear(275/60/17) and the second time with Michelins(265/75/17 because the original size tire is not available from Michelin). We asked several of our friends if they are having the same problem and they are, we would like to know if any of you are experiencing the same defect
  • Steve, Hi, I am ready to buy a Navigator, tomorrow actually, and saw your msg.
    Can you verify the 2001.5 model, and allow me that have that phone number??
    Big tia, Bob, [email protected]
  • i have the same problem, but only the steering wheel vibrates slightly. i took it to the dealer twice and i wanted the 17" continetal replaced but to no avail. they replaced a bushing on the steering column pn the 2nd visit and blamed it on tire pressure the 1st visit. i still have the same trouble.
    i got used to it now and decided that it is because it's a truck. i have a 2000 nav 2wd with 5k miles.

    does anyone know what is the right tire pressure front and rear. the sticker on the driver door says 26 front 32 rear but the dealer said 28 on all four, it rides rough when it hits uneven pavement

    thanks for replying
  • A friend bought the 2000 Expedition XLT.

    He now wants to put on the wheel flares and bodymoldings that come with the Navigator or Eddie Bauer Expedition. Any ideas where he can lay his hands on this? And for how much?
    He also wants to put in an upgraded exhaust and en engine chip. Any suggestions?
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    I have a 1998 Nav. and the tires are about shot. The OEM tires are a special size (17") that only Continental makes (I am not very fond of these tires). I want to find out what other brands/sizes of tires people are replacing the Cont. with. I live in the snowbelt and need a tire that is good in snow but does not produce allot of road noise. Any suggestions?
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    Good 17" rubber isn't cheap.

    I bought the best Michelin LTX MS for
    approx $150 each
  • gsnavgsnav Posts: 7
    Regarding the Michelin LTX MS - How do they ride? Are they quiet? How do they handle (better than OEM)? What size did you go with? Are they good in snow?
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    After a year or more on a variety of car
    newsgroups and other forums, I would say that it
    is a general net agreement that the LTX MS are a
    premium tires at a high-to-premium price. The ride was amazingly better then Firestones even to the point that my wife (and other self-admitted
    novices on the net) could tell the diffrence in
    noise and handling.

    About a year ago I got wise and decided that
    mediocre tires was a very poor investment
    for my expensive cars and priceless human cargo.

    I had the upgraded 17" tires for my 4x4 Expedition. My wife and kids were invoved in a 32 car pileup on a ice covered bridge. She was able to come to a straight stop without hitting anybody while many other cars were doing doughnuts. Unfortunately 30 seconds after she stopped, she got rearended by a 10+ ton gravel dump truck going about 30-40MPH. Totalled the Expy but wife and kids walked. I believe the tires helped significantly and they paid back in spades due to the fact that she was about the only one that had a 0% "at fault" out of all the cars.

    You can also goto one of the biggest online tire dealers and the ratings are real high.

    You can also goto www.deja.com , go to bottom
    of first page and enter rec.autos.makers.ford.explorer and do a search on
    LTX or michelin. There obvioulsy has been a LOT of talk about tires. also alot of of discussion between the LT and MS version of the LTX tires.
    I was able to use MS version for a quieter ride.
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    I also have a 160K 1992 explorer that I changed
    to the LTX and a variety of handling oddities were
    greatly improved.

    Lastly, Even though the explorer was relatively trouble free and the 99 Expy at 38K had zero
    problems, I found myself purchasing a foreign car for the first time for the Expy replacement. Toyota Sequoia which is same size as Expy/Navi. Went and looked at newestTahoe/suburban/Expy first and then heard about Toyota, went and saw it, and it was embarrasingly better then the Ford/GM. Oh well. If your Navi croaks or you get tired of it, you owe yourself a visit to Toyota.

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