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    The fold flat seats in the '03 Navigator and Expedition are new, older versions have a flip and fold configuration that takes up cargo space. The Navigator really is going to be too short if what you crave is cargo space. It sounds like all the bells and whistles of the Lincoln have you mesmerized. All the gadgets in the world won't make the 4 cubic feet of room behind the third seat hold 10 cubic feet of stuff. You should consider the Excursion before the Lincoln as it is really the only other mass produced monster.
  • Got a great deal on a 1998 Nav 4x4 with 24 k miles in Jan 2001..Now I have 55 k miles and need to replace the P255 R17 Continental tires(normal wear). Since I am bored with factory wheels and usually keep a car for 200K miles(I am getting 17 mpg at 70 mph with 87 octane!) should I think about a radical change in wheels and tires to lower the CG & improve stability?? I have not had any problems..but it looks high and I am mindful of the Explorer problems?? Any thoughts?
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    You said you did not like the ride of the present Navigator? Did you know the 03 will have a completely redisigned suspension system that is supposed to be much better. Also I know in the new Expeditions, there is either a bar or button or something that you press and the 2nd row seat that your child is in slides up right behind the center console in the front row, so you can hand your child something or tend to him/her if you need. If you get the bench seat for the 2nd row instead of 2 captains chairs, you should have no problem putting 3 kids and have plenty cargo space. I saw a new Navigator up close, and trust me they are light years better than the present one.
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    First Drive: 2003 Lincoln Navigator - The Remake of (A) Rapper's Delight

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    I have a 2000 Nav 2WD and the driver rear leans 7/8" lower than the passenger side. I first noticed this when it was a couple weeks old but it was less than 1/2" then and were within Ford Specifications.
    Recently, I had it looked at a 2 different dealers and both of them said that according to the Ford Engineers that there is not a fix to this problem.
    I was able to get it escalated to Executive complaints here in Dearborn,MI and so far my choices are limited. I was told I could go to arbitration or wait until they get a fix to this problem. Does anyone had this leaning problem and got it fixed?
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    is the engine on or off when the leaning happens?
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    Both on and off ,at least 5/8" and 7/8" at its worst.
    Ford Executive Complaints offered arbitration.It may not be worthwhile because my lease is over on 6/03.

    "trapperkeeper" How did you get the 5k discount towards a new vehicle?
    Do you think I will win arbitration. They do not consider this a safety issue even though I complained about the vehicle would not drive straight. They cannot duplicate this problem.

    Thanks for replying
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    I picked it up today and a great price since the 2003's are coming in soon. I had the dvd system and remote start added. Very nice vehicle with plenty of room for the family to stretch out. Have to get used to driving it, but it is well worth it.
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    I had the tires turned in with the white lettering facing in. All you see now is black and chrome. The third seat has been taken out and the stain resistant carpet installed from Lincoln. Gives the back area a finished look and provides the storage space for shopping. Only option the 2002 does not have that the 2003 will offer is the motorized side mirrors. The SUV is fun to drive and turns a lot of heads. Excellent captains chairs in the second row and the kids love it.
  • blackrhino1blackrhino1 Posts: 19
    Took the third seat out and installed the stain resistant fitted carpet. Plenty of space for luggage. Has anyone installed rims or bigger tires?
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    I am new to townhall. My wife and I really like the '03 Navigator. Are we fooling ourselves to think we might be able to purchase it around dealer invoice?? Or is still too new? Thanks for any comments!!!
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    I got $2000 over invoice deal. You could do it better . I'm the first one to get 03 navigator in my area and the 2nd car was sold at the same dealer at $3000 markup price.
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    Welcome aboard! I am sure Navigator owners here will be happy to help you and your wife. C'mon, gang!


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  • There are no discounts even with the different plans that companies have with Lincoln. I purchased a fully loaded 02 special edition black for a lot below invoice. While the 03 has some nice features the 02's are a steal right now. $58K for the ultimate is too steep.
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    What about the reliablity of lthe nav? my wife is considering a new SUV and this one has the goodies she likes, power seat and lift back.
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    Does anyone have or know how the entertainment system work in the navigator? Specifically does the sound come through the truck speakers or is there a seperate speaker system or are the headphones required for hearing the sound? Can you listen to the radio and have the DVD playing?

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    I ordered it in my 2003 Navigator. You have two choices: playing through the whole speaker system; or
    listening to radio/CD while kids enjoying DVD movie with headphones on. nice features ah?!
  • I picked up a 2002 three weeks ago and had the dvd system installed by an after market company (recommended by Lincoln) and I can do it both ways. While the kids listen with wireless headphones to the dvd - I can listen to another source. I can also flip a button and hear what the dvd is playing while the headphones still work. I sometimes listen to a dvd concert while I drive.
  • HI, Just bought a 01 new Navigator a few months ago. It seems to me that the heated seats really aren't that good. I turn them on high and they only "sort of" get warm even if I leave them like that for 25-30min. If I turn the seats on/off (rotate dial to 0 then back to 5) they get a bit hotter. If I do this a few times, they will work pretty well for a bit and then peter out again. I am NOT inadvertently hitting the AC switch or anything like that... Dealer has replaced switch and control modules on both seats, still seem to not work really well. Anyone else have this problem with not working or variably working heated seats ? AC seems to be a bit better, but doesn't really get all that cold, fluctuates from sort of cool to kinda cool... Thanks,

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    How much below invoice are the 2002's going for?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    I do not know the answer to your question but I wonder whether the seat heaters are thermostatically controlled. If so, you may not notice any heating until the weather gets sufficiently cold again. Perhaps someone else here knows the answer.

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  • Looking closely at the 2003 Navigator. How negotiable is the price? Can I expect to get close to invoice (I am assuming I will have to order it to get the "packages" I want).

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    I ordered Ultimate trim with DVD. $2000 over invoice.
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    Just came back from the Lincoln dealer for 15K service on my 2000 Nav. Also had to fix a stuck a/c vent and a malfunctioning rear windshield wiper. Got home and guess what?? Rear wiper doesn't work... again (3rd time this happens!) So, I have to haul myself back to the service department. This truck has had quite a few minor but annoying problems requiring a total of 7 return trips to the service department within 15,000 miles if you include two scheduled maintenance stops. So far I'd grade my Nav as follows: Space and Comfort: A+++, Drive and handling: C (jittery, busy ride overall), electrical/hardware integrity: D-.

    Also, I had a chance to finally sit in a 2003 Nav. It looks and feels GREAT! The interior looks much more up scale and has a higher quality feel to it. Pictures don't do this interior justice. You've got to sit in it to appreciate it. Anyone out there driven it yet? Has the ride improved as much as I've been hearing?
  • Anyone know if Lincoln is considering offering a larger engine in the near future? After driving the navigator, I felt it could use a little more power.

    Other than the engine, it drives great for such a large truck. It doesn't feel that big driving it. I can't compare it to a pre-2003 nav as I have only driven the new one.
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    I am also looking at the 2003 Nav 4x2, ultimate package with all options excluding the moon roof. I am told I will have to special order, as none are available right now. After calling just two dealers have been told that their standard deal for Costco\internet\fleet pricing is $1,500 over invoice. I told them that if all they have to do is take an order, I expect them to be under $1500 and closer to $500 to $750 over. The response was they will do what it takes to earn the business. I will drive one last time this weekend and let you know what kind of deal is out there.
  • What part of the country are you in? (thanks for saving me a call through Costco to find out the current deals :-)
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    I am in southern California; I have contacted both San Diego & Riverside County dealers.
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    I just stumbled across an article that states that a V10 might be coming for the navigator. It states that there are already several V10's out there that are getting tested but that Lincoln is keeping mum on the topic for now. Apparently it is the same engine used in the excursion. If you want to read the article let me know and I'll give you the site info (I'm not sure if I can mention it on this board).
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    The best deal I have been able to find so far is $600 over invoice. The car will have to be ordered as I am looking for one with the Ultimate package and the Nav & Ent packages. I did see the power lift gate and with a push of the button it will open AND CLOSE the back gate. Very cool!! But be aware that the hinges for the power lift gate cut down on the headroom in the 3rd row seat.
  • You are my benchmark if I decide to purchase :-). I am considering a similar configuration. About how long does it take if you order to receive the car?

    I still need to do another test drive and a garage test to see how the truck fits. I am am probably going to also wait and see the Aviator - not sure I need all the space of the Navigator. The Aviator sounds like it will have almost all the same toys including the 300hp engine.
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    (I've had a Suburban, 00 ML320, 02 ML500, 98 & 00 Navigator)I just recently sold my 2002 Denali XL. What a piece of junk! One MAJOR problem was with the all-wheel drive. They came right out and told me they couldn't fix it at this time. They could make it better but would not be able to fix it until they KNEW MORE ABOUT IT. Can you believe! I sold it and decided to buy a 2000 Navigator until the 03's came out. They're just going to have to give me more gadgets and luxury for me to pay $50k for that again. I thought I needed that space. I bought a "Stowaway" luggage carrier and I'm fine. I love the way the center buckets recline in the Nav and the 3rd seat is fine for my 9yr old. I have the Ent system and it's just great also. There's actually more leg room in the center seats than in the Denali... Ask away.
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    Can the reverse sensor be adding economically to a 2001 Nav?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    Can a CD changer be added easily to the standard radio on a 2001 Nav?
  • stlgasmanstlgasman Posts: 139
    Does the 2001 have adjustable pedals?
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    Dealers are telling me that it take 6 to 8 weeks once the order is placed. I will hopefully place the order this weekend at $500 over, I have not yet been quoted this price but I think it is out there. Most dealers require a $500 to $1000 deposit that is refundable at any time if you decide to walk.(this is true in CA)
  • Finished our second test drive and still like it for the most part. Still have to do a night drive. The few issues we found so far are (nothing serious):

    - needs a little more horsepower (if it had the V10 from the excursion we would probably be done shopping :-)
    - the seats do not impress us (my wife calls them 1 person bench seats :-)
    - Auto-down only on driver's window
    - No auto-close on sunroof (have to check this again - appears you have to hold the button to close the sunroof - can't just push it once).

    Some questions:
    Has anyone seen the Navigation system? (dealer has none in stock with one). How is it? We have it in our current cars so we will definitely order it. Anyone know if the power running boards actually offer any extra utility or are they mostly a gimmmick?

    Also, has anyone seen the mineral gray color? We love the Black navigator but all our cars are currently black - looking for something a little different.

    Last, what trucks does everyone cross-shop with the Navigator. We plan to cross-shop the following (basically trucks with a 3rd row):
    - LX470 - the "third" row is useless (feet on the storage floor)
    - Escalade - no Nav system (atleast from the option list I read)
    - Acura MDX
    - Mercedes ML500 (have to see what the 3rd row looks like)
    - We might wait for the Aviator and if we get really patient, the volvo xc90.
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    The console seems to be standard. Can it be gotten without the console, or can it be removed? Part of the appeal of captains chairs is that little kids can get to the back without an adult flipping up a center seat. It comes that way on the expedition. Unrelated - on the video system, can another aftermarket screen be added (for the third row) or is the system closed ?
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    I would not think you would need a second screen for the thrid row if this is what you are speaking of. The screen that folds down is plenty big to be seen by both the third and second row. Adding another screen is possible (isn't everything) but it would not cost feasible or even complementary to the vehicle. I do believe the the center console is removable in the second row.

    Still haven't seen a Nav in the way I desire it, that being a Ultimate with Nav and Entertainment Package
  • Just saw on the Lincoln site that there is a 3.9% financing special going on or the '03 Nav. Anyone know if there are equivalent rates on leasing?
  • auburn96auburn96 Posts: 43
    Have seen the specials on interest rates. The 3.9 is short term isn't it. Have not seen a deal on leasing as of yet...
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    A dealer in South Fla. is advertising $699 down, $699/mo plus tax for an 03 navigator. 36 months and 12K miles per year. Not sure what trim level this deal is for.
  • I have a new 02 with the video system. I purchased two additional wireless headphones for the third seat passengers and it works fine. The seven inch screen is crystal clear and is big enough to view from the third seat. Had XM radio installed and you cannot see any aftermarket installation indicators.
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    Went to check out the '03 models over the weekend. Couldn't find one with the power running boards and one of the sales told me that it has some problem with this feature and Lincoln is working on it. Anybody heard about this? Also, dealers are willing to sell at $1500 over the invoice, even with special order. I haven't sat in the '03 Expedition yet, does anyone has? Any comments between the two?
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    I have been told that the running board is a late availability item. No problems just not scheduled to release until end of model year. I had wanted a Navigator equipped with the Ultimate package and the Navigation & entertainment systems and have been told these combinations will not be on the lot until later in the year. I have seen lots of the expeditions and Navigator with the Entertainment systems and they look great. The navigation systems however are very scarce and none are even showing up on the dealer’s inbound lists. As far as pricing, if I walked on to a lot, I easily found that dealers were willing to sell for $1,500 to $ $3,000 over invoice, even if I had to order it. But if I used email and their Internet contact, typically one of their fleet managers, I found it easy to be in the $500 to $750 over invoice with little negotiations. I ordered a black/parchment, ultimate package chrome wheels, nav & entertainment sys at $500 over invoice. Placed the order today with a $500 refundable deposit all by phone and never stepped onto the dealer’s lot nor did I ever personally speak to the sales person until I called to give my credit card number to process the deposit. So if any one wants a recommendation in southern California let me know. I will let you know if the process holds up in 6-8 weeks(estimated delivery time).
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    From what I gather, it would seem that some of you are able to get better pricing over invoice than X plans. It seems that X plan is 4% over the discounted price that A plan (employees)get on the invoice. Is this the case?

    I am looking at the ultimate 2003 with ent and nav and running boards. I had a 98 and currently lease a 2000.
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    I went to the Lincoln Dealer the other day to sit in the new Navigator. To give a little background about myself, I am 6' 6" with a long inseam. When I sat in the navigator I could not believe how such a huge SUV could have so little legroom. It seems to me that the center console may be a little too wide, since it pushes my right leg into the steering wheel. I spoke with one of the dealers about my situation and he told me that a number of tall men who had viewed the Navigator earlier in the week had also been disappointed my the lack of leg room in the front. What was Ford thinking?
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I am 6'4" with a large build and also have to purchase cars based on how they fit me. I own a 2000 Navigator and have sat in the new one and fortunately find both of them quite comfortable. I know someone that is around your build with very long inseam and he needs to drive older caddy's or lincoln's in order to feel comfortable. I'm curious what car/truck best fits you.. I'll be car shopping within the next year and would like to know what models best meet your needs.
  • mhenderson1mhenderson1 Posts: 164
    I am in the market for an SUV, but I am willing to take my time with choosing since so many are coming out this year. So far, the only SUVs that somewhat satisfy me are the Acura MDX, Mercedes (ML series), Chevy Trailblazer and Envoy, Yukon, etc. (I like but the quality sucks), the Toyota Land cruiser (gives a lot of room, but the floor well is too high. There is no thigh support), and (ultimately if I had enough money) the newly redesigned Range Rover. I am currently waiting for the newly redesigned 4-runner.
    It seems that a good number of SUVs and cars (particularly foreign) have that wide center console which comes down at an angle. As a result, my leg gets trapped between the console and the steering wheel. Also the panel which runs above your leg is also at a steep angle, which in turn means that I am not able to touch the gas or break pedal.
    The only inexpensive car that I can fit in comfortably is the new Nissan Altima. In the this vehicle the floor well is deep and you can telescope the steering wheel to get around your legs.

    Ford needed to research a little more before bringing this one out. I feel that a good majority of people who buy these large SUV's are people who need a large vehicle to support there large body frames. But the new Navigator seems to be made like a small german or asian sports car which has the center console an no room. They should take some ques from the new Ranger Rover.
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    My girlfriend picked up a 2003 Navigator Ultimate under the X-Plan price of $48316. Dealer Invoice was $48205 including the $540 LMDA Assessment from the factory. That's just $111 over Invoice. I understand FMC employees can get it for $46218 under the A & D Plan. The numbers indicate the X-Plan price to be 4.5% above FMC employee pricing.
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